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Sidon of the Zora in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK). Learn how to get to Zora's Domain map location, restore Zora Armor, clues to the sky, Water Temple and sludge tips.

Table Of Contents

Zora's Domain Location

Map Location

Walkthrough Chart

Going to Zora's Domain
  1. Zora's Domain 1
    Horse is highly recommended, so it is better to get one beforehand. The domain is located on the southwest side of the tower.
  2. Zora's Domain 2
    If you spot a Water Fruit along the way, pick it up because it will be useful in the latter challenges.
  3. Zora's Domain 3
    Follow the road on the first checkpoint, which is the Wetland Stable. If you haven't registered your Horse yet, you can do it here.
  4. Zora's Domain 4
    Go for the second checkpoint, Skyview Tower at Sahasra Slope.
  5. You can no longer enter the Skyview Tower, but you can enter the cave located below and use the rock weapon to break the walls.
  6. Zora's Domain 6
    Use Ascend upon reaching the area in order for you to reach the Skyview Tower. Remove the weapons on either side of the door to release the map.
  7. Zora's Domain 7
    Return to the route leading to Zora's Domain, and continue running straight until you reach the wetlands.
    If you follow along the Board, you can proceed without getting lost.
  8. Zora's Domain 8
    The cave to the east of Boné Pond is the third checkpoint.
    The cave to the east of Boné Pond is the third checkpoint.
  9. Zora's Domain 9
    It is recommended to defeat the Like Like inside the cave as they drop treasure chests.
    You can weaken the Like Like by attaching the rocks it spits out to your weapon using Fuse.
  10. Zora's Domain 10
    When you reach the Great Bridge of Hylia, multiple enemies will approach you from the front.
    Try to avoid combat by freezing the enemies with White Chuchu Jelly or similar items.
  11. Zora's Domain 11
    Zora's Domain will come into view as you continue straight ahead.
Horse Guide - How To Call & Register Horses

Clues To The Sky Walkthrough

  • When you arrive at Zora's Domain, make sure to examine the Mogawak Shrine and unlock Travel Points.
  • Go to Skyview Tower and unlock the map information for the area near Zora's Domain.
  • Talk to the villagers on the upper floor.
    └ The Main Quest "Stone Statue Buried in Sludge" will activate.
  • Use Water Fruit or other items to hit the statue in front of you and remove the mud.
    └ The Main Quest "Sidon of Zora's Domain" will activate.
  • Head to the Mipha Park and talk to Sidon.
  • Head to Lake Toto and talk to Jiahto.
    └ Talk to Tulin to go there together
  • Fit the nearby Lapis Lazuli fragments into the stone monument (using the Ultrahand).
    └ The Main Quest "Clue to the Sky" will activate.
  • Return to Zora's Domain and listen to the children's conversation in the back of the upper floor.
  • Head towards the back of the waterfall near Mikau Lake.
    Enter the Domain of Zora and receive the King's Scale from King Dorephan.
  • Head towards the Floating Scales Island (ride the fallen rock and use Recall).
  • Shoot through the rocks shaped like droplets with a Bow (Fuse the King's Scale).
Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Recommended Locations

Go To Skyview Tower And Unlock The Map First


Once you arrive at Zora's Domain, head towards the Skyview Tower and unlock the map information. It's important to unlock the map before proceeding with the challenge, as it can be difficult to navigate and inefficient without knowing the specific locations when mentioned by their names.

Remove The Mud Of The Statue With Water Fruit Or Chuchu Jelly

Once you arrive at Zora's Domain, talk to the trio on the upper floor. This will trigger the "The Sludge-Covered Statue" challenge. To complete the challenge, use Water Fruit or Chuchu Jelly on the statue in front of you to wash away the mud. It's also recommended to gather Water Fruit along the way as they grow in the vicinity of Zora's Domain.

Cracked Stone Monument Key Points

Jiahto's LocationRepair With Ultrahand

Jiahto can be found at Toto Lake, which is located to the northwest of Mipha Park. When you speak to Jiahto, use the Ultrahand to grab the nearby stone fragments and fit them into the vacant parts of the ruins.

Key Points In Finding King Dorephan

You Can Listen To The Children's Conversation By Going Into The Back

When you return to Zora's Domain to speak with the king, you will find the children gathering on the upper floor. They won't share their conversation near the entrance, so go to the area where the water is pooled in the back and listen to their conversation there.

Go Meet The King In Zora Domain

LocationUse Ascend

The clear stream where King Dorephan is hiding is behind a waterfall near Mikau Lake. Go around to the back of the waterfall and use Ascend to climb up to talk with King Dorephan.

How To Get To The Floating Scales Island

Rock Falls From The SkyGo Up With Recall

If you look up from the Mipha area, you'll notice a location where numerous rocks are floating. These rocks fall from there, so head towards the falling point. By using Recall, you can ride on a rock and reach the Floating Scales Island

Shoot An Arrow At The Center Of The Droplet Rock

Image before going to Water Temple

Once you arrive at the Floating Scales Island, make sure to climb to the highest point. From there, look towards the southwest direction, and you'll spot a place where a floating rock takes the shape of a droplet. Shoot an arrow fused with the King's Scale towards the center of the droplet. If you happen to lose the King's Scale, you can obtain it again by meeting King Dorephan once more.

Sludge Battle Strategy Tips

Sludge Walkthrough
  • Talk to Sidon at Mipha.
  • Engage in battle with the Sludge-like enemy.

Sludge Walkthrough Strategy

Sludge like
1Wash away the mud in enemy with water
2Attack the enemy's weak points with your weapon to bring them down.
3Focus your attacks on the weak points to deal damage and maximize your offensive potential.

Use Sidon Skills

Defend To Reduce Damage TakenWash Away The Mud

Once the battle against the Sludge-like enemy begins, you'll be able to use Sidon's skills. There are two main types of skills: defense and offense. When using the skill, Sidon envelops himself in water, which provides protection against enemy attacks. Furthermore, while in the skill state, attacking can also wash away the enemy and the surrounding mud.

Use The Bow To Hit The Enemy With Water And Wash Away The Mud

To wash away the enemy's mud, it is recommended to attack with a fused Bow. Use Water Fruit, Chuchu Jelly, or King's Scales on the Bow to safely wash away the enemy's mud from a distance. While Sidon's attacks can also wash away the mud, there is an increased risk of getting hit.

Attack With Your Weapon When The Weak Point Is Exposed

Once you've washed away the mud and the main body becomes visible, get close to the enemy and wait for the weak point to appear. When its weak point is exposed, attack with your weapon. Keep in mind that the weak point's position may shift slightly during the down motion, so be prepared to follow up with additional attacks.

Quickly Deal As Much Damage As Possible Once The Enemy Is Down

After the enemy is down, attack its weak point to inflict a significant amount of damage. Once the stun period is over, the enemy will return to its muddy state. Use the Bow again to attack and wash away the mud with water.

How To Fix The Zora Armor

How To Obtain The Zora Armor
  • Go to East Reservoir Lake and join Sidon
  • Enter the vortex using the Paraglider.
  • Clear the rocks blocking the water outlet and raise the water level to progress further.
    (Weapons fused with Rock or similar items are effective.)
  • Create a path with the Board and examine the green light.
  • Talk to Yona at Mipha Park.
    └ The Main Quest "Repair Zora Armor" occurs
  • Catch Ancient Arrows under the Mipha statue in Mipha Park.
  • Give the Ancient Arrows to Yona and obtain the Zora Armor.

Ancient Zora‎s Altar Points

Advance By Breaking Rocks And Raising The Water Level Along The Way

Once you enter the vortex and proceed forward, you will come across a water outlet blocked by rocks. Use weapons fused with Rock or similar items to attack and break the rocks that are blocking the outlet. When the rocks are destroyed, water will flow, raising the water level and allowing you to proceed further.

Use The Ultrahand To Connect The Boards And Create A Pathway

As you progress further, you will reach the Ancient Zora's Altar. Use the Ultrahand to connect the floating Boards in the water and create a pathway. Break the rocks blocking the water outlet.

Examine The Green Light

Connect the Boards with the Ultrahand to create a pathway and head towards the green light. Examine the green light, and a waterfall will flow, allowing you to ascend into the sky.

Points On How To Fix Zora Armor

Talk To Yona To Initiate The Main Quests

If you speak to Yunobo in Mipha Park, the dialogue "To Repair The Zora Armor" will occur. If you've just encountered the "The Sludge-Covered Statue", it's also possible to start Main Quests in Zora's Domain.

Catch Ancient Arowana Under The Mipha Statue

Ancient Arowana can be found beneath the Mipha statue in Mipha Park. Speak to Mipha and hand over the Ancient Arowana to obtain the Zora Armor.

Water Temple Walkthrough

  • Go to East Reservoir Lake and climb the waterfall (equip Zora Armor in advance).
  • Talk to Sid after arriving at the island with gushing water.
    After that, proceed to the destination.
  • Battle against Block Golem (Intermediate).
  • To move upward, proceed and talk with Sidon, then enter the Water Temple.

You Will Automatically Ascend If You Enter A Waterfall While Using The Paraglider

Head towards the waterfall near east reservoir lake. Make sure to equip the Zora Armor during this time. If you dive into a waterfall while in the Paraglider state, you will automatically climb the waterfall. If you're underwater, press the A button below the waterfall.

How To Get To The Floating Island

Enter The Bubble Use Recall To Return The Bubble
Remove Mud With HydrantRide The Wing And Fly
Use AscendClimb Waterfall
Use Ascend if there is a ceiling
waterfall climbing

On the Floating Island, the jumping power is higher than usual. Go upwards while using jumps and gimmicks. If you talk to Sidon at your destination, you will be able to enter the Water Temple.

Water Temple Walkthrough Guide

Block Construct Battle Strategy Guide

1During battles, it transforms into three different forms.
1.Robot form
2.Cube form
3.UFO form
2Remove the glowing blocks using the Ultrahand.
3Attack the glowing blocks when they are down.

1. Robot Form Strategy

When facing the robot form with its intense attacks, exercise caution and pay attention to the enemy's actions while using the Ultrahand. Passing through the enemy's legs makes it harder to get hit. Moreover, take advantage of the brief pause in the enemy's actions following a big swinging attack to remove the glowing blocks.

2 Cube Form Strategy

In the cube form, the enemy rolls around, making it difficult to align your aim with the glowing blocks. While keeping track of the current location of the glowing blocks, try to maneuver around to the front and use the Ultrahand.

3. UFO Form Strategy

When in its UFO form, it will shoot five blocks from above. Descend and use Recall on the descending block to board it and head towards the main body. Also, be aware that on the Floating Scales Island, your jumping power is increased, making it difficult to land on the blocks while pressing the X button. So, try to proceed straight without pressing any buttons to board the blocks. Once you're on top of the UFO, you can attack the glowing blocks directly.

Attack The Glowing Blocks When They Are Down

When you take off the blocks and bring them down, they scatter around. Follow the glowing blocks and attack them with your weapon. However, be careful not to hit other blocks, as it will deplete the durability of your weapon.

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[Spoiler!] Ending & Post Game

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