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Dinraal Materials - How To Get & Dinraal Route
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Dinraal Materials - How To Get & Dinraal Route

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Dinraal Materials & how to get them in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TTOK). This guide includes all the locations and Dinraal routes, as well as how to get it to shown up and material uses.

▶ How To Get Dragon Materials

Table Of Contents

Dinraal - Spawn Locations

Dinraal Location Route

Time Required For 1 LapApproximately 50 Minutes (Real time)

There Is No Fixed Location Or Time

Dinraal endless circles the above route. Not like in previous titles, it does not have a specific spawn location at a fixed time. It's location also does not change even if you skip time by using a bonfire or at an inn.

There Are No Condition To Making It Show Up

There are no conditions that you have to clear, and you can meet them from the beginning. If you unlock the Skyview Tower near the route, you can easily find it by simply waiting for it.

You Can Look For It By Dirving Backwards On The Route

Dinraal circles by the route in the image above, so if you look for it in the reverse direction of travel, you will encounter it somewhere. It is good to go around the following shrines and the Skyview Tower and Roots. If you are not looking at the sku above, travel to the next spot.

Thyphlo Ruins Skyview TowerMayak ShrineKimayat ShrineUlri Mountain Skyview Tower
Tayamik Lightoot → Kayam Lightroot → Katenim Lightroot

Equip Flame Guard Lv. 2 Or Prepare Medicine

Dinraal is always covered in flames, and Flame Guard Lv2 is required to approach him. Equip Fireproof Armor or use Flame Guard medicine to protect yourself.

▼ Examples of Food Recipes with Flame Guard

Fireproof ElixirFireproof Lizard ×2
Bokoblin Horn ×1
Flame Guard Lv1
3 Mins 40 Secs
Fireproof ElixirSmotherwing Butterfly×4
Boss Bokoblin×1
Flame Guard v2
6 Mins 10 Secs

How To Collect Dinraal Materials

Materials Can Be Obtained By Attacking Each Part Of The Body

HornShard of ScaleClawScaleShard of Spike

Dinraal Materials can be obtained by attacking specific parts of Dinraal while riding it. The corresponding parts and materials are shown in the table above, so choose which part to attack depending on the material you want or need.

Claws & Fang Pieces Are Obtained By Attacking With Bow & Arrows

Since it is difficult to attack the mouth and its hands, it is recommended to attack with Bow and Arrows. if it is difficult to aim well, you can jump down for a moment and use the Bow Throw to attack easily. Also, since there is an updraft around you, you can open the Paraglider and get right back it.

▼ Picking up glowing debris will give you various Materials

When you attack a part of Dinraal, a glowing drop will show, and if you pick it up, you will get various Materials. If you attack the mouth or hand, be sure to pick it up as soon as you attack because it will fall to the ground if you do not pick it up for a while.

Materials Other Than The Dragon Rock Stone Are Restored About Once Every 10 Minutes

When AvailableWhen Unavailable

Once you attack and drop Materials, the light goes out and while the light is out, attacking will not drop Materials. After 10 minutes in real time (10 hours in game), the light will turn on again and Materials can be taken, so you can collect multiple Materials if you keep riding it.

Only The Dragon Rock Stone Does Not Revive While Near The Dragon

You can pick up the Dragon Rock from around the corner of the dragon's back, but unlike other Materials, Dragon Rock will not be revived while you are near the dragon. Therefore, if you want to get dragon rocks, move to another place after you have picked up all of them.

List Of Dinraal Materials

Number of Dinraal Materials Needed & How To Use Them

Use As Upgrade Materials For Armor

EquipmentTotal Number Of Upgrade Materials Needed
Fierce Deity MaskDinraal's Scale×1
Shard of Dinraal's Fang×1
Dinraal's Horn×1
Dinraal's Claw×1
Trousers of the WildDinraal's Scale×2
Shard of Dinraal's Fang×2
Dinraal's Horn×2
Dinraal's Claw×2
Shard of Dinraal's Spike×15
Tunic of MemoriesLight Dragon's Scale x1
Light Dragon's Talon x1
Shard of Light Dragon's Fang x1
Light Dragon's Horn x1
Dinraal's Horn ×2
Naydra's Horn ×2
Farosh Horn x2
How To Upgrade Armor Guide

Can Be Used As Fuse Materials For Attribute Weapons

MaterialsAttributes Granted
Shard of Dinraal's SpikeFlame Attribute/Attack+16

Fusing the Shard of Dinraal's Spike will add the flame attribute to the weapon. This is useful when you need a weapon with this attribute.

Effective As A Cold Resistance Measure

When you have a flame weapon, Cold Resistance Lv1 will be added even if you are not wearing weapon cold-resistance equipment. This is effective when it is troublesome to change the equipment.

Fuse - How To Use & Effect

Effect Time Increases When Used As Food Materials

MaterialsEffect Duratio Mins
Dinraal's Scale+1 Mins 30 Secs
Dinraal's Claw+3 Mins 30 Secs
Shard of Dinraal's Fang+10 Mins 30 Secs
Dinraal's Horn+30 Mins

Using each Dragon Material as Food Materials significantly increases the effect time. However, it is recommended to use the horns after using them for Armor Uprades, but they are also useful for creating Food with effects such as Attack Up.

Best Food & Medicine Recipes

Can Be Sold For A High Price

Dragon Materials can be sold at a high price. However, since only one of these materials can be obtained every 10 minutes, it is best to avoid selling them and use them only when you are in desperate need of money.

Rupees Farming Guide - How To Farm Money

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