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Sunbreak Rampage Decorations List - How To Unlock Guide

Sunbreak | Rampage Decorations List - How To Unlock Guide | Monster Hunter Rise

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Rampage Decorations List & Guide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. See list, how to unlock, conditions for releasing, slots, active skill effects, materials required, and more!

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Decorations List & Guide Rampage Decorations List & Guide

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What Is Rampage Decoration?

Rampage Decorations Can Be Attached Only To MR Weapons

Decorations Can Be Attached Only To MR Weapons

Rampage Decorations are decorations that can only be attached to weapons with a Rampage Decoration slot. The Rampage Decoration slot is only available on MR (Master Rank) weapons.

Master Rank (MR) - How To Unlock

Rampage Skills Can Be Swapped With Rampage Decorations

The Rampage skill is removed when upgrading a high-end weapon to an MR weapon, but the Rampage skill can be replaced by attaching Rampage decorations. The performance of some Rampage decorations differs in some way from the Rampage skill effect obtained by the Rampage enhancement.

Available From Smithy In Elgado

Available From Smithy In Elgado

After clearing the Urgent Hub Quest ★7 Uninvited Guest, talk with Fiorayne and you will be transferred to the Elgado Outpost. After that, talk to the smithy in Elgado that has a yellow balloon, and the function of the Rampaging decorations will be available.

Can Be Forged

Once you unlocked the Rampage Decoration, you are also able to craft it at Smithy. When forging, you will need materials, money, and various points.

How To Equip Rampage Decorations?

Equip Rampage Decorations At The Item Box

Item Box

To equip Rampage Decorations, you just need to interact with Item Boxes located in every area. Select 'Manage Equipment' then 'Set Decorations' to be able to equip them.

The Size Of The Slot Should Fit The Decoration

Open SlotDecorations You Can Set
Slot11 Slot [1] Rampage Decoration
Slot 22 Slot [1] or [2] Rampage Decorations
Slot 33 Slot From [1] to [3] Rampage Decorations

To be able to equip the Rampaging Decorations, you need to have a slot that will fit the Decoration.

Rampage Decorations - List & How To Unlock

Tap To Navigate
3-Slot 2-Slot 1-Slot

3 Slot Decorations

NameSkillUnlock Conditions
Elembane Jewel 3 Element Exploit
Slightly increases damage when exploiting a foe's elemental weakness.
Obtain an Almudron (MR) Material
Defense Master Jewel 3
(Claymore & Charge Axe only)
Defense Grinder II
Sharpness is slightly restored when guarding.
Obtain a Shogun Ceanataur (MR) Material
Switcher Jewel 3
(Switch Axe only)
Phial Switch Boost
Grants special effects to phials when executing morph attacks.
Obtain a Magma Almudron (MR) Material
Raging Jewel 3
(Dual Blades only)
Hellion Mode
Attacking in Demon Mode increases affinity but also doubles sharpness degradation.
Obtain a Shagaru Magala (MR) Material
Wyrmstake Jewel 3
(Artillery only)
Wyrmstake Boost
Raises the Wyrmstake Cannon's damage level by 1 and extends the duration of Eruption Cannon boosts.
Obtain a Bazelgeuse (MR) Material
Daora Soul Jewel 3 Kushala Daora Soul
Gradually increases affinity by continuously landing hits on foes in a short space of time.
Obtain a Kushala Daora (MR) Material

2 Slot Decorations

NameSkillUnlock Conditions
Anti-Dragon Jewel 2 Wyvern Exploit
Increases damage to Bird, Flying, Brute, Piscine, and Fanged Wyverns, as well as Leviathans.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Fanged Exploit Jewel 2 Fanged Exploit
Increases damage to Fanged Beasts.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Brutal Jewel 2 Brutal Strike
Has a chance to increase damage with a negative affinity attack.
Obtain a Barroth (MR) Material
Anti-Aerial Jewel 2 Anti-Aerial Species
Increase damage to flying monsters.
Obtain a Kulu-Ya-Ku (MR) Material
Anti-Aquatic Jewel 2 Anti-Aquatic Species
Increases damages to aquatic monsters.
Obtain a Royal Ludroth (MR) Material
Magna Soul Jewel 2 Magnamalo Soul
Increase attack when afflicted by Hellfireblight.
Obtain Magnamalo (MR) Material
Doot Range Jewel 2
(Hunting Horn only)
Maximum Volume
Increases a performance's range of effect once it is activated.
Obtain Tigrex (MR) Materials
Chameleos Soul Jewel 2 Chameleos Soul
Each hit has a small chance to boost health, stamina, attack, or defense.
Triggers more easily subsequent times.
Obtain Chameleos (MR) Material
Teostra Soul Jewel 2 Teostra Soul
Slightly increases damage dealt by blast explosions.
Obtain Teostra (MR) Materials
Arc Jewel 2
(Bow only)
Lasting Arc Shot
Prolongs the bow's arc shot effect.
Obtain Arzuros (MR) Material
Ibushi Soul Jewel 2 Ibushi Soul
Greatly increases weapon's defense bonus with each piece of Narwa armor equipped.
Obtain Ibushi (MR) Material
Narwa Soul Jewel 2 Narwa Soul
Slightly increases weapon's affinity with each piece of Ibushi armor equipped.
Obtain Narwa the Allmother (MR) Material
Valstrax Soul Jewel 2 Valstrax Soul
Increases dragon element attack by 20% when afflicted with dragonblight.
Obtain Crimson Valstrax (MR) Material

1 Slot Decorations

NameSkillUnlock Conditions
Spiribird Jewel 1 Spiribird Doubled
Occasionally increases the effect of Spiribirds.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Rally Jewel 1 Buddy Rally
Increases Palico and Palamute attack power and defense.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Fireblight Jewel 1 Fireblight Exploit
Increases damage to monsters afflicted with fireblight.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Waterblight Jewel 1 Waterblight Exploit
Increases damage to monsters afflicted with waterblight.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Thunderblight Jewel 1 Thunderblight Exploit
Increases damage to monsters afflicted with thunderblight.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Iceblight Jewel 1 Iceblight Exploit
Increases damage to monsters afflicted with iceblight.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Small Monster Jewel 1 Small Monster Exploit
Increases damage to small monsters.
Reach Elgado Outpost
Defense Edge Jewel 1
(Great Sword & Charge Blade only)
Defense Grinder I
Sharpness is unaffected when guarding.
Reach Elgado Outpost

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