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Sunbreak | Character List & Voice Actors | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new Characters and their Voice Actors. Learn about the new ally characters & their VA's, their roles in the new Elgado Outpost, bio & more in Sunbreak!

New Character List & Voice Actor

New Characters In Sunbreak!

Meet new allies in the new headquarters, Elgado! This new Outpost is bustling with interesting knights of the Royal Order, researchers, sailors, and traders hired hunters and are home to the research team tasked with looking into the mystery surrounding Malzeno, including other Kingdom monsters. Check them out below to learn more about them!

List Of All Sunbreak Characters

Knight of the Royal Order Fiorayne

Voiced ByValerie Arem
RolesPersona 4 & Q (Naoto Shirogane)
.Hack//Sign (Morgana)
Bombshell & Ion Fury(Bombshell)

De facto leader of the Knights of the Royal Order. Together with Admiral Galleus, she helps lead the research team's investigations into the mystery surrounding the Kingdom's monsters. Imbued with a strong sense of responsibility and a penchant for over-seriousness, she is known to occasionally resort to heavy-handed measures to accomplish her mission.

The Admiral Admiral Galleus

Voiced ByTed Evans
RolesIncredibles 2 (Additional Voices)
The Addams Family 2 (Pongo)

The leader of the Knights of the Royal Order and the commanding officer at Elgado Outpost. Though a man of few words, his dignified presence and unwavering leadership abilities have earned him the stalwart trust of the Royal Order and of the citizens of the Kingdom.

The Scientist Bahari

Voiced ByJulian Smith

The Wyverian lead scientist of the research team at Elgado Outpost. Hailed as a genius by everyone in the Kingdom for his sharp, analytical mind, which has puzzled out the solutions to countless scientific enigmas. On the other hand, he is also known to be rather eccentric. Once something has captured his interest, he becomes blind to everything else—sometimes leading to reckless behavior.

The Quest Damsel Chichae

Voiced ByXanthe Huynh
RolesK-On! (Ui Hirasawa)
Sword Art Online (Sachi)
Fire Emblem Heroes / Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Eir / Marianne)

Elgado Outpost's one and only quest receptionist. Though it's her first time performing the official duties of a quest receptionist, her diligence towards her work have made her a beacon of strength for the knights stationed there. In fact, even the Admiral and Fiorayne seem to show her deference. What might she be hiding?

The Smithy Minayle

Voiced ByCherami Leigh
RolesFairy Tail (Lucy Heartfilia)
Cyberpunk 2077 (Female V)
Nier Automata (A2)

Operator of Elgado Outpost's Smithy. She's young, but possesses the expertise befitting her position as one of the Kingdom's blacksmiths. Through Rondine's good graces, she has come to Kamura Village to further her craft by learning from Hamon the Blacksmith. Minayle loves her work and everything to do with weapons and armor, and bangs out each task while gripping her mighty hammer!

The Merchant Oboro

Voiced ByDaman Mills
RolesShin Megami Tensei V (Aogami)
Paladins (Koga)
MH Rise (Hamon the Blacksmith)

A Wyverian who runs the market in Elgado. Though usually calm and composed, he sometimes lets his merchant duties get the better of him. He boasts an impressive knowledge of items and other fields, which his inquisitive mind pushes him constantly to expand, usually through his love of reading.

Master Arlow

Voiced ByKeith Silverstein
RolesOverwatch (Torbjörn)
Genshin Impact (Zhongli)
Hunter x Hunter (Hisoka)

A man who trains the Knights of the Royal Order. He can be a little coarse and works his students extremely hard, but he's a big-hearted and caring father figure who has everyone's respect. Admiral Galleus has been a friend of his since childhood, and despite their very contrasting personality, they get along well.

Sir Jae

Voiced ByGriffin Burns
RolesDevilman: Crybaby (Akira Fudo)
Kakegurui (Ryota Suzui)
FGO: First Order (Ritsuka Fujimaru)

A knight of the Royal Order stationed in Elgado. Bright and cheerful, he's also a little impulsive, often choosing to act before he thinks. He loves working out, never missing his daily physical training. He's also obsessed with Admiral Galleus, to the point of secretly copying his hairstyle.

Dame Luchika

Voiced ByKaren Strassman
RolesCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Kallen Stadtfeld)
Bleach (Momo Hinamori)
Bleach (Soi Fon)

A knight of the Royal Order stationed in Elgado. Ever calm, she rarely shows emotion, and no one in the Outpost has ever even seen the corners of her mouth curl upwards. Being serious and hard-working, she has a profound knowledge of history and of monsters. She's said to be a fine hunter, though for some reason others shun the chance to hunt with her...

Doctor Tadori

Voiced ByRobbie Daymond
RolesThe Way of the Househusband (Tatsu)
Jujutsu Kaisen (Kento Nanami)
K (Mikoto Suoh)

A Wyverian doctor whose name is known far and wide. After a certain incident, he travels to Elgado to provide his knowledge and experience as a doctor to help the knights fight the calamity.

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Characters In Kamura Village

CharacterDescription & Voice Actor
FugenFugenThe Elder
The leader of Kamura Village who used to be known as one of the best hunters with his long sword skills.
Voice Actor:
EN: Chris Tergliafera
JP: Takaya Hashi
Other Major Roles:
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Muhammad Avdol)
- Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (Gundham Tanaka)
A stubborn and quiet blacksmith in Kamura Village.
Voice Actor:
EN: Daman Mills
JP: Mugihito
Other Major Roles:
- Dragon Ball Super (Frieza)
- Borderlands 3 (Titus)
HinoaHinoaQuest Maiden
The mediator in charge of handling Village Quests.
Voice Actor:
EN: Maureen Price
JP: Rina Satoh
Other Major Roles:
- Sword Art Online (Administrator, Quinella)
- Fire Emblem Heroes (Louise, Natasha)
- Hunter x Hunter (Amane, Geru, Yasuha)
IoriIoriBuddy Handler
Runs the Buddy Scout facility. Talk to him to hire Palico or Palamute.
Voice Actor:
EN: Kyle McCarley
JP: Natsuki Hanae
Other Major Roles:
- NieR: Automata (9S)
- Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba (Yushiro)
- Mob Psycho 100 (Shigeo Kageyama)
Runs a shop which sells items and amiibo lottery.
Voice Actor:
EN: Todd Haberkorn
JP: Yuichiro Umehara
Other Major Roles:
- Fairy Tail (Natsu Dragneel)
- Genshin Impact (Razor)
KogarashiKogarashiFelyne Chief
Manages the squad of buddies called the Meowcenaries. Talk to him to have your buddies gather materials and items.
Voice Actor:
No voice actor announced
Other Major Roles:
A little girl who sells candy apples.
Voice Actor:
En: Laura Stahl
JP: Misaki Kuno
Other Major Roles:
- The Promised Neverland (Ray)
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
- Pokemon: Twilight Wings (Bea)
MinotoMinotoHub Maiden
The manager of the Hub Quests.
Voice Actor:
EN: Heather Gonzalez
JP: Shizuka Ito
Other Major Roles:
- Pokemon: Twilight Wings (Peonia)
- The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV (Laura S. Arseid)
RondineRondineThe Trader
The trader of The Argosy who exchanges your possessions with helpful items.
Voice Actor:
EN: Katelyn Gault
JP: Yui Ogura
Other Major Roles:
- Fire Emblem Heroes (Tanith)
- One Remains (Cathy Mahoney)
The mentor of young hunters. He also manages Arena quests as well.
Voice Actor:
EN: Brandon Winkler
JP: Kisho Taniyama
Other Major Roles:
- Pokemon: Twilight Wings (Bede)
- Fire Emblem Heroes (Kempf)
- Sword Art Online (Eugeo)
YomogiYomogiThe Chef
A chef who works at the Tea Shop, providing The Bunny Dango which gives stats boosts to hunters.
Voice Actor:
EN: Erika Harlacher
JP: Kana Asumi
Other Major Roles:
- Persona 5 (Ann Takamaki)
- Genshin Impact (Venti)
- Final Fantasy VII Remake (Kyrie Canaan)

Characters Speak In English


In previous Monster Hunter games, all characters were using unique Monster Hunter Language. However in MH Rise, all characters speak in English fluently. Since you can switch your hunter's language to this Monster Hunter Language, you might be able to switch NPCs' language to Monster Hunter Language as well.

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