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Crimson Glow Valstrax Guide - How To Unlock & Weakness

Sunbreak | Crimson Glow Valstrax Guide - How To Unlock & Weakness | Monster Hunter Rise

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Sunbreak | Crimson Glow Valstrax Guide - How To Unlock & Weakness | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

Crimson Glow Valstrax is a new monster in the 3.0 Update in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Guide includes how to unlock Crimson Glow Valstrax, weaknesses, how to beat, & more!!

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Crimson Glow Valstrax In MH Rise

Valstrax Basic Info

Crimson Glow Valstrax

Map Location - Where Does It Spawn?

Shrine Ruins6,12TBC
Sandy Plains6TBC
Flooded Forest7TBC

High-Speed Jet Dragon

Glows Red & Flies High

Valstrax is a ferocious dragon dubbed as the "Crimson Glow". It uses its speed to devastate its enemies, crashing down on the ground with breakneck speed. Be careful when fighting this monster as it has a lot of moves that can easily cart any veteran hunter!

New Update 3.0 Monster

Crimson Glow Valstrax

Valstrax is a new monster that came with the recent Update 3.0 patch. It comes together with new quests and monsters like Narwa The All Mother and Apex Zinogre.

3.0 Update New Monsters

Valstrax - Weakness & Breakable Parts

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

※ Based on actual values in game!!


Weakness Details

Breakable Parts

PartsHow To Break
HeadHit until it gets destroyed
ChestHit until it gets destroyed
WingsHit until it gets destroyed
ForelegHit until it gets destroyed
TailUse weapons that deal sever damage to cut off

Status Ailments & Blights

Item Effectiveness

Valstrax - Drops & Materials

Drops From High Rank Valstrax

Target RewardShimmering Scale (26%)
Valstrax Claw+ (20%)
Crimson Liquid (15%)
Gleaming Shell (14%)
Valstrax Spineshell (13%)
Valstrax Tail (10%)
Red Serpent Orb (2%)

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyShimmering Scale (36%)
Gleaming Shell (28%)
Rouge Spikewing (21%)
Valstrax Claw+ (14%)
Red Serpent Orb (3%)
Carve - TailShimmering Scale (17%)
Valstrax Tail (80%)
Red Serpent Orb (3%)
Capture RewardNone
HeadShimmering Scale (77%)
Crimson Liquid x 2 (20%)
Red Serpent Orb (3%)
ChestShimmering Scale (79%)
Crimson Liquid (20%)
Red Serpent Orb (1%)
WingValstrax Claw+ (10%)
Rouge Spikewing (90%)
BackValstrax Spineshell (90%)
Crimson Liquid x 2 (10%)
ForelegGleaming Shell (20%)
Gleaming Shell (80%)
Normal DropsGleaming Shell (50%)
Crimson Liquid x2 (25%)
Dropped MaterialGleaming Shell (25%)
Dragon Treasure (40%)
Crimson Liquid (34%)
Shimmering Scale (25%)
Red Serpent Orb (1%)

How To Unlock Valstrax

Reach HR Rank 100

Valstrax Quest

In order to unlock the quest require to unlock Valstrax, you must first reach HR 100. Complete easier tasks and farm Rampage quests in order to quickly reach this Hunter Rank!

Hunter Rank (HR) Guide

Defeat Narwa the Allmother

Narwa the Allmother Quest
Hub Quest7★ - The Allmother

To unlock Valstrax, you must first clear the 7★ quest, The Allmother. In this quest, you have to fight and defeat both Ibushi and Narwa The All Mother. This can be a pretty difficult fight so bring your best gear and items. Playing this quest with friends is also way easier than tackling it alone.

Hub Quest List

Crimson Glow Valstrax - Hunting Guide & Tips

1Equip Evade Extender Skill
└ Equipping Stun Resistance Skill also helps
2Increase your Dragon Resistance
3Always reserve one Wirebug charge
└ Do not get up immediately when you get downed
4Break the chest to deal extra damage
5Run to dodge its ultimate attack
6Attack from the sides
└Also attack its forelegs to knock it down
7Valstrax can be blinded
8Element-Type Weapons deal low damage
9Remember the wing patterns of Valstrax
10Deals higher damage when enraged

Equip Evade Extender Skill

Valstrax's attacks are wide and fast. By having the Evade Extender Skill, you will increase your evasion distance and it will be easier to escape from the range.

Equipping Stun Resistance Skill Helps

Being stunned by Valstrax's attacks may lead you to be damaged by the second time which can faint you due to its higher damage. By adding Stun Resistance Lv 3, you'll prevent yourself from being stunned and having a chance to evade again if you were hit by the first attack!

Increase Your Dragon Resistance

Dragon Resistance Dango

Crimson Glow Valstrax utilizes Dragon-element attacks to deal damage. Increase your chances of surviving its attacks by increasing your character's Dragon Resistance. Use decorations or eat Dangos to easily boost it!

Dragon Resistance Equipment List

Reserve A Wirebug Charge

Reserve A Wirebug Charge

Valstrax can combo your character to death if you get caught with its initial strikes. Always leave one Wirebug charge so you can get away from these combo attacks.

Don't Wirebug Immediately When Down

As said above, Valstrax uses multiple attacks to whittle down your HP. Getting up immediately after getting downed by such attacks can leave you vulnerable to a more powerful attack. Make sure that Valstrax's attacks are over before going up and recovering!

Wirebug Guide

Break Valstrax's Chest

Break Valstrax
▲ Destroying Valstax's chest deals extra damage to it

Destroying Valstrax's Chest deals a lot of damage to it and it also forces Valstrax to go down. Find moments where you can go in and strike to break it. Note that this might take a long time so be persistent while dodging Valstrax's deadly attacks!

Run Away From Its Ultimate Attack

Run Away from its attack
▲ Do not group together when it comes crashing down!

When using its ultimate attack, Valstrax zooms up to the skies then crashes down to the earth with terrific speed. While it is possible to survive this attack, getting hit by it has a high chance of carting you. Try to get out of the map or if you are confident with your dives, do a dive to dodge.

Do Not Huddle When It Dives

If playing together, do not group into one spot when Valstrax does its ultimate move. Doing so will leave your whole team vulnerable to a devastating team wipe, leaving you to restart the whole quest.

Attack From The Sides

Attack from the sides

Despite being a dragon known for its speed, Valstrax is not a nimble dragon. It usually stays put and will try to attack you with its long tails or wings instead. Keep moving and try hitting it from the sides as the front is quite dangerous. Aim for the head or the chest to bring it down if you can. The tail part is also relatively safe to attack.

Attack The Forelegs To Knock It Down

Valstrax will be knocked down if its forelegs were destroyed. You can knock it down without dealing much damage if you attack it from its side.

Valstrax Can Be Blinded

Valstrax can be blinded

If you need some breathing room to sharpen or recover HP, you can throw a Flash Bomb to blind Valstrax. Note that this can make Valstrax go berserk and the effect only lasts for a few seconds. Also, the effectiveness of the Flash Bomb dwindles with every use.

Element-Type Weapons Deal Low Damage

Element-Type Weapons Deal Low Damage
▲ 2 attack damage to the Elemental-Type Charge Blade.

Element-Type Weapon does deal low damage to Valstrax with the body parts that were glowing. Although it can deal a decent damage for the parts that were not glowing, Dragon-Type Elements wont work against Valstrax. So try using a Non-Elemental Build in the meantime until you get used to it.

Remember The Wing Forms Of Valstrax

Wings BehindWings Forward

Valstrax changes the position of its wings. When Valstrax's wings are facing backwards, it mostly uses melee attacks. If its wings are facing forward, Valstrax uses long-range attacks. By remembering the wing patterns, you will able to this to your advantage to get a clear hit and idea of what will Valstrax attacks may be.

Deals Higher Damage When Enraged

Deals Higher Damage When Enraged

Crimson Glow Valstrax will deal higher damage while enraged and will attack nonstop. You should keep an eye on its attacks and avoid them as soon as possible. Also, this strengthened form is different from strengthening its wings.

Crimson Glow Valstrax - Attack Patterns & Tips

Normal State
1Ambush Comet Attack
2Attack Valstax's Head Diagonally
3Valstrax Will Strengthen Its Wings
4Beware Of Its Enraged Combos
Wings Behind
5Rocket Dash
└ Wing Piercing Attack & Spinning Attack Combo
6Stab Attack With Its Foreleg
└ 2 Times When Enraged
7Strengthened Rush Attack with Airborne Rush Attack Combo
Wings Facing Forward
8Wing Slam
└ 2 consecutive times when enraged
9Forward Somersault
10Wing Attack
11Ground Zero Burst
12Crimson Beam Attack

Ambush Comet Attack

If Valstrax starts to fly in a circular motion around in the air, this is the sign that it will launch the Ambush Comet Attack. This attack deals with high damage which can wipe a whole party. So it's better to prepare to evade its attacks when it starts to circle in the air as Guard won't help you in this one.

Attack Valstrax's Head Diagonally

Attack Its Head Diagonally

Since standing right in front of Valstrax is dangerous, try to do the diagonal front strategy. When fighting Valstrax, aim for its head from the side and stay as close as possible.

Valstrax Will Strengthen Its Wings

Strengthened Its Wings

When Valstrax strengthens its wings, its attacks will be stronger and the attack range will expand. So try to avoid Valstrax's attacks more than usual.

Beware Of Valstrax's Enraged Combos

Beware Of Valstrax

When enraged, Pierce and Stab Attacks occur twice in a row. If Valstrax is enraged, its head will glow with the color of crimson. Take note that its combos can be evaded continuously. After Valstrax's second attack, you can use it as a chance for a counterattack.

(Wings Behind) Rocket Dash

Rocket Dash

When the wings are facing backwards, it uses a rush attack that pierces like a spear. Since this attack has a longer range, we advise you to evade this sideways.

Wing Piercing Attack & Spinning Attack Combo

▲ It is possible to evade by passing through depending on the terrain.

After using a Rush attack, there's a chance that Valstrax will use a Wing Piercing Attack followed by a Spinning Attack. Despite its wider attack range, it can still be evaded by going below Valstrax or use the area's terrain as an advantage.

(Wings Behind) Foreleg Stab Attack

Foreleg Stab Attack

If the wing is facing backwards, it can use a foreleg Stab Attack. It is difficult to avoid after seeing the attack alone, so let's make a rule to evade sideways when you see it attempt to attack with its foreleg. It also attacks 2 consecutive times when enraged.

(Wings Behind) Strengthened Rush Attack with Airborne Rush Attack Combo

After strengthening its wings, it will perform a Rush Attack going midair and use the Airborne Rush Attack. So if you manage to avoid the first attack, try to evade by running sideways and evade diagonally.

(Wings Facing Forward) Wing Slam

Wing Slam

When its wings are facing forward, it will use them to slam the ground. You can evade this by keeping a safe distance away. Be careful of this attack especially when it's enraged as it can perform this twice. Your safe zone here will be the diagonal front area.

(Wings Facing Forward) Forward Somersault

When the wings are facing forward, Valstrax uses somersaults forward and releases explosions afterwards. Run in the same direction as Valstrax and roll forward to avoid its somersaults.

(Wings Facing Forward) Wing Attack

Wing Attack

Valstrax may spread open its wings forward and use them to attack you. Even if the attack is wide, it only swings from one part. You can avoid this attack by just going to the opposite side of the swing.

(Wings Facing Forward) Ground Zero Burst

Ground Zero

When Valstrax's wings are facing forward, Valstrax will breathe out to attack enemies in front of it. The attack will be aimed right below its face and in front of it. You can still attack it diagonally, but make sure to keep a safe distance as you do so.

(Wings Facing Forward) Crimson Beam Attack

Crimson Beam Attack

The Crimson Beam Attack also occurs when its wings are facing forward and this deals high damage. When you notice Valstrax attempting this move, try to evade sideways as soon as possible since this attack is a straightly aimed one. If you successfully evade, you can use this opportunity to perform a counterattack.

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