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List of All the Main Quest Guides in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Includes the walkthrough of the main quest, recommended order to defeat divine beasts and other main quest guides.

Great Sky Island Guide

Table of Contents

Main Quests Walkthrough

Recommended Main Quests Order

Temple Walkthrough

Once you get to the surface and obtain the Paraglider, it is possible to skip the story and go straight to Ganondorf to beat the game. The order listed in this website is how we recommend you play to fully experience the story.

Recommended Temple Element Order

Recommended Order

In the Regional Phenomena Quest, you will need to visit all the temples in each region. You can visit them in any order but we recommend completing them in the order above.

All Temple Walkthrough

Start Conquest With Rito Village First (Wind Temple)

Once you complete the Wind Temple you obtain Tulin's Sage skill that lets you create a gust of wind. It will increase your flight distance which is convenient for exploring and travelling so it is the first skill you want to obtain.

▲ A gust of wind will blow from behind, increasing your flight distance.

Obtainable Skills From All Temples

TulinTulinComplete Tulin Of Rito Village
A gust of wind will blow from behind, increasing the speed of the paraglider.
ユン坊YunoboComplete Yunobo Of Goron City
Perform a charging attack while wrapped in flames. Use to destroy obstacles or light a fire.
シドSidonComplete Sidon of the Zora
Produce a water barrier. Swing your weapon while Sidon's skill is activated to release a shockwave.
ルージュRijuComplete Riju of Gerudo Town
Deploy a lightning field and use a bow & arrow within the field's range to make lightning strike to the point of impact.
Sage Abilities Guide

Required Walkthrough Preparation

Wind Temple
Wind Temple
・Requires Cold Resistance (500 Rupees)
→You can use the Archaic Warm Greaves found on Great Sky Island.
Fire Temple
Fire Temple
・Requires Heat Resistance (700 Rupees)
・Avoid using wooden weapons.
・Recommended to carry sources of light such as Brightbloom Seeds.
Water Temple
Water Temple
・No special measures required.
Lightning Temple
Lightning Temple
・Requires Heat Resistance
・Requires Cold Resistance in the desert at night.
・Recemmended to have means of attacking with fire and light.

Complete Temples To Access These Side Quests

Temples need to be completed to access some side quests. You may want to decide which temple to complete first depending on the rewards of those side quests.

Where Is King Dorephan? - How To Find & Location

Complete At Least 1 Temple To Access

Side QuestReward
The Incomplete StableAccess to the Stable at Lookout Landing
Where are the WellsAll's Well
Spotting Spot
(After completing The Incomplete Stable)
50 Rupees
Swift Carrot

Complete Wind Temple To Access

Side QuestReward
Legacy of the RitoGreat Eagle Bow
Treasure of the Secret SpringsVah Medoh Divine Helm
Molli the Fletcher's QuestArrow x10
Fish for FletchingArrow x10
Genli's Home CookingBiting Simmered Fruit
Wind Temple Walkthrough Guide

Complete FIre Temple To Access

Side QuestReward
Soul of the GoronsBoulder Breaker
Simmerstone Springs100 Rupees
The Hidden Treasure at Lizard LakesVah Rudania Divine Helm
Moon-Gazing Gorons100 Rupees
Mine-Cart Land: Open for Business!20 Rupees
Fire Temple Walkthrough Guide

Complete Water Temple To Access

Side QuestReward
A Wife Wafted AwayHearty Fish Skewer
Glory Of The ZoraLightscale Trident
A Crabulous DealSapphire
True TreasureOpal x2
The Never-Ending LectureZora Helm
Secret Treasure Under the Great FishVah Ruta Divine Helm
A Token of FriendshipZora Greaves
The Fort at Ja'Abu Ridge100 Rupees
The Blue StoneZora Fabric
Kaneli’s Flight Training50 Rupees
Access to training course
The Moonlit PrincessZora Sword
Water Temple Walkthrough Guide

Complete Lightning Temple To Access

Side QuestReward
Treasure of the Gerudo DesertVah Naboris Divine Helm
To the Ruins!100 Rupees
The Missing OwnerDiamond
Pride of the Gerudo
(After completing The Missing Owner)
Scimitar of the Seven
Lightning Temple Walkthrough Guide

Tips For Main Quests

Early Game Guide & Walkthrough

Prioritize Getting The Paraglider First


Obtaining the Paraglider will make travelling much easier. Once you complete Great Sky Island and reach the surface, continue on until you complete Crisis at Hyrule Castle.

Paraglider - How To Get

Unlock Skyview Towers To Make Exploring Easier

Unlock Skyview Towers

Unlock the Skyview Towers to reveal the map in that area. You will need to do so to progress the main quests so be sure to unlock them once you find one.

Skyview Tower Locations

Completing Shrines Gives You An Advantage

Completing Shrines

You can obtain Extra Hearts or Stamina by completing Shrines, making it easier to progress the main quests. They also act as fast travel points, making it easier to travel.

Shrine Locations & Map Guide

Collect Korok Seeds To Expand Your Inventory

Collect Korok Seeds

Collect and return Korok Seeds to Hestu to expand your inventory and you will be able to carry more weapons, shields and bows. Expanding your inventory will make it easier to progress the game so be sure to collect Korok Seeds and bring them to Hestu.

Korok Seed Locations

Prepare For Your Journey By Cooking Food

Cooking Food

Food not only restores your hearts but can also have other useful effects. They will be extremely helpful during the main quests so we recommend preparing them in advance.

How To Cook Guide

List Of Main Quests

Sky Island To Surface
Find Princess ZeldaThe Closed Door
To the Kingdom of HyruleCrisis at Hyrule Castle
Rito Village
Tulin of Rito Village
Goron City
Yunobo of Goron City
Zora's Domain
The Sludge-Covered StatueSidon of the Zora
Restoring the Zora ArmorThe Broken Slate
Clues to the Sky
Gerudo Town
Riju of Gerudo Town
Fifth Sage
Crisis at Hyrule Castle (2nd)Find the Fifth Sage
Secret of the Ring RuinsGuidance from Ages Past
Master Sword
Impa and the GeoglyphsTear of the Dragon
Trail of the Master SwordRecovering the Hero's Sword
Camera Work in the DepthsA Mystery in the Depths
Destroy Ganondorf

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Money/Materials Farming Guides

Create Your Own Zelda Map

Recommended For Beginners

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