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Ibushi - Weakness & How To Fight Quest Guide
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Ibushi - Weakness & How To Fight Quest Guide

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Wind Serpent Ibushi is an elder dragon in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch)! Get to know Ibushi's weakness, how to fight & farm, parts, rampage quest tips, materials in MH Rise!!

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Wind Serpent Ibushi - Overview & How To Unlock

Wind Serpent Ibushi

TypeRoarVibrationWind Pressure
Elder DragonHighNoneNone
Abnormal StatusBlight

Spawn Areas & Resting Place

Red Stronghold1-

Final Rampage Boss

After completing several ★6 quests in the Hub, you will then be tasked to eliminate Ibushi in a Rampage battle to get to ★7. As it is a Rampage fight, you are tasked to either survive or eliminate Ibushi before it destroys the gates to the village.

How To Unlock Ibushi Quest

Ibushi's Rampage quest can only be accessed once you finish a number of ★6 Hub Quests. It will appear as an Urgent Quest required for you to complete to ascend to ★7.

Hub Only Quest

Ibushi can only be fought through a Hub Quest. The player can choose to fight it alone or with 3 other players. Once you beat Ibushi as an Urgent Quest, it reappears randomly as one of the high rank Rampage quests.

Hub Quests List

Wind Serpent Ibushi - Weakness & Breakable Parts

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot


Weakness Details

Status Ailments & Blight

Item Effectiveness

Wind Serpent Ibushi - Obtainable Items & Materials

Items From High Rank Ibushi


Ibushi Rampage Tips

Battle other monsters during the first half
Maintain final barrier's health
Fortify the final barrier
Call Fugen & Yomogi only for Ibushi
Destroy wind barriers to cause Ibushi to fall

Battle Other Monsters During The First Half

Battle other monsters during the first half

As the final boss of the Rampage, Ibushi appears only during the last part of the Rampage. To force it to appear, you have to battle and survive against waves of monsters first. Try to maintain your gate's health and prioritize taking the gate destroyers first. Fortify the Area 1 with a lot of weapons to minimize the damage to the final gate.

Maintain Final Barrier's Health

Maintain health for the final wave

As Ibushi's attacks are terrifyingly strong, try to maintain a full barrier health before it arrives. It can be very difficult to win against Ibushi if your gate is already damaged, so use whatever means to protect the barrier!

Setup Defenses At The Final Barrier

setup defenses

Ibushi will try to fight and remain by the final barrier. Place Rapid-fire Ballista and Wyvern Shots near the final barrier to effectively deal damage against it.

Call Fugen & Yomogi Only For Ibushi


Make use of characters to deal significant damage against Ibushi by calling upon them once it arrives. Wait until the final wave and set both Fugen & Yomogi to help whittle down Ibushi's health.

Destroy Wind Barriers To Cause Ibushi To Fall

Destroy wind defenses

Ibushi can conjure Wind Barriers to guard some of its parts. Destroying these parts will cause it to fall, leaving it vulnerable to most attacks. Try to aim for these spots when taking it down.

How To Beat & Farm Ibushi

Attack during counter signals
Prevent Ibushi's ultimate move by shooting it down
Use tornados for mid-air attacks
Maximize Yomogi & Auto Types
Do not panic and keep it cool!
Evade the breath attacks!

Attack During A Counter Signal

counter signals

In Rampage, player attacks get amplified during a Counter Signal. The effect is lasts for a good while so attack within the duration of this buff. Also, remember to not attack with weapons without the Counter Signal as the damage is significantly less than attacking with placements.

Aim For The Parts For More Loot

Easy to reach parts such as the head, arms, and the tail are all breakable. Once Ibushi goes down, quickly go to these spots if you're a melee user and pummel them until they break. Breaking these parts increases your chances of getting more materials at the end of the rampage mission.

Shoot Ibushi Down To Stop Its Ultimate Move

shoot ibushi

Ibushi's ultimate move is to fling giant boulders from the sky, dealing significant damage to anything it hits. You can prevent Ibushi from doing this move by shooting it down using Ballistas. You can also shoot down the stones to destroy them.

Use Tornados For Mid-Air Attacks

tornado mid air

While battling Ibushi, it will spawn several tornado spouts. Touching them propels you to the sky. You can use these placements to propel you upwards for a mid-air attack on Ibushi's wind barriers.

Maximize Yomogi & Auto Types


The auto ballista-wielding Yomogi is a character that can only be summoned once per rampage. Her effectiveness increases the longer she remains in the battlefield, making her a very effective weapon against Ibushi's waves. Back her up with Wyvernfire Artillery for maximum damage.

Do Not Panic & Keep It Cool!

do not panic

Given the time constraints, it is very easy to get flustered and just attack head one. Although that is the case, keep a cool head and find opportunities to attack. Use Counter Signals only when needed and strike Ibushi's wind barriers to bring it down. Rinse and repeat.

Evade The Breath Attacks!

dodge breath attacks

Ibushi's breath attacks have a wide and far reach. If you are still unfamiliar with its pattern, move farther away just to be safe instead of relying on simple dodge rolls. Observe the wave and check if it is possible to attack.

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