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Last Updated: 2022/1/27 10:17

Welcome to Monster Hunter Rise's Bug Report forum! Share any bugs you found in MH Rise here!

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Welcome to the bug report forum! If you think you might have found a bug in-game, post it here, detailing what happened! Feel free to post a screenshot as well.

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Perfectionado 191

Searched this and couldn't find anything about it but Kaguro has had his blue speech bubble for ages now and upon checking side quests it seems its the Sub Camp 2 quest for warm pelts and monster bones S.

Upon talking with him his normal menu just comes up, chit chat doesn't produce results and I cant find out how to cash this in. Restarted several times ect. Never had this issue on the switch version.

dragonov 190

Popfish, in every area, are not capable of being caught with my or my friends fishing rod. they swim towards it, pass through it, and then just kinda spin around on the bobber until another fish bites. this does not occur with any other fish. if I pull the bobber back and then cast again, the popfish spins around for a bit, then moves a few inches closer, then spins again. the spin and move cycle repeats seemingly forever.

Anonymous 189

so I killed great Wroggi and I go to look at the armor and I hover over the vambraces (PC) and before the image loads my game crashes

it does this every time without fail


Jibby 188

Not sure how consistent this bug is between restarts or what lead up to it. The steam overlay caused any area I'm in to despawn leaving most NPCs and a few land decorations. Steam threw me into the shadow realm.

Anonymous 187

every now and then my friend;s face start doing this.

Anonymous 186

I have all Pictures 4 the notebook and don't get the copper and the Gold Award

Anonymous 185

I have already taken the scroll of the shrine at buddy plazza, but the high rank weapons are not displayed on the list of buddy smithy. only the high rank ones.

Anonymous 184

Is the achievement "Gold Ecologist's Award " bugged?
I have a picture for every Endemic Life in the Hunter's Notes but im not getting the achievement.
I already retook pictures of everything but it did nothing. Any tips on how to solve this problem?

Anonymous 183

Just had a bug which would prevent my game from loading the map when I tried to enter a multiplayer quest, because the quest had already finished.

I had to terminate the program manually.

Dafera 182

My game keep crashing while i try to save or use an armor set, even without armor/weapon or charm !
I don't know what to do, here is one of the error log, sorry it's in french but this can help...

Anonymous 181

Using a ps4 controller disallows the use of silkshot and putting away the gun. Disabling the steam input doesn't fix this.

HDR mode cannot be turned off even from windows.

Floffy 180

When you are talking with this cat at this specific angel the floor disappear

Anonymous 179

In the german translation, a dialogue line from the candy girl "Komitsu die Naschkatze" starts with the line "Geht`s dir gut <Username>?". The first word got a symbol error box.

Anonymous 178

Same :(

Anonymous 177

I have found all endemic life and took a picture of it. I know for sure, because I replaced all the pictures in the endemic life list. Still, I've got only the silver Ecologist's Award, but not the copper and golden ones.

Anonymous 176

When the Allmother dies, a lot of people noticed that her back fins stay up, protecting her thunder sac (which was strange because she's dead). But it turns out this only happens if you break it. If you don't break it, her back fins relax after death. I'm not sure if this is a detail they wanted or a bug, so I figured I'd mention it here

Anonymous 175

When using the Araknablade with the Valtrax set, my amped elemental discharge and super amped elemental discharge don't do any additional damage when I contract Dragonblight, even though my other chargeblades do.

Anonymous 174

Hi, there has been lobby issues with my friends and myself where we keep getting kicked out of each others lobbys. Even though we all have stable internet, and a pass to help each other out.

Orion 173

In the Flooded Forest, occasionally the game would crash when reaching the top of area 7, the place where you can find the Relic Record. It happened to me while on a Expedition Tour

Zigbubu 172


So this is just a visual one and not super big but on the bone helmet there is like a black mesh where the hunters face is. I will show a screenshot. It looks so weird

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