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Lynel Guide - How To Defeat & Get Materials

TotK | Lynel Guide - How To Defeat & Get Materials | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | Lynel Guide - How To Defeat & Get Materials | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Lynels are recurring enemies in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Learn how to beat Lynels, spawn locations, material drops, weapons, weakness, combat tips and more in this guide.

Table of Contents

Lynel Material Drops

Drop Materials

Drop Materials[Red Hair Lynel]
Lynel Bow(Triple shot)
Lynel Shield
Lynel's Mace Horn
Lynel's Saber Horn
[Blue Hair Lynel]
Mighty Lynel Bow(Triple shot)
Mighty Lynel Shield
Blue-Maned Lynel's Mace Horn
Blue-Maned Lynel's Saber Horn
[Gray Hair Lynel]
Savage Lynel Bow (Triple shot)
Savage Lynel Shield
White-Maned Lynel's Mace Horn
White-Maned Lynel's Saber Horn
[Silver Lynel]
Savage Lynel Bow
Silver-Maned Lynel's Saber Horn
Silver-Maned Lynel's Mace Horn

How To Defeat Lynel?

Walkthrough Tips
  1. Aim For A Headshots
  2. Actively aim for Flurry Rush
  3. Don't Force Yourself To Attack

Have A Variety Of Weapons At Your Disposal Beforehand

Lynels have extremely high health, and a single weapon will likely break before defeating them. So keeping in mind that the weapons you use in battle will eventually break, it is wise to prepare as many as possible in advance.

Best Weapons List & How To Get

Focus On Defense Besides Aiming For Flurry Rush

As a fundamental strategy in fighting Lynels, the primary approach is to aim for Flurry Rush by successfully dodging attacks while equipping two-handed sword and shield swing, and capitalize on the opportunity to deal damage. The key is to focus on defense and refrain from attacking in unfavorable situations.

Create An Opening With A Headshot

If you prefer a more aggressive approach, try landing headshots on moves that leave the Lynel open to create more opportunities for attacking. Consistently aiming for the head can be a reliable source of damage, making it a worthwhile technique to practice.

Prevent Lynel From Performing Bow Attacks

Lynels will use their bows and arrows to attack from a distance or from above when regular attacks can't reach then they will shoot 3-5 arrows at a time. In particular, be sure to prevent Lynels from using their bows and arrows, as their accuracy is extremely high, especially when shooting arrows from above.

Arrow Guide

Run To Escape When Facing Fireball Attacks

Sometimes when Lynel creates distance between you, it will breathe out three fireballs from its mouth. Keep your weapon and run around the Lynel to dodge.

The Updraft After The Fire Attack Is An Opportunity For Bows And Arrows

After the fire attack, when the grass catches fire, creating an updraft. This provides an opportunity for aerial shooting. If you land a headshot, the Lynel will stagger and kneel, allowing you to mount and attack, significantly reducing the enemy's health.

Mounting And Attacking Does Not Consume Weapon Durability

While riding and attacking the Lynel, you can rapidly press the Y button to perform additional attacks so you you can deal damage without consuming the weapon's durability. Be cautious of running out of stamina as riding will deplete the Stamina Wheel.

How To Increase Heart Container And Stamina Vessel

▲ Even bone weapons, which would normally break quickly, can be highly effective during mounted attacks when you use their high attack power. They come in handy during the early stages of the game when you have fewer weapons, so it's a good idea to have one prepared when facing a Lynel for the first time.

Recommended Weapons When Challenging Lynels For The First Time

  1. Head to Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower
  2. Defeat the Black Moblin (carrying a Royal Halberd) located in front of Skyview Tower.
    It is recommended to defeat it with a sneakstrike during the nighttime.
  3. Fuse the Black Moblin Horn with the Royal Halberd.
    Secure weapons for battling Lynels!
  4. Head to defeat Lynel.

Defeat The Black Moblin At Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower

Tarrey Town

First, let's head towards the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower located in the top right of the map in Akkala. It is recommended to acquire weapons that are useful for dealing with Lynels during this early stage of the game when you have limited weapons.

Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower Location

Get Weapons For Dealing With Lynels

Right in front of you as soon as you exit Skyview Tower, there is a Black Moblin and a Blue Bokoblin. You can obtain a Royal Halberd from the Black Moblin. It is recommended to quickly defeat the Black Moblin with a sneakstrike during the nighttime.

▲The Royal Series weapons have the increased Attack Power during Flurry Rush effect, making them ideal for battling Lynels.

Head To Defeat Lynel

Once you have crafted your weapon for the battle, head to the location of the Lynel. It is recommended to defeat a regular Lynel first to get used to their behavior and attacks.

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