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Best Weapon Types Tier List
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Best Weapon Types Tier List

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Best Weapon Tier List of Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) is a guide on best weapon types, weapons for beginners, solo/multiplayer gameplay, abilities, and more!

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All Weapon TypesAll Weapon TypesBest Weapon Tier ListWeapon Tier List

Best Weapon Tier List

This article is based upon the demo version.
Information may change upon the actual game's launch.

Quick Tier Reference Table

S Tier Weapons
mhr-greatswordGreat Swordmhr-longswordLong Swordmhr-huntinghornHunting Horn
A Tier Weapons
mhr-dualbladesDual Bladesmhr-hammerHammermhr-switchaxeSwitch Axe
mhr-lightbowgunLight Bowgunmhr-heavybowgunHeavy Bowgun-
B Tier Weapons
mhr-swordandshieldSword & Shieldmhr-lanceLancemhr-chargebladeCharge Blade
mhr-gunlanceGun Lance--
C Tier Weapons
mhr-insectglaiveInsect Glaivemhr-bowBow-

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S Tier Weapon Evaluation

Brief Evaluation of S Tier Weapons

WeaponStrengths & Evaluation
mhr-greatswordGreat Sword
・Top class in delivering quick blows
・Excellent performance when enhanced
・Simple to use
mhr-longswordLong Sword
・Powerful and versatile
・High degree of compatibility with new abilities
・Delivers abundant counterattacks that can win a close battle
mhr-huntinghornHunting Horn
・Changes into a weapon that can fight powerfully even on its own
・Better useability compared to previous games
・Great for multiplayer gameplay due to its high performance

Great Sword


Powerful Due To Power Sheathe And Charged Slash

The Great Sword delivers some of the most powerful attacks in the game due to its large blade. It makes up for its low mobility with its powerful attacks brought by its Power Sheathe and Charged Slash.

Easy to use and maneuver

The Great Sword is easy to understand even for beginners as long as you don't overthink its Charged Slash moves. Previous games also showed us that the weapons with the simplest styles can be the most powerful.

Learn How To Use The Great Sword

Long Sword


Both Powerful And Versatile

The Long Sword's strength is that it can deliver powerful attacks due to its ease of use. It has a long reach, making it quite easy to use. Its useability and ability to deliver powerful attacks makes it a great weapon.

Abundant Counterattacks

The abundance of counterattacks that the Long Sword delivers makes it quite an appealing weapon, and is said to be a key performer in the game. The lai Spirit Slash that was featured in the previous game has also become easier to use, and its ability to connect with more attacks while keeping your gauge up makes it a powerful weapon.

Learn How To Use The Long Sword

Hunting Horn


Powerful In Both Single And Multiplayer Gameplay

The Hunting Horn's melodies allow you to buff not only yourself but also your hunting party. Because of that, it's a big contributor in multiplayer games. Powerful enough as a weapon on its own plus has the advantage of song buffs that is foreseen to be necessary in battles.

Best Useability And More Follow-Up Moves

The Hunting Horn was difficult to use in previous games because it made it difficult to balance playing melodies and attacking. However, in the new MHR game, the system for follow-up moves has been significantly revised, making it easy for anyone to use.

A Tier Weapon Evaluation

Brief Evaluation of A Tier Weapons

WeaponStrengths & Evaluation
mhr-dualbladesDual Blades
・Top class mobility
・Excellent with instantaneous attacks
・Improved defense with Shrouded Vault
・Deals heavy damage with its blows
・Powerful 2 Silkbind Attacks
・Can do simultaneous attacks depending on the situation
mhr-switchaxeSwitch Axe
・High immunity to flinching or being knocked back with Invincible Gambit
・Powerful Element Discharge ability
・Foreseen to get easier to use with improved skills
mhr-lightbowgunLight Bowgun
・Able to fight like in MH Iceborne
・High mobility
・Ability to shoot powerful diffusion bullets
mhr-heavybowgunHeavy Bowgun
・Each shot is powerful
・Ability to defend and deal blows simultaneously
・Ability to do counter actions

Dual Blades


Piercing Bind Improves Instantaneous Attacks

The strength of the Dual Blades stems from the speed and sheer number of its attacks. The Demo does not fully illustrate its true potential but through Piercing Bind, it has become an even more unique weapon to wield. Despite having to regularly check the stamina and Wirebug gauge, its unique abilities make you want to keep using it on your foes.

Closing Distances While Evading Using Shrouded Vault

Shrouded Vault is a great ability of the Dual Blades wherein it enables shieldless hunters to evade foes. It is also an excellent skill for movement wherein you can close into your enemy while also being able to quickly evade simultaneously.

Learn How To Use The Dual Blades



Attacks With Tremendous Damage

The Hammer delivers powerful attacks and can deal big damage with just one blow. With all the powerful attacks from MHI being available in the new game, there is almost nothing lacking on the attack end.

2 Powerful Silkbind Attacks

The Hammer has acquired 2 types of Silkbind Attacks that can be a great source of damage. Both are quite stable and strong, giving more opportunities to deal powerful attacks.

Learn How To Use The Hammer

Switch Axe


Immunity To Flinching Using Invincible Gambit

The Silkbind Attack called Invincible Gambit has a mega-armor effect wherein you become immune to flinching or getting knocked back. This immunity is quite powerful and may be used in plenty of situations.

Hit With Rising Slash

The Rising Slash continues to hit the enemy even while being attacked. Although there is danger of taking in damage, the hits are powerful and very stable. Note quite as powerful as it was in MHW, but nevertheless, it remains a strong action to use.

Difficult To Operate on Demo

Since you must monitor your gauge levels while playing, there is a lot to do while using this weapon. Because of this, people are left with the impression that it is difficult to operate on the demo. However, gauges become easier to maintain with higher skills, making this a powerful weapon in the long run.

Light Bowgun


Similar To MHWI

The Light Bowgun is almost exactly the same as it was is Iceborne. With just the addition of the Silkbind Attack, it delivers the same amount of strength as it did in the previous game.

High Mobility

The Light Bowgun enables quick movement, and now vertical evasion is possible with the Silkbind Attack Fanning Vault. Thanks to this, you may move around and shoot freely.

New Rapid Fire Ability

In past games, the Light Bowgun did not have the powerful Rapid Fire ability. Now, you can utilize in the new game. Although lacking the ability to guard, the high mobility is more than enough to make up for it.

Heavy Bowgun


Powerful Attacks With Strong Guard

The Heavy Bowgun has auto guard, so you can fight without dealing heavy damage. Maximize this by shooting powerful blows simultaneously.

Counter Shot Ability

A new ability called Counter Shot may be used with Wirebug. With this skill, you may block incoming attacks and guard while doing strong counter shots.

B Tier Weapon Evaluation

Brief Evaluation of B Tier Weapons

WeaponStrengths & Evaluation
Sword and ShieldアイコンSword and Shield
・Top class mobility
・Powerful contrary to appearance
・Usage is complicated and needs practice
・Has best guard function among all weapons
・Increased power and mobility with new actions
・Skills needed to maximize attack power
チャアクアイコンCharge Blade
・Easier to knock over foes with new shape
・Counter Peak Performance skill increases speed
・Still quite difficult to move around
Gun LanceアイコンGun Lance
・Has both artillery and spear attack
・Good Wirebug compatibility
・Need prior knowledge of artillery

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield

Top Class Mobility

The Sword and Shield can be drawn and sheathed quickly, making it easy to switch between offensive and evasive. It terms of usability, there are no big weaknesses aside from its short reach.

Powerful When Mastered

In previous games, the Sword and Shield was recommended for beginners, however, in Monster Hunter World, the actions were quite complicated and became more suited toward seasoned users. This time as well, the new actions are powerful but difficult to master.

Learn How To Use The Sword and Shield



Twin Vine Makes Up For Low Mobility

Twin Vine is a new ability that allows you to easily close-in distances between monsters, making up for the general low mobility. However, it may take time to get used to.

New Abilities With More Powerful Attacks

Anchor Rage enables an increase your attacking power for a short time. This is a very useful skill to have due to its its strong counterattacks, as well as the increasing power of attack with every attack received.

Learn How To Use The Lance

Charge Blade

Charge Blade

Faster Transition Between Big Moves

Performing big moves has become easier with the Morphing Advance ability, which ups your guard and Counter Peak Performance. When attacked, the blade phials will fully charge and may then be chained to a Super Elemental Discharge.

Difficulty Of Movement

Although powerful, its new abilities have limits in how many times they can be used at one time. In addition, operating the weapon with considerable speed can be difficult. Despite that, this weapon is still considerably good.

Gun Lance

Combines Spear Attacks With Artillery

The Gun Lance is a weapon that makes use of 2 types of spear attacks and artillery. The Gun Lance is special in a way that other weapons don't have the artillery function, however, it does require a level of artillery expertise.

Good Compatibility With Wirebug

The Gun Lance works well with Wirebug. Wirebug covers the weakness of low mobility and combined with the lance's long reach, you will be able to deal attacks on enemies while in the air.

Easier To Move Around

Although it has its weaknesses, the Gun Lance's new abilities more than make up for them. Given that, even beginners may be able to handle this weapon, especially because it has become even easier to shoot and move at the same time.

C Tier Weapon Evaluation

Brief Evaluation of C Tier Weapons

WeaponStrengths & Evaluation
Insect GlaiveアイコンInsect Glaive
・Ability to fly regardless of Wirebug
・Few uses for new abilities
・Unable to use Descending Thrust from MHW
・Unavailability of Quick Shot is disappointing
・Stamina takes a while to recover
・Attacking power is low

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive

Few Uses For New Abilities

The Insect Glaive's Silkbind Attacks don't have anything that stand out about them. It's a pity considering the abilities of the other weapons available. However, its strength in evasion and stamina management makes it a simple weapon to use.

Unable To Use Descending Thrust From MHW

The Descending Thrust wasn't available in the demo, and in videos of the actual game, only the modified version as a Silkbind Attack was shown. Although quite disappointing, we're still hoping it eventually becomes usable.

Potential Has Yet To Be Discovered

The modified version of Descending Thrust's stats are still unknown at this point in time. There are also major changes in its automatic attacks and dust recovery. Since there are still may elements that will be revealed in the actual game, there may still be some potential yet to be discovered.



Negative Impact of QS Unavailability

The bow in Iceborne had the ability called Quick Shot (QS) which enables stamina recovery while shooting. However, since Quick Shot has been removed from this game, the movement with this weapon has changed significantly and thus negatively impacting the game experience.

Stamina Takes A While To Recover

With the removal of Quick Shot, we only have the Silkbind Attack called Focus Shot to rely on to recover stamina. However, since recovery requires crouching, it is impossible to attack anything in this stance.

Great Weapon Sans The Stamina Issue

The current main issue revolves around stamina, and so if this problem is addressed by skills and endemic life, this could become quite a wonderful weapon to use.

Tier Evaluation Criteria

Based On The Demo Version

The present information is based upon the performance confirmed through the demo version. Considering factors that can't be tested in the demo such as the Insect Glaive's modified Descending Thrust and the Dual Blade's attribute weapons, the information listed here is subject to change.

Weapon Abilities and Functions

GameWith's criteria on grading the weapons is based upon its ease of handling, as well as the weapon's abilities and how they function as a whole once played in battle.

★ Performance Depends On The User

In the Monster Hunter Series, any weapon can be lethal as long as you master your weapon and its functions. Overall, weapon performance depends on the user and how they maximize their weapon's abilities.

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