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Last Updated: 2021/4/14 14:16

Welcome to Monster Hunter Rise's Bug Report forum! Share any bugs you found in MH Rise here!

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Welcome to the bug report forum! If you think you might have found a bug in-game, post it here, detailing what happened! Feel free to post a screenshot as well.

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Anonymous 60

As far as I'm aware, the skill "Hungerless" doesn't work at all, on any level. Stamina Cap decreases as it normally would without augment.

Anonymous 59

While hunting Almudron HR Online, i got caught in his mud and then... i’m underground !
Can’t bail out back to camp, can’t move, can’t do anything but wait

Conquest29 58

I am running insect glaive online, and my game closes itself on the killing blow on ibushi in any of his rampages, the game close and says a software error occurs. Ive done other rampages with no problems, its just ibushi.

Anonymous 57

A translation error in french, the high rank basarios waist armor is called « Boucle Uroktor S » which is the same name for the Uroktor armor, this is only in high rank, not in low rank.

Anonymous 56

I just experienced the same thing, it's happen to me with Ibushi as well. It's extremely annoying especially since I'm so close to finishing the main story!

Anonymous 55

Translation error, Firersistence is in German everywhere named wrong Feuerwdrstnd instead Feuerwiderstand.

Anonymous 54

This is not a bug there are only statues for the locales and no statues for the rampage message relics

yarncatss 53

All hairstyles near the top of the scalp clip through Pukei-Pukei Helm while moving.

Anonymous 52

When using "Player Action Settings" Type 2 you can not do the move "Jumping Spirit Blade 3" with the Longsword.

McWilliams 51

Game consistently crashes after the Narwa fight. Right before the cutscene when you kill her, the software will close and say an error happened. Seems to only happen online because I was able to finish the fight a few times solo.


I think its possible to skilled the first switch skill? Or my game is just bugged. I am at 6 star village quest and 5 star hub quest but I still don't have my first switch skill. I tried searching online on how to get it and they all say that you can get the first switch skill early on the game. But I am already on high rank but still don't got it. Any possible solution?

Oliver 49

My music is stuck in buddy plaza and I can’t change it

Tmato 48

Bug that dont let you play, thanks god it was online and they finished him.

Anonymous 47

Magnamalo theme glitch.
Magnamalo theme would keep playing after finishing the Hub 7 Star quest "Clad in Hellfire" back in the village, even when you start a new rampage quest the theme just keep on playing. It has happened several times for me.

Anonymous 46

I’ve hunted 32 HR gagau and received 28 gajau scales and 18 acute fangs but no gajau whisker+, even though it’s supposed to have a 20% drop rate vs the 10% drop rate for acute fangs. I’ve hunted in the ruins and flooded forest with no luck.

Anonymous 45

After collecting all 60 of the message relics I finished the Lava Caverns and Rampage messages at the same time and never received the statues for the Rampage ones but received the ones for the Lava Caverns

Anonymous 44

Narwa Soul ramp-up skill doesn't work on hunting horn. Attack does not increase with equipping more pieces of the Narwa set and wearing the full set still does nothing.

Anonymous 43

You may have selected hide weapon under:
- Manage Equipment -> Equipment Display

If not, try toggling it to see if it fixes the issue.

Anonymous 42

I was doing the first apex arzeros rampage with some friends and when we finished they got the cutscene but I didn't. I got sent back to the hub. It also still ses in my hub quest progression that I haven't completed it yet even though I have.

Anonymous 41

My movement through the hub is broken and staggered. My character will sprint for 2 seconds then walk, then sprint for 2 seconds then walk. Its very irritating. Its the same for just jogging. I have a video of it happening as well. It also happens in the center of the road away from and diologue

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