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Champions Weapons - How To Repair & Get

TotK | Champions Weapons - How To Repair & Get | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | Champions Weapons - How To Repair & Get | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

How To Repair & Get Champions Weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Guide includes how to get Champions weapons, materials, how to repair Champions Weapons, and more!

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How To Repair Champions Weapons

Originally, They Cannot Be Repaired

The Champions' Armor Sets are normally not repairable and must be used until they break and then have a new one made. However, using the Rock Octorok and Fuse feature, they can be repaired although it takes more time and effort.

Champions Weapons List

How To Repair Champions Weapons

Step-By-Step Guide For Champions' Weapon Repair
  1. If the weapon is already built, disassemble in Tarrey Town
    └ If you use the Champions wepaon a lot, install a Travel Medallion
  2. Fuse Champions weapons to normal weapons
    └ Build in Shield for ease of use later
  3. Rock Octorok will suck in the weapon to restore Durability
  4. Disassemble in Tarrey Town and the repair is complete

Disassemble In Tarrey Town If Already Built

If you have any Materials on your Champions weapon, you need to go to Tarrey Town to disassemble it. Disassembly is essential to repair Champions weapons, so if you use it a lot, you can make a Travel Medallion to Tarrey Town.

Fuse The Champions Weapon To The Normal Weapon

After disassembly, Fuse the Champions weapon to the normal weapon as Materials. It is recommended to Fuse to Shield to make the process after this easier.

Rock Octorok Will Restore The Durability Of The Weapon

The Durability of the Champions' weapon is also restored by placing the weapon complete above in front of the Rock Octorok and letting it suck it in.

▼ Rock Octorok Map Location

Dismantle It At Tarrey Town & It Will Be Repaired

If you go to Tarrey Town again and disassemble it, you will get the Durability of the Champions weapon in a repaired state. Once you have it, you can use it by re-fusing the missing materials.

How To Obtain Champions Weapons

Can Be Made After Completion

Champion WeaponHow To Get/Required Materials
Scimitar of the Seven[Prerequisites & NPCs]
・Clear Riju of Gerudo Town
・Clear The Missing Owner
→ Give materials to Isha in Gerudo
[Required Materials]
Gerudo Scimitar ×1
Gerudo Shield ×1
Diamond ×4
Flint ×10
Daybreaker[Prerequisites & NPCs]
・Clear Riju of Gerudo Town
・Clear The Missing Owner
→ Give materials to Isha in Gerudo
[Required Materials]
Gerudo Scimitar ×1
Gerudo Shield ×1
Diamond ×4
Flint ×10
Boulder Breaker[Prerequisites & NPCs]
・Clear Yunobo of Goron City
→ Give Fugo the Materials in Goron City
[Required Materials]
Cobble Crusher ×1
Diamond ×3
Flint ×5
Lightscale Trident[Prerequisites & NPCs]
・Clear Sidon of the Zora
→ Give Materials to Dento in Zora's Domain's
[Required Materials]
Zora Spear ×1
Diamond ×3
Flint ×5
Great Eagle Bow[Prerequisites & NPCs]
・Clear Tulin of Rito Village
→ Give materials to Teba in Rito Village
[Required Materials]
Swallow Bow ×1
Diamond ×3
Wood ×5

If Broken, It Can Be Crafted Again If You Have Materials

Even if the Champions weapons is broken, you can get it again by collecting the same Materials and giving it to the NPC. It's a little troublesome, but it's recommended to repair it before it breaks.

▲ Learn How To Repair Champions Weapons

Where To Get Materials For Champions Weapons

Obtain Gerudo Knife And Gerudo Shield

Lizalfos in the north of Gerudo Town will give you the Gerudo Scimitar, and Gerudo Shield by climbing the stone pillar in the east.

Where To Get Material For The Boulder Breaker

Cobble Crusher Is Available From Silver Moblin In Scorching Coliseum

Surface To ChasmChasm To Arena

In the Scorching Coliseum, the last enemy that appears in a series of 5 battles is a Silver Moblin that has a Cobble Crusher with Spikes Iron Ball. Get it by defeating him or making him drop it with an electric attack. After that, remove the Iron Ball from the fuse.

Fuse - How To Use & Effect

Where To Get Materials For Lightscale Trident

Zora Spear In The Mini-Chalet Or Treasure Chest

[Upland Zorana Skyview Tower]
Clear the Side Quest "Mire In The Muck"
[East of Ulria Grotto]
Use Ultrahand to dig out the treasure chest buried in the hut

▼ How To Open The Treasure Chest At Ulria Grotto East

Where To Get Materials For The Great Eagle Bow

Swallow Bow Is Located In The Flight Range Northwest Of Rito Village


The Swallow Bow is located near Kaneli in the Flight Range northwest of Rito Village. Kaneli will talk to you when you try to get it, but you can be sure that she will give it to you.

Collect Diamonds At Stone Talus (Rare)

Champions weapons use 3-4 Diamonds each time they are exchanged, so using the Miner's efficient is inefficient. You should collect diamonds at Stone Talus (Rare), which has a high probability of dropping one or more diamonds when defeated.

Stone Talus Locations & How To Defeat

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