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Endemic Life List - Guide & Locations
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Endemic Life List - Guide & Locations

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Check out this Endemic Life List for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes a guide, type, locations, effect, uses of endemic life in MH Rise, & rare endemic life.

Table of Contents

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List Of Endemic Life

※ All information here is taken from pre-release info and the Demo of the game.

Buffer Endemic Life List

Endemic LifeLocation / Effect
アミキリアカネアイコンCutterflyShrine Ruins
Grants increased concentration for a higher chance at critical hits.
イッタンモンシロアイコンClothflyShrine Ruins/Flooded Forest
Makes skin more resistant to injury.
翔虫WirebugShrine Ruins
Increases your Wirebug gauge by 1 temporarily.
ヒャクメマダラアイコンFlashflyShrine Ruins
Emit a bright light, causing monsters to flinch. Uses up stamina.
ホムラチョウアイコンButterflameShrine Ruins
Temporarily boosts attack strength.
黄ヒトダマドリアイコンYellow SpiribirdShrine Ruins
Gain a stamina boost until the end of the current quest.
回復ミツムシアイコンVigorwaspShrine Ruins
Releases a healing mist.
紅ヒトダマドリアイコンRed SpiribirdShrine Ruins/Flooded Forest
Gain an attack boost until the end of the current quest.
緑ヒトダマドリアイコンGreen SpiribirdShrine Ruins
Gain a health boost until the end of the current quest.
橙ヒトダマドリアイコンOrange Spiribird Shrine Ruins
Gain a defense boost until the end of the current quest.

Hunting Helper List

Endemic LifeLocation / Effect
アメフリツブリアイコンEscuregotShrine Ruins/Flooded Forest
Emits healing from shell.
エンエンクアイコンStinkminkShrine Ruins
Attracts monsters to it.
カモシワラシアイコンBrewhareShrine Ruins
Ferments food for added nutritional value.
クグツチグモアイコンPuppet SpiderShrine Ruins
Immobilizes its target (allowing them to be mounted).
ドクガスガエルアイコンPoisontoadShrine Ruins
Poisons enemies.
*English name TBD
Flooded Forest
Use as bait to attract the attention of a monster.
ボムガスガエルアイコンBlastoadShrine Ruins
Causes an explosion that can topple large monsters.
マキムシアイコンTrapbugsShrine Ruins
Foes that step on them flinch.
ロクロッヘビアイコンAntidobraShrine Ruins
Heals ailments and heightens resistance temporarily.
火石コロガシアイコンFirebeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts fireblight when thrown at enemies.
子泣キジアイコンWailnard Shrine Ruins
Lure large monsters to their vicinity.
雪石コロガシアイコンSnowbeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts iceblight when thrown at enemies.
泥玉コロガシアイコンMudbeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts waterblight when thrown at enemies.
雷毛コロガシアイコンThunderbeetle Shrine Ruins
Inflicts thunderblight when thrown at enemies.

Ensnaring Life List

Endemic LifeLocation / Effect
キガニアアイコンGiganhaFlooded Forest
If given raw meat, it will deal damage to hunters and monsters.
閃光羽虫アイコンFlashflyShrine Ruins
Emit a bright light, causing monsters to flinch.

Crafty Creatures List

Endemic LifeLocation / Effect
イシモリトカゲRock LizardShrine Ruins
Drops materials used in crafting, such as rocks and minerals.
イワオモリトカゲBoulder LizardShrine Ruins
Drops materials used in crafting, such as minerals.
ウロコモリトカゲScale LizardShrine Ruins
Drops materials used in crafting, such as scales and claws.

Other Life List

Endemic LifeLocation / Effect
大翔虫アイコンGreat WirebugShrine Ruins
Used for long distance movement.
金霊テントウアイコンGolden SpiribugShrine Ruins
Turn in to the village guild.

What Is Endemic Life?

Creatures That Live In The Wild

Endemic Life

Endemic Life, as the name suggests, refers to the creatures native to a particular area in the world. They will spawn in the wild and are not aggressive towards the player. They are, suffice to say, mostly harmless! Some of these creatures will be able to provide valuable benefits to you, usable as buffs or offensive battle items.

Check Out Other Main Gameplay Features In MHR

Appear From Sending Sprigs

Sending Sprig

Endemic Life is only static in the field. Sometimes creatures will pop out when you attack batches of grass called Sending Sprigs. When you find this type of grass on the map, make sure to get closer to it and see if it has anything inside.

Permabuffer & Ensnaring Life Newly Added


In Monster Hunter Rise, new varieties of Endemic Life were added to the game, including Ensnaring, Buffer, and Hunting Helper variants. These will provide a wide range of benefits to you, including buffing you up or dealing direct damage to enemies.

Use Hunting Helpers As Items

Hunting Helper

Hunting Helper creatures can be used as items whenever you wish once caught. They provide many effects, including restoring your HP, attracting monsters, and more!

Ensnaring Life Helps You Catch Monsters

Ensnaring Life

Ensnaring Life is often a trap that, once activated, can apply myriad effects on the player or monsters. For example, you can use it to efficiently deal damage to a lot of enemies, stun them, and more!

Caught In Nets Previously


In previous Monster Hunter Games (like Iceborne), it was posisble to catch endemic life in nets. It was also common to equip certain gear to make yourself less detectable when catching, to prevent creatures from running away.

Rare Endemic Life Also Existed

Rare Endemic Life

In addition to regular Endemic Life, rare variants also existed. They had a low chance of appearing whenever you met certain conditions, and were the requirement for getting certain trophies.

Possible To Keep Them As Pets


In previous games, if you caught Endemic Life it was possible to leave them in your own personal home as decorative elements. This was a fun way of customizing your home!

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