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Great Sky Island Map Location & Route Guide

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Great Sky Island map guide in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). See Great Sky Island location, how to go, how to reach the 3 islands, Sky Map & walkthrough tips!

Table of Contents

Great Sky Island - Shrine Routes

Recommended Routes

Great Sky Island shrine routes

The pink line is the Surface (above) while the green line is the Cave route.

You will be tasked to visit the three shrines and you will need to figure out the routes going to these 3 shrines. You can visit the three shrines in any order, however. we recommend that you visit them via counterclockwise as shown in the image above.

No.Shrine NameUnlocked Abilities
1Ukouh ShrineUltrahand
2In-isa ShrineFuse
3Gutanbac ShrineAscend

Warp Is Unavailable Until You Return To Temple Of Time

The warp to the shrines will be unavailable until you return to the Temple of Time after visiting these three shrines. It will take a lot of time to complete all the Sky if you take any other route than the above routes.

Ukouh Shrine Route

  1. Ukouh Shrine 1
    From your back, going to The Closed Door, aim first at the shrine on your right.
  2. Ukouh Shrine 2
    Go down to the ground below, then go straight ahead and go up to the stairs that leads to the shrine.
  3. Ukouh Shrine 3
    Ultrahand will be unlocked at the shrine, so make sure to learn how to use it as you leave.

In-isa Shrine Route

  1. In-isa Shrine Route1
    Follow the route shown on the map.
  2. 1
    Connect the wooden Boards using Ultrahand to make bridges.
  3. 2
    Go down the cliff and go straight on the path
  4. 3
    Use Ultrahand to connect the logs and build a bridge.
  5. 4
    Create a bridge by connecting the wood logs with Ultrahannd.
  6. 5
    Proceed towards the direction where the beast is and advance up the cliff.
  7. 6
    There is a Soldier Construct base ahead if you descend to the opposite side.
    You can fight them or take a different path instead.
  8. 7
    Head towards the lake located behind the Soldier Construct base.
  9. 8
    If you create a raft and place it on the lake, it will start moving by itself with the help of the breeze blowing on the sail.
  10. 9
    Upon climbing the stairs, you will arrive at the shrine.
  11. At the shrine, the option to enhance weapon performance by fusing it with other materials or weapons becomes available.

Gutanbac Shrine Route

  1. 1
    After leaving the shrine, proceed to the right.
  2. 2
    Pass through the Construct and proceed to the inner cave.
  3. 3
    As you move forward, make sure to collect Brightblooms inside the cave.
  4. 4
    Once you exit the cave, use Ultrahand to create a raft.
  5. 5
    When you talk to the Construct, you will receive an Energy Cell and gain the ability to use Zonai Devices.
  6. 6
    Cross the river using a raft.
  7. 7
    Keep going up the slope ahead and return to the cave.
  8. 8
    The cave is completely dark, so Fuse a Brightbloom on an arrow to light your path as you move forward.
  9. 9
    Speak to the Golem near the exit to receive a Fan that can be used later on as a material when crafting with Ultrahand.
  10. 10
    Use the minecart and the Fan to proceed.
  11. 11
    Once you find the minecart, connect them together and cross the rails.
  12. 12
    Finally, attach a set of 6 connected Fans plus 3 additional Fans to forcefully proceed along the broken rails.
  13. 13
    Fall into the pond and proceed back into the cave.
  14. Ahead, you will need Cold Resistance, so prepare some food to boost your resistance.
    It is recommended to create Foods using 2 Spicy Peppers and 2 Apples.
  15. 15
    Eat the spicy Food, proceed straight, and aim for the cave.
  16. 16
    To attack Like Likes (Enemy), you can use arrows fused with Bomb Flowers. This will expose their vulnerability, allowing you to create an opportunity to attack them with additional arrows.
    ※You can ignore it and continue since it has high durability
  17. 17
    Once you exit the cave, climb the tree roots.
    It's okay to take breaks and proceed at your own pace.
  18. 18
    Once you climb the low cliff, you will see a shrine ahead.

How To Return To Temple Of Time

  1. 1
    After leaving the shrine, ascend the protruding ledge and continue forward.
    You can get an old Warm Double on the way
  2. 2
    Attach the Fan to the wings of the aircraft.
  3. 3
    Once you have transported it to the runway, board the aircraft and take off.
  4. 4
    If you continue straight towards the Temple of Time, you will complete one full lap around the Sky Island.

Control The Aircraft Wings By Shifting Link's Body

Control the wings (aircraft) by shifting Link's body weight.

While flying with the wings, you can adjust the direction of movement by shifting Link's body. If you lean to the right, the aircraft will bank to the right, and if you lean forward, it will assume a steep descent posture.

Return To Temple of Time Walkthrough

Obtain The Recall Ability Deep Within The Depths Of The Temple Of Time


After opening the doors of the Temple of Time, you will obtain the Recall ability inside. Use Recall to continue further into the depths.

You Will Need To Solve The Fourth Shrine


In order to open the door at the deepest part of the temple, you will need four Hearts. This means you have to conquer the fourth shrine to proceed.

Route To The 4 Shrines
  1. 3
    Map → Travel to the Room of Awakening
  2. 4
    Use Ascend and Recall abilities to move upwards.
  3. 5
    Once you pass through the narrow cave, you will reach a shrine. Clear it to continue.
  4. Summary image of how to conquer the Great Sky Island and directions to the shrine.
    Use Travel to go to Ukouh Shrine and return to the Temple of Time.
  5. Summary image of how to conquer Great Sky Island and directions to the shrine.
    Receive a Heart Container from the Goddess Statue and proceed by opening the door at the back.
  6. Take a bold leap and jump down. If you land in the pond, you can easily return to the surface.

Great Sky Island Map

Great Sky Island Walkthrough Tips

Start The Main Quests

QuestStrategy Procedure
Find Princess ZeldaFrom the start until obtaining Purah Pad.
The Closed DoorUnlock Right-Hand Ability by clearing three shrines.
To the Kingdom of HyruleFrom completing the Sky Island to going down the ground.

The Great Sky Island area serves as a tutorial for the entire game, where you can learn the basic knowledge and controls that will be useful throughout your journey.

Master Key Features For Gimmicks & Challenges

Steel Bar / Rail

Master Key Features For Gimmicks & Challenges

Iron bars can be moved easily by combining the hook with a wooden Board or log using Ultrahand. If you cannot rotate it properly, you can use the Ultrahand while the hook is in front of you.

On The Water

Sail & LogFan & Log
Sail + Log
Fan and Log

If you use the boat via sailing or using fans that can be found on the ground, they can be combined with logs to make a raft, which is useful for moving on the water. The Fan can be activated by hitting it with a weapon.

Floating Leg Space

Floating Leg

The floating Leg place can be moved by using the Ultrahand. Moving them alternately will make it possible for you to climb on high places/areas.



The trolley will move once it is placed on rails, and when it is combined with a Zonai Devices Fan, it can move from low to high elevations.

Glider (Wing)


A gimmick located near a shrine in the snowy mountain area. When placed on the rail, it begins to descend; the distance where the bird falls varies depending on where you are standing. This allows you to adjust where you are going to fall.

Collect Nearby Materials

Collect all Materials, such as apples and mushrooms. Managing resources like materials is an important aspect in the gameplay as running out of important material items can be challenging in some situations like crafting and preparing food items.

Defeat Soldier Constructs To Obtain Zonai Charge

When you defeat the Soldier Construct, it will drop an item called Zonai Charge. This item can be used later in the Device Dispenser (Zonai Gacha), so try to defeat as many Soldier Constructs as possible and collect them.

Device Dispencer

The Device Dispenser, also known as Zonai Gacha, can be found in several locations in the Sky. The Device Dispenser operates by randomly dispensing Zonai Devices when you insert materials such as Zonai Charge.

GearEffect / Use
FanFanAttach it to objects such as wings or rafts to gain propulsion by consuming Energy Cells.
Portable PotPortable PotYou can cook food items anywhere, but they can only be used once.
Flame EmitterFlame EmitterConsumes Energy Cell to unleash fiery attacks and melt ice and other obstacles.

Learn How To Cook Food

There are snowy mountains in the Sky Island that requires Cold Resistance. To access these areas, you need to consume Cold Resistance Food or wear cold-resistant gears. Since relying on food is crucial in the beginning, make sure to learn food recipes that you can use later on.

Simmered Fruit Spicy Simmered FruitSpicy Pepper x2
Hearts 4 Recovery
Cold Resistance 6:00
strategy for conquering the Great Sky Island and navigating the shrines

There are food pots scattered throughout different locations, but the image shows the ones closest to the Temple of Time. There are also Spicy Peppers nearby, so make sure to collect them.

Make Sure To Destroy Ore Deposits As Well

Destroy the deposits

When you destroy the ore deposits (black rocks) found inside caves, you can obtain ores. While you may not immediately have a use for them, selling ores can be a good way to earn decent money in the early stages of the game.

You Can Find Koroks In Various Locations

For those who have played Breath of the Wild, you are likely familiar with the forest fairies known as Koroks which are hidden in various locations across the map. When you find them, you will receive an item called Korok's Seed which can be used to expand your inventory so it's highly recommended to search for them as much as possible.

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