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Welcome to the Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) wiki guide & tips! Learn more about MHR Switch, including release date, editions, price, pre-order bonus, gameplay, & new monsters!

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Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) Latest News

Showcase On TGS 2020

Showcase On TGS 2020

Capcom unveiled more about Monster Hunter Rise during their CAPCOM SPECIAL PROGRAM broadcast during TGS2020. They revealed several details about the upcoming game, including new monsters, new mechanics, locations, and never-before-seen footages.

New MH Rise Info

  • New moves with the Wirebug
  • New Shrine Ruins location
  • Bring 2 allies when playing solo
  • Cover Monster: Magnamalo
  • Newly revealed monsters
  • Kamura Village
  • "The Rampage"
  • New attacks & movement
  • Release Date
  • Pre-orders are open
  • New Amiibos
  • Crossover content with MH Stories 2
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Monster Hunter Rise Trailer

On September 17th, 2020, the official trailer for Monster Hunter Rise was finally revealed! Two and a half minutes of footage was shown, featuring gameplay, characters, and of course plenty of monsters! Check it out for yourself in the video above. Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to Switch on March 26th, 2021!

Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) New Monsters

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New MonstersAll New Monsters
New MonstersMagnamaloNew MonstersArknosom
New MonstersGreat IzuchiNew MonstersTetranodon

Other Confirmed Monsters

※ Some of the images below are from previous Monster Hunter games

ArzurosArzurosTobi KadachiTobi Kadachi



The Aknosom is a powerful Bird Wyvern that uses the crest on its head to intimidate foes and take them out!



The Tetranodon is a hulking amphibian who swallows up anything in its path, changing its abilities as it grows!

Great Izuchi

Great Izuchi

The Great Izuchi attack in packs of 3, with two smaller fledglings alongside a cunning leader.



Touted to be the "main" monster of MHR, the Magnamalo is a menacing Fanged Wyvern that is said to have caused a great calamity.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Gameplay Features

MHR Features

New Features

WirebugBuddy Palamute
Shrine Ruins (New Locale)Kamura Village
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Changes From Previous Games

PalicoLayered Armor

Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) Release Date & Price

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Release Date

Release DateMarch 26th, 2021
PlatformsSwitch Only
Price$59.99 (Standard Edition)
$69.99 (Deluxe Edition)
$99.99 (Collector's Edition)
EditionsStandard Edition
Deluxe Edition
Collector's Edition
Official StoreMonster Hunter Rise
Check Out The Editions Here!

Standard Edition

Pre Order

The stand version of the game will give you the game itself with no other additional bonuses.

Deluxe Edition

Pre Order

The Deluxe Edition will give you a lot more customization options in the form of layered armor, gestures, poses, and face paint!

Content In The Deluxe Edition

  • Hunter layered armor "Kamurai" set
  • Palamute layered armor piece "Shuriken Collar"
  • Palico layered armor piece "Fish Collar"
  • Gestures (4 Jumps)
  • Samurai pose set
  • Kabuki face paint
  • "Izuchi Tail" hairstyle

Collector's Edition

Pre Order

The Collector's Edition will provide you with the above mentioned in-game content, but will also get you some real-life goodies as well, including stickers, a pin, and even an amiibo!

  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • Deluxe Kit extra contents
  • Magnamalo amiibo
  • Monster icon sticker pack
  • Kamura Mark - Enamel Pin

Pre Order Bonus

Pre Order

Pre-ordering Monster Hunter Rise now will net you special cosmetic layered armor for your Palamute and Palico! Turn them into an incredibly cute Retriever and Forest Cat! You'll also get a Novice Talisman that will help you out in the early game.

Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) Gameplay

Classic Monster Hunter Combat


The type of fast paced action combat that pits you against massive, monstrous foes will of course be making a comeback in this upcoming Monster Hunter game. Battles with monsters look to be smoother and more exciting than ever.

Ride Your Palamute


Players seem to be able to ride their own pet dog, or Palamute, using it to traverse the land! You can even climb up vertically using it, which will no doubt make it extremely useful!

Monsters Galore


Several monsters were featured in the first trailer so far, including the menacing Magnamalo, who seems to be responsible for some sort of a calamity that occurred 50 years ago.

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