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This is The Closed Door guide for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See how to clear The Closed Door, walkthrough chart, quest tips, & procedures.

Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Table of Contents

The Closed Door Walkthrough

Best Shrine Route

The Closed Door Walkthroug

This quest requires you to go to three shrines and there is no required sequence on which to visit first. However, for convenience, it is recommended to go counterclockwise as shown in the image above.

All Of The Tutorials Happen At The Great Sky Island

Most things that you encounter at the Great Sky Island are parts of the game's tutorial such as using Ultrahand to solve different puzzles, various gimmicks, & searching for Koroks.

Great Sky Island Guide

Arriving At Ukouh Shrine

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Arriving At Ukouh Shrine 1
    From the Closed Door, head to the shrine on the northwest side of the map
  2. Arriving At Ukouh Shrine 2
    Descend to the lower ground then make your way to the staircase of the shrine
  3. Arriving At Ukouh Shrine 3
    Ultrahand becomes available after completing Ukouh Shrine so learn how to use it right away
Ukouh Shrine Guide

Arriving At In-isa Shrine

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 1
    Follow the route shown on the map
  2. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 2
    Connect a wooden board using Ultrahand to make a bridge
  3. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 3
    Go down the clif and follow the path ahead
  4. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 4
    Create a bridge by connecting logs using Ultrahand
  5. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 5
    Collect the materials you encounter along the way such as bow & arrow as you can use it later in the game
  6. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 6
    Make your way past the beast and head to the cliff
  7. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 7
    You can find a Construct on the other side when you descend
    You can either engage in combat or detour
  8. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 8
    Move to the lake ahead
  9. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 9
    Grab a raft and put it on the lake then attach the fan on it to make it move across the lake
  10. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 10
    Ascend the staircase when you arrive at the shrine
  11. Arriving At In-isa Shrine 11
    Fuse becomes available after completing In-isa Shrine and it can enhance the performance of materials & weapons
In-isa Shrine Guide

Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 1
    Go to the right when you leave the shrine
  2. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 2
    Go past the Construct and to the cave at the back
  3. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 3
    Collect Brightbloom as you explore the cave
  4. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 4
    Grab the logs using Ultrahand and place it on the water then attach the fan on it to make it move
  5. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 5
    You can get Energy Cell for the Zonai devices by talking to the Construct
  6. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 6
    Cross the river with the raft
    Hit the fan with a weapon to turn it on
  7. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 7
    Make your way through the slope then follow the path that leads into another cave
  8. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 8
    You can fuse the Brightbloom with arrows to slightly illuminate the cave
  9. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 9
    You can get a fan by talking to the construct near an opening and it can be grabbed with Ultrahand
  10. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 10
    Make the cart move by hitting the fan
  11. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 11
    The cart is going to traverse the railings as soon as the fan is activated
  12. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 12
    Combine all 6 carts together and attach 3 fans on the last cart
  13. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 13
    Jump off to the pond below and go to the cave again
  14. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 14
    Cold resistance is needed soon so make a food for it
    Recommended food involves 2 Spicy Pepper & 3 Apples
  15. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 15
    Eat spicy food then head to the cave ahead
  16. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 16
    Expose the weakness of Like Like (enemy) by fusing bomb flower with arrow then hit the weak spot with arrow
  17. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 17
    After getting through the cave, climb the roots of the tree
    You can rest along the way to recover stamina
  18. Arriving At Gutanbac Shrine 18
    You can see the shrine from the low cliff
Gutanbac Shrine Guide

How To Return To Temple Of Time

Walkthrough Chart
  1. How To Return To Temple Of Time 1
    After leaving the last shrine, use Ascend to proceed to the destination
    You can get an old Warm Double along the way
  2. How To Return To Temple Of Time 2
    Attach fans on the wing (airplane)
  3. How To Return To Temple Of Time 3
    Carry the plane to the runway then hop on and take off flying
  4. How To Return To Temple Of Time 4
    Fly straight to the Temple of Time and complete Sky 1 lap

Control Wing(Plane) By Shifting Link's Weight

Control Wing(Plane) By Shifting Link's Weight

Shifting Link's weight while flying on the wings can be used to adjust the direction of the wing. If Link moves to the right, the wing will lean to the right, and if Link moves forward, it will become a dive attitude.

The Closed Door Quest Tips

    • Tutorial for creating food
    Tutorial for creating food

    You can learn how to make food in a tutorial from the Steward Construct near the campfire. With this, you can create food that has a better effectivity than the common recovery items so create as many as possible.

    How To Cook Guide
    • Use Shield or evade incoming attacks
    Use Shield or avoid combat

    Before reaching the entrance to the Temple of Time, an enemy with a Shield appears. To defeat it, move sideways or evade incoming attacks before attempting to land a hit.

    • Controls for avoiding attacks

    Your direction when avoiding depends on the direction pressed on the left stick (left & right or bottom) + 'X' button while pressing "ZL" button.

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[Spoiler!] Ending & Post Game

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