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TotK | All Temple Walkthrough - Best Order & All Locations | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | All Temple Walkthrough - Best Order & All Locations | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Temples walkthrough guide in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Learn the which temple to start to unlock first, best order, how many temples to clear and the temple boss location.

Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Table of Contents

Temple Walkthrough Order

Wind Temple
・The boss can be defeated even without weapons.
・You can acquire skills that are useful for exploration.
・Cold resistance is required.
Fire Temple
・ It is possible to obtain skills that are useful for exploration.
・Countermeasures are necessary to deal with the darkness in the depths.
・Fireproof Armor is required
Water Temple
・No special preparation required.
・Attack difficulty is low.
Lightning Temple
・High level of difficulty
・Need to purchase heat resistant equipment.

Clear Each Temple To Get Skills

If you clear the temple, you will be able to use the skills of each Sage. Due to the many distinctive features that are helpful for exploration and combat, we prioritize the exploration elements and determine the order accordingly.

Sage Abilities Guide

Wise Abilities Summary

SageHow To Unlock
TulinTulinClear Tulin of Rito Village
By creating a tailwind from behind Link, it is possible to increase the speed of travel with the Paraglider.
 YunoboClear Yunobo Of Goron City
It charges forward while engulfed in flames. It can destroy obstacles and ignite fires.
 SidonClear Sidon of the Zora
It deploys a barrier. After deploying, swinging a weapon generates a shockwave.
 RijuClear Riju of Gerudo Town
It creates a field of lightning, furthermore using bows and arrows within the field causes lightning to strike the target upon impact.

The First Place To Tackle Is Rito Village

The challenge in Rito Village does not only have low difficulty but you can also benefit greatly from Tulin's Sage Abilities, which is exceptionally outstanding compared to other skills. In this game, there are many ways to fly into the sky and skills that can extend your flight distance are very useful especially for exploration.

How To Go To Rito Village Guide

▲By using a horizontal gust of wind, you can cover distance with the Paraglider.

How To Get & Unlock Paraglider Guide

Head To Goron City Next

Yunobo's skills are excellent in exploration as well. You can use it to break rocks and ore deposit as well as start fires. It is also possible to target enemies in combat. Although the temple is more difficult, it is worth going for Yunobo's skills.

How To Beat Yunobo Boss

Visit Zora's Domain After The Second Temple

During the Zora's Domain Main Quest, you can obtain equipment that allows you to swim up waterfalls, making later exploration around water areas easier. Also, the Water Temple, while featuring mid-bosses and other encounters, has relatively fewer challenging elements throughout. However, the skills obtained from Sidon have limited versatility, hence why it is ranked as the third priority.

Unlocking Temples Can Be Postponed Until Later

The Zora Armor, which enables swimming up waterfalls, can be obtained soon after the Main Quests in Zora's Domain. Therefore, it is also possible to tackle the Water Temple after Gerudo Town.

Best Armor Guide

You Can Head To Gerudo Town Last

The skills obtained from Riju are useful for area attacks. They are extremely handy in combat, especially for initiating attacks against groups of enemies. However, since it is inferior to the others in terms of search skills, it should be the last in the order of attack.

Wind Temple Walkthrough

Wind Temple Overview
  • The snowy mountains and the sky in the upper left corner of the map are the stage.
  • Heading towards Rito Village.
    ∟Prepare for cold weather at the village.
  • Follow Tulin north from the village
    Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest.
  • Climbing Mount Hebra and reaching the summit to enter the sky.
  • Conquer Wind Temple and defeat boss Colgera.
Wind Temple Walkthrough Guide

Map Directions

Tulin Of Rito Village Walkthrough

Fire Temple Walkthrough

Fire Temple Overview
Fire Temple Walkthrough Guide

Direction Map

Yunobo Of Goron City Walkthrough

Water Temple Walkthrough

Water Temple Overview
Water Temple Walkthrough Guide

Map Directions

Sidon of the Zora Walkthrough

Lightning Temple Walkthrough

Lightning Temple Overview
  • Set in the desert area in the lower left corner of the map.
    Make sure to equip heat resistant equipment.
  • Exit sand shroud via Kara Kara Bazaar.
  • Help Riju in Ruins north of Gerudo Town.
    ∟Complete the Riju of Gerudo Town Main Quest.
  • Intercepted enemy attacks in Kara Kara Bazaar and Gerudo Town.
  • Solve the mystery in the dessert.
  • Battle with the boss in front of the temple.
  • Clear the Lightning Temple quest and defeat the boss Queen Gibdo.
Lightning Temple Walkthrough Guide

Map Directions

Riju of Gerudo Town Walkthrough

Spirit Temple Walkthrough

Guidance From Ages Past Walkthrough Guide

How To Get To Spirit Temple

Order Strategy Steps
First, aim for the armory in front of you.
*Use Brightbloom Seed to advance in dark areas.
Proceed while defeating enemies, using the weapons depot on the east side of the map as a landmark.
*After that, we will continue to use the light in the armory as a landmark.
Proceed in the direction of Fire Keese
Pass by Horriblin's base and unlock the Sijotu Lightroot.
It is best to ride on a Construct while passing through the Gloom.
Head straight through the path with Hinox.
*Its ok to pass through the Hinox.
Clear a path by demolishing substantial quantities of disintegrating rock.
You can use Yunobo's skill on the Construct's arm to break rocks.
Advance further while riding on the Construct, and upon examining the statue, unlock Travel Points.
Go downstairs and continue on to the boss battle.
Seized Construct
Spirit Temple Boss Guide

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