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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (MH Sunbreak) guide to learn the new features coming to the game! Find out about new monsters, the new dog companion, the wirebug, new areas, and more!

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New Features In MHR Sunbreak

List Of New Features In Sunbreak

Changes Description
New MonstersAdded challenging new monsters in MH Rise Sunbreak
RankIncreased difficulty with the new G Rank or Master Rank!
Silkbind All-new Silkbind Attacks for all 14 weapons
Switch Skill New Switch Skill Swap for loadouts
Locale Set off to brand-new hunting locales
Endemic LifeTons of new Endemic Life in Sunbreak
QuestGo out on a hunt with a variety of characters with the new Follower Collab Quests!
CharactersMeet new allies in the new headquarters, Elgado!

New Monsters In MH Rise Sunbreak

New monsters await you in Sunbreak! Get ready to face the wrath of Malzeno, Lunagaron's icy shards, and Magma Almudron's fiery attacks as well as other new upcoming monsters in the coming free updates!

List Of New Monsters

All Monsters List

Master Rank Added In Sunbreak

In Master Rank missions, you can hunt new monsters, but be prepared to face more powerful versions of monsters you encountered in Monster Hunter Rise, some of them will surprise you with new attacks!

HR (Hunter Rank)

New Silkbind Actions

New Silkbind Moves/Attacks have been added for each of the 14 weapons! Utilize these new abilities to further customize your own hunting playstyle.

All Weapon Types List & Silk Bind Attacks Guide

New Switch Skill Feature!

You can use Switch Skill Swap to quickly change back and forth between Red and Blue Switch Skill Swap Scroll which you can also customize.

Swap Evade

Swap Evade is a new movement ability that can only be used after a Switch Skill Swap. It lets you move quickly in any direction, so that you can dodge monster attacks and maintain your distance.

Improved Wall Running

You no longer need to do a Wiredash to start a wall run! To run on a wall, just dash, leap, or perform a midair dodge towards it. Wall runs can even start from moves that do not require the Wirebug Gauge.

Switch Skills - How To Unlock & List

New Locale


The Citadel is a new locale centered around the forlorn ruins of an old castle, featuring a vast array of environments from forest-covered areas to frozen icescapes.


The Jungle boasts a warm climate and abundant rainfall, making it a paradise for the monsters and plant life that make their home there. It features rich, tree-laden greenery, expansive subterranean caverns, and relaxing waterside areas.

Map Guide - All Locales

New Endemic Life

New Endemic Life adds excitement to each hunt as you may use and experiment with them to fight off monsters!

List Of New Endemic Life in Sunbreak

Endemic Life List - Map & Locations

Follower Collab Quests

Followers will assist you in a number of ways, like utilizing health recovery items, planting traps, and even riding monsters. You'll be able to gain special goodies in these tasks, so give them a shot as you progress through the tale!

Follower Quests

Complete Follower Quests to strengthen your ties with your ally Followers, allowing you to eventually rely on their assistance for Support Surveys.

Support Surveys

Support Surveys enable you to select Followers with whom you have built close ties to accompany you on a mission. Each Follower also has a limited arsenal of weaponry from which you can equip them.

New Ally Characters

New Team Headquarters

Elgado is an outpost of the Kingdom, and home to the research team tasked with looking into the mystery surrounding Malzeno and other Kingdom monsters.

New Ally Characters

Meet new allies in the new headquarters, Elgado!

New Allies

Character List & Voice Actors

Changes From Past Monster Hunter Games

List Of Changes

Changes Description
New MonstersAdded new monsters in MH Rise
WirebugA new action that allows you to travel midair
Wyvern RidingA new action to mount & control monsters
PalamuteA new type of Buddy that joins you on your hunt
New AreasExplore the new map Shrine Ruins
Hunting HelpersNew endemic life which can be used as an item
PetalaceNew equipment which boosts your stats with Spiribird
Bunny DangoNew food system in MH Rise
MeowcenarySend off your buddy to collect materials

New Monsters In MH Rise

New Monsters

Alongside several fan favorite monsters, Magnamalo, Aknosom, Great Izuchi, & the Tetranodon! will also be making their debut on the new Monster Hunter Rise game!

List Of New Monsters

Check Out The New Monsters Here!

New Gameplay Feature: Wirebug


The Wirebug is a new type of tool that will change how you see the world of Monster Hunter Rise! It acts like a grappling hook which allows you to traverse steep rocky terrain, zip around open areas, and even combine it with moves to create devastating attacks!

Check Out The Wirebug Here!

New Wirebug Moves: Silkbind Attacks

New Attacks with the wirebug

Players can also use special Wirebug moves called Silkbind Attacks. The Silkbind attacks change depending on your weapon type. So try out different weapons and experiment to see which combos will fit your playstyle!

Check Out Silkbind Attack Of All Weapon Types Here

New Feature: Wyvern Riding


Mount and manipulate monsters with the new action Wyvern Riding. This action allows you to temporarily subjugate a monster and ride it, using it to attack other monsters.

Read More About Wyvern Riding Here

New Companion: Palamute


The Palamute is a new type of companion that will help you in your hunts! You can ride it to quickly zip around the different locales without consuming stamina! You can also do different actions while riding the Palamute such as healing and sharpening your weapon!

Check Out The Palamute Here!

Bring Palamute On Multiplayer Mode


You can bring Palamute on multiplayer mode as well. Ride on Palamute and travel the field quickly.

Check Out Online Multiplayer & Local Co-op Guide Here

New Area: Shrine Ruins

Shrine Ruins

The Shrine Ruins is an ancient locale where people used to pray for protection. Since then, it has fallen into decay and is now infested with monsters. Despite this, the ruins still exude a mysterious aura.

Check Out The Full Map & Locale Guide Here

New Base: Kamura Village

Kamura Village

Kamura Village is a town that is well-known for producing Tatara Steel. This village has been ravaged by the Rampage and is about to experience yet another calamity...

It's up to you to prevent this and save this village! The village will have everything you need to prepare yourself for adventure!

Check Out Everything You Can Do In Kamura Village Here

New Endemic Life: Hunting Helpers

endemic life

▲Escuregot emitting healing mist

Hunting Helpers are endemic lifeforms that can be used as items once captured. By using Hunting Helpers, you can gain variety of beneficial effects such as healing.

Check Out All Endemic Life From Here

New Equipment: Petalace


A new equipment Petalace boosts your stats when approaching near by new endemic life Spiribird. Note that you can still equip charms in MH Rise.

New Food System?: Bunny Dango

bunny dango

Yomogi, the chef of Kamura Village, cooks Bunny Dango for you. You can gain stats boosts by eating this dish just like the canteen system in the past Monster Hunter games.

Use Meowcenary To Get Materials


New feature Meowcenary is introduced in MH Rise. The detail of this system has not been confirmed yet. Perhaps you can send off your buddy to collect materials just the like past monster hunter games.

Previous Changes From Past Monster Hunter Games

List Of Changes

New Moves & Attacks

Never-Before-Seen Combos

New attacks and combos

Aside from the Wirebug, all weapons have new moves that can be utilized by the player when hunting down monsters. Try them all out and see which one works for you!

Check Out New Moves Of All Weapon Types Here

Barrel Bombs Can Now Be Used Mid-Air

Mid-Air Barrel Bomb

Aside from other surprising details, the TGS 2020 CAPCOM SPECIAL PROGRAM also revealed that players can now use Barrel Bombs while mid-air. This move is but one of the others that opens up more ways to damage monsters!

Hunters Can Talk


In Monster Hunter Rise, hunters speak full sentences in English, Japanese, or in their Monster Hunter Language. Listening to what hunter says might be helpful since the hunter will warn the player when the enemy is about to perform strong attacks.

You Can Turn Off The Voice

You can also turn off the hunter's voice with the setting if you are not a fan of the hunter speaking fluently.

More Detailed Character Creation


The character creator of MH Rise is more detailed than the past Monster Hunter games. Create your own original hunter and stand out among your friends.

Detailed Audio Settings


In MH Rise, you can modify your audio setting in mode detailed. You can even turn off other players voice to focus on your hunt.

Tracking Monsters Became Easier


Thanks to the new character Cohoot the owl, the location of the boss monster always display on the map. You don't need to use items like Paintball to track enemies.

Changes In The Training Area


In the training area, not only can check your moves and controls but also test variety of objects such as cannons and dragonator. There are also shooting targets to test your ranged weapon skill as well.

Learn More On Training Area From Here

No More Hot Drinks

The official Twitter account revealed that there will no longer be a hot drink in Monster Hunter Rise. Some people might miss this item but this change helps players to move around in the cold weather without losing stamina.

No G Rank?

Although it has not been confirmed, we are assuming that there won't be any G rank (or equivalent, like the Master Rank in MHW) in Monster Hunter Rise. However, we'll have to wait for the full game to release to find out if this is the case!

More Info On G Rank Here

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