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Lightning Temple Walkthrough Guide - Map & Key Locations

TotK | Lightning Temple Walkthrough Guide - Map & Key Locations | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | Lightning Temple Walkthrough Guide - Map & Key Locations | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Lightning Temple guide for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See battery map & location, chest location, Queen Gibdo, walkthrough chart, quest tips, & procedures.

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Table Of Contents

Lightning Temple Guide

Lightning Temple Map & Battery


Let Riju Apply Thunder To The Four Batteries

In order to activate the temple, it is necessary to activate the 4 batteries. Find all the batteries and let Riju apply thunder before you hit it.

Prepare Bow & More Arrows

Bows and arrows will be used a lot in clearing tge Lightning Temple and in battles with bosses. For this reason, it is recommended to prepare at least 50 arrows in advance. If you run out of Arrows on the way to the temple, you should go back to the town after freeing the Travel Points on the first floor of the temple.

Arrow Farming Guide - Best Ways To Get Arrows

Getting To Travel Points

OrderStep-by-Step Guide
Sand with a weapon with Koroks leaves on it
Step on the hidden switch and go forward
2Follow the path to a pit
If you fall down, ascend with Ascend
Use blocks to stop the fire while advancing
Step on the switch to advance further
4Recall the fireball and return it several times while advancing
Step on the switch to proceed
Lift up the nearby Mirror with Ultrahand and shine the light on the device

Directions For Battery Location 1

OrderStep-by-Step Guide
From the Travel Point on the 1st floor, go to the right side
There is a stone block ahead
2Move the stone block and go inside
3Hit the storage battery with Riju's lightning to complete the process

Directions For Battery Location 2

OrderStep-by-Step Guide
Use the updraft on the first floor to fly and jump to the fourth floor corridor seen on the opposite side of the building
2Use Recall on one of the spinning devices to align the rotation of the two devices
3Go to the back of the device and move the block out of the way
The door opens through the light
Fly to the device visible on the opposite side and wait for it to be illuminated by the light
5Move forward while blocking walls and ceilings with Spikes
6When you get to the back room, go down to the floor below
Place the nearby Stake (Zonai Device) on the wall to stop it from spinning
8Shine the light on the device to activate it, then return to the upper floor
Use Mirror to shine the light that went through to the upper floor onto the device at the back of the room
10Activate the device with Riju's lightning and you are done

Directions For Battery Location 3

OrderStep-by-Step Guide
Fly up to the 5th floor by using the updraft and enter the next room through the gap
Set Mirror so that the light reaches the center room
Return to the center room and use Ultrahand to move the two statues to the far left to direct the light downward
4Go in the direction of the activated device (2nd floor) and defeat the Construct and Gibdo
Create a Hot-Air Balloon with the Mirror set and attach the Torch
Fly it from under the light to activate the device
6Activate the device with Riju's lightning and you are done

Directions For Battery Location 4

OrderStep-by-Step Guide
Fly up to the 5th floor with Ascend and manipulate the 3 statues so that the light is facing upward
2Use Ascend to get to the location of the activated (6th Floor)
Go down to the lower floor while avoiding the flames
4Step on the switch to open the door, then hit the device with lightning to complete the process
(Riju will not let you in unless you step on the switch)
5Go to the upper floor from the central pedestal to the boss battle
▼ Boss Battle Guide

Battery Location Video Guide

Recommended Main Quests To Clear

Lightning Temple Treasure Chest Location & Contents

Treasure Chests

Large Zonai Charge (B1)
Topaz (B1)
Mighty Zonaite Shield (B1)
Mighty Construct Bow (B1)
Flame Emitter (1F)
Diamond (4F)
Mirror ×3 (Rooftop)

How To Get The Treasure Chest (6)

Ascend near the entrance to the Bongko Room on the 2nd floor to reach an isolated room with only treasure chests.

How To Get The Treasure Chest (7)

The treasure chest (7) is located on the roof of the temple. Use Ascend near the altar in the boss' room and go up to the roof to find the treasure chest.

Location Of Gerudo-Based Weapons

Queen Gibdo Boss Battle Guide

Preparation For The Boss Battle

Queen Gibdo Boss Guide: How To Defeat & Tips | Lightning Temple Boss
  • Prepare as many Keese Eyeball & Bomb Flowers
  • Prepare powerful weapons, including Bows and Arrows
  • Bring plenty of recovery items

Prepare Keese Eyeball & Bomb Flowers

Keese Eyeballs, which automatically tracks enemies, and arrows fused with Bomb Flowers are extremely powerful. If you only want to weaken the boss, Dazzlefruit can do so and is effective. There are many other materials that can be used to weaken the boss, but if you want to increase your odds of winning, collect the Keese Eyeball and Bomb Flower attributes.

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Equipment & Recovery Items

This is one of the strongest bosses among all the bosses, and it is easy to have a hard time against it if you don't have enough equipment and reinforcements.

Video Guide

Key Points To Getting Around

Strategy Guide
  • Use Keese Eyeball builds
  • Aim to down with Bomb Flower and Riju skills
    ∟ Once they are down, attack them intensively
  • When they come back from down, they will rush at you, so prepare to dash away
  • The second half of the battle, shoot down with the Keese Eyeball build and bow right away
  • While the boss is running away, go around destroying Gibdo's nest
  • Wait for the remaining Zakos to self-destruct with light while running away
  • Repeat the same process when you are the one-on-one with the boss

Bows & Arrows Is The Source Of Firepower Until It Is Down

The main way to get around is to fuse your Bow & Arrows with Keese Eyeball or follow up with Bomb Arrows. In particular, the attribute Keese Eyeball is easy to aim for a hearshot even if shot at random, and can lead to a down.

Riju Lightning Is Deprecated Due To Difficulty

▲ Queen Gibdo needs to wait until the lightning is in range

Riju's lightning is interrupted if the enemy takes a long time to enter the range or if Riju herself is attacked by an enemy. Because of the difficulty of standing in the way, it is easier to attack if you have collected the attribute Keese Eyeball.

Be Careful With Stamina After Returning From A Downed Position

It is better to refrain from attacks that use the Stamina gauge when concentrating on them while they are down. After recovering, the attacked will rush at you, and you will not be able to escape without Stamina.

Gibdo's Nests Are The Highest Priority To Destroy

When Gibdo's health is reduced to less than half HP, 4 Gibdo's nest will be activated. At the beginning of the second half of the fight, use the attribute Keese Eyebal for the Gibdo nests, and while the boss is running around, use Bomb Flower to destroy the Gibdo nests.

Endure Until All The Zakos Are Destroyed

If the Gibdo's nests is destroyed, but the zacos are still around, use light or fire attacks to take them out first. If the boss turns back to black during the process, use the attribute Keese Eyeball build Bow to whiten it.

Defeating The Boss Unlocks Riju's Sage Skill

When the boss is defeated, Lightning Temple is cleared and Riju's Sage skill is obtained. You will be able to use Riju's skills outside of the Main Quests.

How To Get To Lighting Temple

Refer to this article as it is published in a separated article up to the point where Gerudo Town is being defended.

Until Arrival At Lightning Temple

OrderStep-by-Step Guide
1Wind the defense of Gerudo Town and talk with Riju in the underground location
Follow the hints on the mural and look at the desert from behind the throne
There is a red pillar in the distance
3When you reach the red pillar, break the cracked rock on the floor
4Go in the direction of the light
When you reach the second pillar, go to the top of the tower just beside it and turn the handle counterclockwise
6Proceed toward the connected light and aim for the third pillar
Break the cracked floor at the third pillar and bring the handle parts up
8Assemble the handles and maneuver them so that the light reaches the first pillar
9Head to the center of the triangle and meet up with Riju
Hit the device with Riju's lighting
Hit the pink part in the center with Riju's lighting
11Arrive at the temple and hit the pink part with Riju's lightning and the boss will appear

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[Spoiler!] Ending & Post Game

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