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Korok Seed Locations & Map for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK). Guide includes all map locations of Korok Seeds, its use, how to get or solve puzzle, rewards and more!

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Korok Seed - Map Locations

There Are 1,000 Korok Seeds In 900 Locations

How To Use The Map

  • Pinch out (two-finger gesture) to zoom in the map.
  • Tap on the icons on the map to toggle between acquired and not acquired.
  • Tap on the icons at the bottom to toggle between display and hide.
  • Switch maps by selecting an area (Surface/Sky).

About The Orange Line On The Map

Some of the Korok's‎ puzzles involve moving from the starting point. The route is indicated by an orange line, and the final destination is marked with an icon.

List Of Korok Seed Features

Make Friends Meet

The objective is to bring two Koroks that are a short distance apart to meet each other. Use the Ultrahand to move the Koroks and take them with you by attaching them to a log. The correct approach is not limited to just one, it features a high degree of freedom in terms of gimmicks. Additionally, upon clearing, you will always receive two Korok Seeds.

Make Use Of Tools That Are Nearby

Near the lost Koroks, there are often materials such as wooden boards and Zonai devices that can be used as means of transportation. It requires some creativity, but the feeling of accomplishment is rewarding when you can successfully navigate with ease after figuring it out.

It's Easier To Pull With A Harness If It's Connected To The Ground

If the location is connected to the ground, you can simply need to attach the Koroks to the harness and move. However, be careful not to have the Koroks too close to the horse's hind legs, as it may impede smooth running.

How To Get & Use Towing Harness

Get Near Flowers

As you get closer to a flower, it disappears and reappears in a different spot. By repeating this several times, Koroks will appear. Be sure to pay attention and not miss where the vanished flower reappears.

Catch Cotton Or Wool

When you attack the cotton-like fluff, it will float up gently and then descend to the ground after a few seconds. The objective is to examine the cotton before it touches the ground to clear the challenge.

Pick Up Stones

It is a simple mechanism where Koroks appear when you pick up stones. The stones are placed in various locations, such as on top of trees or hidden under dried leaves.

Arrange Stones

There are stones arranged in various formations, but there are places where one up to two or three stones is missing. By bringing a nearby stone and placing it there, you can clear the challenge.

Puzzle Blocks

Square blocks are connected in a distinctive pattern. Using the Ultra Hand, you need to move clusters of blocks with different colors and fit them into the puzzle seamlessly to clear it. There are several patterns to consider, such as attaching them symmetrically or matching them with adjacent shapes.

Examine Light Sparkles

There are multiple patterns where Korok Seeds appear when examining sparkling spots on the ground, tree tops, or on leaves that emit light.

Jump In The Water

The leaves floating in the water are arranged in a circle. Since you need to dive from the head, if you can't perform a diving motion, try to come up with a plan like performing a high jump from a tall location using the R1 button.

Shoot Targets

When you stand in the spot where the windmill is stuck, flying targets will appear nearby. To clear the challenge, you need to destroy all the targets. It's usually best to use bows and arrows as the main method.

Best Ways To Get Arrows

Reach Goal In Time

Stepping on a tree stump with a leaf symbol triggers the appearance of a circular destination marker. If you can reach the destination within the time limit, you clear the challenge. Even if you fail, you can attempt it as many times as you want.

Break Acorn

Koroks appear when acorns hanging in tree hollows or under bridges are broken.

Jizo Offering

There are small dishes in places where Jizo statues are lined up and Koroks will appear if you place the same item as the one placed next to it. There are also special patterns, such as offering Mighty Bananas to the Jizo statue in front of the Yiga Clan Hideout.

Put Rock On The Tree

You will find a rock that will fit in the hole, usually located in the middle of the tree that is shaped weirdly. Use Ultrahand to lift the rock up and put it on top of the tree to complete.


There is a chain connecting two corks. Koroks are going to appear if you remove the cork that is fastened to the tree. One of the corks can be removed if another object is fastened to it using Ultrahand to make it heavier.

You Can Make It Fly When Submerged In Water

When the stopper is submerged in the water and released, the buoyancy will cause it to jump up, and the stopper can be removed using that force. Keep this in mind when you are near water where there are no usable objects around.


A stump (leaf pattern) is attached to the ceiling, and Koroks will appear if you use Ascend toward it.

Fix The Roof

A gimmick to fix a broken roof by fitting a nearby board, using Ultrahand to align its orientation.

Fly And Land

The destination appears when you get on the stump. If you can fly to the destination without ever touching the ground, the game is cleared. Aim at the destination by jumping and paragliding.

Ring A Bell

The bell rings when you lift the bell with Ultrahand and release it. After the bell is heard several times, Koroks will appear.

Wall Stump (Sky Only)

The stump is attached to the cliff side in some areas in the sky islands, so if you climb down the side and touch it, Koroks will appear.

Catch Fragments By Speeding Up (Sky Only)

When you step on the stump, a light will appear and fall down toward the Surface with great force. Use the R1 button to speed up to catch it.

Korok Seed - Uses & Required Numbers

Used For Expanding Inventory

Korok Seeds are items used to increase your inventory. It is necessary to collect a considerable number of Korok Seeds to get the max Inventory space. It is necessary to collect 421 Korok Seeds to expand all Inventory to the maximum.

Number Of Koroks Seeds Required To Increase Inventory

Uses Of Seeds & Priority

At the start, increasing the capacity of your Weapon Inventory is recommended to be prioritized. This is because you will often find yourself with a full weapon inventory. Once you think you have enough inventory for weapons, you can proceed to expanding the slots for Bows and shields.

Locations Where You Can Expand Your Inventory

1st & 2nd3rd Onwards
Location Of Hestu
Location Of Hestu 2

Korok Seeds can be collected early in the game, but the inventory expansion is only available after descending to the Surface. After obtaining the Paraglider, head northwest from Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and complete a simple event to expand the inventory. It is near Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower, so stop by and expand your map.

Only Two Slots Are Available For The First Expansion

Once you have expanded a total of two slots, Hestu will move on and you will not be able to expand unless you meet him at another location. Look for him on the right side of the map since there are hints that he will head east.

Use Recommendations & Priorities

It is recommended to prioritize the expansion of the Weapons inventory at the start of the game. Weapons have a high priority because they can be picked up easily and you can get a ton of them. Since the number of items required for expansion increases, expand Bow and Shield little by little.

What Happens If You Collect All Korok Seeds?

You Can Get Hestu's Gift

A Hestu's Gift is distributed as a keepsake once all 1,000 Korok Seeds have been collected. Although it does not hold any advantages in the game, it may symbolize having acquired all the Koroks by using this item.

Post Game Guide & What To Do After Game?

Hetsu's Dance

You won't be able to view Hestu's cute dance after all Inventory expansions, but if you gather them all, you will only be able to see the dance.

Shows A Special Dance!

Hetsu also does a special dance each time, which Botw players may appreciate. If you are interested, you can collect them all.

36% Increase In The Achievement Rate Of The Map

Korok Seed affects the achievement rate of the map and collecting all Koroks in 900 locations increases the map achievement rate by 36%. Collecting Koroks‎ is an unavoidable factor to achieve 100% map completion rate.

How To Complete 100% - Map Checklist & Checker

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