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A Call From The Depths Walkthrough

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A Call From The Depths walkthrough guide for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK). Guide includes how to unlock, rewards walkthrough chart, location, requirements.

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A Call From The Depths Overview

Rescue The Bargainer Statue Before Receiving Quest

Destroyable Boulder

Before accepting the "A Call From The Depths", first rescue the sunken Bargainer Statue. The rock is stopping the water so use a hammer or Bomb Flower to destroy it. When you progress a little in then you will find the Bargainer Statue so speak to it.

Location To Get Challenge

Quest Giver NPC:Goddess Statue(Bargainer Statue)

When you examine the Goddess Statue, the Bargainer Statue will use the Goddess Statue to speak to you, so listen to the voice and accept the challenge. The challenge is to bring back the eyes of 4 of the Bargainer Statues.

Side Adventure Details & Reward

LocationTemple of Time
Quest GiverMysterious Voice
ConditionRescue Bargainer Statue under the water
Reward・Heart or Stamina Container
・Added to Bargainer Statue's Shop Lineup

A Call From The Depths Walkthrough

Pre-Required Actions

Unlock Lightroots

In this quest, there is a lot of moving around inside the depths, so it is recommended to unlock Lightroots so you can watch where you are going. The 3 locations in the map are recommended.

Walkthrough Guide

Recommended Route
  1. goddess statue
    Speak to Goddess Statue (Bargainer Statue) and receive "A Call From The Depths".
  2. 4 locations
    Input the 4 eyes into the Bargainer Statues that are in the depths.
  3. complete all 4
    Place all 4 eyes and complete.

Choose Recommended Container


It really differs on where the person is in the game or how good they are in the game, but it is recommended to choose Stamina Vessel. This will make it easier to run and use the paraglider. But if you are struggling in battles then it is recommended to choose the heart container.

▶Heart Container & Stamina Vessel - How To Increase

Bargainer Statue Eye Location & How To Carry

Caution Point

Drop The Eye On The Surface To Depth

The Bargainer Statue eyes first appear on the surface and not the depths. The location you need to carry the eyes are in the depth, so bring the eye to the closest Chasm and throw it in so use Ultrahand and carry it.

If You Take Your Eyes Off, Then It Will Return To Original Location

If you take your eyes off of the Eyes, then it will disappear and return to the original location. So be careful when carrying the eye and try to keep it within the screen.

Bottom Of Great Abandoned Central Mine

From where the Smelting Constructs are in Great Abandoned Central Mine, climb down.
You will see stairs on the bottom so progress forward.
Go straight and there will be Bargainer Statue.

North Bargainer Statue Eye Location & How To Carry

Bargainer Statue Eye Location

Eye LocationMap
north eye
north eye

The eye to the north Bargainer Statue is in the water near the Chasm. Use Ultrahand and pull it out of the water, and throw it inside the Chasm.

Recommended Carry Method

eye method

There are many Zonai Gears at the location after entering the Chasm, but there will be no enemies so carrying the eye by walking is recommended. It will take time to create the automobiles so walking will cutdown on time.

East Bargainer Statue Eye Location & How To Carry

Bargainer Statue Eye Location

Eye LocationMap
east location
east location

Eight next to the Chasm, there is a location where a rock is blocking the way so break it and statue will be inside. Destroy the wall with hammers or bomb flowers.

Recommended Carry Route

Mine CartMine Cart Location And Route
Mine Cart
Mine Cart Route

To go to the Bargainer Statue, using the Mine Cart + Fan is recommended. Wing + Fan will have trouble when the wings gets stuck and it will have a hard time when going up and down.

South Bargainer Statue Eye Location & How To Carry

Bargainer Statue Eye Location

Eye LocationMap
south location
south location

Move the rock that is next to the Chasm with Ultrahand and the Eye will come out. Right after, carry the eye with Ultrahand and drop it in the Chasm.

Recommended Carry Route

Mine CartMine Cart Location And Route
Mine Cart
Mine Cart Route

There is a battery near the Mine Cart, but you will have enough battery so you don't have to add it but just use the fan.

Use Elevator To Go Up

use elevator

After getting off the Mine Cart, it is located on the bottom of the Bargainer Statue. There is an elevator so activate the fan and climb up to the Bargainer Statue floor.

West Bargainer Statue Eye Location & How To Carry

Bargainer Statue Eye Location

Eye LocationMap
west side
west map

Melt the ice next to the Chasm with a Fire Emitter and the Eye will show up. There are 3 ice but it is the 1 ice that is further away.

Recommended Carry Method

Mine CartMine Cart Location And Route
Mine Cart
Mine Cart

For the West Bargainer Statue Eye, you will need to ride the Mine Cart twice. The 2nd is the same route as the South Statue, so use this route to add the eye to the statue.

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