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Best Weapon Tier List 3.0

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The Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapon Tier List 3.0 is a guide on best weapon for beginners, for solo, for multiplayer, best weapon type, abilities, and more in MH Rise!!

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Best Weapon Tier List 3.0

Last Updated: June 16th, 2021

Quick Tier Reference Table

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Tier List Criteria & Notes

S・Easily able to deliver stable and powerful hits
・Although initially difficult to wield, it can prove to be a strong weapon with practice
A・Provides a good balance of delivering powerful hits and ease of handling
・Neither dependent on the kind of quest nor the monster type for its success
B・May be difficult for beginners to deliver powerful hits
・Doesn't necessarily lose to other weapons with regard to its actual capability to deal high damage

No Weapon Type Is Truly "Best"

As for that, in Monster Hunter there is no single weapon that can truly be said to be the "best". If you manage to gain enough proficiency with it, any weapon you use will be highly effective. Focus on mastering a specific weapon to get the most results out of it.

Let us know why you think your weapon of choice is so strong in the ▼comments below!

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S Tier - Best Weapon Tier List

Long Sword

Long Sword
1Powerful and very versatile
2Has a counterattack move that can be combined with combos
3Very few mandatory skills needed

Consistent, High DPS

The Longsword has a ton of powerful abilities, including the likes of Spirit Helm Breaker, Spirit Blade, and Spirit Roundslash. In terms of defensive moves, it also has the incredible Foresight Slash, letting it dodge attacks while still being on the offensive!

Very Few Mandatory Skills Needed

One of the Longsword's advantages is that it doesn't really rely on having any particular skill to deal damage. This lets you stack pure-DPS increasing skills and deal huge damage. Quick Sheath is quite useful to have in general, but it doesn't really restrict your other gear choices, which is great.

All-Rounder Chameleos Longsword

Weapon NameSharpness
Phantom Mirage
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・Bring out the white gauge with Handicraft
・High affinity & attack

High-Power Tigrine Need Longsword

Weapon NameSharpness
Tigrine Needendgame longsword build
Rampage SkillSilkbind Boost
Strengths・High attack
・Has the white gauge even without Handicraft

Light Bowgun

1Safely deal damage from afar
2High mobility weapon
3Nargacuga Bowgun is very strong

High Mobility, Safe Ranged Weapon

The Light Bowgun enables quick movement, and now, vertical evasion is possible with the Silkbind Attack Fanning Vault. Thanks to this, you'll be able to move around the enemy, shooting freely and reliably from a safe distance.

Nargacuga Bowgun Is Top-Class

The Nargacuga Bowgun (Night Owl) is an incredibly strong weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. It allows the user to use Piercing Lvl 2 while moving, and it also has a 100% critical chance. If you want a reliable hunting partner, this is the weapon to get.

Piercing Sinister Shadow Bolt LBG

Weapon Name
Sinister Shadow Bolt
Mod: Silencer
Rapid FireExhaust Lv. 1
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・Stellar piercing performance
・Has an option of using Slicing Ammo

Piercing Night Owl LBG

Weapon Name
Night Owl
Mod: Long Barrel
Rapid FirePierce Lv 1, Pierce Lv 2
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・Able to use Pierce Lv 2 ammo with rapid fire
・Can reach up to 100% crit


1Gameplay revolves around dodging and dealing damage simultaneously
2Aerial Aim damage is very high
3Reliable, high damage output

Great Dodge & Attack Moves

Charge Step is a move that allows the user to shoot the bow while dodging - this is a move entirely unique to the bow. Using this handy ability, players can confidently stay away from trouble while consistently firing away at enemy monsters!

Aerial Aim Damage Is Very High

The Switch Skill "Aerial Aim" deals extremely high damage and is quite highly recommended. You can use it with even just one gauge, so it's important to use it consistently to deal more and more damage.

Reliable, High Damage Output

If you can maintain the ideal distance from the enemy monsters, your DPS output with the bow will be excellent. We feel that this weapon is particularly rewarding if you can master its stamina and range mechanics.

Rapid Elemental Bow

Weapon Name
Rampage Bow S
ChargeCharge 1: Rapid Lv2
Charge 2: Rapid Lv3
Charge 3: Rapid Lv4
Charge 4: Rapid Lv5
Rampage Skills1st Slot: Attack Boost IV
2nd Slot: Non-elemental Boost
3rd Slot: Firing: Rapid
4th Slot: Use Power Coating
5th Slot: Use Exhaust Coating
6th Slot: Arc Shot: Affinity
Strengths・High attack at 240
・Able to use Rapid Lv5 at Charge 4
・Able to use Power Coating

Rampage Bow

Weapon Name
Rampage Bow S
215Any Element 250%-
ChargeCharge 1: Rapid Lv2
Charge 2: Rapid Lv3
Charge 3: Rapid Lv4
Charge 4: Rapid Lv5
Rampage Skills1st Slot: Elemental Boost I
2nd Slot: Any Elemental Skill II
3rd Slot: Firing: Rapid
4th Slot: Use Power Coating
5th Slot: Use Exhaust Coating
6th Slot: Arc Shot: Affinity
Strengths・Good balance of high attack, elemental attributes, and charge
・Able to use Power Coating

Heavy Bowgun

1Can handle attacks well with Guard, Counter, and invicibility
2Has to meticulously aim for enemy weaknesses to be effective
3Avoid using Dragon Ammo in multiplayer

Powerful Defenses With Guard & Counter

Attaching a shield to the Heavy Bowgun allows the user to auto guard against enemy attacks. Also, the user can counter enemies using Silkbind moves, and even go temporarily invulnerable. You can use this window to get off free attacks, giving this weapon a very safe overall playstyle.

Requires Precise Shots

To deal serious damage, the Heavy Bowgun must land precise shots on enemy weak spots. Unlike the Light Bowgun, which has a Pierce attack, the Heavy Bowgun must rely on accurate shots, requiring a bit of skill in operating the weapon.

Sticky Rajang HBG

Weapon Name
Rajang's Rage
Special AmmoWyvernsnipe
Rampage SkillSticky Effect II
Strengths・4 Sticky Ammo Lv3 can be load
・Higher paralysis performance due to Paralyze Ammo

Power Teostra HBG

Weapon Name
Teostra's Flames
Special AmmoWyvernheart
Rampage SkillTeostra Soul
Strengths・Higher attack compared to the Rampage HBG
・Inflicts high damage by stunning the foe and hitting with Wyvernheart ammo

A Tier - Best Weapon Tier List

Hunting Horn

1A must-have for multiplayer due to melodies
2Magnificent Trio and Infernal Melody are incredibly strong
3Slide Beat's dodge potential is excellent

Can't Go Without It For Multiplayer

The Hunting Horn's melodies allow you to buff not only yourself but also your party. Your contribution to your team will be immense with this weapon, making it practically a must in co-op. The Longsword tends to perform better when solo (in terms of pure damage), but the Horn brings a bunch of other defensive options that make it really easy to use regardless!

Both A Defensive & Offensive Weapon

The Hunting Horn excels both offensively and defensively. The Hunting Horn is one of the most well-balanced weapons in the game, in terms of having a good combination of attack and defensive power.

All-Rounder Rampage Hunting Horn

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Agitato SRampage Agitato S
MelodiesAttack and Affinity Up, Tremors Negated, Sonic Wave
Rampage SkillsSharpness Type I, Non-Elemental Boost, Attack Melody II
Strengths・Possible to create a health recovery build or attack build
・Ability to adjust sharpness depending on preference

Versatile Bazelgeuse Hunting Horn

Weapon NameSharpness
Bazelreid RookslayerBazelreid Rookslayer Sharpness
220Blast 18-10%-
MelodiesEarplugs (S), Attack Up, Health Recovery (L)
Rampage SkillsMaximum Volume
Strengths・Has Attack Up & Health Recovery (L)
・Earplugs (S) is also very convenient to have

Great Sword

1Can dish out high-damage attacks easily
2Power Sheath is extremely useful
3Explosive one-hit attacks

Powerful Due To Power Sheathe And Charged Slash

The Great Sword's Power Sheathe move deals serious damage. It's so powerful that simply repeating the combo of Charged Slash -> Power Sheathe will be enough to come out on top in most battles. The new ability Plunging Thrust is also extremely versatile, and can kind of act like a midair unsheathed attack.

Tons Of Heavy-Hitting Moves

Much of the Great Sword's appeal comes from its famous Charged Slash, an attack that usually deals 3-4 digit damage. Although it can be hard to hit, True Charged Slash also deals incredible damage on hit. Adamant Charged Slash, though a bit weaker than True Charged Slash, can be a good alternative as it's quite easy to land.

Non-Elemental Narga Greatsword

Weapon NameSharpness
Dark of Night
DecorationCritical Jewel 2
Rampage SkillsAttack Boost Ⅲ
Strengths・Top class sharpness
・High affinity

Rampage Cleaver Greatsword Build

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Cleaver Srampage cleaver s
Strengths・Weapon can be customized to High ATK DMG or High Affinity Rate

Switch Axe

1Both sword and axe boast high attack
2Silkbind moves are excellent
3Excels using the new skill Rapid Morph

Both Forms Quite Powerful

The axe part of the Switch Axe now deals with higher damage, effectively leading to less DPS discrepancy between the two forms. The number of form switching cuts has also increased, leading to more opportunities for combos and dodging away. An armor effect has been added to Zero Sum Discharge as well, making it even better than before.

Rapid Morph & Silkbind Attacks Excel

The Switch Axe's Silkbind attacks can give you immunity and refill your gauges as well as provide you with a mega-armor effect. The new skill Rapid Morph will also let you get your form changes off faster. The overall defense of the Switch Axe, which was its main problem before, has been largely improved.

Rampage Switch Axe Build

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Slicer SRampage Cleaver S Sharpness
Strengths・You can change the phial depending to your preferred Element
・High ATK

Tigrex Exhaust Switch Axe Build

Weapon NameSharpness
Rex GnasherRex Gnasher Sharpness
PhialExhaust Phial (Exhaust 24)
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・Negative Affinity is negated by Critical Eye
・The Exhaust Phial easier to use in battle with this build

Sword and Shield (SNS)

Sword and Shield
1Exceptional mobility
2Requires practice and skill to deal decent damage
3Excels at both offense and defense

Top Class Mobility

The Sword and Shield can be drawn and sheathed quickly, making it easy to switch between offensive and evasive maneuvers. It terms of usability, there are no big weaknesses aside from its short reach.

Powerful When Mastered

The Sword and Shield has become more complicated in Monster Hunter Rise, with its controls changing slightly. Some fans have remarked that it is a bit more difficult to use now - for this reason we can't really recommend it for beginners. That being said, it has exceptional Silkbind attacks and greatly rewards mastery. If you know what you're doing and are willing to practice, give this weapon a try.

High Attack Tigrex Sword & Shield

Weapon NameSharpness
Tigrex SwordTigrex Sword Sharpness
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・Has top class attack power

Attack & Affinity Rampage Sword & Shield

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Sword SRampage Sword S Sharpness
Rampage Skill1: Sharpness Type I
2: Non-elemental Boost
3: Affinity Surge
Strengths・Delivers powerful attacks & deals stable critical hits

Dual Blades

1Superb Silkbind attacks
2Attack or defend with Demon Mode
3Can be challenging to manage

Useful Silkbind Attacks

Piercing Bind is a silkbind move that works really well with the Dual Blades, due to their bursty nature. Shrouded Vault is a move that allows the user to close in the gap while prepping a counterattack, making it easier to reach the enemy without worrying about getting damaged. If used well, it can really make up for some of the Dual Blades' defensive weaknesses.

Can Be Challenging To Manage

The Dual Blades require a lot of stamina, and given how strong Silkbind moves are, you'll find that managing its gauge will also be tough. If you're sloppy with stamina, your DPS will be quite low, and you'll need a lot of practice to get close-quarters combat down pat.

Dragon Element Reddnaught Dragon Wing Dual Blades

Weapon NameSharpness
DragonReddnaught Dragon WingReddnaught Dragon Wing
180Dragon 350%-
DecorationCritical Jewel 2
Rampage SkillValstrax Soul
Strengths・Delivers powerful attacks with the Dragon Element
・Long white gauge

Ice Element Gelid Soul Dual Blades

Weapon NameSharpness
IceGelid SoulGelid Soul
220Ice 330%-
DecorationTenderizer Jewel 2
Rampage SkillIce Boost III
Strengths・High elemental boost
・Able to deal powerful attacks

B Tier - Best Weapon Tier List

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive
1Unique gameplay, employing Essences and Insects to attack
2Has both mobility and offensive oriented Silkbind attacks
3Kinsects have been buffed

Unique Gameplay Ft. Essences & Insects

In MHR, having 3 different extracts grants the user a passive Earplugs Lvl 3, effectively making you immune to roars without having to equip any extra items. You can also use Mark Target then follow up with Recall Kinsect to dodge attacks while attacking at the same time.

Kinsects Are Better Than Ever

The Insect Glaive's Kinsects have been buffed, making it so that you can now collect and battle with 2 extracts at the same time. With this, extract collection has been made significantly easier and your strategic options in battle have increased substantially!

Power Tigrex Insect Glaive

Weapon NameSharpness
Tigerclaw Glaive
Kinsect BonusKinsect Lvl 6
Rampage SkillAttack Boost Ⅲ
Strengths・Delivers powerful attacks with the gauge at blue & white
・Affinity isn't relatively low

Master's Touch Nargacuga Insect Glaive

Weapon NameSharpness
Evening Calm
Kinsect BonusKinsect Lvl 7
Rampage SkillAttack Boost Ⅲ
Strengths・Top class sharpness
・High affinity
・Has Kinsect Lvl 7


1Powerful charge attack
2High mobility allows you to quickly take advantage of any opening
3Silkbind attacks take getting used to, but are quite powerful

Powerful & Easy To Use Charge Attacks

The Hammer's charge moves, aside from being very powerful, can be used while moving, giving you the opportunity to wait for your chance to strike. Land a hit, then retreat, repeating this process until you finally get a stun to deal massive damage.

Powerful Silkbind Attacks

The Hammer's Silkbind attacks come in two varieties: ones that mainly deal damage, and those that act as movement/setup moves. Impact Crater particularly deals with massive damage. Follow the pattern of stunning the enemy, hitting them with A repeatedly, and finishing off with an Impact Crater.

High Attack Tigrex Hammer

Weapon NameSharpness
Tigrex HammerTigrex Hammer Sharpness
Rampage SkillSilkbind Boost
(Carried over from War Mace)
Strengths・Top class attack power
・Stellar Silkbind Boost performance

Power & Affinity Rampage Hammer

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Hammer SRampage Hammer S Sharpness
Rampage Skill1: Sharpness Type I
2: Non-elemental Boost
3: Affinity Surge
Strengths・Able to deliver powerful attack with stable critical hits


1Easy to use high damage attack
2Has Guard Edge, an offensive Silkbind attack
3Requires familiarity with controls

High Damage With Guard Edge

Guard Edge is a silkbind attack that, if pulled off successfully, can restore sharpness while following-up with a Burst Fire or Wyrmstake Cannon. It can be used repeatedly to deal massive damage. Compared to previous games, Wyrmstake Cannon is significantly easier to land now.

Requires Familiarity With Controls

The Gunlance may be quite difficult to handle at first because it deals with artillery and has low mobility. Also, as with other weapons, Guard Edge is only as effective as the player who's wielding it. Without a certain level of familiarity with its controls, it may be a bit difficult to manage.

Power Normal-Type Rampage Gunlance

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Gunlance SRampage Gunlance S
ShellingNormal Lv5
Rampage Skill1: Sharpness Type III
2: Non-elemental Boost
3: Shelling: Normal Ⅲ
Strengths・Rampage skills with Normal Lv5 Shelling
・Top class attack power & sharpness

Power Long-Type Rampage Gunlance

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Gunlance S放射型切れ味
ShellingLong Lv 5
Rampage Skill1: Sharpness Type III
2: Non-elemental Boost
3: Shelling: Long Ⅲ
Strengths・Rampage skills with Long Lv5 Shelling
・Top class attack power

Power Wide-Type Rampage Gunlance

Weapon NameSharpness
Rampage Gunlance SRampage Gunlance S
ShellingWide Lv 5
Rampage Skill1: Sharpness Type III
2: Non-elemental Boost
3: Shelling: Wide III
Strengths・Rampage skills with Wide Lv5 Shelling
・Overall a good performing weapon

Charge Blade

Charge Blade
1All Silkbind attacks are excellent
2Complicated move set
3Can deal lots of burst damage

Powerful Silkbind Attacks

Counter Peak Performance restores all of your phials and gives you a super powerful counterattack. Axe Hopper is also a very strong DPS ability. Finally, Morphing Advance can be used a great way to setup a series of combos and is a useful mobility and damage move.

Hard To Use, But Can Be Bursty

The Charge Blade is notoriously a difficult weapon to master. Its movements are also somewhat lumbering, making it hard to pull them off, but if you can effectively manage using Counter and Axe Hopper, you can do a lot of burst damage. This is all provided that your massive damage-dealing moves do not miss their target!

Rajang Impact Charge Blade

Weapon NameSharpness
Undying Blade IIUndying Blade
Thunder 14
PhialImpact Phial
Rampage SkillDulling Strike
Strengths・Powerful impact attacks
・Top class weapon due to its 3 available slots

Power Nargacuga Charge Blade

Weapon NameSharpness
Scream In The NightScream In The Night
PhialImpact Phial
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・High mobility & affinity


1Guard & Counter are your bread and butter for damage and defense
2Hard to use, but offers high defense and can deal damage

Combination Defense And Offense

The Lance is one of the best defensive weapons in the game, and boasts a sturdiness that not many weapons can match. It has a very fluid and easy to understand gameplay, given that blocking enemy attacks will often be the source of your damage.

Hard To Use, But Can Deal Damage

The Lance actually does have the ability to do decent damage and even offers high defense. Despite these pros, it tends to rely on Wide Sweep and Spiral Thrust, which can be a bit hard to master. Getting your counters and guards off at the right time will also require some precision. This is in general not a weapon recommended for beginners.

Non-Elemental Power Tigrex Lance

Weapon NameSharpness
Tigrex LanceTigrex Lance
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・Has the white gauge & delivers powerful attacks
・Negative affinity is easier to manage here compared to the Diablos Lance

Power Nargacuga Lance

Weapon NameSharpness
Night Rains BlackDiablos Spear
Rampage SkillAttack Boost III
Strengths・Has the white gauge & high affinity
・Able to add more skills to this build to make it even more powerful

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Anonymous 8

Imagine mentioning that a weapon is really strong because of NargacugaLBG, the NargaLBG isn't even in used on top runs, Raw Pierce is really niche because in this game most monsters have bad shot hitzones and in the contrary, Slice and Elemental ammo become the best options

Anonymous 7

Great sword has similar times with the long sword how is it not s?

Anonymous 6

You know, maybe gunlance would be slightly higher, if you didn't try to maintain it's sharpness with a skill that never triggers while you use shells, due to them never critting.
This just shows laughable misunderstanding of how Gunlances actually work.

Anonymous 5

wow you guys really **** at using those bottom tier weapons

Connor 4

Ease of usage, utility in multiplayer, and damage all matter when playing this game. It's difficult to balance which is more important to a given player. I think you should separate these factors into different lists instead of flattening them into one.

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