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Malzeno - How To Unlock & Weakness

Sunbreak | Malzeno - How To Unlock & Weakness | Monster Hunter Rise

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Sunbreak | Malzeno - How To Unlock & Weakness | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

Malzeno is a monster for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The guide includes how to unlock Malzeno, info, abilities, habitat, class, weakness, armor equipment, tips & attack patterns!

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Malzeno's Weaknesses & Resistance

Silver Duke Dragon Malzeno

Silver Duke Dragon Malzeno
SpeciesRoarTremorWind Pressure
Elder DragonLowNoneLow
Abnormal StatusBlight

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

* Based on actual battles in the game


Abnormal Status / Damage Resistance


Item Resistance

Shock Trap Pitfall Trap

Strategy Tips For Defeating Malzeno

▼ Reduced recovery due to Bloodblight
▼Moves changes due to morphological changes
▼Aim at the red parts during its next form
▼Form change is canceled after finishing move
▼Can also be canceled by getting enough damage
▼The gap after its combos is an attack opportunity

Reduced Recovery Due To Bloodblight

Use Recovery Items Wisely
• Decreased natural recovery
• Decreased recovery with items
• Physical strength is recovered depending on the damage inflicted.

If you got hit by one of Malzeno's attack, you'll get a "Bloodblight" condition which will cause your health to decrease drastically overtime as the natural recovery and the effectiveness of recovery items is reduced for about 30 seconds. However, by hitting the monster, you'll recover health according to the damage you did to the beast.

Not Recommended To Use Potions While Inflicted

While being inflicted by Bloodblight, Max Potions does not restore all HP. In the demo version of the battle against Malzeno, even a mighty Swordsman can lose around 80% of his HP with a single blow. Therefore, when using recovery items, be sure to use them wisely, for example, by riding on a Palamute. If you take evasive action while recovering, the recovery will be canceled.

Moves Changes Due To Morphological Changes

Has The Ability To Deprive Enemies

Malzeno has a morphological change, where it wears a red insect on its body with a roaring motion. During the transformation, some attack motions change as well as the attack range becomes wider and its attack power further increases. Also, the normal one-shot attack changes to a two-shot attack, so be careful not to let your guard down and get hit by the second shot.

Aim At The Red Parts During Its Next Form

Aim At The Red Parts During Its Next Phase

When it changes form, its head (mouth), arms, and neck glow red. The parts of the body that emit light are easily damaged, so aim for it to deal more damage.

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Form Change Is Canceled After Finishing Move

When Malzeno uses its finishing move, the form change back. When it jumps up and does a spinning flamethrower, that is the finishing move. After landing, it changes back to its original state, which creates an opening and a chance to attack.

Can Also Be Canceled By Getting Enough Damage

The next form can also be canceled by doing enough damage, in which it can also lead to its downfall. We were able to confirm that the red glowing parts can have it return back to its original state. However, it's recommended to deal tons of damage, so until you become accustomed to it, fight it first wisely.

The Gap After Its Combos Is An Attack Opportunity

Malzeno has many attack moves that have a short gap after unleashing an onslaught of combos. Therefore when battling Malzeno, do not try to counterattack aggressively, but rather evade its moves and wait for the short gap afterward. There are numerous constant attacks, especially during its morphological transformation, so you might get beaten up in the process if you fight too hard.

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How To Counter Attack Malzeno's Moves & Teleportation

▼ Beware of the 3 types of attacks after teleportation
▼Always be wary of high speed spin attacks
▼Passively avoid pursuit after a grab attack
▼Be careful of tail combos when you see the charge
▼Deal damage with maneuvering

Beware Of The 3 Types Of Attacks After Teleportation

Malzeno teleports only during morphological changes. It is used in combination with various moves, but there are three types of attacks that you should pay particular attention to: the Body Slam, Double Tail Pierce, and Sphere Breath.

Body Slam

Its distinct move is that it rushes forward to the immediate vicinity of the hunter. After leaping in midair for a moment, it hits the ground with its tail and makes a wide range of attacks. Be wary of this when it gets too close and take a distance immediately.

Double Tail Pierce

It is characterized by moving a short distance away. It jumps up while rotating vertically and delivers two tail thrusts in quick succession. The accuracy of the first thrust is low, but it will aim again with the next thrust, so be sure to watch out for its follow up thrusts to be able to evade it.

Sphere Breath

As with the Sphere Breath, Malzeno's initial move it to move upclose. Be wary of Malzen leaping from the ground and take a distance first. It jumps up higher than the ground slap, so when you see this action, avoid going inward to evade its Sphere Breath. Even if you get hit during the time it shoots down its fiery breath in a spherical motion, you may be able to withstand it however make sure to avoid its finishing move where it unleashes a highly concentrated energy orb it that explodes afterward.

Always Be Wary Of High Speed Spin Attacks

When Malzeno puts one wing on the ground, it is a signal for a high-speed spinning attack. If you are in a straight line, it is difficult to avoid the attack, so run to the left or right at the preliminary movement. If you are able to avoid it, follow it closely with your camera as it is likely to be followed by a shockwave.

Passively Avoid Pursuit After A Grab Attack

Malzeno will dash to a hunter before grabbing them and it can be seen from the video that the Hunter was not able to get up after being thrown away. However, if you have a reserved Wirebug on hand, you can use it to try to avoid it passively before the chase comes. It is easy to stabilize if you can leave one Wirebug gauge for passive use.

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Be Careful Of Tail Combos When You See The Charge

Malzeno launches a spinning attack after a long pause. Move away from the target when it makes its preliminary move. After this, it will turn to face the target and deliver a tail thrust, so avoid it either by dodging to the left and right side.

Deal Damage With Maneuvering

Rathian and Tetranadon are in the trial version, and you can earn a lot of damage by attacking them with a manipulated dragon. Rathian's dragon maneuver is especially powerful because it can inflict fire damage and poison.

Take Advantage Of The Stinkmink & Morphed Bugs

You can use endemic life creature like Stinkmink, a Hunting Helper, can be used to guide monsters. Monsters can be forced to bowl each other over, allowing for immediate control of the dragon.

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