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Arzuros Guide - Obtainable Items
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Arzuros Guide - Obtainable Items

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Check out this Arzuros guide for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Find out how to beat Arzuros, weakness, items for armor & weapon, how to use honey & grab attack in MH Rise!!

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Arzuros - Obtainable Items For Armor & Weapon


Appearance Map - Initial & Sleeping Area

MapInitial Loc
Shrine Ruins8

Items From High Rank Arzuros

Target RewardArzuros Pelt+ (36%)
Arzuros Brace+ (21%)
Arzuros Carapace (14%)
Stoutbone (14%)
Honey (10%)
Beast Gem (5%)

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyArzuros Pelt+ (52%)
Arzuros Carapace (30%)
Stoutbone (15%)
Beast Gem (3%)
Capture RewardArzuros Pelt+ (52%)
Arzuros Carapace (30%)
Stoutbone (15%)
Beast Gem (3%)
Hind LegArzuros Brace+ (80%)
Arzuros Pelt+ (20%)

Items From Low Rank Arzuros

Target RewardArzuros Pelt (38%)
Arzuros Brace (18%)
Jumbo Bone (16%)
Arzuros Shell (14%)
Honey (14%)

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyArzuros Pelt (55%)
Arzuros Shell (30%)
Jumbo Bone (15%)
Capture RewardArzuros Pelt (55%)
Arzuros Shell (30%)
Jumbo Bone (15%)
ForelegArzuros Brace (80%)
Arzuros Pelt (20%)
Dropped MaterialsArzuros Pelt (40%)

Arzuros Weakness

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

* Based on actual battles in the game.。!!

star3star1star2star2No Effect

Weakness Details

Status Ailments & Blight

Item Effectiveness

Arzuros Tips & Battle Strategy

Tip 1Going exclusively for its tail is best
Tip 2Don't let your guard down & constantly try to find gaps in its attacks
Tip 3Use honey to your advantage

Go After Its Tail

Arzuros Tail

The majority of Arzuros' attacks are carried out at its front. This means if you're behind it, you're usually not at risk of being hit by an ability! Make sure you watch out for its hip attack, though.

Find Opportunities To Strike

Arzuros Front

Arzuros is a relative weak monster, but make no mistake - it is a "large" category monster. If you try to brute force it by attacking from the front, you'll get hit by all its moves. Make sure to find gaps in its actions and strike carefully with precision!

Use Honey To Your Advantage

If you get hit by Arzuros' grab ability while having honey in your inventory, it won't be able to help itself and will steal your honey. While it's gorging on your honey, it won't do anything to you. It's good to be aware of this, as you might be able to make use of it somehow!

Arzuros Attack Patterns

List Of Main Attacks

Repeated Scratch
When on two legs, it will advance forward while scratching at enemies.
Hip Attack
An attack performed with its rear. If you're going for its back, be particularly careful of this attack.
Grab AttackSpreads its hands wide and attempts to grab you, constricting your movement.
ChargeA move it uses when on all fours. Dodge to the left or right.

Repeated Scratch

Arzuros uses this move quite a lot - it will start a series of forward scratches, advancing slowly with each subsequent one. These are quite strong, so as soon as you it raise its arms, move away. Relocate behind it and whack away at its rear!

Hip Attack

An attack leading with the bum that charges backwards. As soon as you see Arzuros start to shake its rear, move away. Since you'll likely be targeting its rear the majority of the time, this is a particularly important move to watch out for.

Grab Attack

Grab Attack
Click to Enlarge

Arzuros will attempt to bear hug you, grabbing and incapacitating you briefly. Note that even if it hits you, you can escape with the Wirefall (ZL + B). Also, if you have honey in your inventory, you can get out of this move.



Charges toward the hunter on all fours. It might also try to tackle you mid charge. It is rather slow, but still needs to be kept in mind, especially when you're far from Arzuros.

Apex Arzuros Details

Appears During The Rampage

Apex Arzuros

The Apex Aruros is a more powerful and more aggressive version of the Arzuros. It is far more difficult than the normal Arzuros so best be prepared when battling this monster!

Check Out The Apex Arzuros Guide Here

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