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Best Armor List - Location & How To Get

TotK | Best Armor List - Location & How To Get | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | Best Armor List - Location & How To Get | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Best Armor & Equipment Guide for Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Guide includes list of armor set, early game, tier, how to get armor, locations, effect & appearance, and more!

Table of Contents

Recommended Best Armor

Barbarian Armor Set Increases Attack Power By 1.5

Barbarian SetDefense
Map Location
HeadBarbarian HelmDEF:3 (20)
Attack Up
Robred Dropoff Cave (Chest)
ClothesBarbarian ArmorDEF:3 (20)
Attack Up
Crenel Hills Cave (Chest)
LegsBarbarian Leg WrapsBarbarian Leg WrapsDEF:3 (20)
Attack Up
Walnot Mountain Cave (Chest)
Fierce Deity SetDefense
Map Location
HeadFierce Deity MaskFierce Deity MaskDEF:3 (20)
Attack Up
Inside Skull Lake Cave (Chest)
ClothesFierce Deity ArmorFierce Deity ArmorDEF:3 (20)
Attack Up
Akkala Citadel Ruins (Chest)
LegsFierce DeityBootsFierce Deity BootsDEF:3 (20)
Attack Up
Inside Ancient Tree Stump Cave (Chest)

An Armor Set That Boosts Attack Power By 1.5 When Equipped With All Three Pieces

The damage increases by 1.5 times if you equip all three pieces of the "Barbarian Set" or the "Fierce Deity Set". The performance of both is the same, so choose the Armor Set based on your preference for appearance.

Armor Set Effects List

The Strongest Defensive Armor Is The Ancient Hero's Aspect

Ancient HeroDEF/EffectWhere To Get It
BodyAncient Hero's AspectDefense 12 (84)
Enhanced Beam
Shrine Guide
Best Weapons List & How To Get

Top Defense Of 84 When Fully Upgraded

Although it is difficult to obtain since you have to clear all the shrines, it has a top-class defensive strength of 84 when fully reinforced, and the set effect is "Master Sword beam upgrade". The difficulty of obtaining the Ancient Hero's Aspect is high, but the defensive performance is well worth it.

Ancient Hero's Aspect Armor Guide

Phantom Set Has Highest Stats Before Being Upgraded

Phantom Defense
Map Location
HeadPhantom HelmetPhantom HelmetDEF:8
Attack Up
Puffer Beach Overhead Cave (Chest)
ClothesPhantom ArmorPhantom ArmorDEF:8
Attack Up
Tamio River Downstream Cave (Chest)
LegsPhantom GreavesPhantom GreavesDEF:8
Attack Up
Inside the quicksand in Ancient Altar Ruins (Chest)

The Armor That Cannot Be Upgraded But Has High Base Stats

The "Phantom Armor Set" cannot be upgraded like the previous game, but it is the most powerful armor set that has not been enhanced due to its high initial stats and the effect to Attack Up.

Best Armor For Map Exploration

Barbarian SetDefense
Map Location
HeadMajoraMajora's MaskDEF:1
Difficult to be noticed by monsters
Win 5 battles at the Coliseum from the Chasm south of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.
HeadKorok MaskKorok MaskDEF:1
Responds to nearby Koroks
Win at the Forest Coliseum from Minshi Woods Chasm
HeadMidnaMidna's HelmetDEF:7
Gloom Resistance
Win 5 battles at the Lone Island Coliseum in the Eventide Island Chasm
HeadLightning HelmDefense: 3
Lightning Proof
Obtained from a challenge in the Yiga Clan hideout

Armor Series Useful For Exploration

Icon of the Snowquill HeaddressSnowquill Cold ResistanceDesert Voe HeadbandDesert VoeHeat Resistance
ClimberClimbClimb Speed UpGlide MaskGlideSkydive Mobility Up
Yiga MaskYiga ClanStealth UpFlamebreaker HelmFlamebreaker Fireproof

How To Get Barbarian Set

Barbarian Helm Barbarian HelmRobred Dropoff Cave
(Nearest Skyview Tower: Sahasra Slope)
Barbarian ArmorBarbarian ArmorCrenel Hills Cave
(Nearest Skyview Tower: Lookout Landing Skyview Tower)
Barbarian Leg WrapsBarbarian Leg WrapsWalnot Mountain Cave
(Forest Skyview Tower: Mount Lanayru)
*It is necessary to melt the ice

How To Get Barbarian Helm

Can Be Obtained In The Robred Dropoff Cave


Robred Dropoff Cave is located exactly midway between Sahasra Slope and Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. Inside the cave, proceed in the direction the stone statues are facing. In the deepest part, there are three stone statues in different locations which you can reach by using Ascend at the location of the stone statue on the right side.

Ascend - How To Use & Effect

How To Get Barbarian Armor

Can Be Obtained In Crenel Hills Cave


Crenel Hills is located northeast of Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. You can access the treasure chest room by using Bomb Flower arrows or similar methods to destroy the Luminous Stone wall near the ceiling inside the cave.

Barbarian Leg Wraps

Can Be Obtained In Walnot Mountain Cave


Walnot Mountain Cave is located to the east of Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Inside the cave, continue climbing while following the path, and you will reach the deepest part.

How To Get Fierce Deity Set

Fierce Deity MaskFierce Deity MaskSkull Lake
Fierce Deity ArmorFierce Deity Armor Akkala Citadel Ruins
Fierce Deity BootsFierce Deity BootsAncient Tree Stump

Obtaining the Fierce Deity Armor Set is one of the objectives in the Side Quest called "Misko's Treasure: The Fierce Deity". It is recommended to complete this Side Quest along with collecting the entire set of Fierce Deity Equipment, as doing so will reward you with the Fierce Deity Sword.

How To Get Fierce Deity Mask

How To Get
Skull Lake
Go to Skull Lake
Enter the chimney-shaped hole in the right eye section of the skull.
It's recommended to use Recall on the nearby falling rocks to enter from a higher location.
Continue straight ahead in the underground.
Open the treasure chest located on the high ground where Stalnox is.

How To Get Fierce Deity Armor

Go to the Akkala Citadel Ruins
Make sure to unlock Domizuin Shrine.
Enter the ruins on the left side as seen from the shrine.
Enter the room through the small opening in the wall.
Unlock the treasure chest.

How To Get Fierce Deity Boots

Go to the Ancient Tree Stump
Proceed along the path blocked by vines in the lowest level.
Vines can be cut with bladed weapons.
Climb the thick tree relentlessly upwards.
Open the treasure chest sealed by the vines.

How To Get The Ancient Hero's Aspect

Ancient Hero's AspectObtained at the Temple of time after clearing all the Shrines

How To Obtain Ancient Hero's Aspect

Side Quests Occur When All The Shrines Are Cleared

The Soul of the Ancient Hero's Aspect can be obtained form the treasure chest in "The Shrine Explorer" quest that shows up after you clear all the shrines. It does not matter the order in which you clear the shrines, and will occur automatically when the 152nd shrine is cleared.

All Shrine List & Guide

The Treasure Chest Is Located Behind The Goddess Statue in Temple Of Time

After the Side Quests, a treasure chest appears in the Temple of Time. Open the chest behind the Goddess Statue to obtain the Ancient Hero's Aspect.

How To Get Phantom Armor Set

Phantom HelmetPhantom HelmetSouthwest of Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower
Puffer Beach Overhead Cave
Phantom ArmorPhantom ArmorNortheast of Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower
Tamio River Downstream Cave
Phantom GreavesPhantom GreavesEast of Gerudo Desert
Ancient Altar Ruins

How To Get Phantom's helmet

Can Be Obtained In Puffer Beach Overhead Cave


The Puffer Beach Overhead Cave is located southwest of the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. There is an entrance to the cave overhead, so use the Ultrahand to attach the boulder and nearby rocket to fly to the top.

How To Get Phantom Armor

Can Be Obtained In The Tamio River Downstream Cave


The Tamio River Downstream Cave is located northeast of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. Once you break the rock wall at the deepest part, there will be a treasure chest ahead.

How To Get Phantom Greaves

Can Be Obtained At The Ancient Altar Ruins


The Ancient Altar Ruins are located to the east of the Gerudo Desert. There are multiple quicksand pits in the area, and by entering the quicksand at the above location, you can reach the treasure chest.

How To Get Head Armor Useful For Exploration

MajoraMajora's MaskWin 5 battles in the Coliseum from the Chasm south of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower
Korok MaskKorok MaskWin at the Forest Coliseum from Minshi Woods Chasm
Achieve victory in the Forest Arena
MidnaMidna's HelmetWin 5 Battles at the Lone Island Coliseum in the Eventide Island Chasm
Lightning HelmYiga Clan equipment required
Obtained through a challenge in the Yiga Clan hideout

How To Get Majora's Mask

Surface Map Depths Map

How To Get Korok Mask

Surface Map Depths Map

How To Get Midna's Helmet

Surface MapDepths Map
Best Armor & Weapon List

How To Get The Lightning Helm

You can get is as a challenge reward when you complete a challenge in the hideout while wearing Yiga Clan Equipment.

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