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Last Updated: 2023/8/1 05:48

Welcome to Monster Hunter Rise's Bug Report forum! Share any bugs you found in MH Rise here!

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Welcome to the bug report forum! If you think you might have found a bug in-game, post it here, detailing what happened! Feel free to post a screenshot as well.

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Anonymous 338

Hazard Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax's charged double thrust attack causes chip damage through Lance's Insta-Block.

Gravelord Nito 337

The hawk/lecturer armor request to cap a gore magala never showed up from selva. I'm mr 88 and have completed all other armor requests


I’ve passed master rank 10 and gotten anomaly rank to 10 but the anomaly research lab won’t unlock

Anonymous 335

does it fix i have same problem

Jessethevampire 334

In the Rampage Urgent Quest 'The Blue Apex' on my PS5 the monsters are invisible attacking things and I cant interact with them or do anything. I tried the quest twice and it did the same thing the second time too.

Anonymous 333

Every quest with seregios bugs. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Tried hunting him alone and quest ended then screen went black and i didnt get my rewards. Tried the quest with gore magala and seregios and after i hunted them both my screen went black (again...) and didnt get my rewards

Anonymous 332

I had the same problem on my rapid pierce 2 shots

Anonymous 331

The yellow hit zones on alot of Master rank monsters are showing up white instead on xbox, I was using nargas lbg and the the pierce 2 rounds weren't showing yellow numbers, I tested on switch to compare them too, I wonder if it will be fixed soon?

Anonymous 330

Playing sunbreak on xbox. Ever since the update, I can no longer play with anyone. I just get error codes and messages saying the match has already ended. My internet works fine, I am appearing online, I have an open NAT, and it is not just friends. It is literally for every session. I have even deleted and redownloaded my game.

Leogil Casas 329

The blue bubble chat doesn’t go even after I talk to this NPC.

Anonymous 328

Unable to report the request: "Hand-Me-Down Trial", even with the items acquired and the NPC saying that the trial is complete in a blue bubble.

Anonymous 327

Hunted 30 risen shagaru magalas and not a single crown. Don't know if this a bug or just unlucky.

Anonymous 326

My game when downloaded has a ton of static and i can't see

Anonymous 325

I dont know if anyone else has this but my followers just dont do anything in quests expect running in circles. Sometimes they just stand there and watch me hunt the monster but most of the time they just run around and nothing else

Anonymous 324

Not so much a bug as something that was seemingly forgotten. Playing Sunbreak on Switch.

For Layered Weapons, there's no option for the Springnight Finshot LBG from the Makluva Tree.

iceFloRida 323

Im playing on xbox and my damage numbers with piercing ammo are white no matter what. I tried everything. I only get certain weak spots with LBG on xbox, like Narwas belly when shes toppled. But even if her arms and head are loaded the numbers are white. But i see the increase in damage. Without loaded i hit for 3-5 and with load i hit Narwa for 8-10. But the numbers are still white.

Anonymous 322

There is a bug where you can not fish anymore that my an my 2 freinds have on xbox it always says "you did not catch anything" I have been trying for 2 hours now and I haven't caught any fish

NickJRock 321

I okay on Xbox. Me and my friend can never play together, we start hunting monsters and then we disconnect and go solo all the time. We have xfinitys internet 1 gig plan so it is not like internet speeds should be an issue.

Shadow 320

I play on Xbox and I collected the lava cavern hidden message 10 but it doesnt show up as collected in the notes. I went back to the spot and the message is no longer there to collect so it remains uncollected in my notes.

Anonymous 319

The Gold Ecologist's Award seems to not work as intended, I have photographed every endemic life multiple times and I have not received the award

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