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Tarrey Town Guide: How To Go & Things To Do

TotK | Tarrey Town Guide: How To Go & Things To Do | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | Tarrey Town Guide: How To Go & Things To Do | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Tarrey Town guide in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Guide includes how to get to Tarrey Town, all map locations, side quests, what to do, shop items for sale and more!

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Tarrey Town - Location & Directions

How To Go To Tarrey Town

To Tarrey Town
The road to Zora's Domain is filled with many areas that have collapsed, making it impossible to reach solely on horseback.
Therefore, the route is posted if you proceed by Horse to Woodland Stable and then deposit
Keep going straight on the road in front of Woodland Stable.
At the fork in the road, keep to the left and go from Skyview Tower to Zora's Domain.
└ An easy route is recommended due to the complexity and number of enemies along the way.
When you get near Skyview Tower, take a detour from the main road and climb up the cliff.
To make the cliff climb shorter, it's recommended to enter the cave located in the middle of the hillside in Upland Zorana and use Ascend.
Proceed ahead after climbing up and enter the Upland Zorana Byroad, then continue towards the falls once again.
After that, climb the cliff to Skyview Tower.
Climb up the cliffs and use food to recover the Stamina Wheel.
Skyview Tower in Upland Zorana is melted by the black Sludge, so it is melted by water attack.
Since Upland Zorana's Skyview Tower is covered by a black Sludge, use water type weapons to attack and dissolve it.
(The fast way is to fly using Paraglider from Upland Zorana Skyview Tower)
You will run through a group of monsters at Akkala Bridge.
Pass through South Akkala Stable and straight to Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower
Defeat the flying monsters and return the terminal to Skyview Tower to unlock it.
If you fly east from Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, you will see Tarrey Town on your right.

What To Do In Tarrey Town

Unlock Rasitakiwak Shrine

First, prioritize unlocking the closest shrine to Tarrey Town, which is Rasitakiwak Shrine. When entering Tarrey Town, continue south on the bend in the road and you will find Rasitakiwak Shrine a little uphill.

Rasitakiwak Shrine Guide & Treasure Chest

You Can Remove Materials At The Disassembly Shop

At the Disassembly Shop in Tarrey Town, you can remove Fuse's materials without losing them. This is useful for reusing boss materials like Lynel Horn and restoring durability to Champions' weapons using Rock Octorok.

Rock Octorok Locations & How To Repair Weapons Guide

You Can Use The Device Dispenser At The Back Of The Village

In the workshop located at the back of Tarrey Town, there is a Device Dispenser. It requires 20 Rupees and since you can aim for items like a Fan or Rocket, it's worth spinning the Device Dispenser if you want them.

Device Dispenser (Zonai Gacha) - How To Use & What You Get

You Can Buy A Home By Clearing The Mini Challenges

When you talk to the Hudson couple in Tarrey Town, the side adventure Mattison's Independence will occur. By completing this challenge, you will be able to purchase a home for 1,500 Rupees.

The Rock For Sale Shrine Quest Occurs

If you talk to Hagie in Tarrey Town, the Shrine Quest "Rock for Sale" will occur. If you clear the challenge, Jochi-ihiga Shrine will be unlocked, so it's a good idea to take the opportunity to unlock it while visiting Tarrey Town.

Rock For Sale Shrine Quest Guide

Unlock Mini Game

Talk to Shida in the workshop and you will get the "Get on Zonai Devices". You can clear the game by attaching the Steering Stick to the provided chassis and passing through the pillars of light in order before returning to the starting point to receive 100 Rupees and a Stable lodging ticket.

Tarrey Town Stores & Items For Sale

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