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Insect Glaive list & weapon tree in Monster Hunter Rise Switch (MH Rise) contains Insect Glaive weapon tree, stats, rarity, elements, sharpness gauge of all Insect Glaives in MHR!

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Insect Glaive Weapon Tree

Insect Glaive List & Weapon Tree

Weapon trees are work in progress.

Kamura Weapon Tree & List

Kamura Glaive Iattack50
Kamura Glaive IIattack60
 ┣Kamura Glaive IIIattack90
 ┃┣Kamura Glaive IVattack140
 ┃┃┗Kamura Glaive Vattack150
 ┃┃ ┗Kamura Ninja Glaiveattack190
 ┃┃  ┗Kamura Warrior Glaiveattack250
 ┃┣Hidden Scythe Iattack100
 ┃┃┗Hidden Scythe IIattack170
 ┃┃ ┗Evening Calmattack190
 ┃┣Fox Halberd Iattack120water12
 ┃┃┗Fox Halberd IIattack170water16
 ┃┃ ┗Curved Naganagiattack190water20
 ┃  ┗Tigrex Kaina Iattack160
 ┃   ┗Tigrex Kaina IIattack210
 ┃    ┗Tigerclaw Glaiveattack220
 ┗Leaping Glaive Iattack100water10
  ┗Leaping Glaive IIattack160water12

Ore Weapon Tree & List

Iron Blade Iattack80
Iron Blade IIattack100
┃┣Steel Bladeattack120
┃┃┗Iron Bayonet Iattack140
┃┃ ┣Iron Bayonet IIattack170
┃┃ ┃┣Hiten Bladeattack210
┃┃ ┃┃┗Dauntless Bayonetattack260
┃┃ ┃┗Rathmaul Iattack180fire25
┃┃ ┃ ┗Rathmaul IIattack180fire27
┃┃ ┃  ┗Firedance Rathmaulattack190fire30
┃┃ ┗Bolt Chamber Iattack150thunder25
┃┃  ┗Bolt Chamber IIattack160thunder29
┃┃   ┗Full Bolt Chamberattack180thunder33
┃┣Princess Regalia Iattack110poison19
┃┃┗Princess Regalia IIattack180poison23
┃┃ ┗Queen Regaliaattack210poison25
┃┃  ┗Queen Regalia+attack270poison26
┃┣Aknosom Pike Iattack100fire12
┃┃┗Aknosom Pike IIattack110fire15
┃┃ ┗Daybreak Glaiveattack150fire22
┃┃  ┗Dawnmoon Glaiveattack240
┃┃   ┗Dawnmoon Glaive+attack260
┃┗Kulu Glaive Iattack100
┃ ┣Kulu Glaive IIattack140
┃ ┃┗Kulu Pikeattack150
┃ ┃ ┗Kulu Pike+attack250
┃ ┗Kadachi Glaive Iattack100thunder12
┃  ┗Kadachi Glaive IIattack140thunder15
┃   ┗Shocking Pikeattack170thunder22
┃    ┗Shocking Pike+attack250thunder28
┃     ┗Thundering Pikeattack280thunder30
Lagombaglaive Iattack80ice15
 ┗Lagombaglaive IIattack150ice23

Bone Weapon Tree & List

Bone Staff Iattack90
Bone Staff IIattack110
 ┣Aerial Glaiveattack120
 ┃┣Sturdy Glaive Iattack150
 ┃┃┣Sturdy Glaive IIattack180
 ┃┃┃┗Sturdy Glave Reduxattack220
 ┃┃┃ ┣Sturdy Glave Redux+attack270
 ┃┃┃ ┃┗Stalwart Glaiveattack320
 ┃┃┃ ┗Shell Intonerattack250water18
 ┃┃┗Sky-High Glaive Iattack130paralysis20
 ┃┃ ┗Sky-High Glaive IIattack150paralysis22
 ┃┃  ┣Highest of Glaivesattack170paralysis25
 ┃┃  ┃┗Highest of Glaives+attack240paralysis26
 ┃┃  ┗Diablos Rod Iattack200
 ┃┃   ┗Diablos Rod IIattack210
 ┃┃    ┗Tyrant Rodattack230
 ┃┣Flammenkaefer Iattack140fire12
 ┃┃┣Flammenkaefer IIattack210fire15
 ┃┃┃┗Gnashing Flammenkaeferattack220fire18
 ┃┃┃ ┗Gnashing Flammenkaefer+attack280
 ┃┃┗Gossglaive Iattack160ice10
 ┃┃ ┗Gossglaive IIattack210ice12
 ┃┃  ┗Abominable Glaiveattack230ice15
 ┃┗Pukei Rod Iattack100poison24
 ┃ ┗Pukei Rod IIattack150poison27
 ┃  ┗Datura Pikeattack170poison30
 ┃   ┗Datura Pike+attack260
 ┣Amber Piton Iattack90ice16
 ┃┗Amber Piton IIattack160ice22
 ┃ ┗Fenrir Stormattack190ice25
 ┃  ┗Midgard Stormattack280ice30
 ┗Royal Bloom Iattack80water20
  ┣Royal Bloom IIattack130water25
  ┃┗Bloom Royaleattack160water33
  ┃ ┗Bloom Royale+attack240
  ┃  ┗Golm Glaiveattack310
  ┗Royal Bolt Scepter Iattack120thunder20
   ┗Royal Bolt Scepter IIattack190thunder23
    ┗Despot's Twinboltattack200thunder25

Altaroth Weapon Tree & List

Hortadent Iattack90
Hortadent IIattack100
┃┗Hortadent Bradaattack160
┃ ┗Hortadent Brada+attack240
Rielle Nulo Iattack80
 ┣Rielle Nulo IIattack100
 ┃┣Rielle Unuattack140
 ┃┃┣Rielle Nulo Red Iattack150fire14
 ┃┃┃┗Rielle Nulo Red IIattack160fire16
 ┃┃┃ ┗Rielle Vermiglioattack180fire20
 ┃┃┃  ┗Rielle Du Redattack240fire27
 ┃┃┗Rielle Nulo Black Iattack140dragon15
 ┃┃ ┗Rielle Nulo Black IIattack160dragon17
 ┃┃  ┗Rielle Nerissimoattack180dragon20
 ┃┗Rielle Nulo White Iattack120ice12
 ┃ ┗Rielle Nulo White IIattack160ice16
 ┃  ┗Rielle Unu Whiteattack170ice18
 ┃   ┗Rielle Du Whiteattack250ice26
 ┗Rielle Nulo Green Iattack100paralysis15
  ┗Rielle Nulo Green IIattack130paralysis18
   ┗Rielle Unu Greenattack170paralysis20
    ┗Rielle Du Greenattack260paralysis21

Magnamalo Weapon Tree & List

Rajang Weapon Tree & List

Ibushi Weapon Tree & List

Azure Elder Glaive Iattack180dragon10
Azure Elder Glaive IIattack200dragon12
 ┗Abyssal Gale Glaiveattack210dragon14

Narwa Weapon Tree & List

Thunderbolt Glaive Iattack170thunder36
┗Abyssal Storm Glaiveattack186thunder38

Kushala Daora Weapon Tree & List

Daora's Entom Iattack170ice34
┗Daora's Tethidineattack180ice36

Chameleos Weapon Tree & List

Caster's Rod Iattack180poison35
┗Hazy Casterattack190poison38

Valstrax Weapon Tree & List

Redwing Glaive Iattack160dragon35
┗Reddnaught Shumaattack170dragon38

Death Stench Weapon Tree & List

Deathport Staff Iattack100dragon16
Deathport Staff IIattack160dragon20

Magia Weapon Tree & List

Magia Pitareen Iattack70blast20
Magia Pitareen IIattack100blast25
 ┗Magia Pitareen IIIattack150blast29
  ┗Magia Cresentattack190blast33

Smithy Weapon Tree & List

Rampage Weapon Tree & List

Insect Glaive Stats List By Weapon

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