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Gold Crown Size Guide - Farming Largest & Smallest Monsters
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Gold Crown Size Guide - Farming Largest & Smallest Monsters

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Crown Size is a reward given to the player after defeating the largest or smallest monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Read this guide on how to farm gold crowns using quests!!

Table of Contents

How To Get Gold Crowns

Step 1Decide on which quest to play to spawn the crowns
Recommended Quests
Step 2Go on a quest and fight the monster
You can also check out the sizes of the other monsters in the map
Step 3After determining its size, defeat the monster
How To Measure Monsters
Step 4Replay the quest and compare the sizes:
・If the size is nearer to your goal, defeat the monster
・If the size is not what you're looking for, abandon the quest

Replay High Rank Quests

Replay High Rank Quests

The longest and the shortest monsters are likely to spawn in high rank quests rather than low rank ones. However, this doesn't mean that any high rank quest is okay. Every quest has a slightly different chance of spawning the shortest or longest monster so play specific ones to increase your chances. Rampage monsters do not count so there's no meaning in farming them there.

Check Out Other Monsters

For normal quests, there are always 3 monsters in the field. Take your time and check the other monsters' sizes so you can also get other crowns while you're in the field.

Return From Quest Resets Spawns

Even if you don't clear a quest, defeating monsters records their sizes. If you have quests that require you to hunt down multiple monsters, you can simply defeat your target first then choose "Return From Quest" to save time. However, do not choose to "Abandon Quest" as it will erase your record so make sure to choose "Return From Quest".

Spawns During Expedition Tours

High Rank Expedition Tours

It is also possible for crown monsters to spawn during expedition quests. Try to defeat them if you see them during these quests. Note that monsters during expedition tours leave the map faster than usual so hunt them down before they escape.

Measure The Monsters

Measure the Monsters

When hunting for longest and shortest monsters, defeating each one that you encounter can be inefficient. Find a monster and use its body parts to compare it to your hunter. With that, you have a standard to measure your targets. Use this standard to measure other similar monsters you encounter to determine their size then hunt them down if they fit your target.

How To Measure Monsters

Use a monster's body part and compare it to others. This is your point of reference
Example 1: Compare the location of a monster's knee to your hunter's height
Example 2: Use map features to compare monster sizes
Hunt 1 monster for a baseline size
You can use this to calculate the difference that you need for the crown monsters
Largest & Smallest Monster Sizes
Once you have you standard, decide if you want to hunt the shortest or longest
If the monster you defeated is not the longest or shortest, your record will still update
Repeat steps ③ and ④ until you get your desired monster size

Crown Monsters Will Sometimes Spawn

According to Twitter, monsters that come in to replace defeated monsters in the map are more likely to be crown monsters. After defeating a large monster and waiting for its body to disappear, another monster will take its place on the map. While not definite, our team was able to spawn crown monsters while trying this method.

Confirmed Crown Spawns

Crown MonsterQuest
AknosomHub ★4: Even Cute Things Have Fangs

Gold Crown Sizes & Recommended Quests

Appears During Event Quests

Dancing Parasol, Snowy Breeze

A gold quest event called "Dancing Parasol, Snowy Breeze" features the smallest Aknosom. Watch out for event quests like these as they can sometimes spawn either the longest or shortest monster.

Event Quests List

Gold Crown Size & Recommended Quests

*Quests written below have been confirmed.

MonsterCrown Sizes
Recommended Quests
Great IzuchiGreat IzuchiLongest: 1322.37
Shortest: 967.59
Hub ★4: The Swirling Gale
Great BaggiGreat BaggiLongest: 1251.71
Shortest: 915.89
Hub ★4: Learning the Light Bowgun
Kulu-YakuKulu-YakuLongest: 1108.53
Shortest: 811.53
Hub ★4: Divine Comedy
Great WroggiGreat WroggiLongest: 1151.26
Shortest: 842.38
Hub ★4: Donning Toxicity
アArzurosArzurosLongest: 686.46
Shortest: 502.29
Hub ★4: Blue, Round, and Cute
LagombiLagombiLongest: 645.89
Shortest: 472.60
Hub ★4: Even Cute Things Have Fangs
VolvidonVolvidonLongest: 845.37
Shortest: 618.56
Hub ★5: Hone Your Heavy Bowgun
AknosomAknosomLongest: 1043.75
Shortest: 763.72
Hub ★4: Dancing A-purr-ition
Royal LudrothRoyal LudrothLongest: 1880.99
Shortest: 1376.33
Hub ★5: Foul Play in the Forest
BarrothBarrothLongest: 1701.18
Shortest: 1244.76
Hub ★5: Rise above the Mud
KhezuKhezuLongest: 1004.66
Shortest: 793.15
Hub ★4: Night of the Khezu
TetranadonTetranadonLongest: 1186.94
Shortest: 868.49
Hub ★4: The Frost Islands Arena
BishatenBishatenLongest: 1054.26
Shortest: 832.31
Hub ★5: Rotten Fruit
Pukei-PukeiPukei-PukeiLongest: 1356.01
Shortest: 992.21
Hub ★5: Go Away, Pukei!
JyuratodusJyuratodusLongest: 1885.88
Shortest: 1357.83
Hub ★5: The Restless Swamp
BasariosBasariosLongest: 1738
Shortest: 1271.71
Hub ★5: Miner Problem
SomnacanthSomnacanthLongest: 1900.35
Shortest: 1390.5
Hub ★6: A Somniferous Elegy
RathianRathianLongest: 2157.88
Shortest: 1578.93
Hub ★5: Charmed by a Queen
ベBarrothBarrothLongest: 2571.93
Shortest: 1881.9
Hub ★6: Sharpening Amber Fangs
Tobi-KadachiTobi-KadachiLongest: 1599.64
Shortest: 1170.47
Hub ★6: Skies are Gray
MagnamaloMagnamaloLongest: 2239.69
Shortest: 1638.8
Hub ★7: Clad in Hellfire
AnjanathAnjanathLongest: 2025.15
Shortest: 1481.81
Hub ★6: Closer Than it Appears
NargacugaNargacugaLongest: 2354.39
Shortest: 1722.73
Hub ★6: The Abyss Stares Back
MizutsuneMizutsuneLongest: 2253.48
Shortest: 1648.89
Hub ★6: A Bewitching Dance
Goss HaragGoss HaragLongest: 899.09
Shortest: 657.87
Hub ★7: It's Gonna Get You!
RathalosRathalosLongest: 2096.19
Shortest: 1533.8
Hub ★6: Red Skies at Night
AlmudronAlmudronLongest: 3314.24
Shortest: 2425.05
Hub ★7: A Muddy Invitation
ZinogreZinogreLongest: 1895.01
Shortest: 1386.59
Hub ★6: Skies Flash, Clouds Boom
TigrexTigrexLongest: 2388.52
Shortest: 1747.7
Hub ★7: A Resounding Roar
DiablosDiablosLongest: 2578.39
Shortest: 1886.63
Hub ★7: Subterranean Disturbances
Rakna-KadakiRakna-KadakiLongest: 1062.59
Shortest: 771.23
Hub ★7: Can't Kill it with Fire
Kushala DaoraKushala DaoraLongest: 2353.14
Shortest: 1836.60
Hub ★7: The Steely Storm
ChameleosChameleosLongest: 2811.32
Shortest: 2159.09
Hub ★7: Ancient Illusion
TeostraTeostraLongest: 2237.68
Shortest: 1718.54
Hub ★7: The Emperor of Flame
RajangRajangLongest: 1057.38
Shortest: 820.53
Hub ★7: May Fire Quell Fury
BazelgeuseBazelgeuseLongest: 2410.47
Shortest: 1696.97
Hub ★7: Return of the Bazelgeuse
ValstraxValstraxLongest: 2428.76
Shortest: 1816.47
Hub ★7: The Evil Star from Beyond
Apex ArzurosApex ArzurosLongest: 752.91
Shortest: 681.88
Hub ★7: The Avaricious Apex Arzuros
Apex RathianApex RathianLongest: 2299.98
Shortest: 1916.65
Hub ★7: The Graceful Apex Rathian
Apex MizutsuneApex MizutsuneLongest: 2506.31
Shortest: 2022.63
Hub ★7: The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune
Apex RathalosApex RathalosLongest: 2118.34
Shortest: 1818.40
Hub ★7: The Fearsome Apex Rathalos
Apex DiablosApex DiablosLongest: 2838.67
Shortest: 2157.39
Hub ★7: The Devastating Apex Diablos
Apex ZinogreApex ZinogreLongest: 1910.44
Shortest: 1402.00
Hub ★7: The Voltaic Apex Zinogre

Do Quests With Multiple Monsters

Do Quests with multiple monsters

Some quests involve hunting down 2 or more monsters. You can use these quests to get multiple gold crown monsters. Remember that you only need to defeat the monster and you do not need to clear the quest for it to get recorded. After defeating your target monster, you can choose "Return From Quest" for these numbers to get recorded.

Measuring Can Be More Difficult

When fighting multiple monsters, you must remember your reference to measure them. This can be pretty difficult compared to just fighting a single monster. If you find it difficult to remember your point of reference while fighting, best fight a lone monster instead.

What Are Crown Monsters?

Crowns Next To Monster Names

Crowns Next To Monster Names

Crowns that are next to monster names denote the longest or shortest monsters that you have defeated. Each monster has a different crown size and hunting down one records the size on your Guild Card or Hunter's Note. You can also get Silver Crowns for monsters that are near the Gold Crown numbers.

Some Monsters Have No Crown Size

Monsters with no crown sizes

In Monster Hunter Rise, some monsters have a definite size. Monsters like Ibushi and Narwa fall into this category as both of these monsters' sizes do not change. Monsters that have a fixed size have no numbers displayed on their specific Hunter's Note page.

Multiple Crown Numbers

Multiple crown sizes

Every monster has its own biggest and smallest size. Note that this does not denote the maximum or minimum size numbers. Once a monster's size falls within a specific range, it can be judged as a crown monster. This is important to remember if you're gunning for the largest or smallest possible monsters in the game.

Gold Crown Monsters Rewards

Awards are still in Japanese. We are currently processing the translation and the article will be updated soon.

Collect all gold crowns for the longest large monsters
Collect all gold crowns for the shortest large monsters

With the version 3.0 update, players that complete all monster sizes are now rewarded with awards. These awards can be viewed on your Guild Card once you get them. There are a total of 2 awards: you get one for completing all of the longest and one for all of the shortest monster sizes.

All Awards List

How To Check For Crown Size

Check Monster Sizes Using Hunter Note's


You can check your Hunter's Notes for the longest or shortest monsters that you defeated. If you've defeated a crown monster, a gold crown next to a number. You can open your Hunter's Notes anytime, even during a quest.

Check Your Guild Card


You can also check the records of your hunted monsters using your Guild Card. You can also check out the records of other players through their Guild Cards. Unlike the Hunter's Notes, you cannot view Guild Cards during a quest.

Pop-Up After Defeating A Monster


After defeating a monster, a pop-up message will appear at the right-hand side of the screen informing you if you defeated the largest or smallest monster. If it's not the biggest or smallest, you will get a message about your records being updated instead.

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Anonymous 3

Aknosom gold crown is 1048.24

Anonymous 2

Do silver crowns count for the guild card award? Asking so that I might be able to save some of my life crown farming.

meno55 1

Please update Aknosom Longest..
I have exactly 1043.75 an not the Gold crown *cries*

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