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Money Farm - How To Make Zenny Fast (Rise)

Monster Hunter Rise | Money Farm - How To Make Zenny Fast

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Money Farm - How To Make Zenny Fast is a Guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Includes tips on money making, how to money grind, make zenny fast & more!

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Check Out The Beginner's Guide & Tips

Money Farming Methods

▼ Mine Ores At Flooded ForestHigh Rank: Approx. 44,305/min.
Low Rank: Approx. 17,822/min.
▼ Make Money With Turbo ControllerApprox. 2,777/min.
▼ Do 4★ Village QuestsApprox. 2,000/min.

Best Money Farming Method - Mining Ores At Flooded Forest

mining outcrop

One of the most efficient ways to money farm is to mine ore at the Flooded Forest Expedition Tour. If you go through the High Rank map, you'll be able to make 130,000 in around 3 minutes. If the Flooded Forest map hasn't been unlocked yet, try our other money farming methods below!

Best Method - Farming Ores At Flooded Forest

Best Regardless Of Rank

QuestA Tour of the Forest
Duration Per Run 3-4 Minutes.
Amount Per Run 【High Rank】132,915z
【Low Rank】53,468z

**Amount showed above are average earnings during an upsurge with lvl 3 Geologist skill excluding buddy items!!

There are lots of expensive ores available at Flooded Forest. Selling those ores will make you earn 130k at High rank and 50k at low rank during upsurges and with enough preparation.

Pre- Farming Preparation

Wait For An Upsurge: Minecrop

You can check the Locale Info for every quest. Do quests until the Locale Info changes to "Upsurge: Minecrop" to get 3 times the amount of Ores.

How To Change & Retain Locale Info

ChangeClear or fail a Quest.
└Arena battles are recommended.
RetainDo Tour Quests within 5 minutes.
└The locale info will be transferred to the next tour.

Make Your Equipments Geology Lvl 3

High RankLow Rank
HeadLeather Headgear SAny
ArmLeather Gloves SLeather Gloves
Brigade Vambraces
LegLeather Pants SLeather Pants
JewelAnyGeologist Jewel
*If you equipped Leather Gloves

Geology at level 3 would increase the amount of ore you can get by 1.

Recommended Route

High RankLow Rank
Upper Level
Lower Level
Mining Outcrop Locations
▼ ①▼ ②▼ ③▼ ④
▼ ⑤▼ ⑥▼ ⑦▼ ⑧
▼ ⑨▼ ⑩▼ ⑪-

① Blue Mining Outcrop Location

Head east from the Main Camp and you'll see a blue mining outcrop by the rock formation.

② Blue Mining Outcrop Location

mining outcrop

Move north from Area 1 and follow the road to Area 10. You'll see a blue mining outcrop on the ground.

③ White Mining Outcrop Location

Go a little bit north from Mining Outcrop ② where you can climb a small cliff.

④ Blue Mining Outcrop Location

You'll find a large crevice on the south of Mining Outcrop ③. Go down and keep moving toward the cliff on the north-west end. Climb it and keep moving forward till you find the Blue Mining Outcrop.

⑤ Blue Mining Outcrop Location

mining outcrop

Continue moving southeast and go down the cliff you climbed for Mining Outcrop ④. Further southeast you'll find the Blue Mining Outcrop on the wall.

⑥ Blue Mining Outcrop Location

Proceed northeast to move toward Area 7. You'll find a Blue Mining Outcrop by the west side of the cave exit.

⑦ Blue & White Mining Outcrop Location

Climb the cliff on the east side of Area 7 and enter the small cave. You'll find 1 Blue and 1 White Mining Outcrop.

⑧ Blue Mining Outcrop Location

Exit the cave and move toward the south of Area 7. Climb the cliff to get to Area 11. You can also quickly get there using Wirebug. You'll find a Blue Mining Outcrop on the southern end of Area 11.

▼ Shortcut Using Wirebug

⑨ Blue Mining Outcrop Location

After Mining Outcrop ⑧, fast travel to the Sub Camp. If you haven't unlocked it yet, go to the north of Area 9 and climb the ivy. You'll find a Blue Mining Outcrop on the east side of the Sub Camp exit.

Fast travel to the Sub Camp makes moving around easier, so make sure to unlock it!

How To Unlock The Sub Camp

⑩ Blue Mining Outcrop Location

Jump from the east side of the Sub Camp exit using Wirebug. You'll find a Blue Mining Outcrop by the wall below the cliff.

⑪ White Mining Outcrop Location

After going through Mining Outcrop ⑩, climb the cliff on the north side. Move toward the direction of Areas 4 & 8, and you'll see a building. Go up the building using the slope instead of the stairs for faster travel. Enter the building and you'll see the White Mining Outcrop on the far left.

Make Money With Turbo Controller

Mine Ores Using A Turbo Controller

mining outcrop

You can leave you Switch by itself as your turbo controller does the work by mining ore successively. Although an easy way to make money, it's a lot less efficient compared to mining ores manually at the Flooded Forest, so we don't recommend purchasing a turbo controller just for this purpose.

How To Mine With Rapid Fire

Equip Geologist Lv3 armor
Eat Raisin d'etre Dango if available
Go on an Expedition Tour of the High Rank Flooded Forest
Go to blue & white mining outcrop at 7
Stand between them and hit both with rapid fire
Go back to camp once inventory maxes out in 3 hours

Raisin d'etre Dango For Respawn

Raisin d'etre Dango reduces the time between gathering point respawns. You'll be able reach the max limit of 99 items in 3 hours.

How To Go To Mining Area

Climb the cliff and enter the small cavity found on the east side of 7. There you will find a blue and white mining outcrop. Stand in between both of the outcrops and hit them using rapid fire on your modded controller.

Be Careful Of Switch Overheating

The Switch is prone to overheating when used for extended periods of time. If you're leaving it unattended, make sure you leave it in a cool area. It's best not to leave it unsupervised in the summer.

Do 4★ Village Quests

"So Hot, It Melts Iron" Quest

so hot it melts iron quest
Money Earned In 1 RoundApprox. 13,000z

The "So Hot, It Melts Iron" 4★ Village Quest requires you to bring back 12 pieces of coal. One round can take around 3-6 minutes where you can earn around 13,000z by selling the quest rewards. You also get Kamura points, so it hits two birds with one stone.

"Third Wheel" Quest

third wheel quest
Money Earned In 1 RoundApprox. 8,000z

The "Third Wheel" 4★ Village Quest requires that you hunt Arzuros and Tetranadon in the map. You can sell your rewards and earn around 8,000z. You can finish 1 round of this quest in around 4 minutes.

Other Money Farming Methods

▼ Sell Unnecessary Items
▼ Buy & Sell Items From The Argosy
▼ Gather Items From The Cohoot Nest
▼ Catch Small Goldfish To Sell

Make Money By Selling Unnecessary Items


Several items may be sold at a high price, so make sure to check your inventory and sell what you don't need. For rare items, we recommend storing around 20 pieces in your Item Box and to sell the rest.

Keep Ores & Bones

Ores and bones are often used in forging equipment, so be careful not to sell too much. Make sure to have at least 50 in storage before attempting to sell them.

Buy & Sell Items From The Argosy

Buy & Sell Items From The Argosy

Try to check Argosy's Rare Items as they sometimes sell high value items that you can buy with Research Points then resell for Zenny.

Check Out The All Material List

Gather Items From The Cohoot Nest

Gather Items From The Cohoot Nest

Every once in a while, you can gather items from the Cohoot's nest found in Kamura Village. The items are entirely random, but you can find high value items there as well.

Climb Using the Vines Behind The Tree

Gather Items From The Cohoot Nest

The tree where the Cohoot's Nest is located has an ivy at the back of its trunk. You can climb the tree through it.

Catch Small Goldfish To Sell

Great To Make Money At The Start Of The Game

Great To Make Money At The Start Of The Game

Goldfish are an endemic life form that can be found and caught to sell for money. One small goldfish will sell for 500z.

Check Out The All Fish List

Goldfish Fishing Location

Goldfish Fishing Location

How To Save Money

Select Palico Support As Gatherer

Select Palico Support As Gatherer

The Gatherer Support behavior of the Palico is great for helping to gather items instead of buying them. This is not only for materials but for ingredients as well.

Check Out The Palico Guide Here

Hire From The Buddy Plaza

Hire From The Buddy Plaza

You can get a Palico with the Gatherer support by hiring them at the Buddy Plaza found in Kamura Village. You can bring two of them at a time!

Check Out The Buddy Plaza Guide Here

Gather Items Instead Of Buying Them

The best way to save money is to gather items to craft items like potions and antidotes, instead of buying them from the Market. You can also use the Argosy to multiply specific items and materials.

Choose Which Armor & Weapons To Upgrade

As you progress through the story, you will need to upgrade your weapons and armor to better battle the stronger monsters in the game. Only upgrade weapons and armor that you're sure to use. Do not just upgrade a weapon or armor just because.

>> Check Out The All Armor List

>> Check Out The All Weapon Types List

Hoard Items On Sale At The Market

Hoard Items On Sale At The Market

The Market sometimes have sales that will cut-off the price of items by half. During these times, it's best to hoard items. This is especially important for Gunners who need to buy bullets and ammo.

Check Out The Market Guide Here

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