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Best Armor & Weapon List

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Check out this Best Armor and Weapon guide for Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Guide includes list of the best armor sets, best early game weapons, how to get, effects and more!

Table of Contents

Best Armor

Barbarian And Fierce Deity Gear Is The Best Offensive Armor

The best armor for offensive builds is the Barbarian Set and the Fierce Deity Set. Equipping either set alone will increase Link's attack power by up to 1.5 times, and further enhancements will reduce its Stamina consumption during Charged Attacks. Make sure to prioritize obtaining at least one of these sets.

Bone Atk. Up Can Unleash Max Firepower When The Conditions Are Met

The effect of Bone Weap. Prof. is different from Attack Up and can be used simultaneously with the Attack Up food to gain the maximum damage you can do in the game. Use the Radiant equipment for defense while Evil Spirit is recommended for stealth use even with low defense.

The Best Defensive Armor Is The Ancient Hero's Aspect

The 'Ancient Hero's Aspect,' which requires clearing all 152 shrines, becomes the strongest defensive equipment in the game when fully upgraded, with a defense power of 84. Furthermore, the set bonus also enhances the beams of the Master Sword, making it undoubtedly useful in both offense and defense.

Shrines Map - All Shrine Locations

Reach Up To 88 DEF Power With Building Blocks

Head Diamond Circlet iconDiamond Circlet Defense:4 (28)
Attack Up
Clothes ChampionChampion's LeathersDefense:5 (32)
Even if your hearts has decreased, the Master Sword can still shoot sword beams.
Leg Zonaite Shin GuardsZonaite Shin GuardsDefense:4 (28)
Energy Up

Phantom Set Is the Best Early Game Equipment

While it is limited to the early stages where Armor Upgrades are not possible, the Phantom Armor Set is highly recommended as the strongest early-game equipment. In its unenhanced state, it already boasts a high defense of 24 and it also comes with the additional effect of Attack Up.

Armor Recommended For Exploration

Head Armor For Advanced Map Exploration

Head MajoraMajora's Mask Defense:1
Hard to be noticed by Monsters.
Head Korok Mask iconKorok MaskDefense:1
Responds to nearby koroks
Head Thunder Helm iconThunder Helm Defense:3
Lightning Proof
Head MidnaMidna's HelmetDefense:7
Gloom Resistance

Other Recommended Armor

Armor SetEffectArmor SetEffect
Snowquill HeadDress iconRitoCold Resistance  Desert VoeHeat Resistance
Yiga ClanYiga Clan Stealth Up  FlamebreakerFlamebreaker Guard

Best Weapon

Best Recommended Sword Weapon

ItemRecommendation Basis
Master Sword iconMaster Sword [Base Attack] - (30)
・It will be restored in 10 minutes even if it breaks.
・It deals extra damage against enemies of the Ganon-type or Gloom.
・Fusing is also possible.
 Scimitar of the Seven [Base Attack] 28 (Max 138)
・Attack power can be doubled with materials.
・Can be reacquired by consuming materials.
Zora Sword
(No Decay)
[Base Attack] 12 (Max 154)
Attack power doubles when used with water (including materials).
・Easily activated by Sidon skills.
Master Sword Guide

Best Recommended Two-Handed Sword Weapons

EquipmentRecommendation Basis
Royal GuardRoyal Guard's Claymore
 Royal Guard's Claymore
(Not Decayed)
[Base Attack] 32 (Max 194)
[Base Attack] 39 (Max 208)
・When on the verge of breaking, it doubles the attack power.
・The most powerful weapon for performing mounted attacks.
・It is even more powerful if it is not decayed.
▶ In The Depths Walkthrough
Zora Longsword IconsZora Longsword
[Base Attack] 17 (Max 164)
・Attack power doubles when used with water (including materials).
・Easily triggered with the Sidon skill.
・Suitable for all-around use such as Charged Attacks.

Recommended Spear Weapons

ItemRecommendation Basis
Royal HalberdRoyal Halberd
Icon of Royal Halberd undecayedRoyal Halberd
[Base Attack] 7 (Max 72)
[Base Attack] 18 (Max 83)
・Flurry Rush has high offensive power.
・Especially useful against Lynel.
・It is also widely available for acquisition.
・The Royal Halberd, when not decayed, is even more powerful.
▶In The Depths Walkthrough
Lightscale Trident iconsLightscale Trident
Zora Spear IconsZora Spear
[Base Attack] 22 (Max 154)
[Base Attack] 11 (Max 152)
・Attack power doubles when used with water (including materials).
・Easily activated by Sidon skills.
・Can be reobtained by consuming materials.
・Zora Spear is easy to repair.

Best Recommended Bow Weapon

ItemRecommendation Basis
Savage Lynel BowSavage Lynel Bow[Base Attack] 32×3 (5 Rapid Fire Effect)
・Bow with the highest burst attack.
・Abundant means of obtaining
・More powerful with carefully selected effects.
Great Eagle BowGreat Eagle Bow[Base Attack] 28×3
・Quick Shot/Three-Shot Burst/Long-Ranged Shooting.
・It has excellent usability/ease of use.
・Can be reacquired with materials.

Recommended Shields

ItemRecommendation Basis
Hylian ShieldHylian Shield[Shield Guard] 90 (Effects can be selected)
・Shield Guard is the most durable shield in the game.
・Can be obtained from the beginning.
・Useful for farming with its exceptional durability.
・Repairable/Selectable effects/Repurchase available.
Savage Lynel Shield iconSavage Lynel Shield[Shield Guard] 62 (Effects can be selected)
・You can always obtain it from Lynels.
・Effects can be selected from Lynel variants.
・In terms of durability, it is slightly lower than others compared to royal ones for example.
・Perfect Guard with damage.

Best Fuse Materials

Best Fusion & Fuse

The Ultimate Fuse Materials For Sword & Spear

Silver Lynel Saber HornSilver Lynel Saber HornAttack Power +55
It has the highest base attack power.
Silver Lynel Mace HornSilver Lynel Mace HornAttack Power +51
Versatile with crushing effects.
Gloom Club iconGloom ClubAttack Power +50
Ignore weapon and Gloom drawbacks for crushing power.
Attack Power+32
The best materials for a Bone Attack Up build.

Lynel Materials Are The Best Choice For Higher Attack Power

Attack power is very high for bosses and strong enemy Materials.

Boss materials are characterized by higher attack power compared to materials from Bokoblins, Moblins, and similar enemies, although they can be challenging to obtain through boss battles. In particular, the Silver Lynel Saber Horn boasts an attack power of +55 while the Silver Lynel Mace Horn has a crushing effect plus an additional attack power of +51, so in terms of pure attack power, it can be said that Silver Lynel materials are the strongest types.

They Offer Excellent Usability If Gloom Weapons Are Used As Fuse Materials

Gloom weapons, despite having the drawback of Gloom damage, become excellent Fuse Materials due to their high attack power. While its durability is slightly lower, the "Gloom Club" is recommended for early to mid-game builds as it can be augmented with a crushing effect and its range.

Best Fuse Materials For Bows And Arrows

Gibdo Bone IconsGibdo BoneAttack Power +40
It is easy to use because it can be acquired in large quantities.
Bomb Flower It delivers a powerful explosion upon impact.
* Explosion Damage + Flame Damage
Keese Eyeball Keese EyeballUnleash an Arrow that tracks the target.
If it's an elemental keese, it also adds elemental damage.
It is easy to obtain in large quantities and provides useful in battles.

Highest Burst Power With The Gibdo Bone +5 And Savage Lynel Bow Combo

Gibdo Bone, which can raise the bow's attack power by 40, is a particularly good source of damage. While Silver Lynel materials provide higher damage, the ease of acquisition and availability in larger quantities make them more convenient to use in boss battles, furthermore it exhibits top-tier burst firepower when combined with the Five Shot Burst Savage Lynel Bow.

Powerful Tracking Capability Ensures That The Deadly Eyes Hit The Enemy Without Fail

The Eyeball monster parts, are known for their powerful tracking capabilities, can reliably hit enemies within range. Keese Eyeball in particular is easy to obtain in large quantities so make good use of them to gain an advantage in battles!

Best Shield Fuse Materials

WingWingEven on level ground, you can go from shield surfing directly into a slow-motion bow shot.

Can Use Bow Slow-Motion To Target And Shoot Weak Points Even On Flat Ground

Fusing with Shield doesn't directly deal damage, but Wings make it exceptionally powerful. You can trigger Bow slow-motion even while in the midst of a Shield Surf motion, making it easier to target the weak points of mobile enemies and create opportunities for attacks.

How To Use Fuse & Effect

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