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Tips, tricks, and life hacks for adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Includes starting tips, basic strategies, change temperature, and create updrafts.

▶Battle Tips & Combat Controls
Table of Contents
▼How To Start A Fire▼Adjust Body Tempreture▼Sneak Past Enemies
▼Bows & Arrows▼Method To Jump High▼Flying Method
▼How To Melt Ice▼Weather And Time▼How To Make Platform

How To Start A Fire

1Carry fire with a Torch
2Throw Materials that can trigger a fire
3Fuse a Flame Emitter
4Attack Flint with Stones or Metal Weapons
5Prepare a rain shelter where it rains

Carry Fire With A Torch


A common way used to light another fire from the original one or to set a pot on fire. The torch will not burn out if you only lit and carry it.

Throw Materials That Can Trigger A Fire

Throw Fire Fruits

Fire Fruits and Red Chuchu Jelly can be thrown to start a fire. Always carry them with you as they can be used with Woods to start a campfire.

Fuse A Flame Emitter

release a flame

Flame Emitter, a Zonai Device, can be fused to release a flame that consumes Energy Cells but can easily start a fire.

Attack Flint With Stones Or Metal Weapons

start a fire with flint

Flint, which can often be obtained from Ores, can also start a fire. You only need to set the Woods and Flint close together and swing a Stone or Metal Weapon to create a bonfire.

Prepare A Rain Shelter Where It Rains

On rainy days, Woods become wet when exposed to rain and cannot be lit, but if you have a roof or other shelter from the rain, you can start a fire without any problem. Prepare something to block the rain and use the above ways to start a fire.

Tips On Adjust/Control Body Temperature

1Wear Armor for Heat/Cold Resistance★★★
2Eat Foods or Elixirs★★
3Endure the cold by a Campfire
4Light A Torch And Carry It

Wear Armor For Heat/Cold Resistance

In some places, the Cold or Heat can cause damage. It is possible to prevent this by wearing Armor that has a Cold-Resistance or Heat-Resistance.

There Are Two Levels Of Both Cold And Heat

There are two levels of both Cold and Heat and in some severe environments, one Armor will not be enough to protect you. Try to reach Lv 2 by equipping two pieces of Armor, or by combining one piece of Armor with a Lv 1 Food.

Eat Foods Or Elixirs

Next to Armor, the second most common way to deal with it is eating Cold- and Heat-Resistant Elixirs and Foods, which is possible to adjust the temperature even without Armor. Since they can be used in combination with Armor, even Lv 1 Foods can be useful.

▶Best Food & Medicine Recipes

Light A Torch And Carry It

A lit Torch also has a Cold-Resistant effect equivalent to Lv 1. If you do not have any Cold-Resistant Armor, you can also use a Torch.

Endure The Cold By A Campfire

Simply being around a campfire provides a Cold-Resistant effect. If you have evenly spaced campfires on snowy roads, you can climb snowy mountains without Cold-Resistant Armor.

▲Use Fuse to craft a car then place a bonfire on top for a portable bonfire to gain cold resistance.

Getting Wet Will Gain Temporary Heat Resistance

Life Hack Image

▲Link driving Sand Mobile while showering

When Link gets wet, he temporarily gains heat resistance. You can get the same effect by destroying Chuchu Jelly

Sneak Past Enemies

1Crouching makes less noise
2Hard to make noise on rainy days
3Some enemies sleep around 10 PM

Crouching Makes Less Noise

see the sound meter

▲Icon under the Thermometer to check for noise

Pressing L Stick to Crouch makes it hard to make noise. When catching insects or others, always crouch as you approach them to sneak.

Remove Armor That Makes Noise

Wearing Armor makes it easier to make noise when moving. Especially when catching sound-sensitive beetles, it is recommended to remove all Armor and approach in a crouching position to prevent them from escaping.

Hard To Make Noise On Rainy Days

Rainy days are good for stealth because the sound of the rain provides noise. If you are not in front of or very close to the enemy, you can get by with Rain + Crouch.

Some Enemies Sleep Around 10 PM

Bokoblin and Moblin live in encampments at their bases. At 10:00 PM, they put down their weapons and go to sleep, so it is possible to sneak in and attack them at night. But it is easy to be noticed by simply moving in a crouching position, it'd be better to use Stealth Armor Set.

Bows & Arrows - Slow Motion Shooting

1Utilize the difference in height
2Create A Height Difference
3Jump from a Horse
4Ride an updraft

Utilize The Difference In Height

Image of Life Hacks and Tips for Adventure

On a slightly steep slope, you can use Paraglider from a dash jump, and Slow Motion Shooting can be performed if the height is enough to open the Paraglider.

Create A Height Difference

Creation with Ultrahand can be utilized for battle. Blocks and roofs for Ascend can be very useful for battle, so utilize Autobuild to spawn construct and used to battle.

Shield Surf And Jump On WingsHield

By Fusing Wing and Shield, it creates a small hop when Shield Surfing. By aiming Bow mid-air, it triggers slow motion and makes it easier to aim. If you're not good at controlling the bow, try utilizing slow motion. However, be careful as shield surfing outside Snowy mountains/deserts will reduce the durability of the shield.

Ride An Updraft

You can also trigger Slow Motion Shooting by jumping into the updrafts caused by yourself, your enemies, or the terrain. Check out the methods below, and generate updrafts to make your battles easier.

Jump From A Horse

Slow Motion Shooting is also possible when jumping from a horse. This is recommended for sniping while exploring.

Method To Jump High

1Set fire to the Grass
2Light Spicy Peppers
3Light Hylian Pine Cone
4Rocket Shield Fuse
5Use Spring
6Bomb Flower Shield Fuse

In this series, there are several ways outside of updraft to jump into the sky which are listed below.

Set fire to the grass

If you throw Fire Fruits toward the grass, they will start a fire and create an updraft. This occurs even if the fire is ignited by an enemy attack.

Light Spicy Peppers

Igniting Spicy Peppers is an easy way to generate an updraft. Simply setting Spicy Peppers on fire in some way, an updraft will be immediately generated.

Light Hylian Pine Cone

Hylian Pine Cone, like Spicy Pepper, can also be set on fire to create an updraft. Keep this in mind as well.

Light The Hylian Pine Cone

Just like Spicy Pepper, Hylian Pince can be lit to create an updraft.

Fuse Rocket To Shield

Life Hack Image

Fuse Rocket and Shield, then hold up to jump up to the sky. It can be used to climb cliffs or escape from sticky situations, so it is a good idea to have a shield fused with a rocket. The shield will wear out fast, so make sure to have spares.

▶Rocket Guide - How To Get & Use

Use Spring

Life Hack Image

Spawn Spring Zonai Device then hit the spring while standing on top to jump up. It can also be used as a platform to jump to the high ground. Hitting the spring again to reuse.

▶Spring Guide - How To Get & Use

Fuse Bomb Flower To Shield

Fuse Bomb Flower to the shield, then shield surf to activate Bomb Flower to launch yourself up. It will reduce the durability of the shield, so avoid using on a shield with low durability.

Method To Fly

1Hover Bike
2Use Wing To Fly
3Use Balloon

Combine Fan And Steering Stick To Create Hover Bike

Life Hack Image

Attach 2 Fan and Steering Sticks using Ultrahand to craft a simple Hover Bike. You can fly as long as Energy Cell lasts, so it is useful for exploring maps. It is also fun.

▶Hover Bike Guide - How To Get & Make Build

Keep Using Wing Midair

Wing breaks after flying after the duration. So to fly longer, use Rocket Shield to fly higher, than take out wing from inventory. If you have a lot of wings and rockets you can fly for a long duration.

▶All Zonai Devices List & Uses

Fly with UltraHand and Recall

In places without a runaway, it isn't easy to fly using a wing. Use Ultrahand to create flying motion, then use recall to reverse the motion to let Wing float and then fly.

▶Wing Guide - How To Use & Get

Ingnite Balloon To Fly

Hot-Air Balloon is one of the Zonai Devices which can be used to fly by igniting. Although it can go up quite high, it is not suitable for long flights as the duration of High-Balloon is 2min.

How To Melt Ice

1Place a torch nearby
2Melt it down with Flame Emitter's fire
3Make a Campfire nearby
4Equip Fire Type Weapon And Get Close

Place A Torch Nearby

If you keep a lit Torch nearby, you can gradually melt the ice. As long as you have anything that can start a fire, you can melt it without consuming your weapons.

Melt It Down With Flame Emitter's Fire

Ice can also be melted by the fire from a Flame Emitter fused weapon. It's a quick way to melt them, but be aware that it drains your weapon.

Make A Campfire Nearby

Large pieces of ice blocking the way cannot be destroyed by Bombs but can be melted by Fire instead. Since it never rains in the snowy mountains, it is better to melt it with campfires.

Equip Fire Type Weapon And Get Close

Trick and Life Hack Image

Get close to ice while equipping fire-type weapons to melt. Fuse Ruby or Fire-Breath Lizalfos Horn to craft a simple fire-type weapon.

▶Best Elemental Weapons & Elemental Effects Guide

The Effects Of The Weather And How To Change Time

Change Time At Inn Or Bonfire

Change Time

You have to skip the time in the game to change the weather. Stay at Inn or waste time at the bonfire to change the weather. However, the weather at time skipped may be the same as before.

▶How To Pass Time In Game

Wainting Until Weather Change

In Game Time3 Hour
Real Time3 min

Weather changes every 3 in-game hours or 3 real-life minutes. If you can't skip time at Inn or Bonfire, wait a few minutes. In the case of thunderstorms, you will get struck by lightning if you stay in the open, so stay indoors to stay safe.

Effect of Weather

Sunny・Use mirror to reflect sun light
*Surface & During Day
Rainy・Cannot Ingnite
・Easier to slip while climbing
・Harder to get spotted by enemies
・Increase damage of lightning type
・Some animals only appear during rain
Thundestorm・Rain effects plus equipping any metal weapon will strike the player with lightning.
▶Lightning Protection - How To Avoid Lightning
Snow・Requires Cold Protection

Check Weather Forecast


The weather forecast is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. It shows real-time and future weather so skip time until your designated weather.

How To Create Platform On Water Or Lava

Create Ice To Cross Water


Swing an Ice-type weapon or throw Ice Fruit to create an ice block. Just like "Cryonis" from past series, Ice Block can be used as a temporary platform.

Place Ice Or Water On Lava

Create scaffolding by hitting the ice or water on the lava. Remember this technique to create scaffolding at your will!

HydrantHydrantActivate and throw on the water to create scaffolding
Water FruitWater FruitThrow it on to lava
Ice FruitsIce FruitsThrow is on to lava
SapphireSapphire"}]Fuse on to weapon and swing at the lava
OpalOpal"}]Fuse on to weapon and swing on lava
Ice-Breath Lizalfos HornIce-Breath Lizalfos HornFuse on to weapon and swing on lava

Above listed items are just a few of the examples, and they can be replaced with items such as Ice Like and Naydra Materials to fuse onto the weapon.

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