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Last Updated: 2021/8/4 08:42

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Anonymous 23

How can i get cute and nice outfit instead from the smithy

Anonymous 22


Anonymous 21

Is there a bug whit theLarge Daora Crown i hunt hin now for more days watch now Over 200 hundred and Kill over 50 where i was thinking its rly big BUT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I the Crown Buggy ???????

Anonymous 20

I had an interesting idea for a game crossover. I was looking online at an old Capcom game called 'Red Earth'. In it, there is a legendary dragon named Hauzer. I think this character would translate well into a monster hunter monster. They could also have an event with costumes from the playable characters, and new armor sets from defeating Hauzer.

Anonymous 19

I did. Greatsword feels like shit compare to previous games

Anonymous 18

I think so too. Especially when i fought teostra, after perform rage slash then i want to go power sheathe, it's always feels delay. Sometimes my rage combo failed too although i hold my X button. I don't know if my controller is lagging or game bugs, but i feel it after update.

Anonymous 17

Long Sword is not a good beginner weapon it requires good spacing and precision. Any weapon can be a starter weapon, but it's definitely not the best. Sword and Shield is still the best starter weapon, and even that weapon has a lot of nuances once you really start mastering it.

Anonymous 16

I need help, i have completed all the village quests and any quests that Fugan asks of, the last one was recruit 15 buddies, but im trying to get the Medium armour set i cannot find it to craft the armour, i have about 7 kumara tickets as well. I cant seem to find any guide what so ever. Any help would be great

Amphilyon 15

i have a problem with Controls with GS weapon
i dont know if its a bug or other issue but, while we change controls to TYPE 2, we cant do a GS Plunging Thrust with the wirebug jump
every time im jump up and try to "R" button, nothing happens ???? i can do a jump charges but i cant do the Plunging

try it and answer me did u have the same BUG ?

Anonymous 14

You do not get more parts, it just makes the hunt easier so you can farm quicker

Bofa 13

Is there a benefit to hunting online with others? Do you get more rewards or monster parts?

Anonymous 12

How do I unlock the Cat-aclysm set for the palico? I've got all the required materials but I can't see this set at the crafting NPC, same for the equivalent palamute set?

Anonymous 11

is there an auto translated message that says not to capture ?

Anonymous 10

try a bigger tv.

NastyZ 9

Why there is no hr unlock badge in player list next to the name?

Anonymous 8

Is it normal that for the monsters cutscenes, even if I disable the subtitles, they appear anyway?

Anonymous 7

Yo, if the host clearly states do not capture the Tigrex at the start of the hunt, and your two brain cells capture anyway, take a swim with cinderblock shoes

Adam89 6

Am I the only one who noticed how big the delays are between greatsword actions? Attacking with the great sword leaves a significantly long window of vulnerability before being able to block/defend.

Halpme 5

Anyone else having frame issues only when the Animal Crossing Edition Switch is docked? When I play on handheld mode the frame seems much more consistent. When play it on docked mode, the frame fluctuation and drops are significantly more noticeable. I am using Acer SB220Q 21.5in 60Hz monitor. Is there something inherently wrong with my Switch?

Anonymous 4

Long sword is always the tried and true best weapon for beginners.

They made the hunting horn incredibly easy and powerful so that's why they are considered S tier.

The hardest weapons to learn is probably the Switch Axe, Gun Lance and Heavy Bowgun depending on who you ask.

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