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What To Do First? Early Game Guide & Walkthrough

TotK | What To Do First? Early Game Guide & Walkthrough | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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TotK | What To Do First? Early Game Guide & Walkthrough | Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - GameWith

Early Game Guide for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. See what to do first, progress in early game, available features, combat tips, guide and strategy for beginners.

Table Of Contents

Learn All About The Basics

Be Familiar With The Controls

Basic Controls

The best way to get started is to learn the controls first. All the basic controls will be important, so practice around the area until you become familiar with the controls.

Recommended Settings

In-game settings can be changed by opening the menu with the + Button, then going to System and Options.

Controls Settings - How To Change
Gyro FunctionRecommended having it OFF if you are not used to it
Jump Control SwitchingON if you want to set jump to B
Minimap North FixationRecommended having it ON

Learn To Save

You can save at any time by using the "+ button" -> "System" -> "Save". The auto-save will go in at various times, and if you die, it will resume from the most recent saved date.

How To Save Guide - Can You Stop Autosave?

Remember To Lock On & Evade When In Battle

How To Lock OnPress & hold ZL (Also hold Shield)
How To EvadePress and hold ZL. Jump left, right or back

The combat right from the start can be difficult if you are not familiar with the controls, but if you just remember the combat technique of using ZL to Lock On an enemy and avoid them by jumping while holding down ZL, the early combat will be very easy.

Pick Up Materials On The Map & Cook Food In The Pot

At first, you will obtain materials from the map, and you must remember to put the materials into a pot over the fire to make food. Food had various effects such as Stamina recovery and Cold Resistance.

Food Recommendations For Early Stages

Simmered FruitApple x 55 Hearts Recovery
Energizer FruitRestless Cricket ×4
Bokoblin Horn x 1
1 Gauge Stamina Wheel recovery
Spicy Sauteed PeppersSpicy Pepper × 55 Hearts Recovery
Cold Resistance Lv1
12 Mins 30 Sec

How To Progress In Early Game

Getting to the Surface
  1. Jump off the island when you wake up
  2. After obtaining the Purah Pad, jump down further to the Great Sky Island
  3. Clear 3 Shrines
  4. Go to the Temple of Time
  5. Warp to the fourth shrine and clear it
  6. Go to the Temple of Time again and go to the Surface

Recommended Order For The Shrines

Each time you clear one shrine, Link will learn a new ability. First, take the three shrines by following the recommended order below. After that, return to the Temple of Time, travel to the fourth shrines and clear it to get to the surface.

Shrine List & Strategy Guide
No.ShrineAbility Unlocked
1Ukouh ShrineUltrahand
2In-isa ShrineFuse
3Gutanbac ShrineAscend
4Nachoyah ShrineRecall

Unlock Fast Travel After Returning To Temple of Time

After clearing the third shrine, the warp is cleared at the Temple of Time. From then on, you can warp to the shrine, so you can come back after advancing to the surface.

How To Fast Travel
1Open the map by pressing the "-" button
2Move the cursor to the place where you want to warp
3Press the "A" button to warp

Get Warm Doublet


Archaic Warm Greaves can be obtained from a treasure chest on a large stump near the shrine marked above by ③ (Gutanbac Shrine). Ascend through the area where the tree roots are protruding on the east side when looking from the shrine.

How To Unlock The Clogged Point On Great Sky Island

Iron Bars Move With Hooks & Logs

The long Iron Bars along the way can be moved easily by combining hooks and wooden boards or logs with Ultrahand. It is also possible to force yourself to walk across the iron bars.

Travel The Lake By Building A Raft Of Logs

As you progress, a scene occurs where you cross to the other side of the river using Zonai Devices called Fan. Here, two or more logs are attached with Ultrahand, to which Fan is added to create a raft. Once the raft is floating in the water, you can move by hitting the fan.

Broken Rails Use Hooks

When trying to move with the trolley and the fan, you will encounter an area where one rail is broken. Here it is possible to move on one rail by adding a hook to the trolley Fan.

Other Features

[Floating Scaffold]
Floating scaffolds can be moved by Ultrahand. By moving them alternately, it is possible to climb to high places.
When placed on the rails, it begins to descend. The flying distance changes depending on the position of the wings, and if you are in front of the rail, you can adjust the position of the rail as it descends rapidly.

Focus On Main Quests Even After Getting Down To Surface

Continue to focus on the Main Quest after clearing the Great Sky Island. Check the section below to know what you have to do and what you need to remember when advancing through the Main Quests.

How To Check Main Quests
1Press the + button to open the menu
2Select the Adventure Log with the L button
3Select Main Quests with the right stick
4Select the appropriate quest with the left stick and the destination will be marked on the map
Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Things To Do & Remember In The Early Stages

Release The Emergency Shelter At Lookout Landing

After arriving at the Surface, proceed to the Main Quests Crisis at Hyrule Castle and report to Purah that you have seen Princess Zelda, and he will tell you about the Emergency Shelter. Talk to the soldier in the center to clear the Emergency Shelter.

Emergency Shelter Allows You To Rest In A Bed

The beds in the Emergency Shelter allow you to rest until morning, noon, or night, and even change the weather. Make the most out of it!

Get A Paraglider To Make Exploring Easier

If you proceed further to the Main Quests Crisis at Hyrule Castle, Skyview Tower and the Paraglider will be unlocked. Since the exploration is overwhelmingly different with or without the Paraglider, it is better to get it first.

Paraglider - How To Get & Unlock Guide

Only Collect Items Above Hyrule Castle

Hyrule 1F
Hyrule B1
Hyrule B2
Hyrule B3

In Hyrule Castle where you can go to from the beginning of the game, you can get strong weapons and equipment which are great at the beginning of the game. If you are around after getting Paraglider, you should just walk around first.

Hyrule Castle Guide: How To Get Into & Weapons Map

Hylian Shield Is Available At Docks

The Hylian Shield can be obtained from the following locations even at the very beginning of the game. The Shield is also durable that it will not break even if used from the beginning to the end of the game, so those who want a stable strategy should collect it first.

Hylian Shield - How To Get & Stats

Royal Guard Uniform Is Located In Surface

Royal Guard Boots and Hat are available at Hyrule Castle above, but the clothes are in a treasure chest in the Guards' Chamber on Surface.

Royal Guard Uniform - Upgrade & How To Get

Clear The Skyview Tower & Shrine To Make Map Exploration Easier

By clearing the Skyview Tower, you will unlock the areas revealed on the map, and at the same time, it allows you to fly to the tower as a travel destination. Liberating the shrine will also make the area available as a warping point, so if you see one, make sure to liberate them. (You don't have to clear the shrine!)

Skyview Tower Locations Shrine List Guide

Heart Container & Stamina Vessel Enhancements

Hearts and Stamina Wheel are very important when exploring. They can be strengthened by collecting four Light of Blessings, which can be obtained by clearing the shrine and offering them to the Goddess Statue. The highest priority is to strengthen the Stamina Wheel, which also leads to the acquisition of the most powerful weapon, the Master Sword.

Heart Container And Stamina Vessel - How To Increase & Which One To Get

Keep A Hammer & Axe With You At All Times

The hammer can be used to destroy ore deposits on the map and obtain materials that can be sold for a high price. The axe is useful for cutting down trees to make firewood and destroying crates. Always carry these two items at the beginning of the game.

How To Create With Fuse

Finished WeaponsWeapon MaterialsMaterials

Pick Up A Lot Of Bows & Arrows

Break The Crate & Get The Arrow

If you see a crate around, be sure to break it. You will find many items like arrows and ingredients that will help you with your adventure.

Collect Arrows Released By Enemies

1Enemies with bows will find you
2Continue to avoid the attacks
3Collect the arrows that stick in the ground
4Save and load when the arrow is no longer stuck
Arrow Farming Guide

Prepare Strong Weapons & Collect Remote Bombs

Strengthening Weapons With Fure Is Fundamental

The basic idea is to strengthen your weapons by fusing the weapons you pick up with the materials you get from enemies. Remember to fuse your weapons, and note that each material has its own effects and greatly increases damage.

Best Weapons List & How To Get

Bomb Flower + Arrows Is An Easy Way To Damage

In the beginning, just attach a Bomb Flower to an Arrow for a hand and powerful fire ranged attack. Be careful not to shoot too close or you will be caught in the explosion.

Get The Most Powerful Shield Early In The Game

The strongest Shield in Tears of the Kingdom is the Hylian Shield, which can be obtained at the very beginning by simply going to the side hole of the docks around the perimeter of Hyrule Castle and lighting a candelabra. It is recommended due to its high durability and an overwhelming enemy guard.

Hylian Shield - How To Get & Stats

Learn How To Earn Money (Rupees)

In the Main Quest, you will have to buy Armor at Rito Village to get Cold Resistance. The way to get money in the early stages of the game is very simple. When you see a deposit, break it with a hammer, and sell the materials you get. Another good way is to kill Stone Talus and Bokoblin Talus.

Rupees Farming Guide - How To Farm Money

Use Blood-Stained Moon To Get Items You Already Got

After 168 minutes (2 hours and 48 minutes) in real time, a Blood-stained Moon will occur and various things, such as enemies and materials, will respawn. Keep in mind that you will be able to repeatedly obtain Materials that have fallen or are dropped by powerful enemies.

Blood Moon Guide - How To Trigger Red Moon Event

Find The Koroks & Expand Your Inventory

Koroks are still around, just as they were in the previous game. Finding a certain number of Koroks hidden in various places will allow you to expand your inventory. There are various riddles your need to clear to find them!

Korok Seed Locations Map & Uses

Get Zonai Devices From Zonai Machines

Zonai devices can be obtained from Zonai Machines located throughout the map by inserting specific materials into the machine and then spinning the machine. The basic Zonai Devices cannot be put away, but you can add them to your inventory if you obtain them through the gacha.

Zonai Gacha Stations - How To Use & What You Get

Gear Available Varies Per Location

The Zonai Devices available through the gacha vary depending on the location of the Zonai Machine.

Capture A Horse & Register It At The Stable

If you catch a Horse and bring it safely to the Stable, you can call it with a Whistle after registering it. As a means of transportation, it may be easier to explore the map so if you see a Horse, try to catch it.

Horse Guide - How To Call & Register Horses

Nearest Stable Location At Early Stages Of The Game

New Serenne StableMap

New Serenne Stable is the closest one to Lookout Landing. There is a Hinox on the bridge on the way, but it is not a problem once you pass by.

Side Adventures Progression Unlocks Elements

Although each has its own prerequisites, Side Adventures, which occur by talking to certain NPCs, unlock new elements when you clear them. This includes strengthening Armor and releasing the functions of the Purah Pad.

Side Quests With Various Rewards

Talking to NPCs with an exclamation point will trigger Side Quests. By completing the quests, you will receive various rewards, such as weapons, armor, and materials.

When You Find Geoglyphs, Check The Puddles

Each of the Geoglyphs in Hyrule has a pool of water that can be examined. When you examine them, an event will occur and you will be able to see their memories. These Geoglyphs are also the conditions for obtaining the Master Sword, the most powerful weapon in the game.

Geoglyphs & Dragon's Tears Locations List

Take Brightbloom Seed With You To Explore Depths

The Depths can be accessed by talking to Robbie at Lookout Landing after completing the Main Quests "To the Kingdom of Hyrule". After that, it is not possible to move to the Depths from the deep hole on the Surface.

Prepare Brightbloom Seed Before Going To The Depths

When you first go to the Depths for the first time, it will be pitch black and you will not be able to see anything. A Brightbloom Seed can light up the surrounding area, making it essential for this section!

Immediately blooms upon impact and illuminates the surrounding area with light on the spot

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