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Magnamalo - Weakness & How To Beat Guide
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Magnamalo - Weakness & How To Beat Guide

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Check out this Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) guide on Magnamalo, the new monster. Know about Magnamalo, how to get Plate, including details, weakness, how to beat, & attack tips!!

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Magnamalo - Overview


Map Location - Where Does It Spawn?

Highly Aggressive Monster

Magnamalo is a new monster that is extremely agile and very aggressive. Its speed is coupled with heavy hitting attacks that can easily cart any unwary hunter with just one hit. To add, it also inflicts hellfireblight, a status effect similar to that of Blast.

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Magnamalo - Weakness & Breakable Parts

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

* Based on actual battles in the game.。!!

No Effectstar3star2star1No Effect

Weakness Details

Breakable Parts & Essences

Status Ailments & Blight

star1star1star1star1No Effect
exhaustfire Blightwater Blightthunder Blightice Blight

Item Effectiveness

Flash PodShock TrapPitfall TrapDung Pod

Magnamalo - Obtainable Items & Materials & Magnamalo Plate

Items From High Rank Magnamalo

Drop ConditionsWyvern Tear(15%)
Magna Soulprism(30%)
Magnamalo Scale+(16%)

Items From Low Rank Magnamalo

Dropped MaterialsWyvern Tear (50%)
Magna Ghostprism (30%)
Magnamalo Scale (19%)
Magnamalo Plate (1%)

How To Get Magnamalo Plate

Higher Chance With High Rank

Players looking to farm for Magnamalo Plate have a better chance of getting one with the higher rank version. It is 5 times more likely to appear than the low rank version, though 5% is still comparatively low. Also, destroying its parts and capturing it increases your chances of getting one.

Check Out The Magnamalo Plate Here

Bring In 2 Gathering Palicoes

If you want to increase your chances, bring in 2 Gathering Palicoes. While not as reliable as breaking and capturing parts, you still do have a far better chance getting a Magnamalo Plate with 2 of these around.

Read The Palico Guide Here

Magnamalo - How To Beat Tips & Tricks

Be careful of Hellfireblight
Covers itself with Hellfire after doing specific moves
└Covers arms and changes form during rage mode
└Parts covered with hellfire become harder
Releases explosive gas
└Gas clouds explode once they turn pink
Hellfireblight can be removed
└Destroy body parts
└Loses hellfire when exhausted
Loses hellfire after using its ultimate move
Unleashes its final form after dipping below a certain level of HP

Be Careful Of Hellfire Blight


▲ The status effect is accompanied by the whistling of the wind.

How To Remove・Fast movements (Wirebug)
・Roll 3 times

Getting hit by Magnamalo's burning parts or fireballs will inflict hellfireblight. Aside from exploding after a short duration, you also receive more damage from attacks while inflicted with hellfireblight. Prioritize removing it once you get it.

Ignite Hellfire Orbs By Attacking Them

Hellfire Orbs left by using a Wirebug move can be ignited by either Magnamalo or the player. They also explode after some time so if you want controlled explosions that can even damage Magnamalo, aim to attack them.

Moves That Apply Hellfire

BackMagnamalo covers its back with hellfire after it releases gas clouds. If already covered, Magnamalo strengthens the hellfire on its other parts.
After being enraged and roaring, Magnamalo covers its arms with hellfire. At the same time, spikes located at its back appear. Attacks that use its arms are stronger and it also allows Magnamalo to use its high-speed move.
MouthMagnamalo shakes its whole body to move hellfire to its mouth. Can use its mouth to spit fireballs at the players and also allows it to use a devastating combo move.
TailMagnamalo lights up its tail with hellfire, then spins it for a few seconds. Afterwards, it extends it like a long-range spear. Strengthens tail attacks.

Uses New Moves When Inflamed

Magnamalo usually covers its back, arms, mouth, and its tail with Hellfire. It can produce these flames after doing specific moves. Note that Magnamalo's attacks with the inflamed parts are stronger and it can start using special moves with those parts.

▼ Read Magnamalo's Hellfire attacks here!

Harder With Hellfire

To add, inflamed parts are harder to penetrate, requiring high sharpness weapons to break. Weapons with at least blue sharpness can go through them.

High-Rank Uses More Hellfire

Before changing to its final from, Magnamalo's low rank variant can only cover 2 parts with Hellfire at the same time. With the high rank version, It can cover its mouth, back, and one other part at the same time, making it more difficult to beat.

Be Careful Of The Explosive Gasses

Stronger hellfire

▲ Magnamalo releases explosive gas clouds around it.

If Magnamalo releases explosive gas clouds while it has its back covered with Hellfire, the color of these clouds changes to pink. This is a clear indicator that Maganamalo will use a special move so take care and watch out for it!

Remove Hellfire By Hitting Its Parts

Remove hellfire

▲ Hitting breakable parts will produce a special effect

Hellfire ColorDown Condition
PurplePurpleHit Magnamalo's parts and inflamed back
PinkPinkHit any of the covered parts to cause Magnamalo to go down

Hitting Magnamalo's inflamed parts with enough damage will cause it to go down. Once Magnamalo hits the ground, all Hellfire covering its body will be extinguished. However, if the hellfire's color is purple, you need to hit its back to bring Magnamalo down.

Hellfire Is Removed Only By Parts When Purple

When Magnamalo's hellfire is purple, attacking it continuously will remove only the flames on the attacked parts. Even so, you can build up damage to bring it down, allowing players to hit hard to reach parts such as the back.

Back's Hellfire Remains Even When Exhausted

Tired Magnamalo

Magnamalo's Hellfires are removed when it gets tired except the one on its back. As its parts' defenses return to its normal values, you can easily hit them with normal melee weapons.

Removes 1 Hellfire When Using A Powerful Move

Once the hellfire's turn pink, Magnamalo will use a powerful move after a short duration of time. However, after using a powerful attack, Magnamalo removes one Hellfire from its body making that part easier to hit. Take this chance and go on the offensive!

Changes To Its Ultimate Form When HP Is Low

Magnamalo changes form

Magnamalo's rage mode changes once it reaches low HP. This form opens with Magnamalo creating an explosion around it while also growing its fangs and spikes. In low rank, it covers up to 3 parts of its body with Hellfire; in high rank, it covers its whole body. In its ultimate form, Magnamalo frequently uses explosions so be careful when fighting it in melee.

Magnamalo - Attack & Hunting Guide

Leave a Wirebug for escaping
Use Hellfire to down Magnamalo
Be careful of its arms, tail, and fireballs
Remember Magnamalo's Hellfire moves
Run to the left to dodge the dive attack
Use Traps to pin ultimate form Magnamalo

Leave A Wirebug For Escaping

Magnamalo Wirefall

Magnamalo uses a lot of combo moves and some gas attacks which can leave you dead if you're not careful. Remember to always leave a Wirebug charge so you can use Wirefall to escape these attacks. Also, remember to immediately drink Potions to restore your HP after dodging.

Wirebug Moves Guide

Use Hellfire To Down Magnamalo

Countering Using Hellfire

Using the Wirebug whil inflicted with Hellfireblight will leave a Hellfire Orb. That Hellfire Orb will explode after sometime or after you hit it. If possible, take advantage of these orbs and place them near Magnamalo to bring it down.

Can Down More Than Once

You can down Magnamalo twice with Hellfire Orbs. However, it may take more than one Hellfire Orb to do so. As this is quite inefficient, try to at most do it once.

Be Careful Of Its Arms, Tail, And Fireballs


Magnamalo's generally attacks using its arms, tail, and fireballs. These attacks can be deadly combos or one-hit strikes so be very careful and watch out for them!

Arm Slam

Magnamalo Arm Slam

Raising its arm, Magnamalo delivers a devastating attack to those in range. If covered in hellfire, Magnamalo attacks twice and leaves explosions. This attack leaves Magnamalo vulnerable so dodge it and get ready for a counter attack!

Tail Spear


Magnamalo spins its tail and jumps forward, delivering a long-range thrust with its tail. While this attack's range is limited getting hit by it will kill you so start moving to the sides once you see Magnamalo spinning its tail. You can get in close while moving to the sides as Magnamalo is open after this attack.



Using its tail, Magnamalo shoots hellfire at the player. The number of fireballs are increased if its tail is inflamed. The first wave is directed at the player's position while the second one is aimed at where the player would be after moving. With that said, alternate moving left and right to dodge both waves.

Remember Magnamalo's Hellfire Moves

Hellfire Moves

When its parts are covered with Hellfire, Magnamalo gains access to more attacks with those parts. There is no need to remember all of them but knowing that it has more attacks can be invaluable during the fight.

Mouth Hellfire: Combo Attack

When its mouth is inflamed, Magnamalo picks up and hurls a player upward. Then it produces gas clouds that explode after a few seconds. To dodge this attack, do a Wirefall to get out of range of the more damaging explosions when you get caught.

Arm Hellfire: Fast Attack Tail Thrust

One of its more damaging moves, Magnamalo moves quickly around the field then ends with a Tail Thrust. This move involves multiple attacks and can be deadly when you get hit. When using its teleport move prior to the tail thrust, you can gauge where Magnamalo will land by looking at where it is pointing at so you can dodge the tail attack.

Tail Hellfire: Tail Spear

Tail Spear

When covered with hellfire, Magnamalo uses its tail to deliver a sharp deadly attack. The range of this attack is extremely long so moving to the side is your only option. Once you see it spinning its tail, start moving to the sides to evade.

Run To The Left To Dodge Dive Attack

Magnamalo charges forward, retreats while leaving an explosive gas cloud, then dives for a crushing attack. Magnamalo will dive and hit targets to its right so roll to the left and then make a dive move to dodge the Magnamalo's dive attack. Magnamalo telegraphs this attack with a loud roar that ignites Hellfire around it.

Use Traps To Pin Ultimate Form Magnamalo

Magnamalo ultimate form

When assuming its ultimate form, Magnamalo can cover up to 3 of its parts with Hellfire making it extremely dangerous. During the final stages of the fight, use Shock and Pitfall Traps to immobilize it and leave it open to attacks. You can also decide to capture it when its tired.

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