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Nargacuga Guide - Weakness & How To Fight Guide
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Nargacuga Guide - Weakness & How To Fight Guide

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Nargacuga is a returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). This guide includes info on MH Rise Nargacuga, details, element weakness, parts, how to fight , tips, and more!!

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Nargacuga Basic Information In MH Rise

Check Out The Nargacuga Armor Set

Appearance Map

MapSpawn AreaSleep Area
Shrine Ruins3,83
Flooded Forest11,1311

Terrifying Agility

Nargacuga has no particular special traits, but instead, it possesses terrifying agility and is the fastest among all monsters. It's said that even its shadow can't keep up with its speed, and its continuous attacks make it a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield.

Nargacuga Weakness In MH Rise

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

* Based on actual battles in the game!!

star2No Effectstar3star1star1

Weakness Details

Breakable Parts & Essences

PartBreaking ConditionsEssence
Head Attack the head twice up until it flinches 2 times to breakRed
Wings Attack each arm once until it flinches to break itWhite
Tail Use weapons that can cut and damage the tile to sever itOrange

Status Ailments & Blight

Item Effectiveness

Nargacuga - Obtainable Items & Location

Items From High Rank Nargacuga

Target RewardNargacuga Fang+ (19%)
Nargacuga Pelt+ (14%)
Nargacuga Tail (6%)
Narga Medulla (5%)
Wyvern Gem (3%)

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyNargacuga Tail (70%)
Nargacuga Pelt+ (22%)
Nargacuga Fang+ (14%)
Nargacuga Marrow (13%)
Narga Medulla (12%)
Wyvern Gem (1%)

Items From Low Rank Nargacuga

HeadNargacuga Fang (25%)
CutwingNargacuga Cutwing(65%)
Dropped MaterialsWyvern Tear (50%)
Nargacuga Scale (25%)
Nargacuga Fang (10%)

How To Fight Nargacuga In Monster Hunter Rise

Use Sonic Bombs before it leaps
Destroy its wings to bring it down
Pitfall Traps are ineffective when not enraged
Roll to evade most of its attacks

Use Sonic Bombs Before It Leaps

Sonic Bombs against Nargacuga

Nargacuga will do a leap attack when it slightly arches its back to gather strength for the jump. During this time, throw a Sonic Bomb to force it to stop and flinch. However, you must time your throw as failing will cause it to be enraged.

Destroy Its Wings To Bring It Down

Wings of the Nargacuga

Destroying the bladed arms of Nargacuga will cause it to flinch and go down. Note that these 2 parts are quite hard and may require weapons like Greatswords to deal damage and break them. By destroying both of its blades, you can force the Nargacuga to go down twice.

Pitfall Traps Are Ineffective When Not Enraged

Nargacuga Pitfall Trap

Pitfall Traps only work against Nargacuga when it is not enraged. As it can normally destroy these traps, use Shock Traps instead to bring it down or to capture it.

Roll To Evade Most Of Its Attacks

Roll to evade Nargacuga

Nargacuga is a very fast and agile monster and it almost leaves no time for openings. Make good use of the rolls short invulnerability window (or iframes) to dodge its attack and perform a counterattack of your own. You can also use skills like Evade Window to increase your chances of succeeding with your dodge.

Nargacuga Attack Patterns In Monster Hunter Rise

Does a leap attack after 2 ranged thorn attacks
Double swipe attack
Tail slam and feint
Multiple leap attacks

Leap Attack After 2 Ranged Attacks

Nargacuga Thorn Attacks

Nargacuga uses its tail to launch thorns twice at the player. Afterwards, it launches and leaps, doing a 180 once it lands. Don't worry about getting hit by the thorns as the bleeding effect is not present in Monster Hunter Rise. However, beware of the leap attack as it can be very damaging and can leave you vulnerable even after getting hit.

Double Swipe Attack

Double Swipe Attack

Nargacuga will roar and will launch to swipe at its front twice. It can be tempting to immediately do a counter attack after the first one, but be patient and wait for the second attack to finish before you attack!

Tail Slam And Feint

Tail Slam and Feint

Nargacuga will glare at the player then move 3 steps forward to slam its tail. This move is similar to other monsters' behavior when moving to another area so don't be tricked!

Continuous Leap Attacks

Jumps then dodges

Nargacuga moves back to prepare for a jump then leaps at the player with terrifying speed. It will prepare by arching its back. Note that it can do this attack continuously so stay wary of other attacks and try to move out of range as soon as you can.

Nargacuga Guides
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