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Best weapons in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Guide includes best sword, best shield, best bow, how to get them, stats, effects, and more!

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Best Weapon & Recommended Weapon List

Best Weapon / Shield

Best Sword

WeaponStats / Recommendation
Master Sword IconMaster Sword[Attack] - (30)
・Recovers in 10min after broken
・Deals extra damage to Ganon and Gloom type enemies.
・Able to Fuse
 Scimitar of the Seven IconScimitar of the Seven[Attack] 28 (Max 138)
・Materials Attack is doubled
・Can be obtained by trading materials
Zora Sword IconZora Sword
[Attack] 12 (Max 154)
・Attack is doubled when wet (Includes Material)
・Can be easily activate using Sidon's Skill

Best Claymore

WeaponStats / Recommendation
Royal GuardRoyal Guard's Claymore
Royal GuardRoyal Guard's Claymore
[Attack] 32 (Max 194)
[Attack] 39 (Max 208)
・Attack is doubled when almost broken
・Strongest riding weapons
・More powerful if it is pristine
▶How to obtain at depth
Zora LongswordZora Longsword
[Attack] 17 (Max 164)
・Attack is doubled when wet (Includes Material)
・Can be easily activate using Sidon's Skill
・Very useful as it can be charged attack

Best Spear

WeaponStats / Recommendation
Royal Halberd IconRoyal Halberd
Royal Halbert IconRoyal Halberd
[Attack] 7 (Max 72)
[Attack] 18 (Max 83)
・Has high Flurry Rush damage
・Very useful against Lynel
・Has many ways of obtaining
・More powerful if it is pristine
▶How to obtain at depth
Lightscale Trident IconLightscale Trident
Zora Spear IconZora Spear
[Attack] 22 (Max 154)
[Attack] 11 (Max 152)
・Attack is doubled when wet (Includes Material)
・Can be easily activate using Sidon's Skill
・Can be obtained by trading materials
・Zora Spear can be easily repaired

Best Bow

WeaponStats / Recommendation
Savage Lynel Bow IconSavage Lynel Bow[Attack] 32×3 (Has Five Shot Burst)
・Has highest burst damage Bow
・Has multiple methods to obtain
・Reroll ability for more powerful bow
Great Eagle Bow IconGreat Eagle Bow[Attack] 28×3
・Quick Shot/3 Shot Burst/Long Range Shot
・Is very useful
・Can be obtained by trading materials

Strongest Shield

EquipmentStats / Recommendation
Hylian Shield IconHylian Shield[Shield Guard] 90 (Avaiablity to reroll for more powerful stats)
・Has the highest Shield Guard/Durability
・Able to obtain from the start
・Repairable/Able to reroll/able to re-purchase
WingWing Shield・Able to trigger slow motion from Shield Surfing on the flat surface

Recommended Fuse Material

Best Fuse Material

Material NameEffect / How To Obtain
Silver Lynel Saber HornSilver Lynel Saber HornAttack +55
Obtained from Silver Lynel
Silver Lynel Mace HornSilver Lynel Mace HornAttack +51
Obtained from Silver Lynel
*Has Crushing Effect
Gloom Club IconGloom ClubAttack +50
Obtained fromPhantom Ganon(Gold Club)
*Crush Armor & Imunue to Gloom damage
Molduga Jaw IconMolduga JawAttack +32
Obtained from Molduga
▼Best material for Bone builds

Recommended & Strongest Sword

Master Sword Icon▼Master SwordScimitar of the Seven Icon▼Scimitar of the SevenZora Sword Icon▼Zora Sword

The Revival Of Strongest Sword "Master Sword"

Master Sword Ability And How To Obtain
Ability・Press and hold R button for beam attack
・Recovers in 10min after broken
・Deals extra damage to Ganon and Gloom type enemies.
*Able to fuse
Enhance beam attack with ・Ancient Hero's Aspect(Armor)

Legendary Sword

Master Sword, needless to say, is the strongest sword in the game. Additionally enhancing it using the new system Fuse turns it to a truly strongest weapon. It has decent durability, and it can be restored in 10min after being broken.

Press R Button And Hold To Shoot Beam

As a unique action of Master Sword, press and hold the R button to shoot beams. Fight with a variety of strategies with unique long range attacks.

Obtained By Pulling It Out From Light Dragon

Obtained By Pulling It Out From Light Dragon
Requirement2 or more Stamina Wheel
Method ACollect 11 Geoglyphs to summon Light Dragon
Method BDefeat Phantom Ganon at Korok Forest, then talk to Great Deku Tree and summon Light Dragon
*This method is recommended as it will display the location of Light Dragon

There are 2 ways of obtaining the Master Sword, which either method will need to summon the Light Dragon Light Dragon will move through the sky slowly, so try to land on top of its head.

▶More specific way of obtaining

Double Materials Effect, Scimitar of the Seven

Image of recommended/strongest weapon
Ability・Enhace Material Attack
Attack28(Max 138
Silver Lynel Fuse Material

Fuse Materials Attack Up Is Strong

Scimitar of the Seven is a sword that increases Fuse Material attack. Fusing with high attack material such as Silver Lynel Fuse Material will boost its attack to one of the strongest in the game.

Obtained By Completing Side Quests At Gerudo Town

Scimitar of the Seve can be obtained by completing the side quest "Missing Owner" which is available at Isha of Gerudo Town after completing the main quest. You will need Gerudo Scimitar, Gerudo Shield, Flint ×10 and Diamond ×4.

Zora Sword, Doubles Attack When Wet

Zora Sword Attack When Wet
Ability・Doubles its attack when wet (Includes material)
Attack12(Max 154
Reroll + Wet + Silver Lynel Materials Fuse
Reroll of AbilityAttack Up

Getting Wet Will Turn Zora Sword To The Highest Attack Sword

Zora Sword is a Sword which will double its attack when it's wet (Touching water will do). It requires getting wet by Sion's skill and such so it takes more effort than Scimitar of the Seven, however combining with Silver Lynel Material will turn Zora Sword to the highest attack Sword in the game.

Recommended & Strongest Claymore

Royal Guard▼Royal Guard's ClaymoreZora Longsword Icon▼Zora Longsword

Best Weapon For Riding, Royal Guard's Claymore

Best Weapon Image
Ability・Has low durability
・Deals double damage when almost broken
Attakc・32(Max 194
・39(Max 208) *Pristine
Reroll + Almost broken + Silver Lynel Fuse Material
Reroll AbilityAttack Up

Double Attack While Almost Broken Is Strong

The biggest feature of the Royal Guard weapons is "Double the attack while it is almost broken". Combining this ability with fusing high attack material such as Silver Lynel Fuse Material will massively increase Royal Guard's Claymore's attack

Almost brokenTips!!The attack is double when the durability is at its lowest.
Accidently attacking the ground will break the weapon, but adjusting the durability, saving & loading the game and use it while riding will turn it to highest damage weapon.

Use It Against Lynel Weapons

It has low durability + peak performance requires almost broken, so it is not suitable for normal usage, but it is useful when durability is not an issue and attack while riding. It is recommended to have one if you're looking to defeat Lynel.

Obtain From Hyrule Castle B1F Zelda's Room

Go from Hyrule Castle B2 to B1, then walk close to the wall and wrap around to reach Zelda's room. Royal Guard's Bow is located on top of the fireplace, and Royal Guard's Claymore is located in the back room.

Detailed LocationMap
▶Royal Guard's Claymore - How To Get Pristine Weapon & Effects

Royal Guard's Claymore Is Obtained From The Shadow Of Depths

Pristine Royal Guard's Claymore is available at the shadow from Eventide Island in Depths. However, the weapon is randomly selected from all the Claymore weapons, save the game before and load the game if the weapon is not what you're looking for. Royal Guard's Claymore will only appear unless you broken decayed version.

Detail LocationMap
Best Weapon Image
▶Shadow Soldier Guide - Locations & List Of Pristine Weapons

Best For Normal Use Zora Longsword

Best Weapon Image
Ability・Doubles attack when wet (Includes material)
Attack17(Max 164
Reroll + Wet + Silver Lynell Fuse Material
Ability RerollAttack Up

Getting Wet For Max Attack And Useful For Normal Use

Same as Zora Sword, Zora Longsword will double its attack if it is wet, which can be easily achieved by using Sidon's skill. Pristine + Durable making it very useful for normal usage.

▶Zora Longsword - How To Get Pristine Weapon & Effects

Recommended & Strongest Spear

Royal Guard▼Royal HalberdLightscale Trident Icon▼Lightscale Trident

Highest Flurry Rush Attack "Royal Halberd"

Strongest Weapon Image
Ability・Increase Flurry Rush Damage
Attack7(Max 62~72
18(Max 73~83) *Pristine
Reroll + Silver Lynel Fuse Material
Ability RerollAttack Up
Durability Up Big(Very useful for 5 consecutive Lynel battle)

Has The High Burst Damage During Flurry Rush

Royal Halberd has an ability that increases damage during Flurry Rush, and it can deal a lot of damage by the number of hits during Flurry Rush. The attack of the original weapon itself is low, but Fusing with Silver Lynel Material will significantly increase the attack maximizing the power of the weapon, which is ideal for fighting against enemies which can be Flurry Rusheed such as Lynel.

▲Even the Silver Lynel can be defeated by 3 Flurry Rush attacks.

Easy To Obtain

Detail LocationMap

One of the strengths of Royal Halberd is its low difficulty to obtain. It is found on the rooftop of Sanctum located on 1st Floor of Hyrule Castle or it can be obtained by defeating enemies holding the weapon, which can be commonly found. Royal Harlberd is recommended for its ease to get.

▶Royal Halberd - How To Get Pristine Weapon & Effects

Pristine Royal Halberd Can Be Obtain At Depths

Pristine Royal Halberd can be obtained from Shadow Soldier at the Korakut Lightroot in the Depths. However, the weapon is randomly selected from all the Spear weapons, save the game before and load the game if the weapon is not what you're looking for. Also, Pristine Royal Halberd will only appear unless you broken decayed version.

▶Shadow Soldier Guide - Locations & List Of Pristine Weapons

Best In The Water Lightscale Trident

Best Weapon In The Game Image
Ability・Attack Increases When Wet
Attack22(Max 154
Wet + Fuse

Increases Attack When Wet

Lighscale Trident has an ability that increases attack when wet. You can use rain or Sidon's Skill to get wet and activate the ability.

Can Be Obtained By Completing Side Quest At Zora's Domain

Lightscale Trident is obtained by completing Dento's Side Quest "Glory of the Zora" which is available after completing Zora's Main Quest. You will need Diamond x3, Zora Spear and Flint x5. When Lightscale Trident breaks, It can be traded again with the same material.

Zora Spear Is Recommended For Its Ease Of Fix

Best Weapon Image

Lightscale Trident is the better version of Zora Spear, but using Zora Spear is an option considering the ease to get and fix. Using rerolled Zora Spear is an option If you don't need the highest firepower.

▶Zora Spear - How To Get Pristine Weapon & Effects

Recommended & Strongest Bow

Savage Lynel Bow Icon▼Savage Lynel BowGreat Eagle Bow Icon▼Great Eagle Bow

Max 5 Shot Burst Strongest Bow "Savage Lynel Bow"

Strongest Weapon Recommended List Image
AbilityAble to shoot 3 Burst Shots with 1 arrow
Attack32×5 Shots / 32×3 Shots
Ability Reroll 5 Shot Burst is recommended

5 Burst Shot Is Powerful

Attack displayed is the damage each arrow deals meaning that each burst shot will increase the damage. 5 Shot Burst will increase damage up to 5 times the displayed attack.

It Is Recommended To Use As Close Range Weapon

Savage Lynel Bow has a strong burst shot, but it has short range making it less ideal for long range. The more you're close to you're enemy, the more damage can be dealt as 5 arrows are spread sideways.

Drops From Silver Lynel

Savage Lynel Bow is obtained by defeating enemies such as Silver Lynel. Since Lynel not only drops the strongest bow but also the best Fuse material, so aim to defeat them.

▶Lynel Guide - How To Defeat & Get Materials

Best Long Rage Quick Shot Bow, Great Eagle Bow

Strongest and Recommended Weapon image
Ability・Quick Shot
・3 Burst Shot
・Long Range Shot
Attack28×3 Shot

Has Combination Of Quick Shot/ 3 Burst Shots/ Long Range

Great Eagle Bow has an attack of 28 x3 which is a little lower than Savage Lynel Bow but on top of 3 Burst Shots, it can Quick Shot and Long Range Shot. Total damage done is a little lower than Savage Lynel Low but it is very versatile and can be used in many situations.

Obtained After Completing Side Quest

Great Eagle Bow is obtained after completing Side Quest from Teba Legacy of the Rito which is available after completing Rito's Main Quest. You need Diamond x3, Swallow Bow and Wood x5 to craft. This can be crafted again using the same material if it broke.

Recommended & Strongest Shield

Hylian Shield Icon▼Hylian ShieldWing Shield▼Wing Shield

Hylian Shield Stats And How To Get

How To Obtain Hylian Shield
Shield Guard90
OtherIt can be purchased when broken by completing certain quests
Ability RerollShield Guard Up or Durability Up

Has The Highest Shield Guard

Has the highest durability and Shield Guard in the game and Hylian Shield does not break even after completing the game if you played normally. High Shield Guard not only prevents enemy attacks but also prevents continuous attacks and breaks enemy stances.

Can Be Purchased From Cece At Hateno Village When Broken

Some players are scared of breaking Hylian Shield, but completing Side Adventure from Cece will unlock Hylian Shield for purchase, so free to use the shield.

Shield Can be Obtained At The Dock Of Hyrule Castle

Hylian Shield can be obtained from a treasure chest that appears by lighting the candlestick located at the side hole of Docks outside of Hyrule Castle. It can be obtained from the beginning, so try to get it as soon as possible.

▶Detail information of how to get

How To Use Wing Shield & Stats

Strongest and Recommended Image
How To CraftFuse Shield and Wing
AbilityIncreases jump height of the Shield Surf
Activate Bow Slowmotion during jump

Aim For Weakness Using Bow Slowmotion Even In The Flat Ground

Fusing to Shield does not directly deal damage, but it can be used to activate Bow Slowmotion even in the flat ground. It is very useful for attacking as it makes it easier to aim for the weakness of fast-moving enemies and create a chance to attack.

Fuse On To Shield With Durability

Since it consumes a little bit of the durability when landing, it is recommended to fuse Wing on to high durability Shield so that it can be used for a long time. Try to avoid enemy attacks, and fuse on to Shield with Increased Durability.

Bone ATK. Up Is The Strongest If The Conditions Are Met

Has The Highest Fire Power If Conditions Are Met

AbilityIncrease Bone Weapon Attack by 1.7 times
Attack162 × 1.7 × 1.5
*(Royal Guard+Molduga Jaw)×Any Bone Weapon×Attack Up Food(Lv3)

Bone ATK. Up Armor

Becomes The Strongest In Certain Condition

Bone ATK. Up armor such as Radiant Armor and Evil Spirit Armor increases attack by about 1.7 times and it can be used together with Attack Up Food. Bone ATK. Up is activated when the weapon is fused with Bone material.

Strongest Weapon Recommended Weapon List Image

▲Gibdo Bone has the highest attack with 40, but it breaks after 1 ride attack which makes it not ideal for weapon use.

Silver Lynel Can Be Defeated Just By Ride Attack

*Has to adjust Weapon Durability to the lowest

On top of the condition mentioned above, the weapon durability has to be adjusted to the lowest to increase the attack. If you accidentally drop an attack onto the floor, the weapon will break, but it has enough firepower to defeat even Silver Lynel.

Attack Up Food For Max Fire Power

Many methods to Attack Up have been mentioned but on top of those, consume Attack Up Food together to reach max firepower. Attack Up is not required for Barbarian Armor/Fierce Deity Armor but, try to use when using bone weapon.

▼Recommended Attack Up Food

FoodRecipe and Effect
Mighty Simmered FruitMighty Simmered FruitチカラAttack Up Lv3 30min
・Mighty Bananas ×4
・Dragon's Horn ×1
Mighty Simmered FruitMighty Simmered FruitチカラAttack Up Lv3 4min30sec(*)
・Mighty Bananas ×4
・Star Fragment ×1
Mighty Simmered FruitMighty Simmered FruitチカラAttack Up Lv3 4min10sec(*)
・Mighty Bananas ×4
・Golden Apple ×1
Meat SkewerMighty Meat SkewerチカラAttakck Up Lv3 3min50sec(*)
・ Mighty Bananas ×4
・Raw Meat ×1

*Has a chance to increase its duration by 5min if it greatly succeeds

Explanation Of Weapon Variable

Each Weapon Has Different Base Damage

In TOTK, there are variables that affect the base damage of each weapon, and depending on the weapon the displayed attack and damage dealt are different. So keep in mind weapons type such as spear has lower base attack than displayed attack.

後1回攻撃で壊れる状態の解説Tips!!Having said that, the spear is still the best weapon type in this series considering Link's motion for each weapon.
Claymore's charged attack and ride attack is very effective in some situations, so try using weapon suited for each situation.

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