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Learn how to get Dragon Materials in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Includes all dragon routes, travel time, material drop, material uses, and more!

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How To Collect Dragon Materials

Materials Can Be Obtained By Attacking Specific Parts Of A Dragon

HornShard of FangClawScaleShard of Spike

Dragon Materials can be obtained by attacking specific parts of a dragon while riding it. The corresponding parts and materials are as shown in the table above. Focus on the part of the body you're attacking according to the material you want.

Claws & Fang Pieces Are Obtained By Attacking With Bows & Arrows

The mouth and hands are difficult to attack, so attacking them with bows and arrows is recommended. If it is difficult to aim well, you can jump down for a moment and use the Bow Throw to attack easily.

▼Picking up glowing drops will give you pieces of claws and fangs.

When you attack a part, a glowing item will drop and you can get various Materials by picking it up. If you attack the mouth or hand, be sure to pick it up immediately after the attack because it will fall to the ground if you leave it be.

Materials Other Than The Shard Of Spike Respawn Once Every 10 Minutes

When AvailableWhen Unavailable

Once you attack the spikes and it drops materials, the light will go out which means that it will not drop materials anymore. After 10 minutes in real time (10 hours in game), the light will glow again and materials can be dropped again.

Only The Spikes Do Not Revive While Near The Dragon

You can pick up the Shard of Spikes from around the corner of the dragon's back, but unlike other materials, the Shard of Spikes will not respawn while you are near the dragon. Therefore, if you want to get Shard of Spike, move to another location after you have picked them all up.

List Of Dragon Materials

DragonMaterial Drops
Light DragonLight Dragon's Scale
Light Dragon's Scale
Light Dragon's Horn
Light Dragon's Talon
Shard of Light Dragon's Spike
DinraalDinraal's Scale
Shard of Dinraal's Fang
Dinraal's Horn
Dinraal's Claw
Shard of Dinraal's Spike
NaydraNaydra's Scale
Shard of Naydra's Fang
Naydra's Horn
Naydra's Claw
Shard of Naydra's Spike
FaroshFarosh's Scale
Farosh's Claw
Farosh's Horn
Shard of Farosh's Fang
Shard of Farosh's Spike

Dragon Route Location & Travel Routes

Summary of Locations & Travel Routes

Dinraal/Naydra/Farosh RoutesLight Dragon Route
Depths To Surface Route - Times Required In Real Time
▼ Light DragonAbout 1.5 hours
▼ DinraalAbout 50 minutes
▼ NaydraAbout 30 minutes
▼ FaroshAbout 30 minutes

Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh follow the route that starts by emerging from the Chasm, flying over the Surface, and will then re-enter the Depths. It is easy to find if you wait near Chasm.

Waiting In The Air Near Skyview Tower Is Recommended

You can wait near the Chasm, but since it is easier to see them in the air and know when they are coming. It is recommended to fly from the nearby Skyview Tower and point the camera at the ground with the appropriate scaffolding, and. leave it there until they come.

Light Dragon - Location & Travel Route

Time Required For One LapAround 1.5 hours (real time)

It Is Recommended To Fly From Skyview Tower On The Route To Find It

It takes about 1.5 hours for the Light Dragon to complete its route, so it will take a lot of time if you try to search for it by waiting around. It is recommended to travel to Skyview Tower near the route and try to find it in the sky.

If The Light Dragon Is Far Above You, Go To Korok Forest

If you find all the Geoglyphs first, the Light Dragon will be circling at an altitude of 1500-2200. If you defeat Phantom Ganon on the way to Korok Forest and talk to Lord Deku Tree to lower the altitude, try it if it is too high for you to reach.

How To Get To Korok Forest From Lost Woods Guide

Chance To Obtain The Master Sword When You Are On The Light Dragon

When you ride the Light Dragon, you have a chance to obtain the Master Sword, which is stuck on the head of the Light Dragon and can be taken by pulling it out. However, you will need two rounds of Stamina Wheel (for five times of reinforcement) to get it, so be sure to increase your stamina in advance.

Heart Container And Stamina Vessel - How To Increase & Which One To Get

Dinraal Location & Travel Route

Time Required For One LapAround 50 minutes (real time)
Dinraal Materials - How To Get & Dinraal Route

Equip Flame Guard Lv2 or Use Flame Guard Medicine

Dinraal is always covered in flames, and Flame Guard Lv2 is required to get close to him. Equip Fireproof Armor or use Flame Guard medicine to protect yourself.

▼ Example of recipes for dishes with Flame Guard

Fireproof ElixirFireproof Lizard ×2
Bokoblin Horn ×1
Flame Guard Lv1
3 Mins 40 Secs
Fireproof ElixirSmotherwing Butterfly ×4
Boss Bokoblin Horn ×1
Flame Guard Lv2
6 Mins 10 Secs

Naydra Location & Travel Route

Time Required For One LapAround 30 minutes (real time)

It Is Good To Have Cold Resistance Lv2 Ready

Many of Naydra's travel routes are in extremely cold areas, and there is a possibility of taking damage during the ride or while waiting. For this reason, prepare Cold Resistance Lv2 equipment and medicine in advance.

Cold Resistance Guide - How To Survive Cold Areas?

▼ Example of recipes for dishes with Cold Resistance

Spicy Sauteed PeppersSpicy Pepper ×5
×5 Recovery
Cold Resistance Lv1
12 Mins 30 Secs
Spicy ElixirWarm Darner ×3
Boss Bokoblin Horn ×1
Cold Resistance Lv2
11 Mins 10 Secs

Farosh Location & Travel Route

Time Required For One LapAround 30 minutes (real time)
Farosh Materials - How To Get & Farosh Route

Shock Resistance Equipment Is A Safe Way To Collect Materials

Electric Balls will fly around Farosh and sometimes attack Link. If you are hit by these balls, you will be in a state of shivering and will be blown away.

Lightning Protection - How To Avoid Lightning

▼ Example of recipes for dishes with Lightning Resistance

Electro Mushroom SkewerZapshroom ×5
Shock Resistance Lv3
12 Mins 30 Secs

Can A Dragon Be Killed?

No, It Cannot Be Killed

These dragons move through the air in various location, and although you can obtain materials by attacking them, they cannot be killed because they are not treated as bosses and their HP is non-existent. However, Gleeok, which looks like a dragon, is a regular boss and can be defeated.

Dragon Material Uses

1Use as materials to upgrade Armor
2Use a Fuse materials for weapon Attributes
3Extend the effect time when used as Food material
4Can be sold at a high price

Use As Materials To Upgrade Armor

ArmorUpgrade Materials
Fierce Deity MaskDinraal's Scale ×1
Shard of Dinraal's Fang ×1
Dinraal's Horn ×1
Dinraal's Claw ×1
Fierce Deity ArmorNaydra's Scale x1
Naydra's Claw x1
Shard of Naydra's Fang x1
Naydra's Horn x1
Fierce Deity BootsFarosh's Scale x1
Farosh's Claw x1
Farosh's Horn x1
Shard of Farosh's Fang x1
Snow BootsNaydra's Scale x2
Cap of the WildFarosh's Scale x2
Farosh's Claw x2
Farosh's Horn x2
Shard of Farosh's Fang x2
Shard of Farosh's Spike x15
Tunic of the WildNaydra's Scale ×2
Shard of Naydra's Fang×2
Naydra's Horn ×2
Naydra's Claw ×2
Shard of Naydra's Spike ×15
Trousers of the WildDinraal's Scale ×2
Shard of Dinraal's Fang ×2
Dinraal's Horn ×2
Dinraal's Claw ×2
Shard of Dinraal's Spike ×15
Champion's LeathersLight Dragon's Scale x2
Light Dragon's Talon x2
Shard of Light Dragon's Fang x2
Light Dragon's Horn x2
Tunic of MemoriesLight Dragon's Scale x1
Light Dragon's Talon x1
Shard of Light Dragon's Fang x1
Light Dragon's Horn x1
Dinraal's Horn ×2
Naydra's Horn ×2
Farosh's Horn x2
How To Upgrade Armor Guide

Use As Fuse Materials For Weapon Attributes

Shard of Naydra's SpikeIce attribute/attack +16
Shard of Farosh's SpikeLightning attribute/attack +16
Shard of Dinraal's SpikeFlame attribute/attack +16

Fuse each Shard to add an attribute to the weapon. This is useful when you want a weapon with an attribute.

Fuse - How To Use & Effect

Only Light Dragon Materials Have The Effect Of Healing On Attack

Unlike other Dragon Shard, the Light Materials have a "heal on attack" effect on the weapon when Fused. This is excellent as just one attack can heal Hearts by a quarter.

Extend The Effect Time When Used As Food Material

MaterialsEffect Time
Scale+1 Min 30 Secs
Claws+3 Mins 30 Secs
Shard of Fang+10 Mins 30 Secs
Horn+30 Mins

Using each Dragon materials as Food material significantly increases the effect time. However, it is recommended to use the horns after using them as Armor upgrade materials because they have many uses. They are also useful as Food materials with effects, such as Attack Up.

Best Food & Elixir Recipes

Can Be Sold At A Higher Price

Light Dragon's Horn
Dinraal's Horn
Naydra's Horn
Farosh's Horn
300 Rupees
Shard of Light Dragon's Fang
Shard of Dinraal's Fang
Shard of Naydra's Fang
Shard of Farosh's Fang
250 Rupees
Light Dragon's Talon
Dinraal's Claw
Naydra's Claw
Farosh's Claw
180 Rupees
Light Dragon's Scale
Dinraal's Scale
Naydra's Scale
Farosh's Scale
150 Rupees
Shard of Light Dragon's Spike
Shard of Dinraal's Spike
Shard of Naydra's Spike
Shard of Farosh's Spike
30 Rupees

Dragon materials, such as Horn and Fangs can be sold at high prices. However, since only one of these materials can be obtained every 10 minutes, it is best to avoid selling them and use them only when you are really in need of money.

Rupees Farming Guide - How To Farm Money

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