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Abnormal Statuses are negative effects that impair your character (or a monster) in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Check out a list of abnormal statuses, & how to heal in MH Rise!

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What Are Abnormal Status Effects?

Various Negative Effects


Abnormal Status Effects impair a character (or monster) in a variety of ways. This includes taking damage over time, or becoming incapacitated. Each status will have a different effect and way to remove it. You'll want to make sure you get rid of these as fast as possible, as they can be quite deadly.

Apply By Repeatedly Using Status Attacks

In general you can apply an abnormal status effect on a monster by increasing its "status value" to a certain point. You can do this by hitting it with an attack of a particular status type (poison, paralysis, etc).

Monsters Grow Resistant To Status Effects

Most monsters will grow resistant to a particular abnormal status when they've been afflicted with it once. This makes it difficult to repeatedly apply the same status - you'll have to reach a higher status value amount each successive time. Also, there are diminishing returns on stun time as well.

Other Ways To Apply Exist As Well

It's also possible to inflict Abnormal Status Effects by using items or Endemic Life. Some of these will really come in handy when fighting tough monsters, so stock up on them!

Blights Are A Different Effect


Note that Elemental Blights are technically considered a separate category from Abnormal Status Effects. In order to counteract the effects of blights, you'll have to use different types of resistances and skills, so don't confuse the two.

Elemental Blights Guide

List Of Status Effects

Hunter Status Effects

Abnormal StatusEffect / How To Heal
Take damage over time
(Venom deals more damage, faster)
【How To Heal】
・Use an Antidote or Herbal Medicine
・Expires after time passes
Become unable to move or act
【How To Heal】
・Move the L Stick stick, or repeatedly hit other buttons
・Expires after time passes
・Take a hit
Become unable to move or act
【How To Heal】
・Move the L Stick stick, or repeatedly hit other buttons
・Expires after time passes
・Take a hit
Become unable to move or act
【How To Heal】
・Move the L Stick stick, or repeatedly hit other buttons
・Expires after time passes
・Be knocked back/away by an enemy attack
Become drowsy and then fall asleep
(Damage you take is increased while asleep)
【How To Heal】
・Use an energy drink before you fall asleep
・Take a hit while asleep
・Expires after time passes
Defense DOWN【Effect】
Decreases your defense temporarily
【How To Heal】
・Use an Adamant Seed or Armorskin
・Expires after time passes
All Resistances DOWN【Effect】
Decreases all your resistances temporarily
【How To Heal】
・Use a Nulberry
・Expires after time passes
Makes you unable to use HP and stamina recovery items temporarily
【How To Heal】
・Use Deodorant
・Expires after time passes
・Covers you in bubbles
・The more bubbles you get on you, the more difficult it becomes to move due to slipping
【How To Heal】
・Use a Cleanser
・Take multiple hits
・Touching clumps of snow or mud left by a monster's attacks will cause you to trip
・Movement speed decreases while you're touching the muck
(Has no effect on movement done by Wiredash)
【How To Heal】
・Step out of the mud or snow

Prevent & Heal Using Items Or Endemic Life


Some Endemic Life, such as the Antidobra, will cleanse you of certain effects. This creature in particular will also heighten your resistances after using it, making you more resistant to a certain status.

Monster Status Effects

The following is from previous games in the series.

Abnormal StatusEffect
Take damage over time
【How To Apply】
・Attack with a Poison elemental weapon
・Use a Poisontoad
・Use another monster's poison attacks
・Use an item
└ Poisoned meat, poison throwing knife, poison smoke ball, etc
Become unable to move or act
【How To Apply】
・Hit the target's head with a blunt weapon
・Attack an opponent afflicted with Thunderblight
・Hit the target's head with a Bowgun's pierce ammo
Become unable to choose a target temporarily
【How To Apply】
・Hit the target with a flash pod
・Use a Flashfly
Become unable to move or act
【How To Apply】
・Attack with a Paralysis-inducing weapon
・Use another monster's paralysis-inducing attacks
・Use a Paratoad
・Use other items
└ Tainted meat, paralysis throwing knife
After a while, become temporarily unable to move or act
└ Damage taken increases while asleep
└ HP recovers slightly while asleep
【How To Apply】
・Attack with a Sleep-inducing weapon
・Use another monster's sleep attacks
・Use a Sleeptoad
・Use other items
└ Drugged Meat, Sleep Throwing Knife
・Movements become slow and sluggish
・Some attacks won't go off
(Can't be exhausted while also enraged)
【How To Apply】
・Provoke monsters into attacking you
・Cause monsters to flinch
・Hit it with exhaustion-inducing attacks (blunt weapons, some coatings of the Charge Axe, etc)

Endemic Life That Inflicts Abnormal Statuses

Endemic LifeLocation / Effect
PoisontoadPoisontoad Shrine Ruins
Poisons enemies.
FlashflyFlashflyShrine Ruins
Emit a bright light, causing monsters to flinch.
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