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Elemental Blights are a status effect in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Blights apply negative effects to hunters and monsters. Read about how to remove, & heal them in MH Rise!

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Elemental Blight - What Is It?

A Type Of Status Effect


Elemental Blight is a type of status effect that is usually applied when you take a hit from a monster's elemental attack. In previous games in the franchise, it was also possible to get Iceblight by touching certain icewater as well, so there are multiple ways of getting this ailment.

...Yet Somewhat Different

While Blight is indeed a type of status effect, it is also treated somewhat differently than Abnormal Status Effects. For example, in MHW you had a skill called Blight Resistance which was independent from regular status resistance. Unless the mechanics change dramatically, don't expect regular status resistance to work on Blight!

Abnormal Status Effects Guide

Check In The Top Left Part Of Your Screen


If you become afflicted with a Blight, you'll be able to see this indicated in the top left corner of your screen, next to your name. You can select this to see more information, such as exactly which blight you have. Note, however, that if you've set your name to not appear in this area, the blight debuff won't show up either.

Effects Different For Monsters & Hunters

Elemental Blights can inflict not only hunters but also monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. Even if the type of blight is the same, the effect it has on its target will differ, so take note.

List Of Elemental Blight & How To Deal With It

Hunter Blights

BlightEffect / How To Remove
Deals damage over time
【How To Remove】
・Use a Nulberry
・Dodge three times (only once in water)
・Expires by itself over time
Slows stamina regeneration
【How To Remove】
・Use a Nulberry
・Wiredash two times
・Dodge 10 times
・Expires by itself over time
Makes you easier to stun
【How To Remove】
・Use a Nulberry
・Dodge (amount of times not yet confirmed)
・Expires by itself over time
Causes Wirebug gauge to recharge slower
【How To Remove】
・Use a Nulberry
・Dodge (amount of times not yet confirmed)
・Expires by itself over time
Negates your weapon's elemental and status damage
【How To Remove】
・Use a Nulberry
・Dodge (amount of times not yet confirmed)
・Expires by itself over time

Stock Up On Nulberries

Nulberries are consumable items that will cure your blights when eaten. These are extremely useful, so it's always worth having a few on you while out hunting.

How To Deal With Blights

This information was originally written for Monster Hunter World.

Increase your equipment's elemental resistance
Activate the Elemental Resistance skill

In past games, it was possible to prevent yourself from even getting a blight debuff by raising your equipment's elemental resistance to a certain number. Additionally, it's possible to reduce the duration of (or entirely negate) all blights by activating the Elemental Resistance skill.

Monster Blights

FireFireblight・Deals damage over time
・Makes the monster flinch more
WaterWaterblight・Makes the monster's body softer/weaker
└ The harder the part of the body, the greater the effect
ThunderThunderblight・Can stun via more than just Blunt Damage
└Stun value will be added when hitting all parts of the body (not only the head)
IceIceblight・Movement speed decreases
└Doesn't work while the monster is exhausted

Thunderblight - Still Need To Hit Head

While afflicted with Thunderblight, enemies will accumulate stun values when hit on any part of their body. However, in order to finally pull off the stun, you will need to hit the monster on its head. Also, you will get a huge amount of stun value points by hitting the head, so you'll want to always be aiming for it anyway!

How To Inflict Blight On Monsters

Use a Hunting Helper
Hit it with another monster's attacks

Use Hunting Helpers

Hunting Helper

It's possible to inflict an Elemental Blight on a monster by using certain hunting helpers. Hunting Helpers are a type of Endemic Life that can be found all over the map. Picking them up will let you use them as consumable items.

Blight-Inflicting Hunting Helpers

Hunting HelperLocation / Effect
FirebeetleFirebeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts fireblight when thrown at enemies.
SnowbeetleSnowbeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts iceblight when thrown at enemies.
MudbeetleMudbeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts waterblight when thrown at enemies.
ThunderbeetleThunderbeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts thunderblight when thrown at enemies.

Hit It With Another Monster's Attacks


Monsters can inflict Elemental Blights on each other! If you know a monster has an attack that causes a certain debuff, trying to initiate a turf war and forcing the two monsters two fight is a good idea.

Use Wyvern Riding

Wyvern Riding will allow you to mount and manipulate the actions of one monster. While doing this, you can use apply a Blight on another monster!

Wyvern Riding Guide

Probably Can't Inflict Blight With The Hunter Alone

From what we've been able to see so far in the game's Demo, it seems the only ways of inflicting a Blight on a monster are using items or other monsters. The Hunter does not seem to be able to inflict a Blight status on a Monster independent of these two means. It is possible that they will be able to do so in the full game, however.

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