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How To Complete 100% - Map Checklist & Checker
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TotK | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
How To Complete 100% - Map Checklist & Checker

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How to get 100% map completion in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Learn how to find hidden locations, walkthrough, checklists tracker and what to do when you're stuck at 99.95%.

Table of Contents

100% Complete Map

Includes location name checker.
All location names and pin icons required for 100% map achievement!

Skyview Tower Area Location Name Checker

*Location names checked with the map tool above will be counted.

Related Achievement Rate Elements

What Is The Map Achievement Rate?

The map completion rate refers to the percentage displayed in the bottom right corner of the map when you press the ー (minus) button. The completion rate is shown and made visible after viewing the ending. However, even before clearing the game, any discoveries made will be recorded, making it possible to aim for 100% map completion before achieving a full clear.

Create Your Map - How To Use & Memo

All Icons And Location Names Displayed On The Map

The achievement rate gauges the map's completeness, and it differs from the game's progress, which is determined by the discovery of various location icons that make up the map. Each time you discover one element, the achievement rate increases by 0.04%, with a total of 2500 elements that must be found to complete it.

Create Your Map - How To Use & Memo
 Tips!!While many lcoation names are automatically discovered upon unlocking the Skyview Tower, the mission for the achievement rate lies in searching for detailed elements such as Koroks and Shrines!

Caves Count As Separate Entrances And Exits

In each area of the map, caves with multiple entrances are counted individually. Discovering the cave (east entrance) does not mean that you have discovered the cave (west entrance), so you need to step into both.

Related Cave Guides

▲All 12 entrances of Gerudo's "Ancient Altar Ruins" are counted individually, so be cautious as merely collecting Bubbulfrogs and treasure chests inside won't be enough to complete it.

There Are Elements That Are Unlocked Through Challenges As Well

Some map elements are unlocked by clearing Side Adventures like the Food shop, Water Rally, and General Store in Lurelin Village. Certainly, clearing certain Mini and Side Adventures is essential as they directly impact the achievement rate.

ChallengeUnlock Conditions
Lurelin Village Restoration ProjectFood Store, Inn, Treasure Chest Store
Lurelin Resort ProjectWater Rally
A Way to Trade, Washed Away General Store(Lurelin Village)
Serenade to a Great FairyGreat Fairy locations
The Incomplete StableMini Stable
Messages from an Ancient EraAncient Tablets

List Of Achievement Rate Factors

* Achievement rate increased by 0.04% for each discovery.

Map ElementTotal
Skyview TowerSkyview Tower15
KoroksKoroks900 Location (1000 pieces)
Town / VillageTown / Village11
Lightroot Lightroot120
Chasm Chasm36
Device DispenserDevice Dispenser30
Tear of the Dragon Tear of the Dragon 12
General StoreGeneral Store11
Image of how to achieve a 100%achievement rateAncient Tablet12
Images of how to achieve 100% achievementBargainer Statue7
Images of how to achieve 100% achievement Crystal Refinery 2
 Sword Weapon LocationWeapon1
Abandoned Mine10
Coliseum 6
Location Name-

*Cave number of all entrances and exits

Caves With More Than 2 Entrances
CaveNumber Of Entrances/Exits
North Akkala Beach Cave 2
Construction Site Cave2
Cave east of Ulria Grotto2
Pristine Sanctum2
Upland Zorana Byroad2
Upland Zorana Cave2
Ralis Channel2
Tabahl Woods Cave3
Boné Pond East Cave4
Lake Ferona Cave2
Crenel Peak Cave2
Royal Hidden Passage3
Ranch Ruins Cave2
North Hyrule Field Cave2
Gisa Crater Cave2
Hebra South Summit Cave 2
Biron Snowshelf East Cave2
Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave2
Lanayru East Cave2
Sahasra Slope Cave2
Byroad To Lanayru Wetlands2
Mount Floria Cave2
Walnot Mountain Cave2
Retsam Forest Cave2
Mount Dunsei Cave2
Calora Lake Cave2
Cora Lake Cave2
Mount Nabooru Cave2
Koukot Plateau Cave2
Gerudo Canyon Mine2
Ancient Altar Ruins12
Gerudo Sanctuary2
Pondside Cave2
Mining Cave2
Pit Cave2
Bottomless Cave2
Images of how to achieve 100% achievementTips!! The best approach is to start with the ones that offers the most significant rewards to advance the completion rate, like shrines, Koroks, Lightroots, and Wells, all of which come with achievement rewards!

Boss Defeats And Challenge Clears Are Irrelevant

Challenges and boss attacks do not affect the rate of map achievement. While traveling towards the boss or any other destination, it is not mandatory to clear all challenges along the way, except for those that directly impact the outcome like accidentally unlocking a specific location.

Unrelated Elements
*Side Quests*Side Adventures
Shrine QuestField Boss
(Temple bosses and Stone Talus)
Armor ObtainedHudson's Signs
SchematicOld Map
Sage's Will Hyrule Compendium

*Except those involving the release of location names.

100% Complete Map Video

Here's a map video that includes elements other than Koroks. Please use it as a reference when comparing it with your own map and searching for any omissions or missing elements.




How To Unlock Location Tips

  1. Avoid flying in sky as much as possible
  2. Go down a street
  3. Step into places like bridges, forests, ponds, and waterfalls
  4. There is generally east if there is west
  5. There is a connection between the surface and depths.

Avoid Flying In Sky As Much As Possible

Even if you come directly above that location name, you won't be unlocked if you fly too high in the Sky. You need to be close enough to land on the surface or somewhere you can get off.

▲An example is if the display of Kakariko Bridge appears, it means you have discovered it, but it won't appear until you get quite close to it.

Go Down A Street

Images of how to achieve 100% achievement

Specific locations are mostly found in areas where people come and go. Therefore, there are numerous locations names that can be discovered while walking along the roads, so start by exploring all the roads first.

Step Into Places Like Bridges, Forests, Ponds, And Waterfalls

Each of the bridges connecting the roads has its own name which are easily overlooked elements for achieving a high map completion rate. Forests, ponds, and waterfalls are also easily overlooked, so make it a habit to check out hidden areas on the map or on-site to ensure you don't miss anything.

There Is Generally East If There Is West

Images of how to achieve 100% achievement

Most names like Road West have corresponding locations in the east as well. Although some places, such as Death Mountain West Workshop, have no eastern counterpart, it's crucial to remain aware and search for the opposite side whenever possible.

There Is A Connection Between The Surface And Depths

Images of how to achieve 100% achievement

The forest on the surface and the jungle in the Depths are quite similarly located above or below each other, using hints from the places above the surface to explore the depths is also a helpful approach.

Use The Hero's Path Mode

Images of how to achieve 100% achievement

Even from the start, you can use the Hero's Path Mode feature for early exploration of uncharted territories with unlocked features. Note that depending on the altitude, whether you are flying in the sky or walking on the surface, the map display remains the same, so be aware that there might be cases where the location name is not shown even though you have crossed paths with it.

Hero's Path Mode - How To Unlock & Uses

Use Sensor +

Images of how to achieve 100% achievement

Sensor+ is a tool that can be used as an aid to search for specific items. By registering elements like Blupees for Caves, Wells for Wells, or features like treasure chests, it helps you find any omissions of unexplored places.

Sensor + - How To Unlock & Uses

100% Completion Rate Rewards

You Can Share Your Impressive Accomplishments

Achieving a 100% completion rate on the map is indeed proof that you have thoroughly played through every corner of TotK. You can take pride that you have thoroughly enjoyed and mastered TotK.

Experience A Sense Of Accomplishment

Individuals who are working on unlocking maps would likely comprehend that achieving a 100% completion rate on the map is a time-consuming task. It is not uncommon to spend several real-life days wandering through Hyrule when trying to locate the last 1%. The feeling of accomplishment upon reaching 100% is remarkable and invaluable.

There Are No In-Game Bonus Rewards

Regarding the matter of achievement rewards, it is noteworthy that there are no in-game incentives attributed to unlocking 100% of all map locations and elements. Consequently, the pursuit of the full map completion rate remains an optional aspect in the game.

Post Game Guide & What To Do After Game?

Hidden & Missable Locations

Images of how to achieve 100% achievementTips!!Based on our account, the last location we found was the Cave at the Eastern Entrance of Lanayru Promenade. Success was attained after approximately four days of thorough exploration in Hyrule, demonstrating the importance of perseverance. Keep pressing forward and you too can achieve this goal!

Please don't hesitate to share in the comments section the places that you discovered most recently as well as any other places that might be easily overlooked locations!

▼Write in the comments

Gerudo Entrance

Images of how to achieve 100% achievement

The entrances of Gerudo Canyon and Gerudo Desert are two spots where Koroks are not commonly found in the vicinity. They are often overlooked, especially when flying above the Sky Islands to reach Gerudo Town.

Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower Location & How To Unlock

Gleeok Bridge

Since there are no Koroks on this bridge, it's easy to overlook. The enemy base is visible from a distance, making it a place where people tend to take a detour.

Gleeok Locations & How To Defeat

Royal Ancient Lab Ruins

While Tear of the Dragon and Koroks are nearby, the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins are easily overlooked and often missed.

Research Lab Walkthrough

Horwell Bridge

Horwell Bridge

Other bridges usually have Koroks around, so there are opportunities to find them. However, Horwell Bridge is a point where Koroks are absent, making it easily overlooked.

Around Outside The Hyrule Castle

Even within the narrow area of Hyrule Castle Town, there are numerous spots, making it an area where many things can be easily overlooked.

Hyrule Castle

Images of how to achieve 100% achievement

There are also many easily overlooked spots within Hyrule Castle. Particularly, the surface side's West Passage and East Passage are generally considered to have no specific purpose, so they require thorough checking.

Hyrule Castle Guide: How To Get Into & Weapons Map

Hyrule Castle Moat West Chasm

Hyrule Castle Moat West Chasm

The most easily overlooked spot within the Chasm is the Hyrule Castle Moat West Chasm. On the map, one might not even notice the Chasm's presence, and there are no Lightroots in the Depths, making it impossible to realize this location unless one actually comes here.

A Mystery In The Depths Walkthrough Guide

Around Great Plateau

Located directly south of Hyrule Field, the surrounding area of the Great Plateau, which was the starting point in the previous game, contains easily overlooked points of interest. There are three remains of the previous old towns and one former outpost, so be sure to check them out.

Hyrule Field Skyview Tower Location & How To Unlock

Head To The East & West Side Of Lanayru Shrine

There are some points easily missed when heading to Lanayru Plateau, positioned east of Kakariko Village. Given that there are paths leading both west and east, try to check out both routes.

The Lanayru Sky Crystal Quest Guide | Shrine Quest Guide

Around Sokkala Bridge

The area around Sokkala Bridge is also easy to overlook. Since there are no Koroks on West Sokkala Bridge or Sokkala Bridge, make sure to only collect them on East Sokkala Bridge to avoid reaching maximum capacity!

The Sokkala Sky Crystal Quest Guide | Shrine Quest Guide

Maw of Death Mountain

Using the Sky Islands way to reach Goron City will make you miss other places you can unlock when traveling in the surface ground, particularly when passing through the Maw of Death Mountain.

Goron City Guide: How To Go & Things To Do

Bridge Around Zora's Domain

On the way to Zora's Domain by land, it is easy to overlook the Oren Bridge and Luto's Crossing.

Zora's Domain Guide: How To Go & Things To Do

Dracozu Altar

It is a place located to the south of the construct factory, behind a waterfall that you can reach by crossing a treacherous cliff with scaffolding.

Flux Construct Guide: How To Defeat & Locations | Great Sky Island Boss

Secret Spring of Revival


It is located in the depths of the Shrine of Resurrection, which was the starting point of the previous game. You can find it by heading west from the Great Abandoned Central Mine.

Mine Crystal Quest Guide

Around Meda Lavafalls

You can discover a remarkable location where the surface and the depths remain entirely disconnected. Below the majestic Meda Mountain, you will find Meda Lavafalls, a mesmerizing sight encompassed by Mines and a lush forest. Take your time to thoroughly explore this spot.

Blupee Burrow

Underneath Satori Mountain on the surface, there is a place called Blupee Burrow.

Midla And Ginner Grove

Like Surface, Midla and Ginner Grove are next to each other, so be try to check it out after finding the other one.

A Call From The Depths Walkthrough

3 Colossal Fossils

Gerudo Dark Skeleton

It is located at the far southwest of Gerudo's Depths. There is also a nearby treasure chest which you can obtain the Tunic of the Wild.

Gerudo Town Guide: How To Go & Things To Do

Hebra Dark Skeleton

Located northwest of Hebra's depths. There is also a treasure chest which you can get the Cap of the Wild.

The Northwest Hebra Cave Crystal Quest Guide | Shrine Quest Guide

Eldin Dark Skeleton

Located north from the Death Mountain Depths of Eldin. There is also a treasure chest where you can get Trousers of the Wild.

Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower Location & How To Unlock

Southern Necluda Sky Islands

The place where the Flux Construct is located, east of Ryuto Island, is the Southern Hateru Sky Islands.

To discover the map, it is necessary to descend to the south side of the island. The Necluda Sky Crystal Quest Guide | Shrine Quest Guide

West Hyrule Sky Islands

The island located to the east of Starview Island in the Northern Gerudo Sky Islands is called the Western Hyrule Sky Islands, and it is where Flux Construct is present.

Great Sky Island Map Location & Route Guide

Tears Of The Kingdom Related Articles

Location List

Map Related Guides

▶How To Complete 100% - Map Checklist & Checker

How To Go To Villages

▶Yiga Clan BaseTarrey Town
Lurelin VillageKakariko Village
Kara Kara Bazaar▶Lookout Landing Hidden Passageway
Gerudo TownGoron City
Eventide IslandLucky Clover Gazette
Zora's DomainDeath Mountain
Hyrule CastleHateno Village
Bedrock Bistro
Lost Woods〜Korok ForestThunderhead Isles
Rito VillageLink's House
YunoboCo HQForgotten Temple

Stable List

▶Gerudo Canyon Stable▶Highland Stable
▶Foothill Stable▶Wetland Stable
▶New Serenne Stable▶Snowfield Stable
▶Tabantha Bridge Stable▶East Akkala Stable
▶Dueling Peaks Stable▶Outskirt Stable
▶South Akkala Stable▶Woodland Stable
▶Riverside Stable▶Lakeside Stable

Coliseum List

Coliseum you can get Armors
▶Desert Coliseum▶Floating Coliseum
▶Scorching Coliseum▶Forest Coliseum
▶Secluded Coliseum▶Lone Island Coliseum

Mine Location List

Mines you can get Armors
▶Tuft Canyon Mine▶Corvash Canyon Mine
▶Cuho Canyon Mine▶Cresia Pit Mine
▶Gerudo Canyon Mine▶Crenel Canyon Mine
▶Daphnes Canyon Mine▶Hylia Canyon Mine
▶Dueling Canyons Mine▶Rist Mine
▶Lindor Canyon Mine▶Hebra Canyon Mine

Other Location Lists

Locations where you can find Armors
▶Akkala Ancient Tech Lab▶Yiga Clan Maritta Branch
▶Eldin Dark Skeleton▶Abandoned Kara Kara Mine
▶Floating Scales Island▶Sturnida Lavafalls
▶Gleeok Den▶Gerudo Dark Skeleton
▶Ancient Underground Fortress▶Bravery Island
▶Sky Mine▶Zonaite Forge Island
▶Valor Island▶Lake Totori
▶Hebra Dark Skeleton▶Lightcast Island
▶Courage Island▶Blupee Burrow

Grove Location List

▶Retsam Grove]▶Rok Grove
▶Ginner Grove▶Giant's Grove
▶Korok Grove▶Grove of Spirits
▶Dalite Grove▶Minshi Grove
▶Midla Grove▶Grove of Time
▶Hickaly Grove▶Bubinga Grove
▶Pappetto Grove▶Applean Grove


▶Hyrule Castle Moat East Chasm▶Hyrule Castle Moat West Chasm
▶Rito Village Chasm]▶Chasm Under Zora's Domain
▶Tobio's Hollow Chasm▶Tingel Island Chasm


▶Kuhsagi Lightroot▶Sikatag Lightroot
▶Sohse Lightroot▶Cugukaram Lightroot
▶Camobatures Lightroot▶Netamnet Lightroot
▶Apapes Lightroot▶Amo-ne Lightroot

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