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Last Updated: 2022/11/26 01:48

Welcome to Monster Hunter Rise's Bug Report forum! Share any bugs you found in MH Rise here!

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Welcome to the bug report forum! If you think you might have found a bug in-game, post it here, detailing what happened! Feel free to post a screenshot as well.

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Alexan2025 308

Bow's Super critical range is changing position and size constantly when I bring melee followers along. In this picture I'm using rapid bow, ballistic lvl 3, power coating, and the critical range was way too far away. The place where I'm standing is where the critical range started.

Anonymous 307

The picture didn’t show last time but here’s one.

Anonymous 306

So I had this happen only once, but I noticed that when I died, I still had a little health left. I don’t know if it could have been the healing bat or just a visual glitch?

Anonymous 305

Some of SFX is missing when I hit monster with great sword the impact sound is gone. Especially, when I hit on the head but another part of the body are fine. Also some of NPC voice line are gone when I interact with them, after I done with them they speak normally.
I have tried the solution set all the volume to 100% and it not work for me.

Anonymous 304

Im having the same issue with a friend of mine did you find a fix for this???

Smarvy 303

The market in game no longer has sales. I can’t buy things at the sale price, or buy lottery tickets. I’ve probably done 30-40 missions since the last sale.

Anonymous 302

This happens to me occasionally too on the Steam Deck. I have to restart the device and then it works.

Anonymous 301

When I try to play any of the Narwa or Ibushi quests in high or master rank, the game crashes almost every time. I’m playing on the switch version.

Anonymous 300

Beaten Serpent Thunder of goddess can't access the Sun break
Cause the female npc never appear after I beat

Anonymous 299

Eating for dango booster and never get it at 90% chance.

Kanonshiki 298

My friends save disappeared completely for no reason. He's not even the first person this has happend to so what should he do to recover his save? Is there anything that can be done?

Anonymous 297

I have been having the same problem as well. Whether it be with my friends or joining in on any sort of quests on the mission board

Anonymous 296

Same thing has been happening to me. No matter what I get frenzy, even in the training area. Tried pretty much everything to get it fixed by now, so unfortunately I’ve got no solutions other than sitting around and hoping it’s eventually taken care of in a bug fix.

Idnocs 295

There is random delay between bowgun shots despite spamming the button

Anonymous 294

Whenever I get in a lobby, my game keeps disconnecting from it, evento if my and my friends Internet is fine

Anonymous 293

Event quests not showing, the checking ad ons gives us tmp files on pdlc folder (temporary). im hoping they fix it on TU2

Anonymous 292

After the quest "Grabbin' Life by the Horns" (Master Utsushi's Follower Quest to hunt a Rajang in the Jungle), when speaking to him in the Gathering Hub he refers to Fugen as 'Fuges'. My assumption here is that this is a spelling error rather than a nickname Utsushi has for the Elder.

Molichka 291

The Master rank (M5) question of the elder dragons randomly checks and unchecks. I have completed all 3 (Kushala, Teostra, and Chameleos), but it is a toss up on whether they are marked as completed.

Jay 290

11.0.2 broke my save on the Switch. I spawn in Elgado with no gear and two random buddies each time. No access to even my supply chest, like I’m just starting the game and I’m spawned in a place I shouldn’t be. If I do anything that prompts an auto save, I get booted after an error message. Tried everything from turning the console off, re-downloading save, re-downloading the game to reformatting the memory. No hacks or cheats. Everything was fine before the update.

Denizen 289

Slaying the requested afflicted monster has not ticked up the Request Completion Reward counter in three hunts now.

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