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Sunbreak | Palico - Best Support Type & Skills Guide | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

Read this Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) guide to learn more about the Palico! Find out more about the Palico's support types, skills, armor, gear, customization & more in MH Rise!

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Palico's Best Support Types & Customization

Support Type Selection

FightFight・Higher attack damage
・Buffs the hunter's attack as well
HealerHealer・Recovers HP for itself and the hunter. Also clears Status Abnormalities
GatheringGathering・High rate of gathering extra materials
・Can sometimes gather materials from the monsters themselves
AssistAssist・Set traps to assist the Hunter
BombardierBombardier・Supports Hunters with bombs
・Be careful not to get caught in the blast

The Support Type (which affects their moves & skills) may only be chosen once before hiring them and cannot be changed later on.

Healer & Assist Type For Beginner Hunters

Healer Type For Health Recovery

healer palico

If you noticed that your HP level is always on the low end despite health recovery buffs, then the Healer Type Palico is for you. Its 2 set moves are both geared toward helping hunters to recover, so even beginners will enjoy the benefits of this buddy.

Assist Type For Chances To Attack

healer palico

The Assist Type may be for you if you'd like more chances to attack monsters. They aid in creating openings for you by restraining large monsters using Silkbind, and may even help inflict damage using bombs.

Gathering & Fight Type For Proactive Hunters

Gathering Type For Collecting

The Gathering Type, as its name suggests, has the best abilities in making sure you get to collect a lot of items. It's move at Lv20 gives a 100% chance of obtaining monster materials, so this is the buddy to choose if that's your goal.

Fight Type For Hunting (Pros)

The Fight Type is best for those who want to speed up fights and increase their attack power. One of its initial equipped moves improve Affinity by 30% and enable the Earplugs skill - both very helpful in battles.

Which Support Type Are You Getting For Your Palico?

Palico Best Skills & Moves

Buddy Skills Are Passive

palicoThis icon signifies the Skill Memory (Slot). Can go up to 5 and will affect how much of the skill your buddy will have in battle.
palicoRequired number of Skill Memory to equip. Similar to equipping Decorations wherein Skill Memory fills up depending on the equipped skill.

Buddy Skills are passive in nature. Much like Decorations, these skills are equipped into slots (Skill Memory) and can add up to a maximum of 5.

Recommended Palico Moves

Lv1Fixed Move
Lv5Whirlwind Assault
*Highly Recommended
Spins around using their weapon to create a whirlwind, then rams into monsters. (Hit: 20)
Go, Fight, Win
Reduces hunters’ stamina loss while your Palico is dancing.
Lv10Summeown Endemic Life
*Highly Recommended
Places a fragrant pouch that entices nearby endemic life to approach.
Power Drum
Sounds a drum that raises attack and defense for both hunters and Buddies.
Lv15Shock Purr-ison
Sets up a shock trap that stops large monsters from moving.
Shock Tripper
Drops a lingering electric field that inflicts thunderblight on monsters within it.
Lv20Fixed Move

Your Palico buddy's moves are fixed at Level 1 and 20, which means selection is possible with Level 5, 10, and 15 moves. The moves aren't replaceable midway, so make sure to check before hiring.

Level 5 Recommended Moves

Whirlwind Assault
This move hits the enemy several times, making it easier to inflict elemental damage if applicable.
Go, Fight, Win
Go, Fight, Win is a move for those who need help with stamina management. Stamina consumption for moves like evade, charging sidestep, etc. will be noticeably lessened.

Level 10 Recommended Moves

Summeown Endemic Life
Primarily summons Wirebugs, making it easier to manage Wirebug gauges and consumption.
Power Drum
Raises the hunter's attack, making it lethal especially when paired with Rousing Roar.

Level 15 Recommended Moves

Shock Purr-ison
Can reliably restrain the movements of monsters as long as proper direction is given toward trap.
Shock Tripper
Although not useful when the effect wears off, it's still quite effective as it's quite easy to lead monsters into the electric field through the natural flow of battle.

Recommended Palico Skills

Status Attack UpIncreases the potency of abnormal status attacks.★★★★
Knockout KingIncreases the likelihood of stunning and tiring monsters.★★★
EarplugsPrevents flinching from most monster roars.★★✩✩
Artful DodgerIncreases the likelihood of blocking and deflecting attacks.✩✩✩
Defense UpGreatly increases defense. Also negates the effects of Defense Down.✩✩✩

The Palico skills that aid in afflicting more damage to monsters such as Status Attack Up and Knockout King are particularly recommended.

How To Recruit & Reroll A Palico Buddy?

1Talk to Iori the Buddy Scout.
2Select Scout a Buddy.
3Select your preferred customization & conditions.
4Clear a quest and talk to Iori.
5If the preferred Buddy is there, scout it.
6If not, repeat steps ④ to ⑤.

Talk to Iori the Buddy Scout

Take Multiple Of Them On Hunts

Talk to Iori The Buddy Scout at the Buddy Plaza to hire new buddies!

Customize The Looks Depending On Your Preference


The important part in this customization is not just the looks but also the support type of the buddy.

▲Click for Support Types & Customization

Name And Clothes Color May Be Changed

Changeable Any Time
・Palico name
・Behavior (Large First, Balanced, etc.)
・Clothing color

Your Buddy Palico's name, behavior, and clothing color may be changed at any point in the game.

You Can Clear Or Fail A Quest


The recruitable buddy changes every time you fail or clear a quest. For a faster clear / fail of quest, you can take the quest, Arena 5, where the monster Rajang will appear.

Roly-poly Lanterns Quest Is Also Recommended

If you don't have the Rajang quest unlocked, you can do the 1★ village quest "Roly-poly Lanterns" and clear it as fast as you can.

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