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Fire Temple Walkthrough Guide - Map & Key Locations
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Fire Temple Walkthrough Guide - Map & Key Locations

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Fire Temple guide for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See how to get to Fire Temple & 5th Floor, Gong map, chest location, and Marbled Gohma Boss battle tips.

Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Table of Contents

Inside Fire Temple

Fire Temple Map & Gong Locations


Walkthrough Video

Ring The Gongs with Yonobo's Ability To Open The Locks

Ring The Gongs with Yonobo's Ability To Open The Locks

To open the locks, it is necessary to ring the Gongs at various locations using Yunobo's Ability.

Cliff Climbing Or Tightrope Walking Are Also Possible

Cliff Climbing Or Tightrope Walking Are Also Possible

The Fire Temple has a clearly defined attack route, but there are also alternative methods to progress through it. You can climb cliffs, walk on tightropes, or use the Paraglider. Tulin's ability can also make it easier if you've completed the Wind Temple.

1st Gong (1F) Walkthrough

Route To 1st Gong
1st Gong (1F) Walkthrough 1
Proceed to the right side with the Travel Point behind you
Cross the flowing Scaffold and make rocks with the fallen Zonai Device "Hydrant"
Build a bridge to go ahead and take the Mine Cart in front of you
Change the rail route with Yunobo's ability or Arrows
Defeat Fire Like and destroy the Rock with Yunobo's ability from the top of the rubble pile
Fly with Paraglider and activate the Gong using Yunobo's ability

2nd Gong (2F) Walkthrough

Route To 2nd Gong
2nd Gong Walkthrough Route
Return to Mine Cart with 1st Gong behind you
Activate the switch to raise the circuit breaker and proceed
2nd Gong Walkthrough Route
Break the rock with Yunobo's ability and move on
Reverse the rail and go ahead with the Mine Cart
Activate the switch to change the rail along the way
Proceed to the side with the bridge, activate the switch to lower the rail and proceed with the Mine Cart
Build a rock bridge with Hydrant and move on
Activate the 2nd Gong at the back

3rd Gong (5F) Walkthrough

Route To 3rd Gong
3rd Gong Walkthrough Route
Fire Temple - 3rd Gong Walkthrough 1
Hit the switch that lowered the rail with arrows to return the rail to the upward position
Fire Temple - 3rd Gong Walkthrough 2
Ride the Mine Cart and go upward (3F)
3rd Gong Walkthrough Route 2
Fire Temple - 3rd Gong Walkthrough 3
Once you get to the 3rd floor, go to the 3 lane Mine Cart on the right side
Fire Temple - 3rd Gong Walkthrough 4
Make a triple Mine Cart in the rightmost lane and attach Fan and 2 Rockets
Fire Temple - 3rd Gong Walkthrough 5
Get into the triple Mine Cart you made and jump over the broken rail to the 4th floor
3rd Gong Walkthrough Route 3
Fire Temple攻略|ボスの倒し方と5階の行き方の画像
Go to the location of the broken bridge at the back of the 4th floor
Fire Temple攻略|ボスの倒し方と5階の行き方の画像
Connect bridges and destroy the rock on the ceiling with Yunobo's ability
Get on the falling block and Recall to go up to the upper floor
3rd Gong Walkthrough Route 4
Ring the 3rd Gong and complete it

4th Gong (4F) Walkthrough

Route To 4th Gong
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 1
4th Gong (4F) Walkthrough 1
With the 3rd Gong behind you, go down to the lower floor
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 2
4th Gong (4F) Walkthrough 2
Activate the switch and head downstairs (3F) on the Mine Cart
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 3
4th Gong (4F) Walkthrough 3
Head to the two switches and activate them to raise the rail (4F)
4th Gong (4F) Walkthrough 4
Ride the rail upward to the 4th floor
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 4
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 5
Jump down to the Scaffold you can see on the way
*If you fail, the Mine Cart will come back for another round
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 6
Break the Rock with Yunobo's ability on the rock slab
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 7
Use the Rock Slab from Hydrant with Ultrahand to make a launch platform
4th Gong Walkthrough Route 8
Place the launch platform toward the Gong, and use Yunobo's ability to ring it

5th Gong (From 5F To 1F) Walkthrough

5th Gong Walkthrough Route 1
Bring the launch platform used in 4th Gong to the broken bridge
Destroy the rock with Yunobo's ability
Connect the Rock Slabs made by Hydrant as long as you can
Make it long enough to reach the broken Rock and cross to the opposite side
Use Ascend to go up
Jump down the hole on the 5th floor to the 1st floor and head to the last Gong
5th Gong Walkthrough Route 2
Ring the Gong to open the door, and head back to start for the boss battle

How To Get To The 5th Floor

The video above does not include the 3rd Gong Walkthrough.

Starts from the 3 th floor

To reach the 5th floor from the 3rd floor map, take the leftmost rail in front of the two rail-changing switches in a row and head to the 4th floor. From there, use the rails below to access the upper floor.

Rail 1
Rai 1-1
Rai 1-2
Rail 2
Rai 2-1
Rai 2-2
スクリーンショット 2023-05-23 1.47.19

To access the 5th floor, simply take the upward rail located on the 4th floor.

Marbled Gohma Boss Battle

Marbled Gohma Walkthrough

Marbled Gohma
Strategy Guide
  • Destroy the 2 legs of the boss using Yunobo's ability
    →If it is stunned, climb up and attack its eyes
  • Return the Bomb Rock with Recall and stun the enemy by an explosion
    →Ascend and attack in front of the enemy
  • Destroy the boss's legs with Yonobo's ability once it is attached to the ceiling
    Align its legs and Yunobo's track
    →If it is stunned, climb up and attack
Marbled Gohma Guide: How To Defeat & Tips | Fire Temple Boss

Walkthrough Video

In the second half of the battle, it is possible to defeat the boss without doing anything.

Destroy Two Legs With Yunobo's Ability

Destroy Two Legs With Yunobo's Ability

Use Yunobo's ability to break two of the boss's Legs; when the second one is broken, the boss becomes vulnerable and open to attack.

Attack The Boss's Eyes

Attack The Boss's Eyes when it is vulnerable

When the boss becomes vulnerable after breaking its legs, climb on the boss and attack its eyes. After being attacked for a while, it will counterattack, so watch your timing and move away from the area.

Return The Bomb Rock With Recall

Return The Bomb Rock With Recall

Use Recall to deflect Bomb Rocks thrown in different directions. Detonate bombs in front of the boss to stun it, then approach with Ascend to attack it.

Can go up with Ascend from the back side near the eyes

▲Can go up with Ascend from the back side near the eyes

Aim For The Furthest Leg In The Second Half Of The Battle

When the boss's HP drops below half, it will stick to the ceiling, so it is important to keep an eye on it and destroy the innermost leg with Yunobo's skill.

The leg furthest from Link

▲The leg furthest from Link

Fire Temple攻略と宝箱の場所の画像

▲Aim to fire when Yunobo's ability aligns with Marbled Gohma's leg.

DON'T Attack Too Much

Don't be too greedy when attacking Marbled Gohma's eye. Limit combos to one or two rounds before withdrawing to avoid a counterattack.

Fire Temple Chest Location & Contents

①(Strong Zonaite Shield)random
Strong Zonaite Shield
⑥Solider II Reaper
Solider II Reaper
⑦Strong Zonaite Longsword
Strong Zonaite Longsword
Fire Temple 9th chest
Large Zonai Charge

How To Get The 9th Chest

Go up with Ascend before jumping down to the location of 5th Gong.

What To Do When You Get Stuck

What To Do If Yunobo Is Not Around

Make Sure You Didn't Forget To Talk To Him

As you arrive at the Temple, Yunobo will say "It's this way!". Talk to him to trigger an event and he will follow you again.

There Are Places Yunobo Can't Reach

Yunobo will not come to you if you are on unstable scaffolding, it's best to wait for Yunobo to reach you on a stable surface.

Yunobo Won't Follow You Anywhere Except Around The Temple

Yunobo can only accompany you in the area related to the Temple Quest, and after completing Fire Temple, you can use his ability as Sage's Ability.

What If You Run Out Of Equipment Or Food?

Retreat To The Town Or Village First

Once you arrive at the Temple and have unlocked the Travel Point, you can leave the Temple and return to any Town or Village. Open the map and press the X button to open the world map.

Return to the town on the map

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[Spoiler!] Ending & Post Game

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