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Last Updated: 2021/8/2 07:07

Welcome to Monster Hunter Rise's Bug Report forum! Share any bugs you found in MH Rise here!

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Welcome to the bug report forum! If you think you might have found a bug in-game, post it here, detailing what happened! Feel free to post a screenshot as well.

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Dragon 171

I done the new event quest twice for okami layered armor. And like with every god damn event, it doesnt show up for me in the game to buy or craft.

Can anyone tell me if i am just plain stupid or if this is a bug.

Anonymous 170

So the idea of battle music is that a monster sees you and starts the fight. Khezu not having battle music is more of an Easter egg than a bug, because Khezu is actually blind.

Music bug 169

Battle music theme did not stop after the hunt end and still play during in village

Plz help so annoying

Anonymous 168

khezu doesn't have the theme because the developer wanted the hunt to be can i say. eerie. something like that

Ed 167

I use player action settings type 2 for melee weapons, but can't do the plunging thrust for the Greatsword after a wirebug. With type 1 settings it's just ZR in the air, but I can't seem to find it with the type 2 settings.

Belmont 166

Khezu has no music play, ever. Music will start up when mounting a monster, including Khezu, but stops after dismounting.
Also, maybe not a thing, but I feel like he roars infinitely more than other monsters? Might just be because no music is playing though.

Anonymous 165

Did you buy all the scrolls from trader? In buddy plaza?
You unlock new scrolls by hunting the same monster multiple times.

Anonymous 164

When you check the craftsman (armor/weapon) red "!" pops to indicate new equipment. Keeps showing up again even after hovering it and exiting the shop. There are also some in the layerd armor section.

Anonymous 163

so after competeing the urgent quest on hr 7 for slaying Narwa, it doesnt say i went up to hr 8, im apparently stuck on hr 7 and cant progress

Anonymous 162

I didn't get the narwa and ibushi trinkets for getting all of the rampage relics. I got the award for finding all the messages but not the trinkets.

Doggo 161

I have not gotten any goss harag parts in my last hunts (5) despite looting them in the screen. Just bringing this to light in case others have the same issue

Anonymous 160

Can't find the Azuros S armour set, even when I have all the necessary materials.

Anonymous 159

I keep getting communication error message when joining on hunts. My wifi connection is fine and I don't have any issue with online connections with other games. Can this issue please be fixed? I also never had any issue with connecting with others before 3.0 update.

Anonymous 158

after doing several Kushala Daora hunts for the Daora Horn+ i noticed that even though the material info in the hunter's notes say it can only be obtained by breaking the horn or from carving the body, that i would get a few from Target rewards at about the same rate as the body carves

Anonymous 157

Hey is there a big i Hunt now more then 50 kushalas and watch more then over 200 for the large Crown but still Nothing is the crown Buggy????

Anonymous 156

I got this same bug really annoying

Anonymous 155

So I’ve fought all stampede source narwa about 20 times and it seems like there’s a bug that gives her infinite health if you stagger and trip her while she’s roaring right after consuming ibushimakihiko. Quite annoying since there’s nothing I can do except return from quest. Anyone else having this issue ?

Anonymous 154

i did not get the narwa and ibushi trinkets for completing the rampage messages. i have the award showing that i got all of the messages, but do not have the trinkets.

Anonymous 153

Having a cutscene issue where there is no voice over for either my native language, monster hunter language, or even japanese. All my settings seem normal. Background music and sounds are still there, its literally just as any kind of scripted scene happens with conversations, mouths are moving but theres nothing coming out.

Anonymous 152

I am hr rank 33, and I habe played Ibusho and Narwa quests but I cannot unlock the final quest: the allmother

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