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Talisman (Charm) Guide - How To Farm & Unlock

Sunbreak | Talisman (Charm) Guide - How To Farm & Unlock | Monster Hunter Rise

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Sunbreak | Talisman (Charm) Guide - How To Farm & Unlock | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

Talismans are items that can strengthen skills in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Check talisman upgrades, talisman melding, how to unlock, bugs, skill list, charms, & charm farming!

Table of Contents

Bug Fixes In Update 2.0

Capcom Melding Pot Announcement

▲ Official Announcement from Capcom Japan

A bug was discovered wherein inputting a specific combination will produce multiple copies of the same Talisman. Capcom Japan has just announced that a fix is on the way for the Melding bug in Update 2.0!

Check Out Details On Update 2.0

How To Farm Talismans (Charms)

▼Collect materials by completing Rampage quests
▼Use acquired items to produce Talismans
▼Use Arena quests to pass the time
▼Get the Talismans
Repeat steps ①〜④ until you get the Talisman that you want

Farm Materials Using The Rampage

Recommended Quests
・★7 Rampage Quest (Any boss)
・★7 Hub Quest (Narwa)

For best results, both ★7 Rampage and Narwa quests are recommended. Both quests yield materials that generate a high amount of points needed to meld.

Read The Rampage Guide Here

Use Materials To Get Talismans (Charms)

Use materials to get talismans

Next, head over to the shop and start melding. Use the materials acquired in the ★7 quests to generate the Talisman that you want. For definite results, use the melding options Reflecting Pool, Haze, & Moonbow to generate the Talismans that you want!

All Material List

Use The Arena To Pass The Time

Use the arena to pass the time

Talismans are generated after the completion of a quest, regardless if you succeed or fail. So, take advantage of the Arena Quest 05 as it has a strict fail condition with only 1 faint. Deliberately fail the quest to pass the time and produce the Talismans.

Normal Quests Are Inefficient

Failing hunting/capture missions always requires you to wait for 60 seconds for the mission to end. Expedition Tours have no clear conditions. With that said, both are inefficient means of passing time.

All Quests & Assignments List

Get The Talismans

Get the Talismans

The last step simply requires you to go get the completed Talismans. If the outcome is not something you want, repeat steps ① to ③ until you get the Talisman with the skill and level that you want.

Talisman Stats & Skill List

Skills That Comes With Talisman Are RNG-Based

Skills are luck-based

For melding options "Wisp of Mystery" and "Rebirth", even if you choose the skill that you want, the outcome is always random. Aside from the skill, the level of the Talisman also varies randomly, similar to a "gacha" system.

Check Out How Good Your Talisman Is Using Our Tool!

Choose First 3 Options For Certainty

Reflecting Pool, Haze, Moonbow
・Choose the skill that you want from the choices
Wisp of Mystery, Rebirth
・Choose only if your choices do not appear in the first 3 options
・Select if you want to have a good combination and a high skill level

If the skill that you want is within the first 3 options, select them. As the last 2 options are random, aiming for a single skill may be incredibly difficult given the odds.

Melding Pot Skill List

Reflecting Pool Melding Skill List

Skill List
ConstitutionStamina ThiefAffinity Sliding
Horn Maestro Recovery UpRecovery Speed
Fire ResistanceWater ResistanceIce Resistance
Thunder ResistanceDragon ResistancePoison Resistance
Paralysis ResistanceSleep ResistanceMuck Resistance
Blast ResistanceBotanistGeologist
BombardierFree MealFortify
Item ProlongerCarving ProHunger Resistance
Leap of FaithDiversionMaster Mounter
Wirebug WhispererWall Runner-

Haze Melding Skill List

Skill List
Fire AttackWater AttackIce Attack
Thunder AttackDragon AttackPoison Attack
ConstitutionQuick SheathSlugger
Stamina ThiefAffinity SlidingHorn Maestro
Reload SpeedRecoil DownSteadiness
Defense BoostDivine BlessingRecovery Up
Recovery SpeedSpeed EatingWindproof
WindproofBlight ResistancePartbreaker
Speed SharpeningBombardierItem Prolonger
Wide-RangeFree MealFortify
Flinch FreeHunger ResistanceMaster Mounter
Wirebug WhispererWall RunnerCounterstrike
Rapid Morph--

Moonbow Melding Skill List

Skill List
Critical EyeWeakness ExploitFire Attack
Water AttackIce AttackThunder Attack
Dragon AttackPoison AttackRazor Sharp
Spare ShotBludgeonerPunishing Draw
Quick SheathSluggerReload Speed
Defense BoostDivine BlessingSpeed Eating
EarplugsTremor ResistanceEvade Window
Evade ExtenderStun ResistanceSpeed Sharpening
Rapid Morph--

How To Unlock Talismans (Charms)

Unlocked After Clearing Village ★5 Or Hub ★2

Used To Create Talismans

The Melding Pot can be accessed after you defeat the Village or Hub quest Magnamalo. After fulfilling either, talk to Kagero the Merchant and select "Melding Pot" to start making Talismans (which are also referred to as Charms by some players).

Required Quests
・Hub ★3 - "Hellfire"
・Village ★5 - "Comeuppance"
▲ Completing either unlocks the Melding Pot

Village Quest Is Easier If Playing Alone

Compared to the Hub version of Magnamalo, the Village quest variant is easier as it has less HP. If you have friends to play with, hunting the Hub Magnamalo may be faster.

Complete Quests To Unlock More Options

Complete quests to unlock more options

Initially you only get the "Reflecting Pool" option on the Melding Pot selection screen. As you progress further and as your level increases, you will get more skill options when creating Talismans. You also get more crafting slots as you complete quests.

How To Unlock Melding Options

Melding Pot Unlocks & Upgrades

Melding Options & Upgrades

Melding OptionsSkills/How To Unlock
Reflecting PoolResistances, HP & Stamina buffs, and exploration
Unlocked from the start
HazeElemental Attack and Sheathing buffs
Reach ★5 Assembly Hall quests to unlock
MoonbowCritical Eye, Weakness Exploit, etc.
Reach ★7 Assembly Hall quests to unlock
Wisp of MysteryRandom skill
Defeat Narwa to unlock
RebirthRandom skill
Defeat Narwa to unlock

Progress To Unlock Options

Progress for more melding options

Talismans are crafted using the Melding Pot. Initially, you only start with one option to craft Talismans. However, as you increase your Gathering Hall quest rank, you get to unlock more options and skills.

Gathering Hall Quest Guide

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