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Chameleos Guide - How To Unlock & Weakness

Sunbreak | Chameleos Guide - How To Unlock & Weakness | Monster Hunter Rise

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Sunbreak | Chameleos Guide - How To Unlock & Weakness | Monster Hunter Rise - GameWith

Chameleos is an Update 2.0 Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter Rise Switch (MH Rise). Read this guide to know how to unlock Chameleos, release, its weakness, attack patterns, & drops!!

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Chameleos - Overview


Map Location - Where Does It Spawn?

See Chameleos Armor & Weapons

Invisible Poison Dragon


One of Chameleos' most identifying traits is its ability to make itself Invisible, taking in the colors of its background and visually disappearing. Be mindful of your surroundings when fighting this monster!

New Update 2.0 Monster

Chameleos is a confirmed new monster that came with update 2.0. Players can finally play against the Elder Dragon after reaching a certain HR Rank.

Read The Update 2.0 Summary Here

How To Unlock Chameleos

Reach HR 20

Chameleos Urgent Quest
Hub Quests・★7 - Ancient Illusion

You can unlock Chameleos' quest by reaching HR 20. You first get it as an urgent quest after reaching HR 20. Afterwards, you can repeat the quest under High Rank ★7. You can raise your HR rank by repeating Hub Quests. The higher the Hub Quest rank, the faster you gain HR.

How To Max HR Guide

Chameleos - Weakness & Breakable Parts

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

*Based on actual values in game!!

star3No Effectstar1No Effectstar2

Weakness Details

Status Ailments & Blight

Item Weaknesses & Resistance

Flash PodShock TrapPitfall TrapDung Pod
star2No EffectNo Effectstar2

Chameleos - Drops & Materials

Drops From High Rank Chameleos

This section is currently being updated

Target RewardChameleos Hide+ (21%)
Chameleos Claw+ (28%)
Chameleos Wing (26%)
Chameleos Tail (12%)
Chameleos Gem (3%)
Fucium Ore (10%)
[2 pieces]

Get By Carving

Carve - BodyChameleos Hide+ 36%
Chameleos Claw+ (29%)
Chameleos Wing (12%)
Chameleos Tail (80%)
Chameleos Gem (3%)
Chameleos Spike (21%)
WingChameleos Hide+ (20%)
Chameleos Wing (80%)
HornChameleos Hide+ (17%)
Chameleos Gem (3%)
Chameleos Spike (80%)
Normal DropsChameleos Hide+ (50%)
Chameleos Claw+ (30%)
Chameleos Gem (1%)
Fucium Ore (14%)
Elder Dragon Blood (15%)
Dragon Treasure (40%)
Wyvern Riding DropsChameleos Hide+ (50%)
Chameleos Claw+ (30%)
Elder Dragon Blood (20%)

Chameleos - How To Fight

Get a Poison Resistance Skill or bring Anditodes.
└ Poison from monsters can be nullified by Poison Resistance Lv 3 Skill
Be extra careful when Chameleos is invisible
└ You can also use Flash Pods to stun it while it is invisible,
Break the horn to stop Chameleos' invisibility
Beware of getting hit with his tongue as it can steal Bird Buffs.
Chameleos' Fog Strengthens His Attacks

Get The Poison Resistance Skill Or Bring Antidotes

Chameleos would often attack with poison, so make sure to take countermeasures by bringing antidotes and herbal medicine, and by equipping Poison Resistance Lv 3 Skill to Negate Poison. Doing this will make the fight easier to manage.

Be Careful When Chameleos Is Invisible

Invisible Chameleos

Although Chameleos will still have a silhouette, it is definitely harder to see when it moves. Chameleos also fogs up the surroundings, making it more difficult to see. Be extra careful when fighting as it can shoot poison from any direction.

Use Flash Pods to Make Chameleos Appear

You can also use Flash Pods to confuse it while it is invisible, reducing the danger of getting hit.

Break The Horn To Stop Invisibility

Break Chameleos Horn

You can aim for the head to stop Chameleos from turning invisible during your fight. While it may be a bit difficult to hit, use the Wirebug to land attacks or wait for its breath attacks and hit when it lowers its head.

By dealing much damage to Chameleos, you can make his transparency incomplete or permanently stop him from turning invisible.

Buffs Can Be Stolen

Yellow Pollen steal chameleos

Chameleos can nab players' bird buffs when attacked using his tongue. We wary of this attack especially if you're a melee hunter!

Items Will Not Be Stolen

Rest assured that your items won't be stolen when hit by his tongue, unlike the previous works. So, you don't need to hesitate on bringing items during your hunt.

Chameleos' Fog Strengthens His Attacks

Chameleos will sprinkle his fog that will cover the entire area. During the fog, his attacks will continue and his poison attack will change so be careful with it. But once you knocked him down, the fog will be clear.

Chameleos - Attack & Hunting Guide

Attack during invisibility and knock him down
└ Attack the head when he's down to make his transparency incomplete
Beware of the poison mist breath
Wirebug away from the charge and slam attack
Move away from the poison fog
Dodge its tongue attack

Attack When Invisible

The transparent Chameleos will go down when dealt with much damage. If you bring it down, you can attack his head, which is usually in a high position. If you break his horns, the transparency will be incomplete, and it will be easier to aim for him which creates a cycle.

Also, when Chameleos stands up, he collapses and attacks, but he stops moving as if he were down. It's a great chance to attack his head, so be sure to fight back. However, please take note that the chances will be two consecutive times in fog.

Mist Breath

Mist Breath

Exhales a mist-like breath in a forward motion from its mouth. If you get hit, you'll get fatigued. Make sure you don't stay right in front of it to avoid getting hit.

Charge & Slam

Charge & Slam

Although a common attack that many monsters make, Chameleos' charge attack is particularly dangerous because it could do it while invisible. Be careful to not lose sight of it so you don't get attacked by surprise. Use Wirefall if you get hit by the initial charge to evade the slam part of this attack.

Poison Breath

Chameleos Poison Breath

Chameleos hurls poison in a straight line. The reach of this attack is pretty long so better roll to the sides to evade this attack.

Poison Fog

Chameleos flies up while releasing poisonous clouds to all directions. This attack is often dealt when you're near it, so if you plan on doing close-range close-range attacks, make sure to use the Negate Poison skill.

But after releasing the fog, Chameleos will stand in the middle of the fogs surrounding him. So this could be a good chance to approach him.

Tongue Attack

Tongue Attack

Stretches out its tongue forward. Get hit and it will successfully steal your bird buffs.

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