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We are currently updating this article based on the latest Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Title 1 Update (Ver. 11) . Stay tune for more information!

Gunlance best build for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (MHR Sunbreak). Learn about Gunlance build, endgame weapons, armor, decorations, skills, & more!e!

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Gunlance Best Build

Best Build & Weapon For MR ★ 1~3

Weapon NameDurability
Kamura Warrior Gunlance
Special AmmoNormal Ammo Lv4
Jumping Jewel 2
Steadfast Jewel 2

Recommended Armor & Equipments

HeadHunter's Helm XIronwall Jewel 2
ChestRhenoplos Mail XWirebug Jewel 2
ArmsRhenoplos Braces XWirebug Jewel 2
Wirebug Jewel 2
WaistRhenoplos Coil X-
LegsChainmail Pants XGrinder Jewel 1
Grinder Jewel 1
Grinder Jewel 1
Artillery Lv3 / Guard Lv3 / Wirebug Whisperer Lv3 / Speed Sharpening Lv3 / Stun Resistance Lv3 / Load Shells Lv2 / Load Shells Lv2 / Tremor Resistance Lv2 / Item Prolonger Lv1 / Stamina Surge Lv1 / Evade Extender Lv1
Armor Materials List
HeadAce Hunter Coin x2
Hunter King Coin x3
Rajang Coin x3
Barioth Coin x2
ChestHeavy Tetra Carapace x3
Tetranadon Thickhide x3
Massive Bone x1
Frocium x1
ArmRakna-Kadaki Hardclaw x4
Rakna-Kadaki Cortex x1
Rakna-Kadaki Silk+ x3
Monster Essence x2
Waist王国騎士団の証Ⅰ x1
Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x2
Monster Slogbone x1
Ultimas Crystal x1
LegsRakna-Kadaki Cortex x5
Rakna-Kadaki Hardclaw x1
Rakna-Kadaki Glowgut+ x1
臣蜘蛛の艶糸 x2
Features And Builds Of The Equipment
Rhenoplos Set can activate "Artillery" and "Load Shells" . To increase the turnover rate of Guard Edge, it is recommended to put "Wirebug Jewel" in the free slot.

Best Build & Weapon For MR ★ 5

Weapon NameDurability
Jaya Gunlance+White
Special AmmoNormal Ammo Lvl. 6
Grinder Jewel 1

Recommended Armor & Equipments

HeadLunagaron HelmExpert Jewel 2
Expert Jewel 2
ChestPyre-Kadaki Mail XArtillery Jewel 2
Jumping Jewel 2
ArmsRhenoplos Braces XCritical Jewel 2
Critical Jewel 2
WaistBazelgeuse Coil XTenderizer Jewel 2
Legs軽装騎士【脚甲】Ironwall Jewel+ 3
Grinder Jewel 1
Talisman-Shield Jewel+ 4
Critical Eye Lv4 / Weakness Exploit Lv3 / Wirebug Whisperer Lv3 / Artillery Lv3 / Load Shells Lv2 / Guard Lv3 / Razor Sharp Lv3 / Critical Boost Lv3 / Speed Sharpening Lv3 / Guard Up Lv1 / Maximum Might Lv1 / Special Ammo Boost Lv1 / Evade ExtenderLv1
Armor Materials List
Head"Lunagaron Shard x3
Luna Vermilion Hardclaw x1
Lunagaron Cortex x1
Lunagaron Frost Jewel x1
Chest熾妃蜘蛛の剛爪 x3
熾妃蜘蛛の艶絹糸 x3
Monster Essencex1
熾妃蜘蛛の重鉤棘 x1
ArmLarge Herbivore Bone x1
Rhenoplos Scalp x1
Crushing Fang x2
Waist爆鱗竜の厚鱗 x4
爆鱗竜の剛爪 x3
Bazelgeuse Cortex x1
Conflagrant Sac x2
Legs王国騎士団の証1 x1
Lightning Sac x1
Monster Toughbone x1
Goldlite Ore x1
Features And Builds Of The Equipment
Normal type equipment with emphasis on the firepower of full burst combos. You can use Evade Extender Lv1 and such for a more comfortable gameplay.

Best Build & Weapon For Post Story

Weapon NameDurability
Abyssal RockslidePink
Special AmmoDiffusion type Lv8
Daora Soul Jewel 3

Recommended Armor & Equipments

Head(Male) Utsushi True Mask (V)
(Female) 神凪・洸【元結】
Brace Jewel 1
Chest(Male) Utsushi True Mask (V)
Brace Jewel 1
Arms重装騎士【鎧】Grinder Jewel 1
Grinder Jewel 1
WaistBarroth Vambraces XShield Jewel 2
Grinder Jewel 1
LegsBazelgeuse Greaves XGuardian Jewel 3
TalismanWirebug Whisperer Lv2Attack Jewel 2
Jumping Jewel 2
Rampage Ornament Skill: Kushala Daora Soul
Attack BoostLv7 / Artillery Lv3 / Razor Sharp Lv3 / Wirebug Whisperer Lv3 / Guard Lv3 / Offensive Guard Lv3 / Speed Sharpening Lv3 / Spare Shot Lv2 / Load Shells Lv2 / Affinity Sliding Lv1 / Spread Up Lv1 / Agitator Lv1 / Flinch Free Lv1 / Guard Up Lv1 / Evade ExtenderLv1
Armor Materials List
HeadElgado Ticket x1
妃蜘蛛の剛爪 x2
Monster Slogbone x1
Frocium x2
Chest王国騎士団の証2 x1
Ceanataur Hardclaw x2
Monster Slogbone x1
Caked Stiffbone x2
ArmBarroth Chine x4
Barroth Hardclaw x1
Monster Toughbone x2
Massive Monster Bone x3
Waist爆鱗竜の厚鱗 x4
爆鱗竜の剛爪 x3
爆鱗竜の重殻 x1
Conflagrant Sac x2
Legs爆鱗竜の重殻 x4
爆鱗竜の重尾 x1
Features And Builds Of The Equipment
The Last Boss weapon will have an amazing level 8 spread and also has excellent attack power and sharpness. The lack of Affinity will be covered by Kushala Daora Soul.

Gunlance - Best Skills

Skill NameEffect
Recommended Points
Strengthens explosive attacks like shells, Wyvern's Fire, charge blade phial attacks, and Sticky Ammo.
[Recommended Points]
Increases firepower.
Razor Sharp
Prevents your weapon from losing sharpness.
[Recommended Points]
Great for this build for it consumes explosive amounts of Sharpness.
Evade Extender
(Rating: ★★★)
Effect: Increases evade distance.
Recommendation: Can supplement mobility. Particularly useful in multiplayer where monsters move around.
Load Shells
(Rating: ★★★)
Effect: Improves reloading, and increases the gunlance's shell capacity and charge blade's phial capacity.
Recommendation: Increased reload speed and loadings to increase firepower
(Rating: ★★★)
Effect: Reduces knockbacks and stamina depletion when guarding.
Recommendation: Increased reload speed and loadings to increase firepower
Wirebug Whisperer
(Rating: ★★☆)
Effect: Improves your handling of Wirebugs.
Recommendation: Useful for frequent use of the Silkbind technique.
Offensive Guard
(Rating: ★★☆)
Effect: Temporarily increases attack power after executing a perfectly-timed guard.
Recommendation: Note that when activated by a guard edge, the effect will not be activated unless the guard is guarded at the beginning of the technique.
Guard Up
(Rating: ★☆☆)
Effect:Allows you to guard against ordinarily unblockable attacks.
Recommendation: It will be able to guard against unguardable attacks such as gas, etc. As long as Lv1 is activated, there is no problem.
Skills List

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Masao 6

... And the arms in the post-story set are the Hoplite's Braces, obtained as a reward for completing the "Unknown Invader" Follower Collab Quest.

Masao 5

I believe those pants in the MR5 set are the Squire's Greaves, gotten after doing two follower quests w/ Rondine. (The devs here can tell me whether I'm right or not)

Put the kanji in Google, translated the page, looked at the skills, then for pants that had the same skills.

Masao 4

Stop using the JP names & kanji, please.

Anonymous 3

Hard to build not knowing what the leg piece is...

Anonymous 2

What are the Japanese pieces?? I looked em up but couldn’t find anything

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