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Great Sky Island Map Location & Route Guide

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Great Sky Island map guide in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See Great Sky Island location, how to go, how to reach the 3 islands, Sky Map & walkthrough tips!

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Great Sky Island - Koroks, Shrine, Treasure Chest Map

Three Shrines Recommended Route

Recommended Shrine Route

The pink line is the Surface and the green line is the route through the cave.

You will be asked to visit the three shrines, but you will need to figure out how to get there and what route to take. You can start in any order, but for the sake of efficiency, this site recommends going counterclockwise as shown in the image above,

No.ShrineAbility Unlocked
Ukouh ShrineUltrahand
In-isa ShrineFuse
Gutanbac ShrineAscend

Travel Is Not Available Until You Return To The Temple Of Time

Travel to the shrines is not available until you return to the Temple of Time after visiting the three shrines. It will take a lot of time to finish all of Sky because of the detour if you take any other route than the above.

① Until Arrival At Ukouh Shrine

OrderStep By Step Guide
With your back to The Closed Door, aim first at the shrine on the right side
Go down to the ground below, then straight ahead and up the stairs to the shrine
At the shrine, the Ultrahand will be released, so learn how to use it as you go
Ukouh Shrine Guide & Treasure Chest

② To The Arrival At In-Isa Shrine

OrderStep By Step Guide
Take the route shown on the map
Cross the bridge by connecting the wooden planks with Ultrahand and get down to the cliff on the south side
Take the route shown on the map
Cross the bridge by connecting the wooden planks with Ultrahand
Bow and arrow tutorial next to the Construct
Go toward where the animal was at and climb the cliff
Go down the other side to find the Construct's base
You can fight or go around
Go to the lake behind the Construct base
Build a raft, float it on the lake, and go to the land ahead
Go ashore and climb the stairs to the In-isa Shrine
In-isa Shrine Guide & Treasure Chest

③ Until Arrival At Gutanbac Shrine

OrderStep By Step Guide
When you exit the shrine, go to the right
Go through the Constructs and head to the cave in the back
Pick up any items you can
After exiting the cave, use Ultrahand to build a raft to cross the river
* Fan and other Zonai Devices are activated by hitting them with a weapon
Follow the path up the hill and enter the cave again
* In the dark cave, it is good to throw Brightbloom
Get the Fan from the Construct before the exit, attack it to the Mine Cart and run
Use the Mine Cart as a gondola and proceed along the broken rail
Once on land, jump off the cliff into the pond
Go further into the cave
Collect Spicy Pepper and use Food for Cold Resistance
▶ Food Guide
After the cave, climb up the tree roots
After climbing up, you will see a shrine
Gutanbac Shrine Guide & Treasure Chest

How To Return To The Temple Of Time

OrderStep By Step Guide
After leaving the shrine, ascend the ledge with Ascend and proceed
On the way, you will get some Archaic Warm Greaves
Take it to the runway, get in, and take off
* You don't need to attach the Fan
Go straight toward the Temple of Time
* Fan plane can be controlled by shifting your weight

Walkthrough Chart To The Fourth Shrine

Get Recall At The Back Of The Temple Of Time

Open the door to the Temple of Time and get the Recall ability at the back. Use the Recall to go further in.

Recall - How To Use & Effects

You Will Need To Clear The Fourth Shrine

It will be necessary to go to the fourth shrine to conquer it because four Hearts are needed to open the door at the innermost part of the temple.

OrderStep By Step Guide
Map→Travel to Room of Awakening
Ascend to the upper level near the cogweel
Use Recall to maneuver your way to the hole in the back of the room
Clear the Nachoyah Shrine
Travel to Ukouh Shrine, ascend to the bottom of the temple, and return to the Temple of Time
Receive the Heart Container, open the door at the back, go ahead, jump down, and return to the Surface
To The Kingdom Of Hyrule Walkthrough

Zonai Devices/Gimmick Puzzle Points

Iron Rods/Rails

Iron Rods can be moved easily by using Ultrahand when hook and wooden Boards or logs are Building Blocks. If you can't rotate them well, use Ultrahand with the hooks directly in front of you.

Moving On Water

Sail + LogFan + Log

If a sail or Fan is down, you can combine it with a log to make a raft, which is useful for moving on the water. This is useful when moving on the water, so keep it in mind. Fan can be activated by hitting it with a weapon.

Floating Scaffolding

Floating Scaffolding can be moved by Ultrahand. By moving them alternately, they can climb to high places.

▲ By starting with the Fan on the bottom, Scaffolding can be raised to go up

Mine Cart

The Mine Cart moves when placed on rails and when combined with Zonai Devices' Fan, it can move from low to high.

▲ Fuse Mine Cart to Shield and Shield Surf, so you can also run on the rails. Shield Surf can be done by pressing ZL+A

Shield Surf Guide - How To Use & Effect

Glider (Wing)

This gimmick is located near the shrine on the snowy mountain. When placed on the rail, the glider begins to descend. The distance varies depending on the position on the wing, and if you are in front of the wing, you can adjust the position of your fall as you descend rapidly. It disappears after about two minutes, so it cannot fly indefinitely.

Wing Guide - How To Use & Get

Device Dispenser

The Device Dispenser, also known as the Zonai Gacha, can be found in several locations in Sky. When Materials such as Zonai Charge are inserted, Zonai Devices are randomly ejected.

GearEffects & Usage
FanAttach to Wing, Raft, and others to gain propulsion by Energy Cell consumption
Portable PotCan be used anywhere as a one-time use way to cook Food
Flame EmitterConsumes Energy Cells to burst into flames and melt attacks, ice
Device Dispenser (Zonai Gacha) - How To Use & What You Get

Great Sky Island - Walkthrough Guide

Start The Main Quests

Find Princess ZeldaAfter the opening - until the Purah Pad is obtained
The Closed DoorRight-Hand Ability is released by clearing 3 shrines
To the Kingdom of HyruleFrom clearing the chart of the Sky Islands to getting down to the Surface
Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Sky is a tutorial throughout this area, where you will learn basic knowledge and controls that you can use throughout the game.

Learn About Food

In Sky, there are some snowy mountains that require Cold Resistance. In order to enter these mountains, you will need to wear cold protection or eat Cold-Resistant Food. At first, it is necessary to take measures with Food, so let's just learn the following Food Recipes.

Spicy Simmered FruitSpicy Pepper x2
Apple ×2
4 Hearts Recovery
Cold Resistance Lv1
Spicy Sauteed PeppersSpicy Pepper x44 Hearts Recovery
Cold Resistance Lv1
Best Food & Elixir Recipes

Cooking Pots can be found in various locations, but the location closest to the Temple of Time is shown in the image. There is also a Spicy Pepper in the vicinity, so collect it.

Collect All Nearby Materials

Collect all materials you see, such as apples and mushrooms, because managing resources is an important element of the strategy, and running out of materials can lead to a pinch.

Defeat Construct To Obtain The Zonai Charge

Constructs drop an item called "Zonai Charge" when defeated. This is an item that can be used for the Device Dispenser (Zonai Gacha) described below, so try to collect as many of these as possible.

Zonai Charge Guide - How To Get?

Ore Deposit Should Also Be Destroyed

Ore deposits located in the cave can be destroyed to obtain ore. It is not used for anything immediately, but it can be sold of a good amount of money, so it is a good way to make money in the early stages of the project.

Ore Deposit - How To Mine Black Rocks Guide

Koroks Can Also Be Found In Many Places

If you have BotW, you know that Koroks or forest fairies are hidden all over the map. Finding them will give you a Korok Seed, an item that can be used to expand your Inventory, so look for them as much as possible.

Korok Seed Locations Map & Uses

How To Get To The Flux Construct Location & Strategy

How To Get There

OrderStep By Step Guide
Map of where the Flux Construct is located
Use scaffolding floating in the air
Get the Fan from Zonai Devices at the Device Dispenser
Set the Fan so that the wind is facing the opposite direction of travel and activate it
When you get there, get off the island, and when you get close enough, you will be in a battle

How To Beat It

Remove The Different Colored Cores With Ultrahand

Blocks that look different are Construct's weak point. Pulling it with Ultrahand will cause the Construct to break apart, giving you a chance to attack the core.

Flux Construct Core - How To Use & Get

There Are Three Patterns Of Forms

Flux Construct has three patterns it can morph to: the two-legged Guardian Stalk, the square block type, and the flat type shown in the video above.

2 Leg Guardian StalkerAttacks such as hitting
The position of the core moves each time you attack
Square Block TypeFollow this while rolling
Let's go off the core while running away
PlaneFly and attack by skipping blocks
Avoid the blocks you've skipped, get on the block with Recall

Square Block Type Guide

As it approaches while rolling, take out its core with Ultrahand while running away so that it is not crushed. If you are inside, it is better to remove other blocks and aim for the core.

Flat-Type Capture

The flat type cuts and throws its own block. It will be damaged when hit, so avoid it while running sideways. After that, you can ride the fell part with a recall and get on the main unit. Then, it is okay if you take out the core with Ultrahand and attack.

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Temple Boss Guide

[Spoiler!] Ending & Post Game

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