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Recommended Locations For Collecting Weapons

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Recommended locations for collecting weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK). Includes locations for swords, spears, claymores, shields, bows, and champion weapons. Materials weapons are also listed.

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Recommended Locations For Collecting Weapons

Hyrule Castle Is Recommended For Royal & Royal Guard Weapons

Hyrule 1F
Hyrule B1
Hyrule B2
Hyrule B3

Hyrule Castle can be accessed immediately after obtaining the Paraglider at the beginning of the game, and many high-quality equipment can be obtained inside. You can go there as soon as you have enough Stamina Wheel recovery, so if you want to advance in the game with powerful weapons, you should go there.

Recommended FoodEffect/Recipe
Energizing ElixirStamina Wheel 1 lap recovery
Restless Cricket ×4
Bokoblin Horn ×1
Best Food & Elixir RecipesMore Details On Hyrule Castle's Weapon Collection Route Here

Weapon Gathering Video Guide

The video above is a guide on gathering weapons without having to fight enemies. The route is taken by the Paraglider from Lookout Landing, so be prepared for Stamina Recovery Food, such as the Energizing Elixir.

Summary Of Weapon Locations

-0256 1061 0510
Dusk Bow
-0254 1050 0416
Royal Bow
-0253 1080 0380
Royal Broadsword
-0282 1083 0356
Royal Guard's Claymore
-0256 1081 0356
Royal Guard's Bow
-0226 1089 0356
Royal Guard's Spear
-0224 1057 0356
Royal Guard's Shield / Royal Guard's Sword
-0232 1083 0400
Soldier's Bow
-0277 1083 0400
Royal Halberd
-0310 0996 0304
Royal Guard's Bow
-0294 0986 0302
Royal Guard's Claymore
-0386 0995 0315
Royal Guard's Bow
-0354 0992 0228
Royal Guard's Bow
-0298 0905 0241
Royal Guard's Shield / Knight's Broadsword
-0147 0875 0283
Royal Guard's Shield
-0164 0865 0283
Knight's Broadsword
-0181 1143 0229
Knight's Broadsword
-0173 1119 0214
Royal Shield / Royal Broadsword
-0181 1062 0220
Knight's Claymore
-0136 1046 0217
Royal Guard's Shield
-0137 0977 0246
Royal Claymore

Royal Guard Set

You Can Collect Them All At Hyrule Castle Sanctum

All Royal Guard Set equipment can be collected at the "Sanctum" in the castle on the 1st floor of Hyrule Castle. Since they are all in one place and are placed close together, you don't have to take the time to collect them. They also respawn with the Blood-stained Moon.

Blood Moon Guide - How To Trigger Red Moon Event

Royal Set

Royal Broadsword+Royal Halberd Map

Royal Broadsword LocationRoyal Halberd Location

The Royal Broadsword and the Royal Halberd can be obtained near the top floor of the Sanctum. The Royal Broadsword is located in front of the stone statue on the third floor, and the Royal Halberd is on the upper floor of the tower at the top of the stairs on the left.

Royal Claymore

Royal Claymore LocationHow To Find The Hidden Room

The Royal Claymore is located in a room with a collapsed wall on the third floor of the library on the B3F of Hyrule Castle. Also, the Royal Broadsword+Shield can be picked up at the same time in a hidden room along the way, so collect it if necessary.

Hyrule Castle Guide: How To Get Into & Weapons Map

Zonaite Armor Set

* Changes from none to strong to rigid depending on progress

Overall MapDetailed Map
Location 1Location 2

Collected At The Zonaite Refining Island

Zonaite weapons can be collected at the Zonaite Refining Island, where the Yansamin Shrine is located. The weapons available change from sword to strong sword to hard sword depending on the level of progress.

Zonaite SwordStrong Zonaite SwordMighty Zonaite Sword
Zonaite LongswordStrong Zonaite LongswordMighty Zonaite Sword
Zonaite SpearStrong Zonaite SpearMighty Zonaite Spear
Zonaite ShieldStrong Zonaite ShieldMighty Zonaite Shield

Recommended Locations To Get Shields

Royal Guard's Shield

SanctumLibrary (Hall)
Second GatehouseB3 Corridor

You Can Get 4 Of Them At Hyrule Castle

The Royal Guard's Shield can be collected four at a time at Hyrule Castle. The Second Gatehouse and B3 corridor are located in a rather secluded area, but you can safely come and get them as there are no enemies there.

Royal Shield

Royal Shield LocationHow To Find The Hidden Room

Obtained In A Hidden Room Of The Library

The Royal Shield can be found in the hidden room of the Library in Hyrule Castle B3. The Royal Guard's Shield, Royal Broadsword, and Royal Claymore are also nearby.

It Is Recommended To Take It From Your Enemies

As the game progresses, more and more enemies that change will be equipped with Royal Sword. These can be taken away by simply hitting them with Shock Fruit, so it is easy to collect them.

▲ All five of the herds roaming southwest of Bedrock Bistory have the Royal Shield, and you can collect five at a time. After taking them, quickly escape with Travel.

Mighty Zonaite Shield

* Changes from Shield → Strong Shield → Firm Shield depending on the progress

MapLocation 2

Available At The Zonaite Refining Island

The Mighty Zonaite Shield can be obtained from behind the shrines on the Zonaite Refining Island. Weapons around the island are revived every Blood-stained Moon, so you can also collect weapons during this time.

Recommended Locations To Collect Bows

Royal Guard's Bow


You Can Get 3 Royal Guard's Bow At Hyrule Castle

There are three Royal Guard's Bow that can be collected at Hyrule Castle. One can be found on the 2nd floor of the Sanctum, and the other two can be found above the fireplace in Zelda's room and on the tower just outside of the room.

Dusk Bow

Found At the Topmost Tower Of Hyrule Tower

The Dusk Bow can be found in the collapsed tower at the top of Hyrule Castle. You can get there without getting lost by climbing the stairs and ladders, but if you want to save time, you can use Ascend to get it.

Ascend - How To Use & Effect

Dusk Bow


Recommended To Pick Up On The Way To Dusk Bow

Unlike other royal weapons, it is located in a somewhat confusing location. Since it is on the way up to get the Royal Bow, it is recommended to get the Dusk Bow while aiming to get the Royal Bow.

Forest Dweller's Bow

* Requires completing Walton's Side Quests


It Can Be Picked Up After Completing Walton's Side Quest

The Forest Dweller's Bow can be acquired by going to the marked location above after completing the Side Quest "Walton's Treasure Hunt".

Recommended Locations For Champions Weapon Materials

Swallow Bow


Located In The Flight Range Northwest Of Rito Village

The Swallow Bow is located near Kaneli in the Flight Range northwest of Rito Village. Kaneli will talk to you when you try to take it, but she will eventually give it to you.

Cobble Crusher

Found On An Enemy On Death Mountain

The Cobble Crusher can be obtained from the Blue Bokoblin in the enemy stronghold above the Mikiki RIver, the Silver Boss Bokoblin southwest of the Bedrock Bistro, and in other locations. There is no need to go through the trouble of beating them, you can simply use Shock Fruit to disarm them.

Zora Spear

Four Avalaible Around Zonra's Domain

Zora's Spear can be obtained from Lizalfos and Black Bokoblin around Zora's Domain. It is recommended to electrocute them and steal their dropped weapons.

Gerudo Scimitar+Gerudo Shield

Lizalfos North Of Gerudo Town

The Lizalfos north of Gerudo Town drops the Gerudo Schmitar. Head further east and climb a stone pillar to find a Gerudo Shield. The Scimitar or the Seven and the Daybreaker materials can be obtained at a nearby location.

Sarcophagus At Lightning Temple


The Gerudo Scimitar can also be obtained from the sarcophagus located at the place where you proceeded from where you traveled to the Lightning Temple and descended from the falling floor.

Recommended Locations To Collect Zora Weapons

Zora Longsword + Zora Sword


The Zora Longsword and Zora Sword are each held by Lizalfos at the pond at the top of the de Bonn Mountains (South of Upland Zorana Skyview Tower) and both can be acquired.

Zora Spear

Four Available Around Zora's Domain

The Rotting Zora Spear can be obtained from Lizalfos and Black Bokoblin around Zora's Domain.

Recommended Locations To Collect Gerudo Weapons

Gerudo Scimitar + Gerudo Shield

Lizalfos North Of Gerudo Town

Lizalfos north of Gerudo Town drops the Gerudo Scimitar. Go further east and climb a stone pillar to find a Gerudo Shield. You can get materials for Daybreaker at a nearby location, so collect them here when you want to make it.

Gerudo Spear


The Gerudo Spear is located at the entrance on the northeast side of Gerudo Town and falls at the top of the stairs on the left.

Gerudo Claymore


Can Be Repeatedly Acquired At Lightning Temple

Travel to the Lightning Temple and run backwards to the temple entrance/exit.

Lightning Temple Walkthrough Guide - Map & Key Locations

Gerudo Bow


Located In Gerudo Town

The Gerudo Bow can be obtained at the training site on the west side of Gerudo Town.

Gerudo Town Guide: How To Go & Things To Do

How To Collect Undecayed Weapons

List Of Shadow Soldier Locations

Shadow Soldier Guide - Locations & List Of Pristine Weapons

Available Pristine Weapons

* This list only includes weapons that the team personally confirmed.

Shadow Soldiers Holding Weapons In The Depths

Shadow Soldiers are the shadows of soldiers on the rocks in the Depths. All Shadow Soldiers on the maps stand with weapons, which can be obtained by approaching them.

Required To Destroy The Original Decayed Weapon First

In order to obtain a weapon that is not decayed, it is necessary to destroy the decayed weapon once, which can be obtained mainly from the Surface. For example, by destroying a Royal Broadsword from the Surface, a non-decayed Royal Greatsword can be obtained from Shadow Soldier.

Weapon Types & Weapons Are Fixed Per Statue

For each Shadow Soldier on the map, the weapon type and weapon that you can obtain from them are fixed. However, there are some statues that do not produce the Royal Broadsword or the Royal Guard's Sword even if they are Sword Statues.

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