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TotK | Gleeok Locations & How To Defeat | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | Gleeok Locations & How To Defeat | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Gleeok is a monster enemy for The Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). See Gleeok locations, drops, map, how to defeat, Gleeok fuse materials, battle strategies & walkthrough tips.

Table of Contents

Gleeok Location & Material Drop

Gleeok Map Locations

Gleeok Material Drop

Flame Gleeok
Gleeok GutsGleeok Wing
 Gleeok Flame Horn
Frost & Ice Gleeok
 Gleeok Guts  Gleeok Wing
 Gleeok Frost Horn
Lightning Gleeok
Gleeok Guts Gleeok Wing
Gleeok Thunder Horn
King Gleeok
 Gleeok Guts  Gleeok Wing
 Gleeok Flame HornGleeok Frost Horn
Gleeok Thunder Horn

How To Defeat Gleeok

Strategy Tips
  • Try to make it fall when it is flying in the sky.
  • Target each head with a bow.
  • Once you reduce the HP of all heads to zero, it will be knocked down, providing an opportunity to attack.
  • Turn around and attack.
  • Wind pressure can also be used as a means of avoidance.
  • Guard against damage from Ultimate moves with Shield.
    └ There is a way to go up to the sky after the Ultimate move.
  • Fly up in the sky and attack with bow.
    └ Prepare food that can restore Stamina Wheel.

Bring Down Gleeok To The Ground

To start, bring down the airborne Gleeok by causing it to crash to the ground, then target each head with the bow, reducing their HP to zero and causing the Gleeok to collapse. Use nearby structures like the Skyview Tower to ascend into the sky and approach closer with a Paraglider. It consumes a large amount of Stamina Wheel, so prepare Food for Stamina Wheel recovery.

Heart Container And Stamina Vessel Guide
Recommended FoodEffects/Recipe
 Energizing Elixir Recover 1 lap of Stamina Wheel
Restless Cricket ×4
Bokoblin Horn ×1
Best Food & Medicine Recipes

Aim For The Eyeballs Of Each Head With The Bow

Target the eyeball of each of the three heads and unleash a barrage of arrow attacks with precision. Each head has its own HP and it gets immobilized when it is reduced to 0.

▲Heads with HP reduced to 0 hang down and stop moving.

Down When The HP Of All Heads Is Set To 0

When the HP of all the three heads is reduced to 0, Gleeok will go down. It's a great opportunity for a big attack, so attack one of the heads with all your might.

The Trick Is To Cut It Evenly

To bring it down, it is necessary to reduce the HP of all the heads to 0. Heads that reach 0 HP will revive after a while, you won't be able to take it down when the first head revives before the third one's HP reaches 0. Therefore, cut the three evenly and adjust so that the resurrection will not be in time.

Surround It And Attack From Its Side

Gleeok primarily attacks with a blast from its mouth, so the front is the most dangerous. While avoiding its attacks, let's try to attack it from the sides. However, be careful not to go around too much, as you may get blown away by the wind pressure.

Wind Pressure Can Also Be Used As A Means Of Avoidance

The wings of Gleeok are constantly generating wind pressure. If you get blown away by the wind pressure, you won't take damage until you get back up, so it can be used as an evasive measure. It is mainly useful when you are chased with a fiery laser beam when you go around sideways.

Guard Against Ember While Dodge Ice And Lightning

When Gleeok's remaining HP is reduced to about 1/4, it will soar high into the sky and unleash a barrage of powerful moves. Although each one requires a different approach, make sure to guard against the fire and accordingly evade the rest since you will have a means to Ascend into the air after their powerful moves.

How To Use Ascend Effect

Go Up In The Sky And Attack With Bow

Fire & Ice Gleeok creates an updraft from the point of impact of the Ultimate move (Fire and Ice go up into the sky with Recall). Gleeok will not come down once it starts using its Ultimate move, so fly with Paraglider and attack from the air with Bow. If the HP of all heads is set to 0, they will fall and become stuns, so get down and attack yourself.

How To Get & Unlock Paraglider Guide

Prepare Food For Stamina Wheel Recovery

Recommended FoodEffects/Recipes
 Energizing Elixir Recover 1 lap of Stamina Wheel
Restless Cricket×4
Bokoblin Horn ×1

When attacking in mid-air, it consumes a significant amount of the Stamina Wheel. If the altitude drops too low, it's a guaranteed death, so let's prepare an ample amount of food that can replenish the Stamina Wheel.

Best Food & Medicine Recipes

Gleeok Walkthrough Strategy

How To Beat Flame Gleeok

Its High Temperature Will Become An Unbearable Unless You Take It Down

When the battle with Fire Gleeok begins, the surroundings immediately become unbearably hot, and Hearts are gradually being worn down. Prepare in advance by eating Heat Resistance Food, wearing Heat Resistance gear in one slot and ensuring an ample supply of Hearts recovery Food to counteract the effects.

▲Heat Resistance Lv1 can prevent it, so adjust the other two locations for combat.

Click Here For Heat Resistance Equipment
 Desert Voe Headband
 Desert Voe Spaulder
 Desert Voe Spaulder
Where To Get Heat Resistant Armor?

Guard Against The Fireball → Ride Updraft

It will unleash a powerful attack move with a massive fireball from above. The point of impact generates an updraft that can you can use to reach the Flame Gleeok, so use the shield guard to prevent the fireball and ride the updraft to finish it off.

How To Beat Frost & Ice Gleeok

Prepare Cold Resistance For Extremely Low Temperatures

The Frost and Ice Gleeok will fight in places where all appearances are unbearably cold. Since Link's hearts are also gradually being consumed, make preparations in advance by eating cold resistance food, wearing cold resistance gear in one slot and ensuring an ample supply of hearts recovery foods among other things.

▲Cold Resistance Level 1 should be sufficient while you can allocate the remaining two slots to either offense or defense.

Avoid The Icicles And Ride It Up In The Air With Recall

Watch out for a devastating attack as they rain down a multitude of ice pillars from above by taking note of the visible blue lines indicating the drop zones from the sky to evade them. Timing is crucial to be able to get on the icicles, use Recall to ascend to the vortex zone then leap between icicles to reach Gleeok 's range and defeat it by attacking its head with the bow.

How To Beat Thunder Gleeok

Weather Is Always Thunderstorm In Case When You Take It Down

Once the battle with the Thunder Gleeok begins, the weather is fixed to thunderstorms except during its downtime. Just like the thunderstorm weather, it can be troublesome since metal equipment attract lightning strikes, so it's crucial to quickly defeat it and prepare Lightning Helm which can nullify the damage from the lightning strikes.

Lightning Protection - How To Avoid Lightning

Ultimate Move Consists Of Lightning Strikes → Ride The Updrafts To The Sky

The ultimate move unleashes a barrage of powerful lightning strikes, creating updrafts at the impact locations. The updraft from a single occurrence has a low altitude and does not reach Gleeok's location, so it is necessary to ride it multiple times, about three times, to reach its origin. Once you reach a position where you can attack the head, you can then attack and complete the defeat.

How To Beat King Gleeok

Has The Highest Stamina

King Gleeok is not characterized by weather or temperature changes, but it is just as tough and one of the toughest in the game. Since it's difficult to defeat it with just mediocre weapons, it is recommended to properly prepare high-damage weapons and items such as Attack Boost Food before taking on the challenge.

Best Food & Medicine Recipes

Lightning And Ice Ultimate Moves Activate Simultaneously

King Gleeok uses its ultimate move to unleash attacks from all heads except for Flame Gleeok. It is difficult to avoid attacks if lightning and ice are activated at the same time and in this case focus on destroying the Ice Head alone.After that, you can deal with it in the same way as the Lightning Gleeok.

Gleeok Materials Use

Use Materials For Armor Upgrade

How To Upgrade Armor Guide

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