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Horse Guide - How To Call & Register Horses

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Horse Guide for in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Learn how to catch or ride horses, register horse, call horses in Stable Inns, horse locations & where you can find them!

Table of Contents

How To Catch A Horse

How To Catch Horses Walkthrough

1Head to the area where you can find wild horses.
└In the early stages, it is highly recommend to check the "Passeri Greenbelt" area.
2Approach from behind while crouching to avoid being noticed.
3Once you're behind the horse, press the A button to mount it.
4Rapidly press the L button to calm the horse.
5The capture is completed once you gain control of the Horse.
└ You can call it whenever you need it once you register the horse at a stable

Go To The Location Where Wild Horses Can Be Found


If you want to get a horse, you first need to go to the location where wild horses can be found. In the early stages, the closest place is the "Passeri Greenbelt," which is south of the watchtower.

Passeri Greenbelt Location

Approach From Behind Without Being Noticed And Mount The Horse

Horses are sensitive creatures, so if you approach them normally, even from behind, they may flee. To avoid being noticed, start by positioning yourself behind the horse and then slowly approach while crouching. Keep an eye on the purple sound meter located in the bottom right corner of the screen to ensure that you're not making any noise.

Using The Paraglider To Approach From Above Is Also Another Option

If you directly land on the horse using the Paraglider from above, you can easily mount it without needing to crouch or use any special techniques. However, be aware that approaching from the front in this manner can alert the horse, so to avoid detection it's best to land from the rear end or hindquarters of the horse.

Rapidly Press The L Button Once You're Mounted


If the horse is spirited, it may start to buck as soon as you mount it, so it's necessary to calm it down. If you fail to calm it, you may be thrown off, so start rapidly pressing the L button as soon as you mount the horse.

The Capture Is Completed Once You Gain Control Of The Horse


When the horse becomes calm and you can control it, it is proof that the capture is complete. However, at this point, you still cannot call the horse, so don't forget to register it.

How To Register Horse

Go To The Nearest Horse Stable


Once you have caught a horse, the first step is to go to a horse stable and register it. It's important to register the horse because if you leave it unattended without the registration, there's a chance it may disappear if you lose sight of it. To register the horse, while riding it, use the ZL button to lock on and speak to the stable clerk or receptionist.

The New Serenne Stable Is The Nearest In Early Stages Of The Game

Once you land on the surface, you won't be able to use the horse stable at the watchtower. If you want to register your horse, head northwest on the map to find the "New Serenne Stable," which is the closest and easily recognizable location. Just be aware that you'll need to cross a bridge with a Hinox, so try to dash across it quickly to avoid it.

How To Call Horse

You Can Call The Horse Anytime Once Registered

Registering a horse at a horse stable requires 20 Rupees, but once registered, you can call the horse at any horse stable. All horse stables are interconnected, so even if you are far away, the stable owner can bring the horse to you. This means you no longer need to go personally to retrieve the horse.

Up To 6 Horses Can Be Registered

There are a total of 6 horses that can be registered at a horse stable. If you try to register more than that, you will need to release one of the horses first. Keep in mind this limitation and remember that you must let go of a horse before attempting to register another one.

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