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Destroy Ganondorf Walkthrough | How To Beat Ganondorf

TotK | Destroy Ganondorf Walkthrough | How To Beat Ganondorf | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | Destroy Ganondorf Walkthrough | How To Beat Ganondorf | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Destroy Ganondorf guide for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See how to get to final boss, how to defeat Ganondorf, walkthrough chart, quest tips, & procedures.

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Table of Contents

Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Final Boss Walkthrough

Battle Content Changes Depending On The Situation

Battle Content Changes Depending On The Situation

By defeating the Phantom Ganon in the underground area of Hyrule Castle, this pre-battle only consists of Phantom Ganon which can be easily defeated. On the other hand, if you did not defeat the Phantom Ganon and skipped it, you need to fight all the bosses in a row on the latter part.

Can Proceed Early In The Game

If you know the location of Demon King Ganondorf, you can go there immediately after obtaining the Paraglider. As mentioned above, defeating all bosses is necessary so you can play it as a self-hard mode.

Obtaining Master Sword Is Recommended

It is possible to clear the game without creating a weapon with higher attack power than the Master Sword. However, it is recommended to obtain the Master Sword first to feel the atmosphere of the story.

How To Get Master Sword?

Hylian Shield Is Recommended

Hylian Shield Is Recommended

In your battle with Ganondorf, the Flurry Rush attack is one of the basic strategy. If you failed, you are more likely to consume the shield's durability. Hylian Shield does not break easily which is why it is a good idea to get it.

How To Get Hylian Shield?

Avoid Receiving Gloom Damage

The attacks of the enemies along the way and Ganondorf also include Gloom damage, so the more you get hit. The more your maximum heart amount decreases, the harder the battle would be. It is reassuring to have food that can recover from Gloom or equipment with resistance.

How To Cure Gloom Damage?

Best Equipment To Use For Ganondorf Battle

EquipmentHow To Get
Tunic of the DepthsTunic of the DepthsExchange for Poe x150 (Available after unlocking the Depths statue)
Hood of the DepthsHood of the DepthsExchange for Poe x300 (Available after unlocking the Depths statue)
Gaiters of the DepthsGaiters of the DepthsExchange for Poe x200 (Available after unlocking the Depths statue)

Best Food To Use For Ganondorf Battle

FoodRecipe & Effect
Spicy Steamed FruitSpicy Steamed FruitSundelion x3
Palm Fruit x2
Heart x4
Gloom Hearts Recovery 9

Ganondorf Location & How To Find

StepsHow To Proceed
Decend into the central hole from the surface of Hyrule Castle
There is a lightroot underground that can be activated
Proceed deeper
Enter the hole next to Shock Like
Aim for the hole that can be seen at the top of the Horriblin area
When you pass through the location of Electric Keese
Lynel awaits
Aim for the upper passage with the collapsed pillar in the Lynel area as a landmark
It is easier to use updrafts or rockets
Use bow and arrows to deal with Ice Keese before crossing
Ice Like can be ignored
When you proceed to the hole at the back, the power of the Sage disappears
Proceed toward the passage closer to Lizalfos
Descend through the ground in the room where Moblins can be seen
Gloom's hand and Phantom Ganon appears at this point
Walkthrough Pathway Gibdo is located
Proceed straight and jump off the dive platform to reach Ganondorf's location and initiate a boss battle

Ganondor Demon King's Army Battle Strategy

First Phase Walkthrough

Enemies Are Aggressive

1Bokoblin group
2Lizalfos group
3Gibdo group
4Moblin group

Enemies Appear Depending On The Main Quest

6Marbled Gohma
8Queen Gibdo
9Phantom Ganon x5
10Seized Construct

Enemies appear in the sequence stated above when the main quest has not been completed. Be aware that Link cannot use the power of the Sage in this state and the enemies require different combat strategies.

Prepare Fire Attribute For Gibdo

When Gibdo group appears, it is easy to deal with them by utilizing flame attributes. You can also defeat Goron using Riju's skill but it would be better if you can defeat them without Sage's help.

Push Weak Enemies Off The Cliff

If you retreat from the starting point, there is a cliff where you can drop enemies to defeat them. You can do this to conserve weapon durability & time.

No Need To Purposely Drop Them

The enemies that would appear are not that strong so if the Sages & equipment are in good condition, there would be no struggle. It is good to fight normally.

Ganondorf Boss Battle Strategy

How To Beat Ganondorf

Battle Strategy
  • Utilize Perfect Dodge & Flurry Rush
  • To dodge Charge Attack with two-handed weapons, fly with Paraglider
    └ It becomes a chance to attack with a bow.
  • Dodge the spear thrust by moving left & right
  • If the opponent starts to evade to deal an attack, dodge so it becomes Flurry Rush and deal attacks.
  • Deflect Gloom attacks with Master Sword
  • Gloom attacks according to the weapon used
    Claymore: Slip through the middle while stepping back
    Spear: Swing around then shake it off
    Bow: Slip through the gap before approaching
  • Defeat Ganondorf in three forms to finish the event.

Perfect Dodge → Flurry Rush

Ganondorf uses multiple weapons including Sword, Claymore, Spear, & Bow which is similar to Link. The attack is almost the same as Phantom Ganon so remember the timing for Perfect Dodge & attack with Flurry Rush.

Dodge According To Ganondorf's Hand

If Ganondorf holds the sword horizontally to the ground, do a backflip to evade the attack. And if Ganondorf holds it up, do a side step to dodge.

Ride Updraft From Claymore Charged Attack

When Ganondorf starts charging with the Claymore, an updraft is generated. Quickly ride the updraft with the Paraglider and aim for a headshot using the bow & arrow.

Dodge Spear Attack By Moving Left & Right

When Ganondorf is using the Spear and starts to rush toward you, keep moving and dash sideways at the right timing.

Deflect Gloom attacks with Master Sword

The projectile Gloom attack can only be deflected using Master Sword. Switch the weapon for the opportunity to deflect the gloom and prepare charge attacj

How To Avoid Gloom Attacks

When Ganondorf Uses Claymore

Evade by slipping through the gap while moving backward. After this, Ganondorf performs a jump slash so perform a Perfect Dodge.

When Ganondorf Uses Spear

When Ganondorf is holding a Spear, run sideways to shake off the homing Gloom attacks. After that, Ganondorf is going to make a charge attack so it is good to keep moving until you can evade it.

When Ganondorf Uses Bow

When Ganondorf holds a bow, Gloom starts to appear around Link. It is good to run and escape before approaching. Even if you can escape, do not let your guard down and keep moving to avoid the arrows that are about to get released.

Demon Dragon Ganon Battle Strategy

Descend And Attack The Core

Descend And Attack The Core

You can damage the core on the back of Demon Dragon by attacking it with a sword. Ride the white dragon and ascend to the sky, then dive to the core.

Ride The Head Of White Dragon

Return On The Head Of White Dragon

Even if you fail, it is not a problem because the white dragon is going to approach Link from below and ascend with him.

Destroy 4 Cores Then Go For The Head

Destroy 4 Cores Then Go For The Head

After destroying all four cores on the back, the Demon Dragon's weakness gets exposed on its head. In this case, jump down and aim for the head.

What Happens After Defeating Ganondorf

Restart From Right Before Completion

After defeating Ganondorf, the game will restart from the latest auto-save data, meaning it will automatically restart to the point where Ganondorf is still alive.

There Will Be A Special Sign On The Saved Data


The completed save data will have ★ sign that identifies the data as completed. If you want to play again, select the most recent autosave data to check available end-game contents.

Enjoy Countless Exploration

Technically the world is not peaceful yet as Ganondorf isn't defeated, but it will not respawn unless you enter Ganondorf's location. Hyrule is filled with countless exploration and collection contents so enjoy!

Post Game Guide & What To Do After Game?

Main Quest Related Articles

Main Quest Walkthrough

Side Adventure Walkthrough

Temple Walkthrough

Temple Boss Guide

[Spoiler!] Ending & Post Game

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