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Tulin Of Rito Village Walkthrough

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Tulin of Rito Village guide for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See how to go to Rito Village, Wind Temple, walkthrough chart, quest tips, & procedures.

Table of Contents

How To Get To Rito Village

Directional Map


Steps Of Getting Rito Village

StepsHow To Get To Rito Village
From Lookout Landing, head northwest along the road.
Riding horse is recommended
▶Horse Guide
New Serenne Stable
New Serenne Stable is the first check point
Head to nearby Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower to unlock the map of the nearby area.
▶Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower
Tabantha Bridge Stable
Proceed along the road to reach Tabantha Bridge Stable
Cross the bridge to move forward
cross the narrow bridge located on top of the slope
Proceed along the road to reach Lucky Clover Gazette
The bridge connecting to the next cliff is broken.
Pick up Hylian Pine Cone and place it on the bonfire and create updraft
Use Paraglider to reach Rito Village on the other side.
▶Rito Village Guide: How To Go & Location

Tulin Of Rito Village Walkthrough Guide

Steps Complete Tulin Of Rito Village

From Arrival To Starting The Quest

StepsFrom Arrival To Starting The Quest
Once you arrive at Rito Village, activate Gatakis Shrine first for Travel Point
Purchase Snowquill Tunic(500 Rupees) at Armor Shop
(You need 2 Cold Resistance armor to reach Wind Temple)
▼How To Obtain Cold Resistance Armor
Climb up further to talk to Tulin at the platform
The quest Tulin of Rito Village starts here.

How To Obtain Major Cold Resistance Armor

ArmorHow To Obtain
古びた防寒着のアイコンArchaic Warm Greaves
Great Sky Island
リトの羽毛服のアイコンSnowquill Tunic
・Armor Shop at Rito Village
・500 Rupees
神獣兵装メドーのアイコンVah Medoh Divine Helm
・North Biron Snowshelf Cave

Level 2 Cold Resistance armor is required to complete "Tulin of Rito". Archaic Warm Greaves can be obtained at Sky Island and Snowquill Tunic can be bought at Rito Village. Another option is to obtain Vah Medoh Divine Helm at North Biron Snowshelf for no cost.

Vah Medoh Divine Helm Is Objective For Sub Quest

Vah Medoh Divine Helm is an objective for a sub-quest "Treasure of the Secret Spring". However, the quest is only available after completing Wind Temple. So if you obtained Vah Medo Divine Helm before make sure to talk to Tulin after you complete Wind Temple.

Talk To Tulin Again And Recover The Bow

OrderStart From The Platform You Talked With Tulin
Tulin of The Rito Walkthrough Guide
Look north from the platform to check bonfire.
Fly towards bonfire using Paraglider
Talk to Harth at Hebra Trailhead Lodge
Climb up the ladder and walk along the road to find a cave
Activating the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower will make exploring much easier
Enter Hebra South Summit Cave
Burn the thorns to enter the route on the right
Fly up using updraft with Paraglider
Enter hole located on the side to move forward
Once arrive at Campfire remains, put fire on Campfire
Use Hylian Pine Cone to create updraft, then use Paraglider to fly up
Talk to Gesane and move forward
Leave the cave then head to cedar tree located on the north
Climb and Ascend to head to cedar tree
Talk to Tulin once arrive at the cedar tree
You will need to stay with Tulin from here to the Wind Temple
You will not be able to progress if you're separated from Tulin.

▼What To Do If You're Separated From Tulin
Use Tulin's skill to cross to opposite cliff
Press A to prepare Tulin's skill→Press A again to activate
Defeat flying enemy to recover the bow
(Fuse Keese Eyeball to hit the enemy with 100% accuracy)
Enemy reinforcement will arrive after recovering Bow
Collect Falcon Bow which drops when defeating enemies with bows
(It will be very useful for completing Wind Temple)

Until Arriving Wind Temple

Video Of The Route To Wind Temple

Skills Utilised Often On The Way

Skill Utilised Often
AscendAscendUse Ascend on the roof
・If the roof is too high, use the block to create a scaffold then use acend
TulinTulin's SkillSkill used for the Paraglider movement
・There is a skill cooldown, so make sure to rest before flying again
Ship Trampoline・Able to jump higher
・Jump up high to look around, then choose a direction to move towards using Paraglider (Can be used multiple times)

Steps Until Arriving Wind Temple

OrderHeading From Hebra Mountain To Temple
Go to the top of Hebra Moutain
Use Ascend on buildings
Arrive at Hebra Mountain(Location of Heck)
Go up towards floating buildings
Ascend on roof
Use Paraglider + Tulin's Skills to move to next platform
Arrive at the next location which ship and Mayaumekis Shrine can be seen
Use trampoline at the ship to move up
Activate the Shrine to be able to travel to and back from the village
(Get back to this location if you're separated from Tulin)
Find location that is blocked by icicles.
Break the icicles using bow and use Ascend
Destroy the rock on top of the ship using weapon or Bomb Flower, than move on using Ship Tranmpoline
There will be many enemies around location which looks like a big gate
Run across the pathway as it will collapse after short time
Combine Hot-Air Balloon+Board+Flame Emitter and fly up
Ascend aim for higher location
Move along using the trampoline to reach Kahatanaum Shrine
Use the ship trampoline to move further ahead
You will need Cold Resistance Level 2 from this point onwards
The wind is blowing counterclockwise around the giant tornado
Use the ship and proceed so that there is a tornado on the left side
Once you reached the top, enter the eye of the tornado to enter Wind Temple
▶Wind Temple Walkthrough Guide

What To Do If You Got Separated From Tulin


You will not be able to advance Wind Temple if you lost Tulin. If you can't find Tulin, go back to Mayaumekis Shrine, Tulin will be back near the first Ship Trampoline.

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