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Cave Locations Map - Checkmarks
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Cave Locations Map - Checkmarks

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Cave Locations Map -Checkmarks for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK). Guide includes all Cave Locations, how to get checkmarks, Bubbul Gems, Bubbulfrogs, and more!

Table of Contents

List Of Cave Locations

Cave Locations Map Tool

How To Find Caves

Place A Fruit At Cherry Blossom Tree And Entrance Will Shine

Cherry BlossomShining Pillar For Cave Entrance

When you give a fruit to the Cherry Blossoms in the areas on the map, Satori will appear. This will make the surrounding pillars in front of the cave's entrance shine. The light will disappear after a certain period of time but if you place a pin then it will make cave exploration easier.

▶Satori Guide: How To Summon & Locations

When You Get Close To Blupee, Then It Runs To Cave

Get Rupees and Run into caves

When you get close to Blupees that appear on the map, they will run away to a nearby cave. Also when you attack them they will drop Rupees.

▶Rupees Farming Guide - How To Farm Money

Meaning Of Cave Check Mark & Bubbulfrog

When You Get Bubbul Gem Then Get Check Mark

Map Tools

▲Bubbulfrogs are on the walls and ceilings of the caves.

Got Bubbul GemsHave Not Gotten Yet
Check Mark CaveNo Check Mark

On the map, when the cave has a check mark on them that means you have defeated the Bubbulfrog and got the dropped items. Each cave has 1 Bubbulfrog in each. When you collect the gems, you can give them to Koltin and trade them for items.

▶Bubbul Gem Location & How To Use

When You Get A Check Mark On All Caves, You Can Get Fabric

You can trade Bubbul Gems to Koltin for valuable Armor and Materials. When all trading is finished, and when you meet Koltin after checking all the caves, you will receive the Bubbul Fabric for the Paraglider.

Caves With Armor List

Recommended Cave And Armor

Cave NameArmorArmor Effect
Puffer Beach Overhead CavePhantom HelmetPhantom HelmetDEF 8
[Set Effect]
Increase ATK power
Tamio River Downstream CavePhantom ArmorPhantom ArmorDEF 8
[Set Effect]
Increase ATK power
Ancient Altar RuinsPhantom GreavesPhantom GreavesDEF 8
[Set Effect]
Increase ATK power
Skull Lake CaveFierce Deity MaskFierce Deity MaskDEF 3 (Max 20)
Increase ATK power
[Set Effect]
Charge Stamina decrease
Akkala Citadel RuinsFierce Deity ArmorFierce Deity ArmorDEF 3 (Max 20)
Increase ATK power
[Set Effect]
Charge Stamina decrease
Ancient Tree Stump CaveFierce Deity BootsFierce Deity BootsDEF 3 (Max 20)
Increase ATK power
[Set Effect]
Charge Stamina decrease
Robred Dropoff CaveBarbarian HelmBarbarian HelmDEF 3 (Max 20)
Increase ATK power
[Set Effect]
Charge Stamina decrease
Crenel Hills CaveBarbarian ArmorBarbarian ArmorDEF 3 (Max 20)
Increase ATK power
[Set Effect]
Charge Stamina decrease
Walnot Mountain CaveBarbarian Leg WrapsBarbarian Leg WrapsDEF 3 (Max 20)
Increase ATK power
[Set Effect]
Charge Stamina decrease
Ploymus Mountain CaveClimberClimber's BandannaDEF 3 (Max 20)
Speed of climbing walls increases
[Set Effect]
Wall climbing jump Stamina decreases consumption
North Hyrule Plain CaveClimbing GearClimbing GearDEF 3 (Max 20)
Speed of climbing wall increases
[Set Effect]
Wall climbing jump Stamina decreases consumption
Upland Zorana ByroadClimbing BootsClimbing BootsDEF 3 (Max 20)
Speed of climbing wall increases
[Set Effect]
Wall climbing jump Stamina decreases consumption

Armor You Can Get

Cave NameArmorArmor Effects
Thundra Plateau CaveMask of AwakeningMask of AwakeningDEF 3 (Max 20)
[Set Effect]
Increase ATK power
Ancient Columns CaveTunic of AwakeningTunic of AwakeningDEF 3 (Max 20)
[Set Effect]
Increase ATK power
Coliseum Ruins CaveTrousers of AwakeningTrousers of AwakeningDEF 3 (Max 20)
[Set Effect]
Increase ATK power
Sarjon Woods CaveRubber HelmRubber HelmDEF 3 (Max20)
Shock Resistance
[Set Effect]
Nullify Lightning
Whistling Hill CaveRubber ArmorRubber ArmorDEF 3 (Max 20)
Shock Resistance
[Set Effect]
Nullify Lightning
Horon Lagoon CaveRubber TightsRubber TightsDEF 3 (Max 20)
Shock Resistance
[Set Effect]
Nullify Lightning
Lake Kilsie CaveFrostbite HeaddressFrostbite HeaddressDEF 2 (Max 16)
Cold Air Attack
[Set Effect]
When cold, Charge ATK Increases
Brightcap CaveFrostbite ShirtFrostbite ShirtDEF 2 (Max 16)
Cold Air Attack
[Set Effect]
When cold, Charge ATK Increases
Hebra Headspring CaveFrostbite TrousersFrostbite TrousersDEF 2 (Max16)
Cold Air Attack
[Set Effect]
When cold, Charge ATK Increases
YunoboCo HQ South CaveEmber HeaddressEmber HeaddressDEF 2 (Max12)
When hot, Fire Attack
[Set Effect]
When hot, Charge ATK Increases
Goronbi River CaveEmber ShirtEmber ShirtDEF 2 (Max 12)
When hot, Fire Attack
[Set Effect]
When hot, Charge ATK Increases
Cephla Lake CaveEmber TrousersEmber TrousersDEF 2 (Max 12)
When hot, Fire Attack
[Set Effect]
When hot, Charge ATK Increases
Lizard's BurrowVah Rudania Divine HelmVah Rudania Divine HelmDEF (Max 16)
Flame Guard
North Biron Snowshelf CaveVah Medoh Divine HelmVah Medoh Divine HelmDEF (Max 16)
Cold Guard
Chasm Under Zora's DomainVah Ruta Divine HelmVah Ruta Divine HelmDEF (Max 16)
Swimming speeds up
West Gerudo Underground RuinsVah Naboris Divine HelmVah Naboris Divine HelmDEF 2 (Max 16)
Shock Resistance
Pondside CaveArchaic TunicArchaic TunicDEF 1

Other Caves List

Caves Where Bubbulfrogs Are At

▶Akkala Citadel Ruins Cave▶Gerudo Canyon Mine
▶Tarrey Town Tunnel▶Ancient Prison Ruins
▶Yiga Blademaster Station▶Mount Drena Foothill Cave
▶Passeri Greenbelt Cave▶Ubota Point Cave
▶Koukot Plateau Cave▶Ulria Grotto East Cave
▶Ulria Grotto South Cave▶Deplian Badlands Cave
▶Retsam Forest Cave▶Meadela's Mantle Cave
▶Oasis Source▶Deepback Bay Cave
▶Oren Bridge Cave▶Shrine of Resurrection
▶Mapla Point Cave▶Kakariko Village Cave
▶Rospro Pass Cave▶Gisa Crater Cave
▶North Akkala Beach Cave▶Lake Ferona Cave
▶Tanagar Canyon West Cave▶Sturnida Springs Cave
▶Gerudo Sanctuary▶Gerudo's Colossal Fossil
▶Sage Temple Cave▶Kopeeki Drifts Cave
▶Cucco Hideaway▶Komo Shoreline Cave
▶Calora Lake Cave▶Crenel Peak Cave
▶Eventide Island Cave▶Construction Site Cave
▶Mining Cave▶Sahasra Slope Cave
▶Satori Mountain Cave▶Cora Lakefront Cave
▶Foothill Monster Den▶Talonto Peak Cave
▶Pagos Woods Excavation Site▶Finra Woods Excavation Site
▶Stalry Plateau Cave▶Pristine Sanctum
▶Bottomless Cave▶Upland Zorana Summit Cave
▶Upland Zorana Mountainside Cave▶Upland Zorana Foothill Cave
▶Pit Cave▶Tabahl Woods Cave
▶Tabantha Hills Cave▶Taafei Hill Cave
▶Tarm Point▶Mount Dunsel Cave
▶Lake Darman Monster Den▶Central Gerudo Cave
▶Reservoir Lakefront Cavern▶Valley of Silent Statues
▶Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave▶Death Mountain West Tunnel
▶Death Mountain East Tunnel▶Death Mountain Foothill Cave
▶Mystathi's Shelf Cave▶Mount Nabooru Cave
▶Mount Nabooru South Cave▶Isle of Rabac Gallery
▶Lake Hylia Whirlpool Cave▶Great Plateau Foothill Cave
▶Fort Hateno Cave▶East Gerudo Ruins Cave
▶Tobio’s Hollow Cave▶Icefall Foothills Cave
▶East Biron Snowshelf Cave▶Rassla Lake Cave
▶Dueling Peaks North Cave▶Floria River Upstream Excavation
▶Mount Floria Cave▶Ranch Ruins Cave
▶Hebra South Summit Cave▶Hebra Mountains Northwest Cave
▶Hebra Great Skeleton▶Bone Pond East Cave
▶Popla Foothills Excavation Site▶Gorko Tunnel
▶South Gerudo Cave▶Southern Mine
▶Spectacle Rock Cave▶Lower Spectacle Rock Cave
▶Lake Intenoch Cave▶YunoboCo HQ East Cave
▶River of the Dead Waterfall Cave▶Rauru Hillside Cave
▶Oakle’s Navel Cave▶Lanayru Road East Cave
▶Lanayru Road South Cave▶Byroad to Lanayru Wetlands
▶Lindor's Brow Cave▶Ralis Channel
▶Luto's Channel▶West Lake Totori Cave
▶Quicksand Lake Cave▶Corta Lake Cave
▶Pico Pond Cave▶West Restaurant Cave
▶East Restaurant Cave▶Rebonae Bridge Cave
▶Rodai Lakefront Tunnel

What Happens When You Find All The Caves?

Can Watch Koltin's Final Cutscene

Cave Locations

After receiving all of Koltin's trading items, you can give him the rest of Bubbul Gems, you will be able to see Koltin's final cutscene.

Receive Koltin's Fabric

Cave Locations

When you watch the final cutscene, you will receive Koltin's special fabric. You can put it on the Paraglider and show it off.

Map Completion Increases 7.8%

When you find all the entrances of the caves, the map completion will increase 7.8%. When you are trying to complete your map, this is an element you can not miss.

▶How To Complete 100% - Map Checklist & Checker

Tears Of The Kingdom Related Articles

Location List

Map Related Guides

▶How To Complete 100% - Map Checklist & Checker

How To Go To Villages

▶Yiga Clan BaseTarrey Town
Lurelin VillageKakariko Village
Kara Kara Bazaar▶Lookout Landing Hidden Passageway
Gerudo TownGoron City
Eventide IslandLucky Clover Gazette
Zora's DomainDeath Mountain
Hyrule CastleHateno Village
Bedrock Bistro
Lost Woods〜Korok ForestThunderhead Isles
Rito VillageLink's House
YunoboCo HQForgotten Temple

Stable List

▶Gerudo Canyon Stable▶Highland Stable
▶Foothill Stable▶Wetland Stable
▶New Serenne Stable▶Snowfield Stable
▶Tabantha Bridge Stable▶East Akkala Stable
▶Dueling Peaks Stable▶Outskirt Stable
▶South Akkala Stable▶Woodland Stable
▶Riverside Stable▶Lakeside Stable

Coliseum List

Coliseum you can get Armors
▶Desert Coliseum▶Floating Coliseum
▶Scorching Coliseum▶Forest Coliseum
▶Secluded Coliseum▶Lone Island Coliseum

Mine Location List

Mines you can get Armors
▶Tuft Canyon Mine▶Corvash Canyon Mine
▶Cuho Canyon Mine▶Cresia Pit Mine
▶Gerudo Canyon Mine▶Crenel Canyon Mine
▶Daphnes Canyon Mine▶Hylia Canyon Mine
▶Dueling Canyons Mine▶Rist Mine
▶Lindor Canyon Mine▶Hebra Canyon Mine

Other Location Lists

Locations where you can find Armors
▶Akkala Ancient Tech Lab▶Yiga Clan Maritta Branch
▶Eldin Dark Skeleton▶Abandoned Kara Kara Mine
▶Floating Scales Island▶Sturnida Lavafalls
▶Gleeok Den▶Gerudo Dark Skeleton
▶Ancient Underground Fortress▶Bravery Island
▶Sky Mine▶Zonaite Forge Island
▶Valor Island▶Lake Totori
▶Hebra Dark Skeleton▶Lightcast Island
▶Courage Island▶Blupee Burrow

Grove Location List

▶Retsam Grove]▶Rok Grove
▶Ginner Grove▶Giant's Grove
▶Korok Grove▶Grove of Spirits
▶Dalite Grove▶Minshi Grove
▶Midla Grove▶Grove of Time
▶Hickaly Grove▶Bubinga Grove
▶Pappetto Grove▶Applean Grove


▶Hyrule Castle Moat East Chasm▶Hyrule Castle Moat West Chasm
▶Rito Village Chasm]▶Chasm Under Zora's Domain
▶Tobio's Hollow Chasm▶Tingel Island Chasm


▶Kuhsagi Lightroot▶Sikatag Lightroot
▶Sohse Lightroot▶Cugukaram Lightroot
▶Camobatures Lightroot▶Netamnet Lightroot
▶Apapes Lightroot▶Amo-ne Lightroot

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