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Yunobo Of Goron City Walkthrough

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Yunobo of Goron City guide for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See walkthrough chart, direction map, Moragia, the Depths, Fire Temple, quest tips, & procedures.

Table Of Contents

Goron City Location & Route

Map Route

Step-By-Step Guide To Get To Goron City

Go to Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, which can be seen from Lookout Landing to the northeast
On the way, there is the Yamiyo Shrine. Check it out and unlock its Travel Point
When you reach Rock Mountain, climb the cliff to Skyview Tower
When you arrive at Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, open the map
▶ How To Enter Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower
Paraglide from the sky in the direction of Goron City
After a short distance, you will come to a place where there is a rail
Ride the Mine Cart coming in the opposite direction and move by Recall
Arrive at Goron City
Check the Marakuguc Shrine in front of you to release the Travel Point

Collecting Ores And Storing Rupees

One Fireproof Armor is required to clear the Main Quests in Goron City. To purchase it, you will need at least 700 Rupees. Therefore, collect ore along the way and sell it in Goron City to save up Rupees. If you to to Lizard's Burrow to get Vah Rudania Divine Helm, you do not need Rupees.

▶ Rupees Farming Guide - How To Farm Money

Yunobo Of Goron City Strategy Guide

Yunobo Of Goron City Walkthrough Chart

Start Of The Challenge - Restoring Yunobo's Sanity

Start the challenge by talking to Bludo near the center of Goron City
Follow Yunobo to the cave
Place the Mine Cart and Fan on the Building Blocks
Put them on the left rail and proceed to the dead end
Talk to the two men in front of the cave at YunoboCo HQ
*After that, you must have a Fireproof Armor (Flamebreaker Armor or Vah Rudania Divine Helm is recommended)
▼ Click here to learn how to get the Fireproof Armor
Enter the cave and battle Yunobo
When you win, Yunobo's skills become available
▶ How To Beat Yunobo
Fly Yunobo and break the red Rock to get out of the cave

Fireproof Armor Details

EquipmentHow To Get
Flamebreaker Armor
[Where To Buy]
・YunoboCo HQ
・Armor Shop in Goron City
・700 Rupees
Vah Rudania Divine Helm
[Where To Get It]
・Lizard's Burrow

One Fireproof Armor is required to proceed in Yunobo of Goron City. If you are going to purchase one, the cheapest Flamebreaker Armor is recommended. Also, if you go to Lizard's Burrow, you can get Vah Rudania Divine Helm so you can prepare Fireproof Armor without spending Rupees.

▶ How To Beat Yunobo

Vah Rudania Divine Helm Is A Condition For Clearing The Mini-Chalet

The acquisition of the Vah Rudania Divine Hlem is a condition for clearing the mini-challenge "The Hidden Treasure of Lizard Lakes". However, the challenge itself does not occur until after Fire Temple is cleared. Therefore, if you obtain the Vah Rudania Divine Helm first, talk to Bordeaux after clearing Fire Temple.

Until You Reach The Top Of Death Mountain

Proceed from YunoboCo HQ with Mine Cart on the rail
When you reach a dead end, move the Mine Cart to the bottom rail and proceed
Proceed to the Mine Cart storage area in the diagonal right direction
Move the Mince Cart to the left rail and go forward
Dealing with enemies and red Rocks along the way by flying Yunobo
When you reach the dead end, get off the Mine Cart and kill the enemies
Move the Mine Cart to the rail ahead and go forward
When you reach the end, follow the path and talk to Yunobo
▶ Death Mountain Guide

Until Arrival At Fire Temple

After talking Yunobo, the battle with Moragia begins
▶ How To Defeat Moragia
Ride up on Fanplane and fly Yunobo toward the Head of Moragie (win by destroying 3 heads)
After talking with Yunobo, jump into the crater of Death Mountain
Aiming and landing at the broken root that can be seen almost directly below
Examine Mustic Lightroot and liberate the map
▼ Video of the route from Mustis Lightroot to Fire Temple
Talk to Yunobo and go to Fire Temple
If you get lost, return to Mustis Lightroot and head west
*The green line in the image is the Mine Cart route
Use Bows and Arrows to release Brightbloom Seed or throw it to light up the surroundings as you go
When you get to the temple, send Yunobo to break the red rock and go inside
▶ Fire Temple Guide

Avoid Contact As Much As Possible

Enemies in the Depths have a high Gloom level, so if you are hit, you will enter the Gloom state and your maximum Hearts value will decrease. The risk of dying increases, so avoid combat as much as possible until you reach the temple.

▶ Gloom Recovery Methods

Fire Temple Route Video

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[Spoiler!] Ending & Post Game

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